Jason Johnson undergoing retinal cancer treatments

Ortiz, Cano defend Presinal
Baseball on TV ... today!

Peter Abraham drops in an alarming note about Jason Johnson in his Spring Training wrap-up today: The righthander, in camp on a Minor League deal, is getting treatment for a cancerous growth in his right eye. By all accounts, this procedure has a very high success rate, but Johnson must work indoors for at least the next two weeks.

Ortiz, Cano defend Presinal
Baseball on TV ... today!
  • Mike Pop

    I hope they get rid of it for him. Good luck man.

    • Peter Lacock

      Yah, scary stuff. Man my eye twitches thinkin about it.
      I guess this further explains the Tomko signing.

  • pat

    It’s so insane doctors can go in and zap a tumor (with frickin lazer beams!) thats growing behind your eyeball.

  • J. Brent Cox’s Rookie Card

    A reality check for everyone. Best wishes on the procedure.