No team for old outfielder

The Selena Roberts question
The Great Mystery Player

The off-season woes of Bobby Abreu have been well-documented around here. Showing signs of a steep decline but still managing to turn in a 120 OPS+ last season, Abreu has been a free agent fielding few phone calls this season. With a week left until Spring Training, Nick Cafardo’s sources tell the Boston Globe columnist that Abreu may have to settle for a one-year, $3-million deal. For that money, the White Sox, Mariners, Angels, Dodgers, Braves and Mets could all get in on the bidding. I can’t imagine Abreu is too thrilled about the prospects of an 80 percent paycut.

The Selena Roberts question
The Great Mystery Player
  • Tom Zig

    Good thing we didn’t offer him arbitration.

    • Rich

      Yup, that was a prescient move by Cash.

  • gxpanos

    At what point will it no longer be topical to do the whole “No ___ for old ___” thing? Because I was under the impression that it was like eight months ago.

    Kidding, kidding!

    Too bad for Bob, always liked him and his boring-ass ab’s. I did not, however, like his fly ball adventures.

  • Manimal

    At that point, why don’t the yankees trade swisher or nady and give him 4 mil to platoon with the other OF’s

    • Rafi

      As much as we’d all like that, why would any GM(non-Sabean division) make such a deal? Why not just go out and sign Abreu themselves and keep the prospects and spend less money?

    • E-ROC

      Swisher and Nady are defensive upgrades and younger so I’m more inclined to keep those two than re-sign Abreu.

      • Manimal

        I never said he has a starting job, he could pinch hit for Brett gardner/melky late in games. His defense is subpar, but for a one year/3 million deal i think its worth it.

  • Matthew

    Fuck, get value for Swisher, and give Bobby 4 million, why the fuck not? He’s a good stick…

    • Matt

      Because Swisher is younger and can actually play defense.

  • Doug

    If this truly what he’s gonna get, trade nady or swish for a prospect and sign abreu. you’re getting a better player AND saving $

    • mtt

      I imagine that all 29 other teams are also aware of this.

      • Doug

        sure, but with teams overly concerned about D these days, bot nady and swisher are better OFers than abreu

    • Matt

      1. Defense included, Swisher and Nady are better than and equal to Abreu.
      2. Why would you give up anything other than money when you could just sign Abreu?
      3. There is no pressing need for the Yankees to trade Nady and Swisher. They could use the OF depth and trading away Swisher would be trading away the only veteran OF who’s signed beyond the ’09 season.

      • Doug

        1. i agree w u that they’re all about equal. but i personally think that abreu fits our lineup better, batting 3rd
        2. for better defense; an NL team especially may want swish or nady for their D
        3. agree w this. and, yes, swish is important b/c he’s signed for another 2 yrs.

        not saying we have to make a deal and sign abreu. but to me, if you can trade nady and get a prospect, and then sign abreu to $4-5M, you do it.

        • Matt

          With his declining walk rate, Abreu isn’t a good fit for the lineup anymore, especially the third spot. He’s no longer the kind of hitter whose defense can get outweighed by his offense. He can’t DH because of Matsui and I don’t want him anywhere near the outfield. He cost the Yankees a lot of runs last year with his awful play in right, and his arm is declining as well. Swisher also adds a third switch hitter to the lineup, which provides much more balance.

          Neither Swisher nor Nady will be moved unless the Yankees are one thousand percent blown away and Nady and Swisher aren’t the kind of guys you blow teams away for.

          • Doug

            what if the braves were willing to give up a CF prospect like gorkys hernandez?

            • Matt


              • Doug

                not up on my internet lingo, sorry….”meh” means?

                • TheLastClown

                  Not really internet speak. “meh” expresses a blase attitude, an indifference. Matt didn’t think much of Gorkys Hernandez, thus to him, the proposition didn’t warrant a yes or a no, but a meh.

                • Doug

                  fair enough

    • Tom Zig

      At their respective points in their careers, Abreu is not a better player than Nady

      • Doug

        it’s close. i also don’t think that nady is as good as he showed last year

      • Manimal

        Abreu had a OPS+ of 120 and a UZR/150 of -25.2 . Nady had OPS+ of 128(144 with the pirates, 105 with the yankees) and a UZR/150 of 1.2. They are basically the same just Nady bats righty and Abreu bats lefty and Abreu sucks in the outfield.

        • Doug

          but if nady is more the hitter he showed as a yankee (good, but not great), then their overall values are very close

          • Tom Zig

            But Nady is younger and is a Boras client in a contract year….

            Ipso Facto

            Nady is more valuable

            • Doug

              let’s hope the contract year thing gives nady an extra little incentive to have a godo year

          • Manimal

            exactly. 3 million is a steal for abreu(even though his fangraphs value is only 6 million)

  • Steve H

    Remember how much Cash got killed for not offering arb? Fans, media, etc. were all crucifying him for it. I doubt he’ll go for $3 mil now, but no matter what it’s a far cry from the $16+ he would have gotten. I’d say Cash made the right call on that one.

    • Tom Zig

      Although imagine if Abreu rejected arbitration, no one would sign him, and he would have more egg on his face than v-tek

    • Doug


      but serious question here. back in december the baseball economy wasn’t as bad as it is now. or at least it wasn’t as obvious. are you really sure that abreu wouldn’t have turned down arbitration similar to varitek. i still think many players and agents were unaware how bad the baseball economy would get.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    “No Country For Old Men”

    Yeahhhh! I win the prize!!!!1!!11

    Please be something good.

  • kSturnz

    make bobby a catcher!!!

  • Tom

    I’m surprised a team like Kansas City, Pittsburgh, or Minnisotta haven’t stepped up for Abreu. He still is a .280+, 25+ HR, and 100+ RBI type player.

    Why not sign him to 2 or 3 years???

    For the Yanks, we are better off with the younger and better defensive players in Nady and Swisher