Giambi market taking shape


Jason Giambi, soon to be 38, wants a three-year deal, but it sounds as though he’ll soon get a two-year offer from the A’s with an option. While Tampa has expressed some interest in Giambi as well, my bet is on a return to the Bay Area. He would DH for Oakland and slot in nicely behind Matt Holliday. While Jason once said he’d love to return to New York, the Yanks have so far expressed no interest in having Giambi return.

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  • Sam

    If he does end up in the bay area, hopefully he’ll cause some damage to he angels. I for one will miss the big g.

    • Ryan S.

      Yeah, I got nothing but good things to say about the Giambino. I wish him the best and hope he has a great remainder of his career.

  • steve (different one)

    if he has a 2/3 year offer on the table, i wish him the best. he gives back too much of his offense on defense, so you really need to have the DH slot open for him. which they don’t really have.

  • Manimal

    They got rid of Frank Thomas and now they are getting Giambi. No difference there.

  • christopher

    its a shame that the yanks already have two guys who should be DHing in damon and Matsui – matsui being locked into that spot/ otherwise, i think they would have some interest in bring back giambi.

    despite the steroids, the fact that he was never the hitter in NY that he was in Oakland (coming aboard he looked like a guy on the road to the HoF), and the few years of absolute uselessness, he was a good player for the team and had some big hits during his time. his power and OBP will be missed and I hope the yankees are looking into it whether it be Dunn. Tex, or Manny. I am surprised that there hasnt been more interest in Dunn who is young and could be had on a relatively short term deal (3 or 4 years) and be had at below market value.

    I was never for Texeira, but considering the situation it appears that the yankees are in position to swoop in and get him – giving AROD protection and striking a major blow to the nation.

    I am still a big manny believer – i know that the statistics say that he is not that much better than matsui, but what stats fail to show is how this guy performs in the clutch. we have seen it for years against us and I would love to see it again for us.

    With Sabathia’s 2009 salary being only 14 million, it seems to me that they could afford 25 million for Manny. As I have said a million times, next season they will lose Matsui and Damon off the books and Nady could most likely bring back fairly good talent (Hermida?) especially if packaged with a young pitcher like IPK

    I shy away from Tex because after the Giambi contract, I would prefer not to have someone on the roster for 8 or more years. Add Manny and the payroll may push over 200 million, but next year an outfield of Manny, AJAX, and “player X” would still keep the payroll down.

    • Ryan S.

      I agree with 99.9% of what you just said. Only critique – in 2010 with Matsui gone, I’d have Manny be DH instead of in the outfield. Maybe resign Nady/AJax/Player X instead?

    • Manimal

      You can add Posada to that DH mix. Thats the same issue that the yankees would have if they signed Tex, Arod and Tex would both have decreased defense and potential DH’s at the same time.

    • steve (different one)

      Damon is just fine in LF.

      it’s wrong to call him a DH.

    • steve (different one)

      With Sabathia’s 2009 salary being only 14 million, it seems to me that they could afford 25 million for Manny.

      it’s not $14M.

      it’s $23M, it’s just paid out a little differently.

      it’s amazing how fast this misinformation has spread.

    • Jamal G.

      its a shame that the yanks already have two guys who should be DHing in damon…

      I’m interested in what you are basing that statement on. Johnny Damon had the second highest UZR amongst AL left fielders with at least 600 innings played at the position with 8.4 (Carl Crawford led with 21.4); third in the Major League Baseball (Willie Harris was second with 14.4).

      I keep telling people that Damon is a damn good defender in LF and can hold down center field even with his current range; arm strength as an outfielder is vastly, vastly overrated.

      • Manimal


  • christopher

    bottom line IMO is that all of these pitching moves wont matter unless they get someone to protect AROD in that lineup

    …and from a business standpoint, Manny the type of player that will improve ratings

    btw..if the A’s were to pick up a portion of his salary – anyone think Crosby may be a good low risk/high reward aquisition. He has never put everything together but he is loaded with talent and in a few years could become Jeter’s succesro at SS

  • Manimal

    Guys try not to bring the Tex v Manny stuff into threads like this. We are supposed to talk about Giambi and Oakland.

    • Manimal

      Especially in a post written by Ben haha

  • A.D.

    Good for Big G, hope the best for him