Zimmer recovering from a stroke

Melky's arbitration case
Kepner, Cash talk Yankees

According to reports out of the Tampa area, former Yankee bench coach and baseball lifer Don Zimmer is recovering from a minor stroke he suffered last month. Zimmer is currently working to regain what Mark Topkin called “the speech and mobility he lost.” Zimmer is 78, and 2009 would be his 61st season in baseball. Here’s to a quick recovery for Zim.

Melky's arbitration case
Kepner, Cash talk Yankees
  • Benny Blanco from the Bronx

    Get well, Zim! I hope Pedro had nothing to do with this.

    • Sam

      After watching the replay over and over, I think Pedro’s response was to be expected. Zim was charging at him, Pedro pushed him away. Maybe he could have done it a bit gentler, but I mean, Zim was charging pretty hard, what did he owe him?

      • Joseph M

        I never cared for Zimmer. Back in the 80’s he was George’s spy in the clubhouse (he was a coach on the 83 team), in addition to feeding stories to Lupica about Martin (so did Don Baylor). He is and was a tireless self promoter the Pedro incident was one of many examples. The fact was he had no business charging a player the result of which was if nothing else predictable. One of the most exciting wins for the Yankees (in some ways the last good time) was game 7 of the 2003 championship series. What did Zim do, with the camera in the clubhouse he was the first one through announing to the world he was quiting after the season. Two words, who cares. He was the freaking bench coach and one of the most thrilling victories in club history had just taken place, did anyone in America care he was not coming back as bench coach.

        When he was with Colorado (again bench coach) he quit baseball in the middle of the game. Could he have quit before the game or after the game, shouldn’t the team be focused on winning the game and not on Zimmer’s comings and goings.

  • Okula67

    Good luck to “The Gerbil”.

  • http://www.puristbleedspinstripes.com Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    Get well soon, Zim!

  • blake

    Its his birthday too I do believe

  • pounder

    Get well soon Zim.

  • http://www.stilettosetsports.com Mike

    Add another – Get well soon Zim!

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