Kevin Goldstein’s Top 100 Prospects

The Onion mourns A-Rod
Open Thread: Friday Randomness

KG over at Baseball Prospectus posted his list of baseball’s top 100 prospects today, with two Yankees making the list: Jesus Montero at #38 and Austin Jackson at #46. Jose Tabata barely squeaked on at #91. It’s not just KG, but in general there’s just a lot of people who are stubborn when it comes to Pedro Alvarez. He showed up to camp out of shape on two occasions already, plus there’s questions about his defense and ultimate position, and concerns about his strikeouts (167 K in 170 games with Vandy, too many for an elite college guy). Plus he hasn’t seen a pro pitch yet. I’m sorry, but he’s just not a top five prospect at this point.

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The Onion mourns A-Rod
Open Thread: Friday Randomness
  • Januz

    I read that list, and once again there is an anti-Yankee bias with only two selections (And I can understand why Brackman is not there, because he sat out 2008). Last year, I tracked one prospect and that was Mark Melancon, who pitched beyond expectations (Moving up through 3 levels, and pitching multiple innings instead of just one inning at a time). I am very much aware of the bias against relievers, but I cannot believe he could not make that list.
    This year, I am looking at Brandon Laird. I wonder if he could be shifted to the outfield? There is a real need for outfielders in this organization, and this guy had 23 homers and 86 RBI’s in only 122 games.

    • Zack(the first)

      I don’t really think its an anti-yankee bias so much as a system that is weak on top level talent at the moment. AS the top 30 list showed, most of what the Yanks have to offer is either lower level raw guys, or higher level relievers. I mean, they did lose Joba, IPK, and Hughes as prospects, all of whom would have made that list.

      On the other hand, if Bowden can make the top 50, I don’t see why melancon couldn’t crack that list.

  • Captain

    How about Austin Jackson coming in ahead of Jordan Schafer?

  • Elston32

    Speaking of anti-Yankee bias – where is Eric Duncan?! He must be #101.

    Kidding aside – I don’t mean to be negative but lets face reality: By their continued employment Mark Newman & Co. are being rewarded for past glory. Other than Cano (and/or Dioner Navarro) – with apologies to Nick Johnson & Juan Rivera – the Yanks farm system has not proved itself capable of providing top-shelf position player talent for over a decade. (What happens with the current batch of injury-prone young pitchers obviously remains to be seen). The scouting faces that were present when Williams, Rivera, Posada, Jeter & Pettitte passed through the system deserve our eternal gratitude but the farm system grade since that time period is D.

  • dan

    Again, Bard makes the list over Melancon. WTF?!?!?!
    yes, TSJC, multiple interrobangs