Lose an arm; gain an opening


In the PeteAbe post to which Mike linked earlier today, we learn more than just who will pitch next week. Additionally, Abraham tells us that Edwar Ramirez is suffering from soreness is his throwing shoulder. While aches and pains are normal this time of year, Ramirez’s potential injury just goes to show how easy it will be for another Yankee pitcher — Phil Coke, Mark Melancon — to earn his chance to shine in the Bronx this year. A team can never have too much bullpen depth.

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  1. NYFan50 says:

    I hope Melancon makes the team out of ST. I’d really like to see what he can do against ML competition.

  2. Manimal says:

    I really want Melancon on the Opening Day roster, just to shut up the B-Jobbers.

    • Chip says:

      Agreed. I can’t wait for him to come up but I’m pretty sure that Coke would get a nod before Melancon just due to the fact that he’s already had success in the big leagues. They don’t want to jump Melancon a level and suddenly have guys tee off on him. Barring injury, he’ll be the eight inning guy by August

  3. Tom Zig says:

    Is Phil Coke the functional equivalent of Justin Masterson?

  4. I did a post last year comparing Coke’s September ’08 to Joba’s September ’07.

    Guess what?

    Coke was better.

    Yeah, I said it.

  5. Giuseppe Franco says:

    I would love to see Melancon begin the season in the bigs but I don’t think it will happen.

    I still expect him to start the season in Scranton and perhaps force his way into the big league pen by May.

  6. Rich says:

    Newsday mentioned that Ramirez soreness was “a feeling that he experienced in his last three appearances last season,” which isn’t a good sign.

  7. Zack says:

    A lot of guys are sore, like Jeter said, if you’re going to write about everyone who is sore then you’ll be writing for a long time.

    But if Ramirez cant go I’d like to see Coke in his spot, he came up last year and showed what he can do, if he has a good ST why let Melancon jump him?

    • Ben K. says:

      Did everyone who is sore now at spring training suffer the same pain three times in their throwing shoulders at the end of last season? It’s certainly significant that Edwar is hurting again.

      And obviously, Melancon shouldn’t jump Coke if Coke is deserving, but Melancon has a far higher ceiling than Coke.

      • Zack says:

        Maybe? Some guys dont speak up and try to pitch through pain.
        His last 3 apperances he went 2.1ip, 2h, 4k. so its not like his shoulder was like Posada.
        Even if hes out for a week or two, i thought the baseball rule was “cant lose your job if you get injured”?

        • Ben K. says:

          I think that severity of injury and results are not exactly correlated. It’s 2.1 innings; he very well could be injured or he may not. We’ll know soon.

          And anyway, that rule is not exactly a golden one. If Edwar gets hurt and someone out-pitches him, he loses the job. That’s what happens with very replaceable middle relievers.

          • Zack says:

            Yeah, but you dont agree that if it was something serious chances are he probably would have given up more hits or they would have saw something in his face/reaction (ie. joba)?

            How can someone outpitch him if hes hurt? If he gets back on schedule it should be his job to lose.
            Dont know just been hearing that saying a lot over the years, but now it’s to the point that we only use it when its someone we like or something.

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