Don Larsen couldn’t get home again


Don Larsen and Yogi Berra have ushered in the MLB Network to rave reviews. While the airing of Larsen’s famous World Series perfect game has been the perfect inaugural broadcast for the new TV station, Larsen suffered through a terrible trip to film the piece. In a story reminiscent of a John Hughes movie, Jack Curry relates how it took Larsen six days to make what should have been a 60-hour round trip. The former Yankee hurler was stranded in the airport, delayed and delayed again which is just proof that even famous baseball players go through hell when dealing with the airlines.

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  • Mike Pop

    Man, that really sucks for him

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Man, that’s some hard-hitting insight. ;-)

      • Mike Pop

        Haha, not trying to provide it man… That just sucks

  • Manimal

    Poor Guy, hes almost 80 years old.

  • pounder

    There are still bars in the airports…no?

  • Joseph M

    I hope Larson who could lift a few in his day didn’t spend too much time in the airport bar, he’s 80 years old!

    If MLB is anything like YES they’ll be rerunning the 56 game about 1,000 times before the end of the year.

    • Ryan S.

      I’d say you’re right. They seem to be pretty thin on programming right now.

  • ‘The’ Steve

    How cool would it be running into Don Larson at an airport?