Overheard: Angels willing to go eight years for Tex


Just overheard two writers near me talking about Mark Teixeira: The Angels are ready to go to eight years for him, and $20M per year “isn’t even an issue.” He also said the Beltway Teams (Nats and O’s) are hard after him as well. There was also brief talk about the Halos wanting Justin Masterson from the Sox in exchange for Jeff Mathis or Mike Napoli.

Like I said, I overheard two media guys talking about this not more than 6 feet away from me. Just a rumor.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Should your title say “Overheard” not “Overhead?”

  2. Rich M. says:

    Was it Rosenthal? Seems like everything he said today was false.

  3. RichYF says:

    Should be interesting o see how many of these rumors get published by “unnamed sources” and how many are just writers talking. Much like we do here.

  4. jsbrendog says:

    if i were in vegas i would totally bring as friend a go around “quietly” discussing “rumors” in out of the way places just to see how quickly they’d end up online

    • Jack says:

      I would love this. Mike and Joe should start “quietly discussing” something like Peavy and A-gon for Melky and Kennedy and see if it ends up in a Rosenthal column.

      • jsbrendog says:

        or pedroia upset with sox new deal, fires agent, demands trade to yankees

        yankees send cano to dodgers for kershaw, acquire pedroia for igawa

      • andrew says:

        this from rotoworld…
        “Both Dodgers GM Ned Colletti and Yankee officials have said there’s no truth to Ken Rosenthal’s report that the teams are discussing a Robinson Cano deal.
        Colletti implied that the two teams haven’t had any trade discussions since July. Perhaps that’s not really the case, but it does sound as though the Cano-for-Matt Kemp rumors have been overblown.”

  5. Angels get Tex.
    Dodgers get Manny.
    We get CC, Sheets, Pettitte, and Dunn.
    Mets get Lowe and Abreu.
    Sox get the shaft.

  6. Matt G. says:

    The Sox can’t seriously be willing to settle for Napoli, esp. not in exchange for one of their prospects. They must have some other scheme going on.

  7. pat says:

    Its funny to me the sox and yankees are in bad situations catcherwise while kelly shoppach and dioner navarro are showing signs of being real solid players.

    • Chip says:

      Jorge Posada is a bad situation? You have some mighty high standards

      • Jamal G. says:

        You think a 37-year-old catcher coming off a surgery to repair a torn labrum is anything but? I’d say you have some mighty low standards.

        • Chip says:

          Salary issues aside, I’d take Posada in his current condition over the majority of starting catchers in the big leagues.

          • Jamal G. says:

            That’s unfair, you can’t just disregard the salary. That’s like saying, “salary issues aside, Mark Teixeira would be an excellent fit on the Florida Marlins”.

            • AndrewYF says:

              I can disregard the salary if he plays for the Yankees.

              Let’s put it this way:

              I’d certainly rather have Posada, at his salary and whatever condition he’s in, than not. Because the alternative is what the Sox are dealing with right now, and it ain’t pretty.

              • Jamal G. says:

                True, but just because the Yankees’ situation is better than that of Boston’s does not necessarily make the former’s situation not bad; it just makes the latter’s situation worse.

    • jsbrendog says:

      navarro was part of the randy johnson trade right?

      meh, hindsight my friend. in that scenario, knowing what we knew you make that deal 8 out of 10 times i feel.

  8. Tony says:

    I think an 8 yr 20 mill per yr offer puts us out of it for Tex. We all know how much he would have helped and i personal believe we would have still tried even if we did sign Sabathia but in the end that position can be locked up for 8 yrs in our situation. I was thinking if we asked him to swtich to left field but he is gold glove caliber at first; then i realized we did ask a gold glove SS to move to third. I can’t see him any where but 1st with his body type. Hopefully we add a good bat but if we don’t im sure at least two players will rebound nicely with a fresh start in a new stadium. Any way, theres still plenty of offseason for Cash Money to surprise us and im sure he will.

  9. Chuck says:

    I think Tex would prefer 4 yrs+more cash over 8… Get back in the market while still in his prime and score another decent contract. So the angels just get him for his prime with out going the extra two years? How does that appeal to Tex? If they plan on really putting a two or three day deadline on this offer all it is doing is helping drive up the price.

    • Glen L says:

      Is this based on a convo with Tex or something? … what makes you think he’d rather try to get another huge deal at 33, rather than be guaranteed insane money through age 37?

      • Chuck says:

        no i am not all knowing. But I would not think it is absurd to reason that way. I mean look at the angels. If they don’t win it in 4 they are going to have to rebuild anyway. Say he gets 4yrs at 24-25 a year. He then is close to 100 mil. And has 4 yrs to earn the 60 he would have been guaranteed. I think he could do that plus a bit more at 33. If he wanted to resign with the angels he could do that too. 10 yrs is attractive because it takes him near 40. But you may be totally right and he accepts to have peace of mind. But id say with Boras that offer isn’t going to work unless it goes to 10yrs maybe 20-22.

        • andrew says:

          chances are this is the best contract he will ever receive, i would guess that if he only went for 4 years now, his next contract would be worth slightly less or the same per year depending on how he ages. and if he gets injured… then hes got a whole different issue. he’s better off taking the 20+ per year for as long as he can get it now

  10. Mike A. says:

    Bah, we got shut out of the beat writer’s meeting with Cash. They’re all talking to him now.

  11. ko says:

    Give Tex the 10 years if you have to. What Cashman has to realize is that if you get 6 or 7 big years out of him, it was money well spent. The last three – consider those an acquisition fee – paying to get one of the best players in the game for the next x number of years. The problem Cashman has had with his other free agents is keeping them until the end of their contracts when they’re old and decrepit. He has this accountants need to get all the years in or it just doesn’t seem to work for him. He needs to think out of the box, instead of being the box. Anyway, give Teixeira the years, it’s what the Yankees really, really need.

    • pat says:

      The last three – consider those an acquisition fee – paying to get one of the best players in the game for the next x number of years. The problem Cashman has had with his other free agents is keeping them until the end of their contracts when they’re old and decrepit

      Is it just me or are those two statements completely contradictory?

      • A.D. says:

        they are… unless the silent suggestion is to trade him at the end of the contract, but that would be a large assumption to make

        • Steve H says:

          And if he’s unproductive, you’re eating 95% of the salary anyway, so there’s no cost savings, only a roster spot.

    • Rob says:

      Mark Teixeira: Todd Helton (without Coors).

      Good luck on six years, let alone ten.

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