Report: Yanks may take Sheets from the Bellagio


Mark Feinsand has a delicious rumor for us as we head into Tuesday morning. The Yanks, according to his sources, plan to make Ben Sheets a two-year, $30-million offer before leaving Las Vegas later this week. It will probably take a third year to get this one done, but I certainly like the sound of Sheets more than I like those five-year A.J. Burnett rumors that just won’t die.

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  1. Jamal G. says:

    Sure rids the taste of that rumor that Boston is “kicking the tires” on Andy Pettitte.

    I love the Sheets rumor, absolutely love it.

    • Ben K. says:

      “Kicking the tires” is such an apt analogy for Pettitte these days. Oh well. I’ve always had a soft spot for him, but his years are dwindling. Anyway, the Red Sox are just doing that to be annoying. It’s like their meeting Sabathia today.

      But give me Sheets. I like this one too.

      • Jack says:

        the Red Sox are just doing that to be annoying.

        They’re the best in the business.

      • Steve says:

        Boston really seems to spend a lot of time and energy worrying about who wants to sign/trade with us. They met with CC yesterday, they were an obvious stalking horse in the Santana negotiations last year, now they’re floating Pettitte stuff. Get a life.

        To be fair, the Yanks get involved on players they want, but not in this creepy, obsessive kind of way. We just do it here and there to piss them off.

    • Ed says:

      Boston talking to Pettitte means nothing, and everyone knows it. Back in ’03 Boston supposedly offered him an extra year and a higher annual value over what the Yankees and Astros were offering and he didn’t even consider it.

      • Steve says:

        I wouldn’t say nothing, Andy’s the type of lefty (ground ball pitcher) who could actually be a good fit in Fenway, as opposed to a lefty fly ball pitcher like Santana.

        But Pettitte’s made it clear its the Yanks or retirement, and the Astros have already taken themselves out of the mix, so that has even more credibility. The Dodgers stuff seems a bit far fetched to me. As much as he loves Torre, he won’t want to move his family to LA.

        • Ed says:

          Pettitte may or may not do well in Fenway, but I don’t think that matters. If back in ’03 he said “how could I go to Boston after all these years in NY?” why would that change now? The difference in offers back then was huge, but now I can’t imagine Boston trying to top the Yankees offer by much.

    • JeffG says:

      Hendricks up to their same old crap. Remember Clemens?

      • Steve says:

        I remember we never got draft pick compensation from Houston for him, and always suspected he and Andy knew all along where they were going.

        Retirement was always a bargaining ploy for Roger, and he used it to squeeze every last dollar out of every team he played for toward the end of his career.

        • JeffG says:

          That could be true but I was thinking in the lines of the 28 million contract they landed for Clemens by getting the Red Sox involved. I remember listening to the interviews with Cashman after the sigining – C-money was saying how “worried” he was that Roger was going to the Sox… biggest bone job I have ever seen.
          Cashman does seem to be wising up though, I think he has handeled this offseason pretty well.

      • DonnieBaseballHallofFame aka they guy who has well documented history of belligerent thickheadedness and anti-intellectual character assassinations says:

        Yup. I get your job as an agent is to get the most money and best deal for your players but those guys seem to go about it in an unusually sleazy way.

        Pettitte had a good offer made to him by the Yanks, the ONLY team he said he wanted to play for. If a company I really wanted to work for offered me ten million even if I did not take it I would not be going the cry baby route he seems to be going.

        Pettitte’s act is growing as tired as the Roger Clemens saga.

        • Ed says:

          What sort of act is Pettitte playing? He said very quickly after the season ended that he wanted to play again next year and that he wanted to be a Yankee. Any time he’s been asked about his contract situation, he’s simply said “I don’t know, I let my agents worry about it.”

          As for whether or not they gave Pettitte a good offer is debatable. The rumored offer is 37.5% less than he made last year, and no free agents have signed yet, so you can’t compare it well. If salaries drop significantly due to the economic issues, it’s a good offer. If salaries hold the line, it’s a bad offer.

          I don’t think you’d be jumping to accept if a company you really liked offered you a 37.5% pay cut, especially if you knew their profits were about to go up drastically.

  2. Jack says:

    Has anyone else made him an offer? Getting him and CC together would be awesome.

    • Ben K. says:

      As far as I can tell, this is the first concrete offer anyone would be extended to Sheets outside of the arbitration offer.

      • Ed says:

        From Ken Rosenthal earlier today:

        “There’s nothing out there for me to contemplate right now,” Sheets said, “so I don’t know.”

        That quote followed a line about Rosenthal thinking Sheets is expecting a multiyear deal. There’s very little context on the quote, but it sounds like Sheets is saying he hasn’t received any offers.

  3. RollingWave says:

    If Sheets has another 2004 in him that would be awsome beyond believe

  4. brockdc says:

    Thanks for the “sweet dreams” rumor, Ben, right before I hit my rack.

    Would you guys (Ben, Jamal, et. al.) prefer 2/30 or 3/45 for Sheets? I think if I had my choice, I might choose the latter.

    • brockdc says:

      Just to clarify, my rationale for preferring 3 years is so that, if, in the worst case scenario, his latest injury requires a procedure, we wouldn’t just be paying for his rehab, a la Octavio Dotel.

    • Ben K. says:

      I’d do it in reverse. No way do I give Sheets that much if his injury is serious. But I would probably want to make that third year a vesting option based on his performance in years 1 and 2 of the deal.

      • X-Man(Angel) says:

        until the kids, are ready:Hughes,IPK,Betances,Mcallister,Andrew, etc….Webb:P

      • DonnieBaseballHallofFame aka they guy who has well documented history of belligerent thickheadedness and anti-intellectual character assassinations says:

        “No way do I give Sheets that much if his injury is serious. But I would probably want to make that third year a vesting option based on his performance in years 1 and 2 of the deal.”

        EXACTLY. Nobody else in this market will give this guy 3 years at that dollar amount without the third year being an option. Now I could see 3 years $35 guaranteed, but it is more likely a vesting or team option on the third year of a possibly $45 million deal. At least that is my take on it.

        • A.D. says:

          Perhaps 3rd yeah vesting team hybrid… if he puts up the innings it vests, and else the team can still pick it up if they want to

  5. X-Man(Angel) says:

    30/2; very good deal!

  6. jobatheheat says:

    Hey Ben theresalso a negative article about CC ‘s family haavng to deal with thenegative side of the press and media from NY. Its quoted from one of cc’s close friends. The article is from Bill Madden I think.

  7. Baseballnation says:

    3 years for Sheets even if he does miss a year lets say to injuries, is a much better investment then Burnett for 5 in which he’ll miss a year worth to injuries.

  8. Jacob says:


    Looks pretty good to me.

    • Steve says:

      In an ALDS, Wang might not even get a start if everyone’s healthy. Your best 3 are CC/Sheets/Joba.

      I also like having 2 lefties in the rotation. Gives you a chance to match up against certain teams.

  9. dan says:

    You think the Brewers wold ever talk to the Yankees again about anything if the Yankees took Sabathia and Sheets in one off-season? Bud Selig is gonna throw a shit fit.

  10. dkidd says:

    in 2004 sheets struck out 264 and walked 32. wow

    much prefer him to aj, although the nl central to al east transition might be rough

    • Spaceman.Spiff says:

      Yeah, but there has to be a point where brilliance in the NL central has to be worth more than mediocrity in the AL East.

      • dkidd says:

        no doubt. but i’m still suffering from PPSD (post pavano stress disorder)

      • Steve says:

        Sheet’s stuff will play anywhere. He’s not some over the hill veteran playing in a weak division like Lowe is.

        I fail to see the difference between Derek Lowe and Sidney Poson in terms of stuff. They’re both low-90′s sinkerball pitchers.

        • daneptizl says:

          Derek Lowe has a better sinker… It’s like saying I fail to see the difference between Volquez’ change and Suppan’s change since they both throw it at 80 mph… you get my point.

  11. TheLastClown says:

    Could not be happier about this. Sign Sheets, let CC know its time to go, time to complete the best rotation in baseball hands down.

    How reliable is Feinsand? I pretty much rely on you guys & Tim @ MLBTR to sift & sort it all together. If there’s weight to this, sign me up.

  12. gianthinker says:

    The 2 pitchers I targeted were CC and Sheets. Its not that I dont like Lowe or Burnett because I do. But I like Perez, Penny and Garland too but I’m not calling for Ca$hman to sign them…I really feel in my heart Lowe wants to go back to the Sox. I could be wrong but thats my feeling. Burnett is a monster against us and the Sox but he seems like a Pavano who is basically a .500 pitcher who only had big years in each of his walk years. I just really feel like Sheets has the same amount if not less injury worries than Burnett and more importantly he tops out with ace stuff. Burnett is a strong #2, monster #3 but he just doesn’t have Sheets upside. Think about CC, Wang, Sheets, Joba, Hughes//or//Pettitte….thats nasty. Thats like 4, possibly 5 guys with ace ability in the same rotation. I’d give him a 3rd year and even an team option for a 4th if thats what it takes to get Sheets. Obviously the shorter the deal the better for us but I’d rather take my chances with Sheets than Burnett. I’m honestly hoping Burnett goes to the Braves so we dont have to deal with him at all.

  13. gianthinker says:

    How come we dont hear the Yanks thinking about Rocco Baldelli as a FA center field option? I know he’s got a weird illness but Damon/Gardner/Melky could give him days off to keep him strong and he’s a young guy with pop from the right side. I hear Boston’s looking at him but I wish we’d think about it because even if we want to move someone else into CF in a couple years Rocco can play either corner position. I dont know, I’d like them to look at him anyway…

    I dont mind this Nick Punto rumor as well. I was thinking Bloomquist or Iztirus as UT pickups to replace Betemit but Punto would be fine with me as well. There’s a lot of guys out there that could strengthen our bench this year and I hope Ca$hman takes advantage because our bench has been a weakness in recent years. The years we were winning we had important role players on the bench we could call on. We’ve lost that and I hope we try to strengthen the team that way.

  14. DCR says:

    Burnett has thrown more innings in the past three years then Sheets. Why are people so quick to throw him under the bus while clamoring for Sheets?

    • Mike P says:

      Because Sheets has been amongst the best pitchers in baseball. Burnett has almost been among the best in baseball.

    • RichYF says:

      Burnett will probably sign a 4 + 1 deal, Sheets will probably sign a 2 + 1 deal.

      It’s years IMO. Tie up $30 million guaranteed, or tie up $64 million guaranteed for the same risk. Which would you do?

      • Bo says:

        Forget money and yrs. Get the pitcher you think will be best. if its Burnett you suck it up and give him the 5th yr. They are about to give a 6-7 yr deal to a pitcher who’s 330 lbs. Why not give 5 to someone you think would be an ace?

        • A.D. says:

          Because no one thinks Burnett will be an ace, he has great talent, will pitch some great games, but he’ll never be an “ace”

  15. JeffG says:

    The Sheets talk may be a little fire burner for CC… I’m hoping that Sheets doesn’t mean that they are getting ready for plan B if CC won’t come to NY.

    As far as Sheets over Burnett I’m not in the camp that thinks that exactly lowers our risk of a bad contract. AJ unlike Sheets finished the season strong. There is a greater chance in my mind that Sheets doesn’t give us much next year and if he did go down and need surgery a two or three year contract would practically be a total waste. Just the fact that he couldn’t pitch into the playoffs worries me that on a short contract that we would see very little healthy pitching. A five year to Burnett might result in a bad year but it would at least give us some value for the seasons he is healthy. Hopefully that would be all of them.

  16. Russell NY says:

    Ugh, the Mets are close to signing K-Rod? Now I’ve gotta listen to my girlfriend and her family sing praise through April… that is until he is struck down with injury and the Mets choke again in September.

  17. Manimal says:

    Thats a very good deal and it makes NY look that much better for CC.

    How bout that rumor that Michael Young is available. QUICK, MOVE JETER TO THE OUTFIELD!

  18. Infamous says:

    Never seen sheets pitch. What does he throw?

  19. [...] thinks the Yankees are preparing an offer for Ben Sheets to be made within 72 hours (hat tip to River Ave. Blues). Feinsand believes it will be in the two-year, $30MM [...]

  20. Dave M says:

    I had the Sheets the other day.

  21. Bill M. says:

    Sheets for two or three is definetly better than Burnett for five!
    Both are injury prone, and have about the same amount of talent.
    Go with Sheet, forget about Burnett. Let the Braves have him!

  22. mustang says:

    Good news on Sheets 2 years at 30 sounds right maybe with a 3rd year with vesting options.
    On CC reading my local paper today I saw a piece where Cashman was announcing to the world how the Yankees are not being played. Ironically next to this was a story on Maddux retiring. As a older Yankees fan I can still remember Gene Michael coming back form visiting a free agent Maddux convinced that he was not being used only to learned a short time later that he was a pawn to get the Braves bid up. This might not be the case here and I understand patience and the need for CC to do his homework. However, on 12/14 this offer would have been on the table for a month and I see a lot of people talking, but no money on the table.
    The funny thing about being “played” is that if it’s done right you really don’t know that your getting played.
    I hope that’s not the case.

  23. Relaunch says:

    This is what makes the Hot Stove entertaining to watch and even funnier when 95% of things mentioned never happen. You have to love today’s “Red Sox interested in Pettitte” from MLBTR.

  24. sabernar says:

    BTW: excellent title.

  25. Ivan says:

    This is great if this rumor is legit.

    PS: As for Selig throwing a hissy fit if the yanks take CC and Sheets from the Brewers, He can go KICK ROCKS.

  26. Matt says:

    I love waking up to this kind of ‘news’ or ‘rumor’. That is a perfect contract for Sheets. It’s low risk, high reward.

    2 years is perfect for him.

    Let’s hope this becomes something real.

  27. NYFan50 says:

    The great part of signing Sheets would be that the Yankees would be building a rotation in which everyone missed time last year due to injury. What could possibleye go wrong?

    Hughes: Injury
    Joba: Injury
    Wang: Injury
    Sheets: Injury
    5th starter: Unknown

    Even if that unknown starter is CC, then you’ve got 4 guys that got injured last season, and a guy that threw 513 innings the past two years.

    The sad part is there is little in the way of good alternatives, other than Lowe. At least you can count on Lowe for 200 innings.

  28. Jay CT says:

    Totally off suject, but MLBTR is reporting how the Cards are shopping an outfielder, preferably Ankiel, for a bull pen arm or a starter. Would a IPK or a bullpen guy for Ankiel make sense? I know Ankiel is in his last year, but he has a cannon for an arm and would be a nice CF option no?

    • RichYF says:

      Best part is that when the entire rotation goes down to injury (as per NYFan50), he can pitch too!

      • NYFan50 says:

        I didn’t say the entire rotation would get injured. Just that they aren’t the pinnacle of health. And they aren’t. Regardless of whether or not it was an arm injury, Hughes has had trouble with injury every year. Joba had an injury issue last year and in college. Wang missed half the year last year. Sheets has missed time every year the past four years. And CC has put up an awful, awful lot of innings the last two years.

        I’m just saying…counting on that rotation is a pretty big risk.

        • radnom says:

          Not as big as you are making it out to be.
          Of the four pitchers you mentioned, only Sheets and Hughes are “injury prone”.
          Wang got hurt on a freak accident and the jury is still out on Joba’s durability.
          You worry about CC but he has shown no signs of being affected by his high innings totals, and with our bullpen next year we should manage him a ot better than he was on the Brewers.

          Also, you assume we don’t retain Pettite, which we probably will, and fail to mention that we have IPK and Aceves waiting to step in, something we didn’t have at the start of last year.

          • NYFan50 says:

            Maybe I worry too much, and maybe you don’t worry enough. :)

            The jury may be out on Joba’s durability, but it’s still an unknown.

            I worry about CC, and I think rightfully so. He was #2 in pitching abuse points this past year, I believe. You have to figure that at some point those innings are going to catch up with him. He’s not signed anyways.

            Wang got hurt by a freak accident, sure, but you just assume that he’ll heal 100% and be back to 100%. Nobody knows he’ll be back to his old self.

            I’m not saying that rotation is a disaster. But it’s a gamble. You’ve got a rotation full of guys with at least some question. You don’t have one guy you can, for sure, pencil in for 200 innings.

            • radnom says:

              Yes but by your standards every rotation is a gamble.
              Assuming CC and Pettite, I think its safe to pencil those two and Wang in for 200 innings (as safe as it is any other pitcher, so not entirely). Then you have Joba/Hughes/Sheets/IPK/Aceves to fill in two more slots plus insurance against injuries.
              If that is the situation, I’m not going to be worried about the rotation entering the season.

    • Brian says:

      Interesting idea. I like Ankiel.

      We’d need to dump an outfielder somewhere though.

      Maybe Melky + IPK for Ankiel? Then Damon mans left, Matsui is the usual DH, and you’ll have Gardner as the 4th OF.

  29. Bo says:

    Sheets makes Burnett look like a Sabathia type workhorse.

    • radnom says:

      Yeah man, those extra 20-30 innings a year over the last 4, huge difference.

      And its not like Sheets has averaged more innings/year over his whole career or anything….

  30. JohnC says:

    3 years for Sheets sounds alot better than 5 years for Burnett.

  31. Elston32 says:

    Yes – the Yanks either have the worst luck in all of MLB re: pitching injuries or something else is amiss re: the scouting/medical reports as they prepare for the draft (maybe a combination of both?). Is anyone out there hoading 50 Andrew Brackman rookie cards to sell on eBay one day? Probably not. Let’s hope that whatever free agent pitcher(s) the Yanks throw $$$ at can withstand a full season+ of innings much better than the supposed minor league miracles from within their own organization.

    • steve (different one) says:

      the Yankees were well aware that some of the pitchers they were drafting might need TJS.

      you have the 30th pick in the draft. here is your choice: you can get a top 5 talent who needs TJS, or you can get 30th-pick talent. what do you do?

      you take the top 5 talent and wait for a year.

      the Yankees were not surprised that Brackman needed surgery.

  32. Tim Q. Mills says:

    I am going to try to get Sheets to autograph this if he signs. I took it at Miller Park last year.

  33. Tim Q. Mills says:

    Are we not allowed to post links?

  34. sean says:

    we need to come to grips that CC is not coming most likely—every day that passes makes the NL/west coast pull look irresistible. Taking all the info from the past few weeks with a grain if salt it still seems that $ is not the only factor and there are only so many reports of “CC loves his family…and his free time…and batting…and relaxing atmospheres” to point him away from NY. I live in and love NYC but realize that some people just aren’t cut out for it (see randy J)and $20-40 million to him may just be better left on the table. Sheets/Tex would take the sting away a bit….i’m glad they are branching out (and hopefully not to Lowe)—CC in the NL isn’t the end of the world–CC to Angels would be a tough pill

    • Jay CT says:

      I think that the pull is there sure, but I have never once gotten the impression that CC doesn’t want to pitch in New York due to family obligations. I have numerous friends who lived in New Canaan with me who suddenly move to Cali due to a job offer that financially they can’t turn down. So you fly back and forth to visit. I think the thing forgotten is that even if CC signed on the west coast, half his time will be spent on the road anyway.

      Maybe I have rose colored glasses on, but I feel the exact opposite of most- The longer it takes, the MORE LIKELY he accepts the Yankees offer, as he realizes no other mega deals are coming. And Milwaukee doesn’t have a hot imo. Why would he “settle” in the midwest- that ain’t California; and its going to be impossible to leave 20-30 million on the table. CC will be here before Christmas

    • steve (different one) says:

      every day that passes makes the NL/west coast pull look irresistible

      doesn’t “pull” have to consist of at least one actual contract offer?

      • Jay CT says:

        Exactly. What this is I feel is CC holding out hope the big offer comes. If someone wanted to sign him and felt they could at least comepete with the Yankees, they would have made an offer by now. CC wanted to get this done before Thanksgiving. There is a reason he is still waiting; I believe that reason is he thought the 3 California teams would have been more aggressive towards him.

  35. Reggie C. says:

    CAN we award Frank Wren the executive of the year if he pulls off this latest rumbling:

    MLBTR is citing a Boston Globe report that there are SERIOUS discussions b/w the royals and braves for a …..

    Francoeur (+ prospects) for Zach Greinke

    …supposedly the Braves want to first resolve the Burnett thing. Regardless of whether Burnett ends up with the Braves, an addition of Greinke should scare the NL East.

    • Jay CT says:

      Hell yeah

    • steve (different one) says:

      those “(+ prospects)” are going to have to be guys named Hansen or Heyward, i would think.

      • Reggie C. says:

        That could be. But i think its more likely that the Braves part with Jair Jurrgens. That’d give the Royals a very good return on Greinke.

        Essentially the Braves would be adding Vazquez and Greinke. Even if they missed out on Burnett, Hansen isn’t far away from the bigs. The Braves are re-arming quick.

        I wonder how they’ll make up for Francouer’s bat..

        • steve (different one) says:

          I wonder how they’ll make up for Francouer’s bat..

          i don’t think this would be too hard. he’s not very good.

          • Reggie C. says:

            Francouer’s coming off one of those seasons. He’s shown alot of upside at the plate before, so if he slugged .500 next season nobody would be shocked. He’s young, cheap, high-upside, and in KC he could start putting together it consistently relatively pressure-free.

            He’s a good pick-up for a ball club like KC. Still, KC should try to take Jurrgens too.

            • That could be. But i think its more likely that the Braves part with Jair Jurrgens. That’d give the Royals a very good return on Greinke.

              Why would the Braves deal Jurrjens for Grienke? I understand that Grienke is better, but the Braves need to add more starters, not stand pat with the same number of starters… they can’t just go and deal away the only established young pitcher they’ve got.

              • Reggie C. says:

                The Braves could value Greinke’s coming years that much to trade the effective Jurrgens. As nice as Francouer could be … the proposal likely includes another very good player. I’m assuming its not one of the top prospects, so I just included Jurrgens as a possibility.

                Hansen has got front-line potential and killed AA and then AFL hitting. The braves could bring him up early next season.

  36. Justin says:

    I told yall early on that Greinke could be had and everybody laughed and scalded at me. I told yall we needed to say screw Peavy and go hard after Greinke who already had pitched in the AL and would come at about the same cost. This sucks. Cash needs to go quickly.

    • Reggie C. says:

      Its LIKELY that Greinke is stone-walling the Royals in talks for an extension. The talk before today has been pretty consistent: Greinke isn’t available b/c the team wanted to work out an extension AND the Royals want to compete for the division in ’09. This change in direction has gotta be a result from Greinke’s pple not wanting to extend.

      Greinke is entering his arb years and due for a serious raise. He’d be 27 when he hit FA a couple years from now.

      I think the Braves just have more interesting pieces than we do to trade. Still, cash should pick up the phone..

      • Justin says:

        Who the hell would want to extend with the Royals. They suck. Greinke could have been had and I told all of you that. Greinke is Peavy of the AL.

        • Reggie C. says:

          I agree pretty much. Greinke’s got Cy-upside for sure, and he put it together against AL competition. He’d be an awesome pick-up for the Yanks. If the Braves are parting with a good pitcher, which is likely, then getting Greinke would cost us both Hughes and A-Jax…

        • steve (different one) says:

          Greinke could have been had and I told all of you that. Greinke is Peavy of the AL.

          maybe we should wait until an actual trade goes through before we start the “i told you so’s”?

          maybe he IS available but the Royals are (rightly) demanding a king’s ransom for him??

          there was a report just yesterday that the royals were demanding “3 major league ready pieces PLUS two top prospects” for Greinke.

          don’t remember who said that, Rosenthal?

          i’d love to have Greinke, but while “make-up” issues are usually overblown, this could be one of the few instances where Cashman really has to think twice about bringing someone to NY. i’m not going to claim to be an expert on his social anxiety disorder, but if you are going to likely be trading blue-chip prospects, don’t you want to be 100% on the guy? just asking.

          • Reggie C. says:

            Drayton Moore must really like Francouer, but i highly doubt there isn’t another upside ML going in that potential deal. I think its someone like Jurrgens b/c the Braves do then keep Hansen and right now are players for Burnett.

            Wren is being aggressive as hell if this info is true. Thank you Wren for giving us something new to discuss!!

    • I told yall early on that Greinke could be had and everybody laughed and scalded at me.

      Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but if I did “scald at you”, in your words, it wasn’t because I felt Grienke wouldn’t be traded, it was because I felt we shouldn’t be trading for him, because it would be a poor use of our resources. A position I still espouse now.

      Grienke, Peavy, and others may indeed have had their prices go down. However, as long as their prices still include at least one premium prospect (and yes, Hughes, Jackson, Melancon, and Montero are all premium prospects), I still feel strongly that we should eschew all trades for premier pitchers and instead go in hard on free agency.

      Grienke can be had. We just shouldn’t have him. Not at the cost of prospects. It wasn’t smart then, it’s not smart now.

      • Reggie C. says:

        I’d do a Hughes for Greinke trade , but I wouldn’t part with Jackson. I hear what your saying, but I feel that the Yanks shouldn’t tie themselves to a long-term contract to ANY free agent pitcher not named Sabathia. That’s why getting Sheets to a 2/3 yr contract is more beneficial than Burnett on a 4/5 yr contract.

        Greinke just turned 25 and looks to have turned the corner in performance. I think its a smart move b/c I don’t feel Hughes has that upside performance-wise.

        • Mike Pop says:

          Eh, I dont know. Hughes could be just as good as Greinke next year or in a couple years. I dont make that trade because it would never be Hughes for Greinke striaght up.. Im not even sure I make that deal straight up. They both have huge upside. Say no to making that deal. Even if it means getting AJ on a 4 year deal

        • I hear what your saying, but I feel that the Yanks shouldn’t tie themselves to a long-term contract to ANY free agent pitcher not named Sabathia. That’s why getting Sheets to a 2/3 yr contract is more beneficial than Burnett on a 4/5 yr contract.

          You’re preaching to the choir there. I’ve been beating that drum all winter.

  37. [...] night, while I was losing $100 on blackjack, Ben found a Mark Feinsand report that the Yanks were preparing an offer to the righty in the two-year, $30 million range. A bit later, Joel Sherman, who like most people here is shorter [...]

  38. I am not going to lie, I think the Yankees are scrambling too hard this off-season. They have already asked the city of New York for bonds to bail them out. They are looking at CC Sabathia, which they will win if the Dodgers don’t pursue, A.J. Burnett, which they are a top three candidate for and now Ben Sheets, which they are in the running for.

    Sheets is looking to see how much he is worth on the market. I personally think the Yankees are offering him a bit too much. This is probably because they want to make sure he doesn’t consider the Brewers when signing. However, I am guessing Sheets will come back to Doug Melvin and pose to him how much the Yankees put on the table. Sheets wants to sign more than a one or two year contract and my guess is he would prefer to stay with Milwaukee if they can make a comparable offer.

    • Ben K. says:

      Hold on. Hold on. I think this is a rather unreasonable take on it.

      First, the Yankees are asking the city not to bail them out but to extend even more tax-exempt bonds to them for stadium construction. That’s a 100 percent separate issue.

      Second, it’s tough to say how the Yanks are “scrambling” this off-season. You’re look at the off-season through the prism of an over-attentive media — and that extends to RAB too. The Yanks are doing nothing more than what any other team in their position would do. They have a lot of money to spend, and they’re doing their due diligence in attempting to spend it properly and wisely. That’s hardly scrambling.

  39. maytrix says:

    trade kennedy and melky for ankiel sign sheets and lhp o perez who has kill

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