Ortiz, Cano defend Presinal

SNY's "Best in New York" roundup
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Yesterday’s not-so-new revelations that A-Rod had trained with the Angel Presinal generated a good amount of discussion on RAB. While Presinal has been linked to PED use via the Mitchell Report and various journalistic investigations, numerous Dominican players have turned to him as a trainer.

Today, The Times notes that MLB is again turning a wary eye toward Presinal in light of the revelations that he trained with A-Rod during the period of the Yankee slugger’s admitted PED use. While Presinal has engaged in “he said/he said” battle with Major League Baseball officials over Juan Gonzalez’s 2001 steroid use, MLB has formally banned Presinal from the game in the U.S.

Back home in the DR, however, it is a different story. Presinal trained the Dominican Republic WBC team in 2006, and yesterday both David Ortiz and Robinson Cano defended their trainer.

This is, of course, a dicey situation. Cano said he wasn’t concerned about being, as Kat O’Brien put it, “guilty by association,” but with the way the steroid witch hunts are conducted, the company one keeps weights heavily upon the court of media — if not public — opinion. Hopefully, Presinal’s steroid transgressions are things of the past because the players who swear by him are not inclined to stop.

SNY's "Best in New York" roundup
Jason Johnson undergoing retinal cancer treatments
  • http://www.bronxbaseballdaily.com Rob Abruzzese

    I like it. Makes Cano look like he has nothing to hide.

  • J.R.

    I like Cano defending him. But Ortiz defending him carries alot more weight to it.

    Not just by virtue of being a more notable player, but also from a rival team.

  • Jason O.

    This Presinal thing reminds me of the Lance Armstrong and Michele Ferrari situation…the euro press had always smeared Lance because he once worked with the guy, even though an Italian appeals court overturned Ferrari’s conviction on charges of helping cyclists beat doping tests.

  • ryan

    If this guy trained the Dominican Republic WBC team in 06 that just gives him more credibility as a trainer. I hope cano not into this, hopefully this guy is just really good and is redeemig himself

  • Mike R.

    This just serves as proof of what a great guy David Ortiz is and that Cano too is using PED’s. For Baseball tonight I am Peter Gammons.

    • Since_77

      Too Funny!!!

  • dkidd

    the media insists on turning everything into an either/or situation. it’s possible that presinal is a talented trainer (enough people seem to swear by him) who added steroids to his arsenal when a player was interested (ie juan gonzalez).

    everyone’s an adult. did trainers force players to stick a needle into their butt? doesn’t it seem more likely that in the late 90’s, any trainer who hoped to stay busy needed to include meds as part of their services?

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