Jeter’s speech tabbed as’s Moment of the Year

Remembering Dock Ellis
Open Thread: On parity and salary caps

Baseball fans have voted Derek Jeter‘s impromptu speech to the New York following the final game at Yankee Stadium as their Moment of the Year. Out of over 12 million votes cast, Jeter’s speech received 34.7 percent of them. For more on the voting and a video of the oration, check out’s coverage.

Remembering Dock Ellis
Open Thread: On parity and salary caps
  • Derek

    why are people referring to it as the impromptu speech? it couldnt have been more planned

    • Ben K.

      Because it’s more fun/naive to think of it as an impromptu speech.

    • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist

      Because he said it was something he was asked to do before but that he never wrote it down or had more than a loose idea of what he was going to say down.

      Now if it was truly like that, it was pretty incredible. If it was pre written etc, he did a great job of making it feel pretty loose.

      I know its cool to hate on Jeter or whatever, but with how disappointed many of us were in the season, it was a decent way to end it.

    • Pel
    • dan

      Well Jeter himself said he had no idea what to say. He didn’t start thinking about until late in the game. So I guess maybe that’s why people think it was impromptu.

  • LiveFromNY

    I was there that night and everyone loved it and him and the Yankees and god bless us everyone.

    Seriously, it was the best part of the whole year.

  • UWS

    The game was great, the speech was great, but if anyone actually believes Mr Jeter’s claim regarding its spontaneity s/he is incredibly naive and/or deluding themselves. It was scripted, just like everything else Jeter does. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fantastic moment, of course.

    /Prepares to be torn to shreds

  • StilettoSet

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care if it was pre-written or not? It was a moving speech to me either way and a perfect cap to the night.

    • Scallionboy

      Thanks, Stiletto, for getting to the heart of the matter. Did anyone actually think we had Cicero or Lincoln or Churchill batting second? Whether it was totally ad lib or DJ had rehearsed it for weeks, he did a great job. And all these haters? I hope they carry themselves as well, and have as much dignity, as #2.

  • Count Zero

    Meh — I thought it was OK.

    It was moving because of the moment and what it meant to all Yankee fans (heck, to most baseball fans). And it helped that it was sincere. But as speeches go, it wasn’t particularly inspired, well spoken or anything else. Without the backdrop of the occasion it wouldn’t have impressed anybody. I actually thought the farewell trip around the field was more moving than the speech itself.

    Put it this way — Obama could have done it about 200% better on his absolute worst night of oratory.

    • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist

      One of the haters I speak of.

      • Marcus

        I agree. It was nice, but nothing special.

        I wish he would have actually prepared a nice in-depth speech.

        • headstand

          Im going to try and ignore the obama stuff and say that i agree…

          Jeter’s speech wasn’t all that great, he had that dead voice he always has. If Boras made that same speech at the Bellagio a week or so ago we all woulda been like whatever… plus we all know Jeter shoulda just stood there with the microphone for a bit all quiet and suddenly bust into a BROBOT.