Yanks roll back ticket prices for exhibition games

Murti: Spend on Teixeira
Bernie's baseball return

Ticket prices for the Cubs-Yanks exhibition games on April 3rd & 4th will be set a 1923 prices, when the original Stadium opened. Bleacher seats will go for $0.25, and tier will go for $1.10. The best seats will be available for anywhere between $20 and $50. Season ticket holders will be given their seats for free (bastards), and there will be a presale for people with partial plans. I am so there.

Murti: Spend on Teixeira
Bernie's baseball return
  • AMS223

    So season ticket holders who decide to sell their tickets will be making a nice profit….jackasses. $100+ seats people will sell for nearly 300 a seat and thats all profit. Good business.

  • http://www.ilikemygirls.com Billy Beane

    so the regular fan is screwed again.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      How do you figure?

      • http://www.ilikemygirls.com Billy Beane

        i, with no season tickets/”partial plan” am forced to buy from stubhub. bleacher seats are $90. i’m screwed.

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          Eh, I just think you need to slow down a sec. There are plenty of “regular fans” who are getting a pretty sweet deal out of this. They’re lowering prices and that, in no way, is “screwing” the “regular fan.” It would be one thing if they raised prices, but they LOWERED THEM. Pretty hard to cry foul in this situation. Were they supposed to send you a couple of free tickets or something?

          • http://www.ilikemygirls.com Billy Beane

            thats the thing–when i heard that the yanks were lowering ticket prices for these two games, i said “great–i can afford to go to a yankee game on my poor college student budget.” however, when i learned that season ticket holders and plan holders had priority, i said “fuck–i have no chance–the rich fucks that already have packages will get tix first.”

            no, they weren’t supposed to send my free tickets. but perhaps a lottery a la the all star game maybe? it doesn’t matter if tickets for these games are free if the only people that have access to them have committed thousands to a season package.

  • C.Panella

    Hey mike quick question I’m looking into getting the 11 game pack this year do you know when they start taking deposits? I know they currently are for full season but doesn’t look like partial plans yet…

    • usty

      They haven’t even processed the partial plan-holders from previous years yet. At least I haven’t gotten word about anything from my 15 game pack that we filled out the relocation guide and questionnaire for.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Why can’t they be 20 cents?

  • http://www.consumerenergyreport.com Lancer

    They wouldn’t be offering these vintage prices if they didn’t plan on jacking up the prices on us again… what a shame.

  • Brooklyn Ed

    The newspaper reports that the Rays, Reds, Yankees, Phillies and Red Sox are also interested in Baldelli, who recently received a far more encouraging diagnosis of his ongoing health problems. Baldelli would be a good fit as a platoon partner for Brandon Moss and could also challenge Steve Pearce for the starting job in right field.


    • parms

      i wouldnt mind seeing baldelli in CF next year. apparently he was misdiagnosed and there is a fairly simple cure. no reason he couldnt be an everyday player at the end of the year maybe

  • Yankeegirl49


    I spoke to someone int he ticket office last week, they said sometime mid Jan for new partial plans.

  • http://nosenseworrying.vsport.tv Jen

    For anyone wondering about when they will be contacted about tickets for next year, there’s a status chart on the web site. It’s update nearly every day.


    They’re still in the Full Season Pool Process.

  • LiveFromNY

    I have been a fan since I was a kid growing up in NYC. I consider myself a “regular” fan and I worked from years of just going whenever I could buy tickets to being a partial plan member for several years to full 2 years ago. My seats are still not the best (and even worse in the new stadium) but I plan to keep moving as openings and money allows. It’s been a process. A LONG process.

    Many full season ticket holders are just regular fans believe it or not.