Unconfirmed Report: Cash to meet with Boras today

Q & A for the RAB Radio Show
The RAB Radio Show - December 4, 2008 - Episode 3

In what sounds like it could be pure speculation, Tony Massarotti says that Brian Cashman is traveling to California today to meet with Scott Boras in advance of the Winter Meetings, presumably about free agent hurler Derek Lowe. Boras has already indicated that he wants a Zito-esque contract for Lowe, but that’s just typical Boras. Still, the sinkerballer could command $15-16M per year over three or four years. Boras also represents Mark Teixeira, Manny Ramirez and Oliver Perez, but those players do not appear to address the Yanks’ immediate needs. (I’ll give at h/t to Tim even though I found this before he had it on his site)

Q & A for the RAB Radio Show
The RAB Radio Show - December 4, 2008 - Episode 3
  • Stryker

    bah. i do not want derek lowe – especially at that salary over multiple years.

  • Jake K.

    I totally don’t understand how Mark Teixeira doesn’t address the teams’ immediate needs. Young, star position player? Yeah, we need that. Middle of the order bat with power and patience? Yeah, we need that. A stellar defender to improve a poor defensive club–and the performance of its pitching staff? Yeah, we need that.

    Unless you pencil in Brett Gardner as the starter in CF, the Yanks have two field players under 30. Two! Their OPS+ last year: 86 and 92. Can we hope for bounce-back years from Cano and Swisher? Certainly. Are either of them sure things going forward? Absolutely not.

    Given the amount of promising pitchers this team has in the pipeline relative to positional prospects, and given the age of our roster, I think Tex has to be this team’s first priority. I would love to have CC (and I think we should get both, if at all possible), but I think Tex is just as vital and more of a sure thing.

    • steve (different one)

      Sabathia vs. Teixeira is very debatable. you can make arguments either way.

      both are excellent players, but right now, Sabathia is the more valuable commodity IMO.

      there are many more ways to improve your offense than there are to improve your rotation. the Yankees could potentially sign or trade for a player to play any of the 3 OF position or 1B and get close to what Teixeira gives you. that gives them a bunch of options.

      but there is almost no other way to replicate what a 28 year old obscenely durable LHed #1 starter gives you.

      Sabathia is a better player than Teixeira, and if they can only sign one, they should probably go for the better player and try to improve the offense some other way.

      and i say this as a big Teixiera fan. i would love for them to sign both, but even if they had plans to do that a few months ago, i am not sure they do anymore.

      i guess i don’t really understand the aversion to signing a bonafide #1 starter.

      • radnom

        Agreed on all counts steve.

        Another thing that I would add, is that if the season started tommorow our offense would be decent, but our rotation would include IPK, Aceves and Hughes. Not to mention Joba is on a short leash again this year.
        We really need that #1 pitcher more.

      • http://jobatheheat jobatheheat

        excelent points.

      • DP

        I don’t understand why getting Sabathia precludes the Yankees from getting Teixeira. Why does this have to be an either/or situation? They have $85 million coming off the books, why not try to get both?

    • steve (different one)

      let me say to Jake that i didn’t originally notice the sentence he was responding to in Mike’s post:

      ” Boras also represents Mark Teixeira, Manny Ramirez and Oliver Perez, but those players do not appear to address the Yanks’ immediate needs.”

      Jake’s post makes more sense in this context.

      even though i think CC still addresses their needs MORE than Teixeira, it’s hard to argue that Teixeira doesn’t address a need.

      i guess the key word is “immediate”…

      • radnom

        No, he said Tex was the #1 priority.
        As in, more important than CC.

  • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

    I think both Manny Ramirez (Manny’s bat is an immediate need for anybody who can sign him) and Tex address the Yanks’ immediate needs more than Lowe.

    It is true we need pitching. But we need elite pitching.

    Lowe for a year or two as our number 4 or 5 guy fine whatever. 4 years at big money is silly.

    • Yank Crank 20

      I don’t see how Manny addresses an immediate need. I understand all of the Manny arguments, honestly. He’s probably one of the greatest hitters of our generation, he’s still very productive, yes we’ll need outfielders in the coming years and yes, he used to play for Boston. He would be a great addition, but is he the pressing need? Productive outfielders usually hit the open market, eventually, but hard throwing, young #1 starters like CC rarely do. We’ve needed somebody like CC ever since our entire pitching staff left after 2003.

      • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

        “Productive outfielders usually hit the open market, eventually, but hard throwing, young #1 starters like CC rarely do. We’ve needed somebody like CC ever since our entire pitching staff left after 2003.”

        Yes we need an ace that is true. But as far as them becoming available, they have since 2003, but our front office has failed to get them on our team. Santana last year, the two that Boston added since we have last been to a WS.

        I am not arguing that we do not need top shelf pitching, but we also need Manny and he can be had cheaper in years and overall dollars than CC.

  • http://jobatheheat jobatheheat

    Say no to Lowe

    • radnom

      Say fuck-et to Burnett.

      • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

        Um, say oui, oui to CC?

        • Colombo

          Say si, si!! to CC

          • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

            I considered that.

            Too easy.

  • http://janeheller.mlblogs.com jane

    While he’s in California, why doesn’t Cashman meet with CC? I mean, shouldn’t our GM be courting the guy the way Epstein went to Schilling?

    • steve (different one)

      should he? who knows? maybe CC wouldn’t really care for that.

      if Sabathia is willing to leave $20M on the table to play elsewhere, then i’m 99.9% sure that a visit from the GM isn’t going to sway his decision.

      • Bill

        I guess you never work in the business world because if did you would want to complete a deal you do anything possible to complete the deal.

        At least you would have a better understanding where you stand with CC and it would help move on to other free agents if he gives you impression that no matter how money you offer him him he is not going to accept it,

        • Chris

          How do we know Cashman isn’t talking to them on a daily basis? Just because it hasn’t been leaked to the press doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

          • Mike Pop

            Ya Cash is good he lays low.. Unlike Wren who is telling the media he offered Burnett a deal or Towers saying the Peavy market to the press.. We hardly heard anything about Swish. There was that one link that Cash had a brief discussion with KW but that was all.. Cash really does a great job at laying low.. You dont hear him say too much

    • steve (different one)

      also, Schilling was not a free agent.

      Theo just had to sweet talk him into waiving his no trade clause.

      with Sabathia, making the highest offer by $40M should tell the guy he is loved and wanted.

      • A.D.

        So does taking the guy out to dinner and chatting him up.

        Best example I can think of, you can give a girl a ton of presents, take her to nice dinners, etc… but it doesn’t mean she’ll like you. If you hang out chat with her and get to know her she might.

        • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

          Russian Interrogator #1: What is your objective?
          Emmett Fitz-Hume: My objective? Well I object to taking a girl out, you know, and buying her dinner and then she won’t put out for you.

          • Colombo

            Just make sure cash-money doesn’t tell CC that he will take his mother, Dorothy Sabathia, out for a nice seafood dinner and NEVER CALL HER AGAIN!!!!

    • radnom

      Schilling was traded to the Red Sox.
      Or was there an issue with him needing an extension to waive a no trade?

      • radnom


        I wish we could edit/delete comments.

  • http://jobatheheat jobatheheat

    Whats this talk of the Giants about to offer CC 120? I thought the Giants werent about to put all there money in pitching. Any truth to this statement.

    • Reggie C.

      I havent seen that 120 million figure anywhere. Its a pure guess based on the assumption that they’re not going to match the Yanks in money OR years, but will make a higher offer than the Brewers.

      • Thomas

        Feinsand via MLBTR says the Giants are considering making an offer in excess of $100MM but far less than $140MM. For what its worth.

        • Bo

          What player has evr left 20 mill on the table?

          In this econ he’d be raked over the coals by his fellow players for f-ing the market.

  • Ivan

    There should be no way that Lowe should get 15-16M a year. That’s just absolutely ridiculous and crazy.

    If Cashman is going to talk to Boras, at least talk about Tex.

    • J.R.

      I’d imagine the meeting is about all of Boras’ FAs.

      • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

        I agree. I highly doubt Cashman meets with Boras and refuses to talk about anybody but Lowe.

      • Ron

        Well, hopefully not Veritek!

        • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

          Boras: What about Jason Varitek? He’s very similar to Jorge Posada. I’ve drawn up this 86-page binder detailing how–
          Cashman: I don’t need to see your binder, Scott. I’m convinced. We’re prepared to give Jason 52 over four years.
          Boras: 52 million over 4 years is an impressive commitment. Let me just get Jason on the phone to confirm–
          Cashman: No, Scott. We’re prepared to give him 52 dollars over 4 years. That’s my best offer, take it or leave it.
          Boras: Hmmm… We’ll take it.
          Cashman: I thought so. Now, then, there’s two ways you can leave here, either the stairs, or the window…

          …aaaaand SCENE!

  • J.R.

    I don’t think its breaking news that Cashman and Boras are having a meeting. I would be seriously concerned if Cashman wasn’t talking to the agent for three of the biggest FA’s. (Tex, Manyy and Lowe)

    • steve (different one)

      it’s only “news” in the sense that Cashman and Boras will be together all next week in Vegas and this is a “special” trip.

      but you are right. there should be no surprises here.

  • Baseballnation

    I like D-Lowe but 4 years at 16 million per for a 36 year old starter is nearly as bad as 5 years for a younger, yet more fragile Burnett. Lowe is the better overall investment, but I’m not to sure how 4 for Lowe is better than 1 year for Pettitte.

  • http://jobatheheat jobatheheat

    Braves just gave offer to Burnett 4 yrs 15 mil a yr no guaranteed 5th yr. If thats all it takes id do that in a heart beat. Yankees should deff match that offer. No to Lowe

  • Reggie C.

    Off MLBTR: Braves GM confirmed that offer has been made to Burnett. No guaranteed 5th year though. The writer thinks there is a 5th yr option however. Supposedly its a 4 yr- $60 million offer. Wren is singlehandedly keeping the Hot Stove alive.

    • radnom

      Wren is singlehandedly keeping the Hot Stove alive.

      Heh, he is doing his best, fighting a losing battle though.

      I couldn’t find this anywhere, but is the 5th year a team option or player?
      I have to guess team, which doesn’t make this deal any better than the proposed Yankee one. Damn.

      • A.D.

        I’d guess either vesting or player… its not doing Burnett any service for longer deal if its a team contract.

        • radnom

          If is it player then this is just as good to Burnett as 5 garenteed years.

          • Ed

            If it’s player it’s even better than 5 guaranteed years. Think about the contract he just opted out of.

    • steve (different one)

      i would not be unhappy with signing Burnett for $64M/4 years.

      before i start a war, i would he happiER signing Sheets for 2 years, but i could live with this.

      • radnom

        I would be happiER if Burnett was on the Braves.

        • Reggie C.

          I would be happier still if CC made up his freaking mind before the end of the Winter mtgs. At which point, we’d all be fine if Cash walked away from Burnett.

          Seriously, if this thing isn’t wrapped up by the end of the Winter Mtgs, i think we should all be seriously concerned that its not going to happen.

      • Reggie C.

        I agree. To be honest there haven’t been ANY sheets-Yankees rumors this offseason. It just hasn’t been written up anywhere, and likely Cash would focus on CC and Burnett before giving Sheets a call.

        I could live with a 4/64 offer, and I don’t expect a 5th yr to be a breaking point as long as there’s an option (which the team should hold). I predict that Burnett takes the most money offered over 4 years.

        • radnom

          Have there really been any Sheets rumors involving any team?

          They guy is laying low, seeing how the market shapes up.

          • A.D.

            Only Sheets rumor has been accepting arb

      • Count Zero

        Agreed. I would rather do that than sign Lowe for three or more years at any salary.

      • http://jobatheheat jobatheheat


  • Matt

    I agree with jake h. Get Tex. We need someone to take Abreus spot in the number 3 hole and a legit 1st baseman. Cashman has said all aloong he wants a legit 1st baseman and tex fits that mold. I dont think Swisher does

    • steve (different one)

      i disagree. Swisher is not as GOOD as Teixeira, but he is a legitimate 1Bman.

      • Jake K.

        There are lots of people who know way more about this than me, so I’ll defer to one of them, RAB favorite Keith Law on the Swisher trade:

        “Of course, the ultimate question here for the Yankees is whether it pushes them out of the Mark Teixeira market, or is simply a backup plan/leverage play to keep the price down on Teixeira by removing their own incentive to overpay for him. The Yanks could still sign Teixeira and play Swisher in left, benching Hideki Matsui (often hurt and not very good when he plays) or just give him away to anyone willing to pay the postage, and it seems a lot more likely that they’d do that than stand pat with Swisher at first and Matsui in left, a combination that could easily leave the Yanks with below-average bats at three or four positions if they don’t also upgrade in center field. ”

        I think Swish is a great addition as an outfielder/super-utility guy. But Tex is the real prize.

        • steve (different one)

          no question that Teixeira is better. that’s not even debatable.

          just saying that if Swisher bounces back to his 2006-2007 form, he’s an above average 1Bman.

    • Yank Crank 20

      Swisher is definitely a legitimate 1b. Like steve said, he’s not Tex, but he is certainly not only capable of playing 1b, but far better than the many options we’ve thrown there the last seven years.

      • Mike Pop

        7 ? Come on man there was no complaining about Giambi his first couple years.. We loved that guy

  • http://jobatheheat jobatheheat

    We can easily beat that offer and we should dont you think.4 year deal only maybe a 5th yr option .

  • christopher

    i could be wrong but strange things can happen when boras meets cash – wasnt the AROD trade born out of a meeting for another player where one happened to bring up Alex.

    We assume they are speaking of lowe and they most likely are, but let’s say Boras happens to mention that Tex will take 7 years or Manny really wants to come to the Bronx (why do people love to speculate about sabathia wanting to play close to home, but never washington height’ own Ramirez who could come home and come back to haunt the sox) and would take a 3 year deal.

    I have to think that CC and the Yanks have a soft deadline of when he will give an answer – he may of said i will tell you by x date. It would explain why the yanks are being so patient, not making other offers, and not publicly making comments that they want an answer.

    finally it would piss me off to no end if the giants signed another giant contract to a pitcher because i can see them asking MLB for a loan half way through the year alla the 2001 DBacks who beat us with a team on loaner.

    • J.R.

      I completely agree with your comments about Cash and Boras. Getting together the two big players in the market will start some conversations.

      What remains to be seen is if there is a result from it.

  • Shamus

    Okay… No to Lowe. Absolutely no! Maybe at 3 years for $45 mil, but four or five years at $15M per? Pleeeeease, Lord No !

    Cashman going to SoCal to meet with Boras a few days before the winter meetings start? Thats fishy… I mean, he’s going to see him next week anyway.

    CC said he wanted a quick resolution to his Free Agency. Here, he’s had the biggest offer EVER to a pitcher on the table for three weeks and hasn’t taken a bite. I say pull it the first day of the winter meetings, and offer Tex 6 years at $150M. That way, he hits free agency at 35 and can score another $100M contract taking him until he’s 40, if he holds up health-wise.

    Then, offer AJ 2mil more a year (AAV) than the Braves offer. So if Braves offer 4 years @$60M w/ a fifth vesting option, the Yankees offer 4 years @ $70M with a 5th year VO.

    Im sorry, but screw CC in his fat ass. The guy is USING the Yankees to drive up his price! Its the oldest trick in the free agency handbook.

    Yankees targets should be: (in order) Tex, AJ, then Sheets on a 2 year deal for $25M, with a 3rd VO.

    Tex = $25/year
    AJ = $17/year
    Sheets = $12.5/year
    Pettitte = $12.5/year

    Equals $67 +/- M added in salary, not including Arb raises for CMW, et al.

    They get the 3 hole in the lineup filled, plus three pitchers.

    Wang, AJ, Pettitte, Sheets, Joba (w/ Hughes, Aceves and Kennedy backup at AAA)

    Lineup would be sick too:

    DH Damon, SS Jeter, 1B Tex, 3B A-Rod, C Jorge, LF Nady, RF Swish, CF Gardner.

    Bench Molina, Melky and they could trade Matsui for a backup INF, or a spare part and sign a Hinske/Loretta type for INF Bench player.


    • Conan the Barack O’Brian

      I’m not ready to drop my CC dreams like that….much less “screw CC in his fat ass.” Gross. But if this is how things work out on their own, I wouldn’t be upset. Maybe too high on AJ though….I think he will sign for that eventually, though. I agree that it will take that.

      • Shamus

        Hey Conan–

        I would LOVE CC in ‘stripes, don’t get me wrong. But I also don’t want to be used to squeeze every last dollar out of SF or the Dodgers.

        I will bet $1 to anyone that CC WILL NOT BE A YANKEE.

        Do you really want a guy here that himself doesn’t want to be here, a la Randy Johnson?

        • Conan the Barack O’Brian

          Oh, CC is not Randy in that respect. The guy, and his wife, will like NY just fine. Negotiation takes time, and I think that, like Steve says below, it’s misplaced to be up in arms about CC and his decision process.

        • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

          Do you really want a guy here that himself doesn’t want to be here?

          Again, there’s a huge difference between not wanting to be somewhere and preferring to be somewhere else.

          I prefer to be in NYC. I don’t prefer to be in LA, but I will for the right opportunity. I don’t want to ever go to Pig’s Knuckle, Arkansas.

    • Whozat

      That is waaaaay too much injury risk in the rotation

    • steve (different one)

      i like your plan as a back up plan, but i think this anger towards CC is misplaced.

      he doesn’t owe anyone the courtesy of signing quickly. it’s in his best interest not to sign until he is convinced he has seen every offer out there.

      he said that he planned to sign quickly because he assumed (along with everyone else), that he would have many offers to choose from. but it didn’t happen.

      right now, he only has one offer that can be considered legitimate.

      i know what he said, but just forget that he said that.

      it’s December 4th, the season starts in April. everyone is taking this WAY too personally.

      • J.R.

        Steve, the Milwuake offer is pretty legit. He just leaves $40 mill on the table.

        • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

          $40,000,000 could easily CC his own personal Gulfstream Jet. He can fly back and forth between the Bronx and Vallejo all he wants.

          Wanna go catch the Warriors home playoff game during an off-day in June? Let’s hop in the G-4!

    • christopher

      i know i am alone, but I really would like Manny over Tex. Iknow Tex is the superior offensive player, but Manny is a true difference maker on a relatively short contract – feel free to bash me for that opinion.

      if the braves offer is correct the yanks need to get in and make an offer regardless of CC, but I still think they need to try for CC. I honestly think that the yanks are in communication with him or they would have pulled the deal already.

      On the trade front – take for what you will but according to Gammons (i know) everyone is available. Carlos Lee is an intriguing name although he is another outfielder. I still love Dunn and Hermida is apparently out there as is Delmon Young if the team wants to get younger. Hermida may have to wait until next season.

      Also, I think Cashman has to do due dilligence on Prince Fielder. I know that people dont like him much, but he is worth a look.

      bottom line though is that CC still must remain the priority. to me he is the difference between the postseason and not going home again. This is a major life decision for this guy – I think its fair he takes a few weaks to think about it and see what else is out there.

      • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

        I’m not going to bash you. I prefer Tex over Manny, because he’s younger, but ultimately, I’m fine either way. It’s a virtual coin-toss. I don’t think we can go wrong with any of the Manny/Tex/Dunn additions, they’re all great offensive producers.

        The difference between CC and the other pitching options >>>>>>>>>> the difference between Manny, Tex, and Dunn

  • Conan the Barack O’Brian

    Rosenthal reviving the Cano-for-Kemp talk. I forget: what does RAB say to that?

  • Matt

    Anyone check out mlbtr about a possible trade for cano for kemp

  • Shamus

    Oops, forgot Cano at 2B in there… My bad.

    Just saw this in the DN.


    Tex dreams of being a Yankee, in o many words!

    • Conan the Barack O’Brian

      dang. hard not to get excited about that. especially the bit about the red sox, which is old news, but still.

      • Bo

        He’d love the Nationals if they give him the $ he wants.

        • Mike Pop

          Disagreeing with you there.. Tex is a really good guy… Read the article linked on MLBTR.. Its a GREAT read

          • Mike Pop

            I mean he wants to be on a contender and I would be willing to bet he ends up with a team that will compete next year.. Not the Nats or O’s

  • Shamus

    Oliver Perez and Randy Wolf are on the Yankees’ radar.

    Also according to Rosenthal. If thats the case, going after cheap starters, maybe they changed their minds about Tex/Manny.

    What a confusing offseason! Won’t be happy until March 1!!!!!!!

    • christopher

      “And the prices in the corner outfield market are collapsing. There had been talk during the summer of Adam Dunn’s getting $15 million a year this winter, but now his salary range might be little more than half of that”

      buster only — sign this guy

      I think that a guy like wolf would be a 5A starter, someone to pick up for Joba’s innings or insurance in case petitte walks. I still dont see them walking away without to big starting pitchers. look at there competition. each team has a solid 4 deep rotation with a great young arm at number 5. these are the teams we are facing and cannot survive if we are constantly losing the pitching match-ups

      • steve (different one)

        i agree that the market is flooded, but since i think Dunn is the best of the bunch (besides Manny), i think Dunn will still get a decent contract.

        it’s the guys after him that may be fighting for scraps.

        i’d be shocked if Dunn only got $8M per year.

        • christopher

          i doubt it too, but 12 million?

          if the yanks jump on him quick he may be willing to sign a very team friendly contract given that players maybe panicing over getting left out in the cold. I know I would be in their situation

    • Mike Pop

      I really hope we dont get these guys

      • Bo

        Maybe they want to pay Wolf 2 mill instead of the superior Andy P 14.

        Ridiculous but you never know.

  • doogan

    All this talk about Cash going to Cali and people suggesting going to talk to CC, just like The Red Sox did with Schilling regarding his No Trade Clause. Hey wait! Isn’t there another pitcher in Cali who has a NTC that is on the trading block and said he’d consider the Yanks only if Towers couldn’t link up with another NL club? Oh and the Braves got Vazquez and just made an offer to Burnett. The Cubs just resigned Dempster and now seem out of it with a weak farm system. May be, just may be Cash is meeting with someone to show how much the Yanks would apprciate him playing in NY……

    • http://jobatheheat jobatheheat

      I hope your on to something.

  • christopher

    I am starting to worry that the yankees patience here may leave them holding their “bats” at the end of the off season. They have to get in on burnett. As many problems as he has, he is still the 2nd best starter out there and the yankees need pitching.

    If the Giants somehow swoop in and CC takes a hometown discount, and the braves sign burnett then where does that leave the team. Signing Tex and Manny and clubbing people to death. We have seen in the past that doesnt wor

    the offseason began with big hopes and 80 million to spend. Now that 80 million has seemingly become 50 million so it appears that best case scenario the team goes into 2009 with a flawed offense depending on Matsui who has missed the majority of 2 of the last 3 seasons and a declining Damon and Jeter. Forgot about the aging catcher as well.

    Someone please get me off the ledge because I am beginning to panic

    • gxpanos

      You know what I’ve decided? We need to do some “The Secret” shit and just really, really HOPE we get CC AND Tex. And then make posterboards with pictures and news clippings: CC with the Yanks hat goes up there, clippings about Tex’s beef with Boston, etc. etc.

      Then we go out and do really, really good deeds, like punch Lupica and George King in their respective dongs, TP Gammons’ house, and watch this youtube a bunch of times: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-xwr-61TQU

      Then, karma or Jesus or Mo Himself will deliver us CC and Tex.

      You off the ledge, christopher?

    • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

      Someone please get me off the ledge because I am beginning to panic

      christopher, do this. Every time you start to panic, remember that the Winter Meeting still hasn’t happened yet.

      Most negotiating and contract signing happens there. I know it feels late, but it’s still early, relatively speaking. Nobody’s signed yet, we haven’t missed out on anybody yet, nobody’s set any markets yet, nobody’s matched or beaten any offers yet…

      There’s time. I’ll start making a burrito for you.

  • yankeefan91 (sign c.c asap)

    i hope dere discussing sumthing about manram we need a clutch hitter and im tired wen everyone blames a-rod manny cuould bat hehind arod that would be a big bat in are lineup

    • steve (different one)

      this is my favorite post in RAB history.

      • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

        You can’t make lemonade with lemons.

        • Andy In Sunny Daytona

          He’s obviously posting to the intelligent people.

          • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

            Hanley Ramirez toils in obscurity.

  • Andy

    I would love to see the Sox sign Lowe for $15-16 mil a year for four years. You heard it here first – Pettitte has a better year next year than Lowe, and it’s not particularly close.

    • Mike Pop

      Pettite — Cy Young 09

  • sms47

    Cashman’s not in CA. I was just on the 11:30 Delta Shuttle from Laguardia to DC, and Cash was two rows behind me talking on his cell phone. No news, but he did say The Vazquez pickup was a good move for the Braves.

    • A.D.

      Watch out for the blockbuster deal with the Nats

      • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

        Four words: Cano for Wil Nieves.

        • Bruno

          Maybe we should throw in Hughes just to make sure

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