Yanks shopping outfielders?

Expecting the World in 2009
A Teixeira Story

With Mark Teixeira now in the fold, it appears the Yankees have more potential starters than they do positions for them to fill. There has been some speculation, though for the most part not based on anything said from within the organization, that the Yankees could shop one of their outfielders. They have Hideki Matsui, Johnny Damon, Xavier Nady, Nick Swisher, Brett Gardner, and Melky Cabrera all vying for the three outfield and the DH spots. While it stands to reason that they could try to trade one, Tracy Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain News says they could shop two.

The Yankees are looking to move two from a group of outfielders of Xavier Nady, Swisher and Hideki Matsui. The Angels, Texas, Oakland and Atlanta are considered to have interest.

Wow. Two from that group. I still say it’s doubtful that they trade Matsui. What you get back for him won’t come close to what he could potentially add to the lineup. If healthy — and that’s clearly a longshot — he could replicate Bobby Abreu’s 2008 numbers. If traded, he’d bring back little more than a C prospect (of course, that’s just my own speculation). It’s tough to foist a 35-year-old outfielder making $13 million and coming off two knee surgeries on another team.

I also don’t think trading Swisher is a great idea. He’s the only corner guy under contract for 2010. Xavier Nady would have the highest value, I think, since he has one year left until free agency and stands to make around $6 million for 2009. He’ll make less next year than Adam Dunn or Pat Burrell, and won’t hav the long-term commitment attached.

The best offensive alignment is obviously Nady-Damon-Swisher. There are plenty of question marks to go along with that, most notably Damon’s ability to play center. In any case, though, it’ll be interesting to see how the Yankees approach their surplus.

Expecting the World in 2009
A Teixeira Story
  • TONY

    If they can unload Matsui & not have to pick up his salary – I dont think that would be a bad idea. Even if they get a “c” prospect back – it is unloading the contract that is paramount. It would give them more flexiabilty – if they want to make a move near the trade deadline.

    we’ll see what happens….

    • Roy Levine

      Matsui has a no-trade. He’s already made clear that it would cost the Yankees to move move him. The only type of “cost” that would be palatable to the Yankees is if the trading team is going to offer Hideki a contract extension. That is not going to happen until he proves himself, subsequent to 2 surgeries. If you ask me, Hideki stays (and has a great year).

      Get rid of Swisher. 219 is a bad year. maybe 245 is a good year.

      How much faith to you have in Brett Gardner to be a major league hitter? Goodbye Brett, it’s been good to know you.

  • Mike Pop

    I dont get why we would trade 2 of them. Do we have that much faith in Gardner and Melky ? Or are we trying to go after another FA.

    • http://26ncounting.blogspot.com/ VO

      well it seems to me if we get rid of matsui and nadys salary that would be more then enough to go after dunn who a lot of people here are fans of

      • Mike Pop

        I dont know if that would be a smart idea though. Just go in the offense as is after you ship off either Nady or Matsui. Unless you can get Dunn for like 11 per year for 2 years which would be great.

      • A.D.

        There is speculation that his price is deflated, given the market, so he could be gotten at a deal. DH this year, play LF or DH next depends on how things shake out.

        That said I doubt Matsui gets moved

  • A.D.

    Not sure on trading 2, unless they’re going to get someone else, or really want Miranda to hit.

    Nady makes the most sense in terms of actually getting a return

  • Thisisthedavid

    What about eating half of matsui’s contract and trading him and nady together. That would leave us with

    Damon in LF
    Gardner/Melky in CF
    Swisher in RF

    and 12 million more to spend on manny for dh?? and we would acquire youth with some value…

  • Jacob

    Nobody seems to have mentioned moving Damon. I know he hit the ball well last year, but does anyone think that he will repeat that this year? I’d say his value is still higher than Matsui’s and not much lower than Nady. If we just move Damon, get back a few prospects and go:

    DH- Matsui/Miranda

    I know Gardner/Melk isn’t a great hitting CFer but with the addition of Texiara and getting Matsui back healthy I think we can afford to take a step back offensively in center. Plus Gardner gives us a weapon on the base paths that we haven’t had in a very long time.

    • Ryan S.

      You need Damon to lead off. Johnny’s done a good job for us so far and he’s an important clubhouse guy – it wouldn’t be doing our lineup or the team justice to move him.

      • http://actyankee.blogspot.com Matt

        Jeter could lead off just as well–if not better than–Johnny Damon (seriously, go look at DJ’s leadoff splits on his B-R page). Swisher’s a high OBP guy who sees a ton of pitches and he could bat second. How I would construct a Damon-less lineup:

        1. JeterR SS
        2. SwisherS RF
        3. TexS, 1B
        4. RodriguezR, 3B
        5. PosadaS, C
        6. MatsuiL, DH
        7. CanoL, 2B
        8. NadyR, LF
        9. GardnerL, CF

        That lineup still has good patience (one good eye at the top, 3 great eyes right after him), a fair amount of speed (Jeter, A Rod, Gardner), a good balance of R/L (three SH helps), and it incorporates good defense in the OF–Swisher is projected for +5 on the corners, Gardner the same in center.

        I’d rather move Nady because I think it’s easier to do so, but moving Damon wouldn’t be as detrimental as we think.

        • andrew

          By your logic, shouldn’t Jeter be batting 3rd? He has the best splits at that spot in the order by far.

          Sure, Jeter COULD bat leadoff effectively for the season, but would you rather have Damon –> Jeter, or Jeter –> Swisher. I think Damon’s value to us is greater than it is to somebody else, so I dont think its a good idea to trade him. Same for Matsui.

          I agree, however, that Nady may be the best option for us to move because other teams value him similar to how we do, so we’d get an even package in return.

          • http://actyankee.blogspot.com Matt

            Well, Jeter has many more PAs out of the leadoff spot and doesn’t have the power for the three hole. I think he’s just as well suited for the leadoff role as Damon is.

            • andrew

              Don’t worry I was just playing with you. However, my point was that just because the splits suggest he could handle the role doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for the team.

    • Bruno

      Nobody seems to have mentioned moving Damon. </b

      That’s because: who hits leadoff with no Damon? Jeter. Then who hits 2nd? Cano?!? Gardner/Melky?!? Damon is the KEY to the offense. Haven’t you noticed, the last 2yrs when HE struggles, WE struggle.

      • Bruno

        damn HTML

        • pat

          haha missed that last >

      • Old Ranger

        This will be viewed as derogatory and inflammatory but here goes…
        Johnny hit over .300 last year but, he had to have a hot Sept. to do it…which he did. Also, there were stretches where he didn’t hit much at all. Almost everyone underachieved last year, he was no different, he scored only 95 runs
        With RISP last Sept., the hardest out was Brett Gardner; 2 outs and RISP he went, .400BA/.438OBP/.533SLG/.971OPS, now we all will acknowledge this is a small sample…but a very telling one. This team as constitution right now, can win without Johnny playing CF…or if he gets traded. Jeter has hit Lead-off many times, and done very well. Brett has been a lead-off hitter through-out the minors (or hitting 3rd). Why will you guys not think of him as the lead-off hitter, he will score 130+ runs for the team plus save 15-20 runs in the OF.
        By the by, when Johnny gets on base (unlike Brett), he doesn’t steal bases as he did at one time. 29 SB in 37 tries 78%, not the best avg., is it? 27/09.

        • bean bag

          Damon = diminishing returns. Trade him!

        • andrew

          Damon scoring 95 runs has more to do with Jeter, Arod and Bobby than it does with himself. He can’t hit a single to bring himself in while standing on second base.

          Gardner had a .400 BA with 2 outs and Risp? In how many AB’s? 5? 10? No statistic with a sample size that small is a “very telling one.”
          Look at what happened last year to Ellsbury when they threw him into the leadoff role, even after he dominated the last 2 months the year prior… Gardner is not ready to hit leadoff.

          • Old Ranger

            Time will tell, if Johnny is moved, one of three things happen; Jeter leads off, Brett leads off or we trade for a lead-off hitter…the later would be redundant.
            The point being, Johnny gets on 1st base and stays. Brett gets on 1st base and goes to 2nd. It is much easier to knock in a runner from 2nd…don’t you think?
            Nady and Johnny would bring more teams to the table then Matsui and Swisher. After going over this stuff with “The Steve”, he has convinced me to keep Nady and trade Swisher in place of Nady…so it shall be!
            Yes, it is a very small sample (which I pointed out) but it goes with his history in the minors. Let’s face it there are not that many good lead-off hitters out there, why not see if we have one right now? 27/09.

            • andrew

              Johnny gets on 1st base and stays. Brett gets on 1st base and goes to 2nd. It is much easier to knock in a runner from 2nd…don’t you think?

              The one problem I have with that is Johnny’s career lines for OBP and slugging are .354 and .435. Last year he had better stats in both categories, but let’s assume he drops a little bit to around these numbers. Gardner’s career numbers in the minors are .389 and .385. It would appear that Damon is far more affective in getting to 2nd base because of the 50 point advantage in slugging. And sure, you can argue that when you factor in Gardner stealing 25 more bases than Damon, it will become about equal in total bases, but it’s difficult to compare Gardner’s minor league stats to Damon’s major league stats. Can’t we assume Gardner will not produce at the same level? Damon had a .480 slugging% in the minors, so what can we expect Gardner to top out at? .330-.340? It’s unlikely he’ll develop more power.
              Damon, for this upcoming season atleast, is a much better option at the leadoff spot and is more effective at getting the extra bases despite his slowing speed due to his XBH power

              Let’s face it there are not that many good lead-off hitters out there, why not see if we have one right now?

              If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. We already have a good leadoff hitter, we don’t need to see if we have another one.

              • Old Ranger

                If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. We already have a good leadoff hitter, we don’t need to see if we have another one.
                I agree with that statement except for the fact Johnny won’t be around after 2009. Why not see if we have someone that can do the job well enough to help the club while we still have Johnny around. Try the kid and if he can’t do the job…we still have Johnny for this year. 27/09.

  • Ryan S.

    I’m very curious what we’re looking for in return if we’re trying to trade for 2 of those guys. If we do actually get rid of Matsui + Nady/Swisher, that definitely leaves a hole at DH – my guess is that its actually Posada they’re making room for there, not a mystery free agent.

    • Bruno

      Then who catches? Molina? Cash? I’m all for Jorge DHing and bringing in a young Yadier-like C (I value defense alot, especially behind the plate being a former catcher myself) but they’re not easy to acquire. Plus we seem to have a few in the pipeline.

      • Ryan S.

        A catcher duo of Molina/Cash would give me nightmares. The only reason we’d slot Posada into the everyday DH role is because we wouldn’t have any other choice – I hope that’s just me being paranoid though. Our team is so much stronger with Posada catching for 120+ games.

        • Bruno

          I agree wholeheartedly, and that’s exactly my point. Unless we sent Matsui + to Texas for Salty, I don’t see the point in moving anyone. This isn’t a video game where everyone plays 162 games, guys need rest. The team as currently constructed allows for that perfectly. We FINALLY have depth on our bench instead of AAA guys, why would we deal it away for “prospects”?

          • Ryan S.

            As Ben K. suggested just below, it could be a move for Ramirez. Assuming Posada is healthy and ready to be the main catcher, it is the only reason I can think of that justifies moving 2 of those guys for anything (prospects or otherwise).

  • Bruno

    As Joe said about Matsui “If healthy — and that’s clearly a longshot” is exactly why I don’t think ANY of the OF will be traded. Especially with 3 of them having only 1yr left on their deals.

    • Bruno

      YAY! I finally figured it out LOL

  • Viasistina

    It continues to amaze me that people on this blog constantly want to trade Nady/Cano/Cabrera! The simple facts are that Nady/Cano/Cabrera are the youngest people in the “lineup” with probably the most upside, excusing Tex now of course. Damon is on his last legs having lost his arm long ago, Abreu is gone and Matsui is on his decline.
    Melky does have upside and is their best defensive outfielder regardless of how he tracks the baseball. Gardner, long a blog favorite here, looks like he cant hit a mistake out. He may never HR in the bigs.
    Remember last year when you guys were moving everyone to first base for this season, including Damon, Posada and Matsui?

    • A.D.

      Damon never had an arm, he didn’t “loose” it.

      Nady maybe younger than Damon & Matsui, he’s also not under contract next year, so his youth isn’t as helpful, when he doesn’t play for us.

      • MattG

        Giving Nady, Cabrera and Cano ‘upside’ seems to be based solely on their age. There was nothing in Cano’s minor league performance that pointed to his 2006 season. There is a very good chance that was as good as it gets for him. You could say the same for Cabrera, who is not even as good a CF as Swisher (if UZR is to be believed). Nady found an elixir vs RHP last year, and there are reasons to believe it was a fluke.

        Nady has trade value I don’t think he deserves, based on his performance last season, and his age/contract status. This is a great place to sell high on him.

        • A.D.

          You could say the same for Cabrera, who is not even as good a CF as Swisher (if UZR is to be believed).

          Melky put up a UZR/150 of 0 last year (making him league avg.) Swisher’s was -10.5, making him much worse than Melk, now 2007 this was not the case, they were both pretty bad, but I’m inclined to think that the 2008 numbers are more telling of what to expect next year.

          • MattG

            My mistake, I thought the difference was 3.4 for Swisher vs 0 for Melky. Turns out, as I double check, it was -3.4. I don’t know where you got -10.5, though.

  • Should be working

    Not to mention we’re assuming Matsui will even waive his NTC. It makes no sense to be trading 2 players when we could rotate with who we have now. I still think Nady is the best to go as I believe we absolutely need Damon due to his clubhouse presence and leadoff ability and if healthy, Matsui is one of the best hitters, not to mention clutch hitters, that we have. Nobody feels Nady will perform as he did last year and he’s the best idea to get back a good return. Then only 2 outfield spots are open when we keep Swish instead of 3.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    The only way trading two of these guys makes sense is if the Yanks want to add Manny to the team.

    • Ryan S.

      Yup, you hit it on the head – that’s the only way I can make sense of it as well. In terms of improving the offense, he’d be the only bat that would justify moving 2 or more current players. If they just wanted to jettison a spare part, they’d only look to trade 1 player.

      • Bruno

        Adam Dunn?

        • Ryan S.

          I just don’t think Adam Dunn justifies moving Matsui, unless the Yankees have a team they can dump his entire salary on. A healthy Matsui is better than Adam Dunn … Manny Ramirez is the only player whose bat is in an entirely different caliber.

          • Bruno

            A healthy Matsui is better than Adam Dunn

            All things considered, I strongly disagree.

            • Ryan S.

              All I meant is that I’ll take a 162 game average performance season from Matsui over a 162 game average performance season from Adam Dunn if they’re the DH- but I know that probably isn’t the case.

              I’ll just say I’ll be very surprised if we’re moving 2 guys like Matsui + Swisher/Nady just to make room for Adam Dunn…that doesn’t add up to me. But it would for Ramirez.

              I still think its likeliest that we only move 1 guy, or even nobody.

    • http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=594331910&ref=name Jamal G.

      Dah, dah-dah-dah, daaaaahhhhhh.

    • Should be working


    • bobtaco

      I have thought a longshot scenario would be Matsui/Nady/IPK/Random Prospect with good value to LA for Matt Kemp.

      Matsui waives his no-trade to go to LA for a Torre reunion and to be closer to Japan. Nady has value for the Dodgers and they still have Pierre and Ethier for CF. IPK pitches well in a great pitchers park and in the light hitting NL West.

      The Yankees play Kemp in CF and then sign Manny to be DH for less than what would have been thought possible at the beginning of the winter. They get younger and stronger, and have a bulletproof 1-9.

      • Bruno


        • Should be working

          I did the same.

          • bobtaco

            I bet if I told you 6 months ago the Yankees would sign CC, AJ and Tex, you would have LOL’d at that too… :-)

            • Bruno

              Nope not at all. THAT makes sense.

    • andrew

      I agree that Manny would be the best justification for this, but maybe they are looking at clearing room for that $10 million to Pettitte that they don’t want to spend.

    • Don Mack

      Ben K. says:
      December 26th, 2008 at 1:43 pm

      The only way trading two of these guys makes sense is if the Yanks want to add Manny to the team.
      We have a winner here folks. Doesn’t it make absolute sense, though? We have Swisher, Nady, Cabrera, Damon, Matsui, Gardner. Both Damon and Matsui make $13 million each so it will be hard to trade them. We want to have 5 outfielders, counting 1 as the DH. So we trade Swisher, Cabrera and Nady if possible for low level prospects, and have 3 OF/DH left. Ok, we sign Manny for DH and RF, leave Damon in left, Gardner in center and alternate Matsui and Manny as DH and RF. But that’s only 4.

      Sign Rocco Baldelli as the extra outfielder. If the Cleveland Clinic can get him back to normal with their new diagnosis, our 2009 Yankees will rival the 1927 and 1961 Yankees. And let all the Yankee haters cry like babies. LOL!

  • Ryan S.

    Y’know, the moving 2 players thing is something I’ve only read from this Ringolsby person – someone from Colorado. Any there any media rumblings from a NY source that are saying this?

    • A.D.

      I was going to say its a Rockies beat reporter, not necessarily is in the know as those closer to the team

    • MattG

      Moving one of them will be hard enough with all the OF corners available in FA. I suppose Nady and Swisher will both have markets, but you would think the Yankees would be determined to keep one of them.

      Actually, you would think the Yankees would be determined to keep Swisher. He is going to replicate Abreu’s offensive performance in ’08 (even if the batting average won’t be as pretty), and he provides a huge defensive upgrade and a lot of flexibility. Consider that Nady’s contractual status is going to be more appealing to most teams, and I don’t see any offers of substance coming in for anyone but X.

  • Capital T

    Nady brings additional value in that when he is up for Free Agency, he will be coming off a lower salary $6Mish. The team holding his rights can offer arbitration and not have to worry about him getting an above market arbitration award ala the fear of Abreu.

  • http://actyankee.blogspot.com Matt

    Trade Nady, plz.

    • Ryan S.

      He’s the one that makes the most sense.

      • http://actyankee.blogspot.com Matt

        Yeah, he’s the easiest to move; not to mention, Swisher is a better player at the plate and in the field. I’d rather see one of Nady/Matsui/Damon (in that order) traded before Swisher. Well, maybe not Damon, but like I said in my above post, I think the Yankees could live w/o Johnny.

        • Should be working

          Who would lead off?

          • Bruno

            Jeter. The bigger question is who hits 2nd? Cano? Swisher?

            • Should be working

              Thats my point. The whole lineup is kinda out of whack with Damon out. And we saw how Swisher didnt like leading off.

              • http://actyankee.blogspot.com Matt

                And if Jeter were leading off, Swisher clearly wouldn’t be. I think he’d be a good guy for the two hole in a possible Damon absence.

                He walks a lot and has some power–sounds like a good two hitter to me. Jeter, Swisher, and Tex in front of A-Rod = lots and lots of runs.

  • Brian

    If you want to win next year, you keep Nady. He is one of the better outfielders on the team. The reason he has trade value is because he isn’t useless.

    • Should be working

      Swisher will be fine in RF replacing Nady. Nady isnt anything special.

    • http://actyankee.blogspot.com Matt

      He’s the worst defensively of Damon/Swisher/Gardner and his skills at the plate are overblown, IMO. Everyone is high on him because he had a career year last year and I wouldn’t expect him to come close to that.

      • A.D.

        The debate to be had with a 28 year old is “career” year or “breakout” year


    i say keep them all and play damon/swisher(yes he has played center before) in center. because the value these guys return will not be equal to their production. the offense this lineup could put together will make up for the defense in center.


    • DP

      Damon and/or Swisher aren’t playing center. Cashman is already on record as saying Melky and Gardner are the top 2 on the depth chart.

      • Bruno

        Damon CAN’T play CF anymore, and Swisher has said he didn’t enjoy it at all.

        • Clay Bellinger

          When did Swisher say he didn’t like playing CF? You have a link?

          Swisher is the better CF than Damon right now. Swisher is a little below average. Damon is very below average (see fangraphs). Damon is also actually a pretty above average LF.

          The best OF alignment is Damon-Swish-Nady. But if we can get something for Nady, we should make that deal. Nady is incredibly average offensively and came back down to earth with the Yanks last season. We’d possibly be selling high on him coming off a career year.

          Trade Nady, play Melky/Gardner in CF. It probably won’t be as much of an offensive drop off as you’d think, and defensively it will be a nice upgrade.

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

            Swisher has repeatedly said he doesn’t like playing center field. It was one of the prime sources of conflict between him and Ozzie Guillen in Chicago.

  • sean

    all this talk..again…about trading matsui and no one seems to be able to come up with a destination that would want him. This board is full of people saying to trade him but can you imagine other blogs for Seattle, sanfran, texas etc. writing and salivating about picking up Mats (who is past his prime, coming off surgery, declining in the field with a sub par throwing arm)? He isn’t that much of a commodity and as aforementioned we would be selling low. Give him one more year—with damon, nady and him going into contract years we might catch lightening in a bottle with these three. Plus with the no trade clause he may ixnay any destinations…matsui playing in texas?? could you imagine him saying yes???

  • X-Man(Angel)

    Trade Matsui he is DONE!!! DONE!!

    • Should be working

      I’ll still take Matsui’s bat with 2 bad knees over you (Nady).

      • X-Man(Angel)

        Yeah and bring back Bernie to play CF OVER Melky and Brett

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Ok. How are you going to trade Matsui if he is, as you so succinctly put it, done? We’re talking about other smart GMs here, not teams run by a bunch of monkeys.

      • Old Ranger

        Monkeys wouldn’t make a deal for Matsui. He has much more value to us then to most other teams…keep him. Besides, contract year (although, he is one guy that doesn’t need the incentive) means he can get a good 2-3 year contract next year from someone. 27/09.

      • Reggie C.

        Cash would trade Matsui to a team that needs a DH/part-time OF: Athletics? Mariners?

        The list isn’t long and the return won’t be great. We’d likely have to eat some salary too. But, we benefit by getting swisher off the bench. Also, if the yanks are kicking around the idea of signing Manny, then it really doesn’t matter that we get a utility guy in return.

  • dkidd

    stand pat.

    matsui’s on his contract year and i believe he’ll stay healthy and deliver 800+ OPS. i like watching him hit, feel comfortable with him in clutch situations, and don’t think he’s that much worse in left than damon. agree that the only destination that might make sense is some package for kemp

    re swisher, i’m curious to see what he does to the team’s attitude. not to get all grit-beard, but he could end up being the guy who defines the team’s personality, which was seriously glass-jawed last year.

    i have absolutely no emotional attachment to nady, but if nothing else i’m curious if last year was a blip or an actual turn of the corner

  • Joseph M

    I’m disappointed the Yankees won’t be going after Manny. If they could somehow move the right combination of bodies to free up salary space for a run at Manny then I say do it. Perhaps we could send Matsui out to a west coast team for a prospect. I would hate to give up Damon but for Manny in the middle of the order, I’d go with an outfied of Swisher, and Nady at the corners and Melky and Gardner in center.

    • Tom Zig

      As much as I would love Manny in the Bronx, if we signed him, I think the world would explode

      • Mike Pop

        I dont want Manny at this point unless he plays for 15 million

        • That guy

          I thought 3 Type As were our limit, no?

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

            No. You can sign three Type A’s and then you can replace all of the Type A’s that you’ve lost. I believe that makes the Yanks’ limit six.

    • Ryan S.

      I don’t think its worth moving two guys just to get Ramirez, simple as that. We got the offense we needed in Teixeira, and Matsui should do fine as a DH. As anyone see a NY source talk about this yet?

      • Don Mack

        New York sources haven’t talked about it yet but you can sense that Manny is the reason the Yankees are trying to make space for him. If they had no intention of trying to sign Manny, then they’d just stick with what they have and send one guy (probably Cabrera) out to pasture.

        Stephen A. Smith wrote a good article about the Yankees signing Manny NOW! Other than him, most other writers on ESPN are for the Red Sox. Lupica, “Bust Her Old Knee” (ie. Buster Olney), Tim Kurchian, and of course, Mr. Fenway Park season ticket holder Peter Gammons. All of those dopes were predicting the Red Sox would get Teixeira, so they don’t know squat.

        Everytime they ask them who is getting so and so, they say, the Red Sox, because that’s who they want to get him.

  • JeffG

    I like the outfield as it is now, as its pretty injury proof. If there was a trade where we could bring in a legit CFer that would be worth thinking about but if they are just looking to par back for the sake of saving salarie to give to Cameron then I say pass.
    Trading Matsui is a terrible idea. I have the strongest feeling that he is going to have a big year this year. When healthy he has proven he can hit for average while knocking some longballs as well. I really don’t see how he gets injured if they have him slated as the DH. On a marketing level, he is still a huge star in Japan although the injuries may have dimmed the light on him a bit. We get to the WS and I’d say he pays for himself.

  • Reggie C.

    Working with the “trading 2 outfielders” theory…

    …I think the Yanks should look to move Matsui and Nady. Keep Swisher. Keep Damon.


    To. Get. Manny. Ramirez.

    LF – Damon
    SS – Jeter
    1B – Tex
    3B – A-Rod
    RF – Manny
    DH – Swisher
    Ca – Posada
    2B – Cano
    CF – Gardner

    • Ryan S.

      If that were to happen, I’d want Manny as the DH and Swisher in RF. That would be such an epic lineup – just unbelievable. I’m not going to let myself think about it at this point.

      • Reggie C.

        I agree. I think both Manny and Swisher would split time at DH/RF respectively. Just to keep Manny’s legs fresh.

        I’m just working off the “trading 2 OF” theory , and also the likelihood that Pettitte doesn’t return. I think if Pettitte returns we can all forget Manny. I just don’t see us taking on that kind of salary … even for 1 year.

        If we’re giving the 5 slot to a farmhand, then why not just back the 4/5 starters with a super-powered lineup?

        • Dirt

          I wouldn’t put Manny in RF at all, especially since Swisher is above average, or at the worst, average, and Manny is below average. Maybe a start or two just to keep Swisher fresh, but not the other way around

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Yeah. We covered that already waaaay further up in this thread.

  • A.D.

    You trade Nady to the Braves, either expand the deal and go after one of their outfield prospects, or try and get Kelly Johnson to be a solid bench player/ can start in a pinch with injury

  • Balls Deep

    Moving Matsui and Nady is to get Manny; and getting rid of 2 or 3 of the relievers is to get Hudson Street… Heard talk of Bruney/Veras/IPK moving… Can Yanks live with Ransome as their utility bench player…along with Swisher, figuring Damon DH’s and Gardiner bats 9th and CF

    • Ryan S.

      Why would you make Damon the DH when he provides quality defense in LF? Sure you can give him some half days off as the DH, but there’s no reason to make him the full time guy when he’s still an asset defensively. If you’re getting rid of Matsui + Nady to get Manny, make Manny your DH while Swisher takes over in RF.

      But I don’t see us getting Manny anyway, it was just some random Colorado beat writer who wrote about us moving more than 1 corner OF guy.

      • Balls Deep

        I was listening to Max Kellerman on ESPN Radio in NY; he had this whole thing about it… He does seem to have an inside voice, just like Joel Sherman of the NY Post… when they start talking about something; probablity goes higher. He also was giving stats on Pettitte and where he still ranks high on hits/strikeouts/HRs to IP… was talking about an incentive based contract for Pettitte to go over the $10M mark..Wonder if he would be offended like Torre was with an incentive based contract; damn, just wish my boss would offend me with more $$ if I did my job well.

        Not sure if Manny likes being DH… hell, where is his head at…yes, rather, in this scenario have Damon LF/Manny DH; but just don’t know if Manny is a DH type… they can do well with Gardiner in CF with that lineup… also would put speed on bases for top of the order.

        • Ryan S.

          Oh interesting, so there are other reports about moving Matsui + Nady/Swisher? Hmm.

          I’d rather keep the guys we have right now and just get Pettitte, I still like him a lot as a back end guy. $10M is more than fair … I’m pretty anxious to see us figure out the Andy situation once and for all.

          As for being a DH, I don’t think Ramirez would have any trouble with that. He could go to the bathroom in between innings whenever he wanted to if he didn’t have to play in the outfield! Honestly though, Manny is a pure hitter anyway, he’d slide right into the role perfectly. But I still don’t think its worth it to move around multiple pieces and give him a 3 year/$60M contract or whatever it would take to get him.

  • Tom Zig

    Just keep everyone for now. Yeah we have a surplus, but Damon and Matsui aren’t exactly spring chickens, they could get injured easily, and that leaves us with Gardner, Melky, and Nady. That’ll be fine with me. Otherwise we just use Melky and Gardner as late inning defensive replacements.

    • Ryan S.

      One of those 2 kids is getting the starting CF job, according to Cashman. Johnny isn’t up to the task and would be below average there anyway (while he is above average in LF), and Swisher is below even Damon on their CF depth chart. I’d like to give Gardner a shot – its much easier said than done, but if that kid can maintain a .350 OBP, he would be a major asset to the team.

      • Balls Deep

        Definitely on Gardiner and the .350 OBP. But I have a feeling the first and last time Swisher wore pinstripes was at the press conference. And remember; Cashman wanted Texeira and Hal and Hank wanted Manny. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

        • Ryan S.

          Swisher is definitely a piece that could be moved, but so could Nady. The way I see it, you’d need to move one of those 2 guys plus Matsui like we were talking about before, in order to make room for Manny. I’m really curious how this plays out too … if we could get Manny for 2/50, I think I’d bite. We would have a team of epic proportions if we got Manny, that is for sure.

          But I just won’t believe it until I see it, and I don’t think its worth the effort to get him at this point, even though I have no problem with the thought of Ramirez wearing pinstripes. And I’d still rather see us shore up the end of the rotation with Pettitte than see any other type of move made.

  • ortforshort

    I was hoping that getting Teixeira would squelch the talk on getting Ramirez. If people appreciate what a Jeter brings to a club, then they should equally appreciate what a Ramirez takes away. You’d love to have two solid young healthy corner outfielders, but the Yankees don’t have any. Therefore, they’re better off with four guys who have limitations \ question marks. You can probably get by with three, but I’d never want to be in a position of having to rely on just two of Matsui, Damon, Swisher, Nady between their health or their resumes as hitters going into the season. Long term, I’d like to pencil in Montero into one of the corner outfield spots. I just think a guy that big (and getting bigger) will ruin his knees and get very heavy legs very early in his career squatting all the time. He has a good arm, pencil him in as a future right fielder. If the new ballpark’s right field is like the old one, range isn’t a prerequisite for a Yankee right fielder.

    • Ryan S.

      I don’t think Ramirez would be a negative clubhouse presence – besides last year’s Boras inspired fiasco, Manny has always been an aloof, clownish guy who does a good job getting along with all the guys. Yeah he’s got a big ego, but I think he’d actually take away a lot of pressure and media attention from Rodriguez – that’s a good thing. I don’t think we need Manny, but I wouldn’t complain if we somehow magically get him

      Also, I like your idea of Montero being in RF one day – that’s an interesting alternative for him if he grows out of his position at catcher now that 1B isn’t a viable option.

      • Bruno

        Also, I like your idea of Montero being in RF one day – that’s an interesting alternative for him if he grows out of his position at catcher now that 1B isn’t a viable option.

        I mentioned this earlier in the thread.

  • Bonos

    Montero is slower than dirt, Romine could probably do it. What’s this with more old guys? Nady, Matsui and Damon are all in their last years. Do you replace them all next year or try to get younger now? Is Francouer worth a flyer? How about a top flight defensive bench SS to spell Jeter. Herrera or Petit from the Rockies. There are many holes that need to be fixed and the bench IF is a crying need.

  • yanks27in09

    What if we traded 2 of them, maybe Swish and Nady, and got 1 OF better than either of them. I have no problem with Gardner in center, hitting 9th. He is an EXCELLENT defender and obviously faster than the speed of light. If you look at his stats from last season, he did fine at the plate in september and had a great avg. in the clutch, including 2 walkoffs, one of Papelbon. I like this kid and think we should give him a chance to prove himself.

  • Tom

    I say shop Melky reasons:

    Matsui: No Trade and know team will take on his whole contract, plus if he is healthy he is the perfect DH

    Damon: Fits great as leadoff and still can cover ground in CF.

    Nady: I like him in RF his natural position and a full season in NY. Plus the price you have him for is a steal

    Gardner: I think he is the perfect 4th OF. He is a great Defenise replacement, and I totally see a Jacoby Ellsbury type threat when he is on base.

    To me Melky would be the most attractive to other teams. He has almost 2 years MLB Experiece and a great arm.

  • pounder

    Any of our surplus OF’s for Aaron Rowand.

  • Let’s Talk About TEX Baby

    I look at this as a position of strength rather than a position of weakness. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to go into the season with all 4 of them, given Matsui and Damon’s age.

    If we do trade someone, we could trade Matsui for a back-end starter with a high salary on the last year of his deal, I.E. Jarrod Washburn or Vicente Padilla. Washburn is a downgrade from Pettitte, but he’d be replacing Matsui’s salary rather than adding to the payroll and also it wouldn’t be an issue to take him out of the rotation if Hughes deserved his spot like it would be with Andy.

    We could also try and deal Nady, who has the most value of the 4 for a better CF solution. Would the Cardinals accept a package of Nady, Kennedy and one or two of our relievers for Rick Ankiel?

    This is yet another bonus of the Tex signing. We have flexibility, which we haven’t had much of in recent years.