Calm before the storm

Setting up Vegas with a rumor round-up
Reassessing the arbitration decisions

All hell breaks loose tomorrow, but for now here’s one last Sunday night update. Joe and I grabbed a few drinks at various Bellagio bars, and recognized some faces as we walked the floor: Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports (he makes Dustin Pedroia look like Gheorghe Muresan), plus Jayson Stark and Jerry Crasnick of ESPN (we’re sure it was Crasnick this time). We also ran into PeteAbe, who was cool enough to stand around and talk to a bunch of lowly bloggers for a good 15-20 mins. I’m sure we passed by some other important people, but just didn’t recognize them.

Word on the street is that Brian Cashman left for dinner with his homies while rockin’ one of his four World Series rings, which he never wears. Could he have been flaunting it to CC during a meeting? Feel free to speculate. ‘Til tomorrow …

Setting up Vegas with a rumor round-up
Reassessing the arbitration decisions
  • RustyJohn

    Nice move there by C-Money with the ring. I think it’d be better if he wore all four and, if Sabathia refused to sign, fisted Greg Genske Caligula-style.

    • Ben K.

      After studying this crap all day, I’m fairly certain that would expose Cashman to a battery claim. Just a hunch.

      • RustyJohn

        I think the applicable criminal charge would be under RCW 9A.44 if in Washington state…but I thought what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?

        • Tom


          Were you talking about the intentional tort variety, or the criminal act.

          Cashman must have purpose or knowledge to a substantial certainty that his conduct would cause a harmful or offensive contact.

          Glad to see someone else is frustrated with law school as well.

          • LiveFromNewYork

            Wait til you start practice. You will wish for law school again.

            • RustyJohn

              Lol…ain’t that the truth.

              To quote Lou Manheim from the movie Wall Street, “Enjoy it while it lasts, kid…cause it never does.”

      • Old Ranger

        Now that’s why I love this country…four lawyers (or about to be) on a sports blog…not sarcastic…where else does one run across that? 27/09.

  • Peter Lacock

    So whadaya think, big party, no big signings, few small trades, go home for the holidays, see ya next year?

    • RustyJohn

      I don’t know, but the more this drags out the more I fear a rotation of Wang, Joba, Hughes, Kennedy and RA Dickey.

      • Bo

        Because no FA likes making the most money and playing for a winning team.

      • A.D.

        Aceves > Dickey

        • RustyJohn

          Yes, I know, I was being facetious.

  • http://jobatheheat jobatheheat

    I cant believe Garland declined his Arb offer. No way that guy should make more money next year.

    • Mike

      He will get a 3-4 year deal and have more security. Maybe less per year but more overall

      • Bo

        Find me pitchers who are pitch 200+ innings every year. Garland will be fine since every team needs starting pitching.

  • McCaff

    Try and steal Cashmans winter meeting used underwear and auction them off online.

  • Dave

    Could you do me a favor ben? Tell Ken Rosenthal that he doesnt know me but i think he is one of the worst, most biased sports writers in the history of the world. His article the other day about the red sox having genuine interest in signing CC wasn’t even good enough to use while Im on the john. He might as well join the redsox payroll if he is going to advocate for them day in and day out. I loved the part where he writes that their isn’t going to be another free agent as good as CC for years when Halladay and Webb are both free agents in 2010. I really loved the part at the end where after writing a boatload of crap about how the sox are actually interested in CC and good surprise everybody, he says they would never bid even close to 140 million or go to extremes like that – i guess he drools over boston so why wouldn’t everybody else? So what was the point of that supposed article – tell him that was 10 minutes of my life that I will never get back! And just tell him i hate him and I will never waste my life away reading his garbage again now that I learned my lesson. Thanks Ben. I do appreciate it. Hope your having fun in vegas.

    • stewman23

      “I will never waste my life away reading his garbage again”

      Funny story is, I say this same thing every time I see one of your posts on here, sadly I guess I haven’t learned my lesson yet.

    • A.D.

      Well on the FA piece CC is probably a better FA than Halladay, and Webb will likely be resigned by the D’Backs instead of getting to FA, but time will tell on that one.

      Otherwise on Fox game of the week & other stuff Rosenthal spins a lot of stuff that really has no weight

  • Steve

    Peter Abe is always very good about returning e-mails, so he’s always been a good guy in my book.

    • Bo

      Anyone that loves the Pats has something wrong with them.

  • A.D.

    No better time to rock the WS ring than trying to lure a FA pitcher that likely wants to win a titke