Setting up Vegas with a rumor round-up

Setting up at the Winter Meetings
Calm before the storm

Now that the non-law school students among us are gambling away our advertising revenue settling in to Sin City, let’s set the stage.

Right now, we’re not sure what’s going to come of our heading to Vegas except wall-to-wall coverage of the Winter Meetings and a whole of standing around, according to this guy. Mike and Joe will be at Greg Maddux’s retirement announcement tomorrow; they’ll sit in on Brian Cashman‘s media moment; and they’ll get the lay of the land.

To keep up to date with RAB during the week, we can offer you a few choice ways of staying in touch. First and foremost, keep checking back here. We’ll have updates as soon as we can on site. For up-to-the-moment Twitter updates, you can follow RAB on the social networking service. Joe will be updating via Blackberry as he can. You should join us on Facebook too. We also have a RAB Yahoo! Groups page for rapid-fire e-mail updates, but we’re not totally sure what’s going on with that yet.

Anyway, that’s that for staying in touch. Now, on to the good stuff: rumors, rumors rumors.

  • To clarify an item from earlier in the week, CC Sabathia‘s agent requested the meeting with Brian Cashman and not the other way around. I think Sabathia’s agent is going to set a time parameter with the Yanks. He’s also meeting with the Red Sox, but that’s just to put some pressure on the Yankees.
  • In what was just a formality, Manny Ramirez has declined arbitration. It sounds more and more likely that he’ll be a part of the offensive-focused Plan B if the Yanks sense Sabathia is not interested.
  • Jason Varitek will reject arbitration. I think this sets the stage for a divorce between the Red Sox and their erstwhile Captain. While Theo Epstein had been pledging lip service to Varitek, this move means that Jason and Scott Boras think he can get a multi-year deal, and there is little chance Boston would do that.
  • Playing closer roulette in Vegas, the Mets are going to make an offer to Francisco Rodriguez. They also plan to go after Brian Fuentes, Trevor Hoffman and, potentially, Kerry Wood. The first guy to accept wins the job. The K-Rod offer is rumored to be for three years with an option.
  • Talking Chop, a Braves blog, wants Atlanta to take a Rule V flyer on Kei Igawa. Be my guest.
  • The New York Times reminds us that Scott Boras is very good at his job.
Setting up at the Winter Meetings
Calm before the storm
  • Brooklyn Ed

    please let the Braves take Igawa!!

    • mustang

      Well if they taken that mean they only lost 34 million instead of 46 million. Of course 26 million (the posting fee) is monopoly money so I guess it’s ok.

      • Yanks Fan in NY

        It is not a stretch to say that you are by far the most annoying commenter around. Can’t you ever just let shit go and appreciate this site for what it is? If you’re going to harp on the same three points over and over again in every thread, start your own blog.

        • mustang

          If you don’t like my comments please don’t answer them.
          And I could care less what you think of me.
          How about you step off my shit.

          • Ben K.

            How about you tone it down? Both of you. That’s not a suggestion open for debate.

            • mustang

              no problem

              • Shamus

                Silly gooses.

                Its one of the best times of the year to be a baseball fan, and you two are throwin’ sand in the sand box at recess.


  • http://jobatheheat jobatheheat

    Hey Ben sorry you didnt get to go to Vegas. Question? Have you heard any thing linking Manny to the Yankees. I haven’t heard any news about Manny at all. What did Mannys arb salary look like. Just heard he rejected his offer.

  • http://jobatheheat jobatheheat

    MLBTR just anounced Sheets declined arb offer.

    • dan


  • Old Ranger-I’m always late

    Now if we can keep; Kroenke, Horne and even JB (I still think he may have some value, maybe not). Horne injured safe, JB not so good year safe (60%-40%) Kroenke was better this year but still not ready for the show…maybe we will get lucky.
    And Yes! Please take Kae. 27/09.

  • andrew

    To clarify an item from earlier in the week, CC Sabathia’s agent requested the meeting with Brian Cashman and not the other way around. I think Sabathia’s agent is going to set a time parameter with the Yanks. He’s also meeting with the Red Sox, but that’s just to put some pressure on the Yankees.

    why would his agent want to set a time parameter with the yankees? wouldnt it be the other way around?

    • Ben K.

      No. The Yankees have little need to set a time parameter. They can set a parameter about other circumstances, but they don’t need to know about Sabathia’s timing. Rather, his agent will say to the Yanks, “We’re waiting for X offers” or “We’re waiting to hear back from X team in Y number of days.” But that’s just plain old conjecture on my part.

      • Old Ranger

        What do you think the chances are of getting CC? I sometimes like the deal and other times I poke holes in it. I still like, one good pitcher and Tex, giving us the pitcher and hitter we need. Then, I look at the long contracts and say WTF 1960s/90s reincarnated. One long contract I believe we can live with, not two. It really looks as though Cash is of the same mind…only one=CC…no CC, maybe Tex and whom ever.
        Of course he has thrown that approach out to us a time or two and many disregarded, missed or didn’t want to hear his words. What say you?
        The word to describe this might just be “Crass” but, Cash to Boassss; “Answer by 12/12/08 or 1mm comes off every day thereafter.” Of course this was for all the impatient writers. What do you think?!? 27/09.

  • Old Ranger

    Sheets, I would look into. Manny, I would wave good by to. To old, to disruptive, to bad.
    Sheets, I don’t know much about (only his stats). Yes, I do read them but, I only put faith into about .666 of it ( as a sort of guide, if you will). If a player has trouble hitting with power, the stats show you that but, they don’t tell you why. Now, taking the stats and adding your eyes will tell you the problem(s). The point for all you stat guys is…stats take you there but they don’t answer the questions they open up.
    Main point…is Sheets as good as the stats? I’m not late, good show. 27/09.

  • mustang

    Question: If the Yankees sign two type A free agents how do they determine what team gets what pick ?

    • Ben K.

      Pick me! Pick me! I know this one.

      The first round pick goes to the former team of whichever type A free agent has the higher Elias ranking.

      • mustang

        So if the Yankees sign CC and Lowe the Brewers get the first round pick and the Dodgers get the second around pick.

        • Ben K.


          Teixeira and Sabathia are ranked 1-2 atop the Elias rankings. Beyond that, I don’t know ’em off the top of my head.

          • mustang

            Thank you sir for the knowledge.

  • RustyJohn

    Keep in mind, gentleman, that when you are on your last twenty dollars the Sahara still has dollar blackjack tables and the waitresses bring beer regularly.

    There is nothing worse than being ass broke and having to spend the last day in Vegas on the shit end of the strip.


    Ben your still my fav around here thats why they trust you to hold down the fort back home :)

  • NC Saint

    If the Yankees sign Manny, I might cry. 80% chance.

    Either way, it would certainly mean a lot more prospect watching and a lot less major league baseball watching. I could never stop wanting great things for the Yankee franchise, but it’s hard to be invested in the performance of a team that has a major role filled by someone who doesn’t even pretend to try if he hasn’t been coddled enough that day.

  • Jesse G.

    Ben, what year are you and where do you go? From your other blog I have to assume your biggest interest is property law and land usage, am I really off the mark here? I am a 1L at UChicago. Good luck on finals, love the blog.

    • Kay Sturns

      I just took my lsat, first time; excited to be able to miss opportunities, also.

      i think that if Ben stay healthy, relatively, he should replicate his numbers, even with the league switch; his stuff is that nasty; I’ve watched alot of brewer’s games working at a bar, just filthy stuff. Conversely, an injured Sheets will have trouble staying consistent. That should pretty much go without saying, though…

      • Jesse G.

        You miss opportunities but you also miss the crazy depression/recession. So, probably a net plus on the whole.