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According to Kat O’Brien, the Mike Cameron trade talks are “officially” dead. I say “officially” in quotes because a trade such as this one is never dead. However, the Yanks seem to have taken Joe’s plea to heart and aren’t rushing things when they don’t have to. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this deal consummated before Spring Training, but the free agent market has to shake down first. There’s a long way to go on that front.

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  1. Double-J says:

    As one of the few Melky fans here, I’m glad to hear this (although dumping Igawa may have been a huge plus). I hope Melky can redeem himself a bit this season, even if he has to contend or share time with Gardner et al., in CF.

  2. The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

    One thing I’ve found interesting about the Cameron talks and the CC situation has been how Doug Melvin has acted.* Melvin was a popular name in some corners when there was uncertainty about Cashman’s return to the Yankees. To me, he’s come off as a little too emotional (bitching and moaning about the Yankees’ financial advantages, the reported wrangling over the Melky/Cameron talks, etc.). Maybe he would act differently if he was with a team like the Yankees, maybe he said certain things for calculated, political reasons… But my impression is that he is probably not someone I’d want in charge of the Yankees. He has struck as me someone who should not be as emotional and should be more careful with what he says in public. This may be taking it a bit too far, but he’s seemed a little Colletti-esque in his public persona.

    *Obviously we only know what the media tells us and the news we get is seen through that prism, so who knows, maybe I’m completely off on this.

    • Ryan S. says:

      His team is screwed this year, he’s probably just frustrated. He did come off as pretty bitchy though, like how he may not even be interested in the trade anymore because all the good pitching is going away already. I wasn’t necessarily opposed to trading Melky for Cameron, especially if we do not get Manny, but at least Melky and Gardner have upside while Cameron is in his decline and the most you could hope for is a career average year – which would be a .250/ .340/ .448 season. Meh.

  3. Mike Pop says:

    Cue Manny Ramirez

    • UWS says:

      Cue Manny Ramirez Mark Teixeira.

      Hey, why not?

      • Mike Pop says:

        Mark is holding out for us to make an offer.. He wants to be like Donny.. He only wants to play for us..

      • Ryan S. says:

        Because we’re going to get outbid?

        *paging Mr. Ramirez, paging Mr. Ramirez – the Steinbrenners will see you now*

        • Mike Pop says:

          3 years 69 million

          • Ryan S. says:

            I’d say that’s a pretty likely outcome, should we end up signing the guy. I’d also say it could range anywhere from 2/55 to 4/92. For the record, I would absolutely NOT be in favor of a 4 year deal w/ Manny … ugh. A 2 year deal would be awesome, but if the Angels get in on him, probably unlikely. I bet 3/69 definitely gets it done.

  4. T-Dizzle says:

    i like gardner anyway he can steal bases and plays great defense

  5. The Ed(itor) says:

    Mike Cameron stunk up the place when he played for the METS. All he did was strike out for them. He has no upside. Why does anyone think he could help the Yankees. I would rather use Gardner and Melky in CF and put Cameron’s $10 million towards another hitter.

    • T-Dizzle says:

      totally agree with you hes not the type of players the yankees need so they should use that salary they would have given him and use it for half of mannys

    • 2004 New York Mets

      C Jason Phillips – .218/.298/.326 – 62+
      1B Mike Piazza – .266/.362/.444 – 108+
      2B Jose Reyes – .255/.271/.373 – 65+
      3B David Wright – .293/.332/.525 – 118+
      SS Kazuo Matsui – .272/.331/.396 – 88+
      LF Cliff Floyd – .260/.352/.462 – 110+
      CF Mike Cameron – .231/.319/.479 – 104+
      RF Richard Hidalgo – .228/.296/.463 – 94+

      2005 New York Mets

      C Mike Piazza – .251/.326/.452 – 104+
      1B Doug Mientkiewicz – .240/.322/.407 – 92+
      2B Miguel Cairo – .251/.296/.324 – 64+
      3B David Wright – .306/.388/.523 – 139+
      SS Jose Reyes – .273/.300/.386 – 81+
      LF Cliff Floyd – .273/.358/.505 – 126+
      CF Carlos Beltran – .266/.330/.414 – 96+
      RF Victor Diaz – .257/.329/.468 – 108+
      – Mike Cameron – .273/.342/.477 – 114+

      I don’t think Mike Cameron was the problem with the New York Mets. I’d say the rest of the team, including Jose Reyes, just kinda sucked.

      Having a centerfielder who OPS+’s 104 and 114, all while playing excellent CF (which he did) is not what causes a team to do poorly.

  6. TONY says:

    I say stay away from cameron. Lets keep our options open & see what we have with melky/gardener. If we need to we can re-visit the trade market in July.


    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

      I agree that there’s no rush to acquire Cameron (and apparently Cashman agrees, too).


      • Mike Pop says:

        I agree that there is no rush but I think he is a big upgrade over what Melky and Gardner will be.


        • T-Dizzle says:

          i dont think hes a big upgrade at all especially when you consider salaries

          • Mike Pop says:

            The numbers prove it though..

            • Matt says:

              what numbers prove it. Melky has been in the league for 3 years and gardner 1/2 year. There really isnt any proven numbers. At least with melky and gardner you may get better offensive numbers than cameron and there defense is about the same. Melkys arm is un-real and Gardners speed is ridiculos. I dont see an upside in getting cameron at all.

              • Mike Pop says:

                How is Melky or Gardner going to provide better offense than Cameron ? Your looking at the batting average ? Cameron gets on base more, hits 3 or 4 times as many as home runs, this leads to rbis, and that leads to generating more runs overall for the offense. Listen I like Gardner but Melky come on. Gardner might put up better numbers than Melky but Cameron is much better offensively than Melky and most likely he will be much better than Gardner

              • The Scout says:

                Cameron, Melky — we are talking shades of mediocrity here, never-will-be for has-seen-better-days. The deal can certainly wait. If the Yankees add a big stick thru signing a free agent or a trade, CF could become a defense-first choice. Patience.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Im just saying Cameron is an offensive upgrade to either Melky or Gardner

                • Matt says:

                  I would much rather have better average than more power. Cameron would not be in the top of the line-up. We have other power and rbi guys that can and will produce in a-rod, matsui. Again I dont see a upgrade with cameron. You know what you have in Cameron and we can still improve with melky and gardner. Ther both young.

                • Matt says:

                  Power is ALWAYS better than batting average. Always. I’m not saying I want to trade for Cameron but his power outweighs whatever “advantage” Melky and Gardner would bring in terms of batting average.

                  However, Gardner’s defense projects well and the money for Cameron’s salary could be used to lure Dunn, Tex, or Many which I would prefer.

              • At least with melky and gardner you may get better offensive numbers than cameron and there defense is about the same.

                Mike Cameron, career wOBA and centerfield UZR/150:
                .347 and 7.0

                Melky Cabrera, career wOBA and centerfield UZR/150:
                .311 and -11.3

                Brett Gardner, average projected wOBA and centerfield UZR/150 (since he’s young):
                .326 and 24.3


                Brett Gardner, if he’s lucky and totally pans out and becomes the best ballplayer he can be, might have offensive numbers as good as Mike Cameron. He’ll be a better defender.

                Melky Cabrera is worse, MUCH MUCH WORSE, than Mike Cameron, BOTH offensively and defensively. This is a fact, and not remotely debatable. Melky at his absolute zenith is still not as good as Mike Cameron on his worst day.

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