Sorry wrestling fans, Yanks have the edge


As you know, the Yankees play a number of games which are broadcast on My9. These games often fall on Friday nights. Also appearing Friday nights on My9: WWE Friday Night Smackdown. Now, I remember back in the day when the WWF (oops) was preempted on the USA network for the Westminster Dog Show, so the Yankees have to prevail in a broadcast conflict, right? Yes they do. As it stands now, My9 will broadcast the Yanks on Fridays June 26, August 28, and September 25. Smackdown will be delayed, though My9 will show it in its entirety on Saturday.

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  1. A.D. says:

    Oh snap the prime time fighting soap opera gets pushed

  2. 27 this year says:

    So now, my9 is cutting back to only showing those three games?

  3. E-ROC says:

    HHH says “Suck it!” to the Yanks and My9. The sad part is that I don’t even get My9 EITHER. Lucky *ucking me! No MLB Network. No NFL Network. No My9!

  4. steve says:

    steinbrenner 3:16 says i just delayed your show

  5. E-ROC says:

    Baseball Prospectus has an article up about Jeter moving to CF.


  6. al says:

    well at least for 3 fridays this summer we dont have to see steroid enhanced athletes.. oh wait..

  7. Rob S. says:

    As A Yankee fan and a WWE fan I’m a bit torn. I don’t like having to guess when my show is on. On the other hand wrestling usually goes on the back burner for me once baseball gets underway. Opening day is usually within a week after WrestleMania. If Smackdown must be pre-empted I can’t think of a better reason than a Yankees game.

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