Updated Yankees 2009 payroll information


2009 Payroll

Player Sal.
A-Rod $32
Sabathia $14*
Teixeira $20**
Jeter $20
Burnett $16.5
Mo $15
Jorge $13.1
Damon $13
Matsui $13
Swisher $5.3
Wang $5
Marte $3.75
Nady $6.55
Cano $6
Molina $1
Bruney $1.25
Melky $1.4
Pettitte $5.5
Total $192.35

* $9 million bonus
** $5 million bonus

Depending on how exactly the Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia signing bonuses count against the payroll, that $192.35 million could turn into $206.35 million. That covers 18 of 25 players, leaving seven roster spots to players who will presumably make under $500,000 each. Even factoring in the $500K, that means another $3.5 million, bringing payroll to $209.85, or right in line with 2008.

That would seem to be the Opening Day figure, though the Yankees do owe a bit more money elsewhere. For starters, they need to pay a certain minimum to all players on the 40-man roster, though that’s won’t bump up the value too much. There’s also the million or so owed to Andrew Brackman, and the $4 million owed to Kei Igawa. Plus, if a player hits the Major League disabled list, they’ll call up another player, who will get a prorated portion of the league minimum salary.

We can start to form a better picture of the Yankees salary situation into the future as well.

Yankees Future Payroll w/ Tex

  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
A-Rod 32 32 31 29 28 25 21 20 20
Tex 25 20 22.5 22.5 22.5 22.5 22.5 22.5  
Sabathia 23 23 23 23** 23** 23** 23**    
Burnett 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5        
Cano 6 9 10 14* 15*        
Marte 3.75 4 4 4*          
Swish 5.3 6.75 9 10.25*          
Jorge 13.1 13.1 13.1            
Jeter 20 21              
Mo 15 15              
Damon 13                
Matsui 13                
Molina 1                
Wang 5                
Nady 6.55                
Melky 1.4                
Burney 1.25                
~Total 206.35 160.35 129.1 119.25 105 70.5 66.5 42.5 20

* team option
** can opt out of contract

Matt Holliday’s name has been connected with the Yankees by many fans (and his own father). If he puts up a good season in Oakland he’ll be one of the premier names in the 2010 free agent class. With Scott Boras as his agent you know he’ll do just fine on the market. Figure, for the sake of argument, that the Yanks land him on a five-year, $85 million deal. That would bring the Yanks 2010 payroll to $177.35 for just 11 players. In 2011 that would be $146 million for nine players. Things could clear up in 2012, when CC could opt out and the Yankees hold options on Cano, Marte, and Swisher. However, that’s still $85 million on four players.

With such big numbers prevent the Yankees from adding another long-term contract or two? I don’t think so. It will certainly make them think twice, but as with Teixeira, if a player they desire falls into their price range, they’re going to make the move. Their best weapon is capital. They might as well use it when they can, so long as they use it wisely.

Bonus section:

A couple of links in my browser that don’t really even fit in an aside:

At the LA Times, Jon Weisman and his commenters ponder an inside-the-park home run derby. I’d watch it for sure.

Eddie at Detroit Tiger Tales discusses what went wrong with his predictions for the Elias rankings. Hopefully this leads to an even more accurate projection after the 2009 season.

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  1. Mike A. says:

    I’d watch an Inside the Park HR Derby. I’d also like to see an outfield arm competition. Let the guys take a crow hope and fire it to the plate from RF, and stick a radar gun on them. Best avg of three throws wins.

    • Stephen says:

      I like the outfield arm contest.

    • Jack says:

      Catcher arm contest. Find someone to just throw fastballs, top three basestealers in each league try to make it to second. I’d watch it.

    • Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

      Maybe as part of the All Star festivities, they could do a NBA-style skills competition to go along with the HR Derby. Introduced with scouting reports on each player.

      -Best OF arm
      -Best Catcher’s arm
      -Fastest baserunner
      -Best batter’s eye
      -Pitcher with best control (hitting some small target)

      . . . and at the end, the winner of the best catcher’s arm and the fastest baserunner face off against each other, and the Pitchers faces the winner of the HR Derby.

      • jsbrendog says:

        this is exactly what i suggested as one of my things i would change were i to become commissioner in the what would you do if you were commissioner thread.


        5a. insitute a hockey like skills competition to accompany hr derby. a fielding competition to see who can get to the msot balls at their position, who can round the bases the fastest, who throws the fastest. this iwll increase fan interest and as for injuries, no one is required to participate and teams have the right to prevent players form doing so if they are wrried. (wang isobv not allowed to run the bases)

        (h/t to google)

  2. Eyeadapt says:

    Yay another long term contract where it ends with the player age entering the mid 30′s

  3. Old Ranger says:

    Very good graph it makes things a bit easier to see the solid thought behind some of the moves (and no moves) made by the team. We don’t need the same problem as when Richardson, Kubeck etc., all retired at the same time.
    One question though, why didn’t you include Brett Gardner or Cody? Is it because you don’t think they will stay with the club, or their money so little?
    The graph shows our need to replace (or re-sign) one guy each year, instead of two or three. We also will drop about 33.5mm after this year, as I see no way they are resigned again. If anyone remembers Bernie being signed because he was Bernie, he had a good year and wanted another contract…didn’t happen. Some have said to re-sign Johnny if he has a very good year…sorry, that ship has sunk. Johnny depends on his speed and ABs…both of them are going down.
    Molina is redundant, Cervelli (unless a trade) will show good numbers and defence.
    Matsui may want to go back to his home again, even with bad knees he is still the man.
    Nady is handled by Bor-ass, enough said.
    So, even with good years I don’t see them coming back.

    • Jack says:

      One question though, why didn’t you include Brett Gardner or Cody? Is it because you don’t think they will stay with the club, or their money so little?

      I think they are included in the league minimum section.

  4. Rich says:

    I don’t mind the Yankees giving multi-year contracts to elite players even if they expire when that player is their mid-30s. I do mind giving multi-year contracts to some players who are already in their mid-30, e.g., Posada (I wouldn’t be shocked if he is bought out before the contract expires).

    How they deal with Jeter in two years will reveal a lot about whether or not they have learned from their past mistakes.

    The Yankees have to develop a pipeline of players from the minor league system in order to spread the cost of some their existing contracts. It’s time for Cash’s plan to start paying significant dividends.

    • Craig says:

      That type of stuff takes time, but the first trickles of a steady flow of prospects has already hit. Even though Hughes and IPK bombed last year, they are still nice options to have knocking on the door. Not to mention with some luck (health-wise) and common sense Joba is bound for stardom. This came on the heels of Cano and Wang making strong contributions. Right now our pitching depth is a lot stronger than our position player depth in the system but you can definitely see that Cashman’s plan is taking form.

  5. Drew says:

    Time to trade Nady and grab Abreu for a year! Also, Next year Holliday for 5/85mil would be a great deal. That hr in the allstar game sold me!

  6. john says:

    Signing bonuses are pro-rated over the duration of the contract, whether they are paid before, after or during the player’s tenure with the team. Thus the 192+ million dollar payroll is actually closer to 195 million.

    As far as Igawa is concerned, it is my understanding that his salary does not count against payroll, as he is not on the 40-man roster. I could be wrong on this though.

    Andy is currently listed at 5.5M but if he reaches incentives, he can make something like 12M (I think).

    Combining that with the “near minimum players,” The Yankees look to be over 200M again.

    I don’t like it but at least they have a much better team than last year for roughly the same price.

    • Signing bonuses are pro-rated over the duration of the contract, whether they are paid before, after or during the player’s tenure with the team

      Is that spelled out in the CBA? I know that’s how the NFL does it, but reading the way Cots lists contract details, I’m inclined to say all bonuses (signing or otherwise) are explicitly listed in the contracts to be paid in specific years and at specific times, so I don’t think they’re merely prorated and spread.

  7. Jamal G. says:

    Why would Kei Igawa’s contract count against the payroll if he’s off the 40-man roster? If you count his yearly salary, wouldn’t you also have to count the salaries that each player in the organization earns as well?

    • dan says:

      It’s a weird situation. But wherever it’s being counted, the Yankees still have to budget that $4 million somewhere.

    • Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

      That’s why there’s a zillion ways to calculate these things. Andrew Brackman got a major league deal, Kei Igawa had a posting fee, signing bonuses, etc.

      And if were going to start going into all of these sub categories (usually used to criticize the Yanks) then we have to do the same for the everyone else. Add the posting fee for Dice-K, the MLB deal for the top draft picks, etc. It just gets unwieldy.

      The simplest thing to do is total up the 2009 salaries on the 25 man roster.

    • Joseph P. says:

      It might not count against official Opening Day payroll, but as I’ve said every single time I post salary data, they’re not paying him in monopoly money.

  8. Rich M says:

    Don’t forget the million they get for Rasner.

  9. dan says:

    What kind of trade value does Melvin Crousett have? Maybe they could package him with Swisher for something useful.

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  11. Manimal says:

    I think resigning Molina would be a great deal, he is an excellent back up.

    • Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

      He is, but chances are Cervelli’s ready to fill in as a backup by next year. Save the 2 mil.

      But you’re right, Posada will need a solid backup more and more going forward. Montero/Romine cant get here soon enough.

  12. Bronx says:

    Jose Molina c
    2 years/$4M (2008-09)

    2 years/$4M (2008-09)
    re-signed by Yankees as a free agent 12/3/07
    $0.25M signing bonus
    08:$1.75M, 09:$2M

    Molina got $2M this year, the total amount shoud be added $1M in addition.
    But, we had received $1M from Japan(released Rasner) could be push even in total.

    • Matthew says:

      Does that $1M count against the payroll, or just into the Yankees’ operating costs?

      And yeah, I’ve been keeping a working salary excel document, and I noticed the same thing with Molinia…minor house keeping.

  13. Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

    “Scott Boras, said Tuesday night he expects to resume contract negotiations with Los Angeles general manager Ned Colletti on Wednesday.”


    Sound’s like McCourt’s comments from yesterday got Boras’ attention. Giants seem to be hanging around bargain hunting, so I still think a deal will be struck with the Dodgers. If the Giants were waiting for a market to be set, they would have signed him already.

    I think Manny will go for 2 years with 1-2 performance based option years. Once Manny goes, the remaining desirable FAs (Dunn/Abreu) should follow quickly.

  14. WillNY says:

    Bonuses should be counted in the year they are paid, meaning Sabathia and Tex are on the hook for $23mn and $25mn, respectively. Also, you seem to be missing some other bonuses as well (including Arod’s $1mn bonus payable this year, which boosts his annual salary to $33mn).

    I have been keeping track of the Yankees pay roll for a few years, and the figure I have now is 213,877,500 committed to 21 players. Not included in that figure are players with whom a final figure hasnbn’t been settled (Gardner, Hughes, Joba, IPK, etc.). Included, however, are guys liek Brackman who have contracts.

    In addition, the Yankees are paying $950K to Clemens, $5mn to Giambi for the Payout and, if you amortized the Igawa posting, there would be $5mn for that as well. Those expenses do not impact the luxury tax (at least I don’t think they do), so I haven’t included them in the total (nor I have included in flows like the Rasner posting).

    As for 2010, I have the Yankees on the hook for $167,250,000mn, which means they should have room for one big ticket.

  15. Danb2117 says:

    Bruney is spelled wrong in the future payroll table, it says “Burney”

  16. MattG says:

    An inside the park HR derby sounds like an awesome way for people to get badly injured. But I haven’t read Weisman’s article.

    I would like to see a double-play contest. I think it would be cool to have SS and 2Bs working on interesting no hand flips, with somersaults and plenty of other acrobatic stuff thrown in. No runners, just a time limit, and of course a coach that hits them a real ground ball to turn.

  17. MattG says:

    Thank you very much for this table! Now please put it somewhere permanent, because I am going to want to look at it about a hundred times between now and next February!

  18. swedski says:

    Wow thanks for the chart. I like the breakdown and the future implications. Good info

  19. WillNY says:

    Aside from being $1mn short on Arod and Molina, your table should include Brackman ($1,695,833.33), Miranda ($400,000) and Igawa ($4,000,000). Even though they are in the minors, each signed a major league contract.

    Brackman is owed the same amount through 2010 (the Yankees have three options and also owe him about 500K in bonus money in 2011 and 2012.

    Miranda is owned $400,000 in 2010.

    Igawa is owed $4,000,000 through 2011 (ouch)!

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  21. LiveFromNewYork says:

    Considering what Jose did for the club last year, it’s too bad he makes so “little” in comparision to everyone else.

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  23. John says:

    Worst team dollar for dollar ever! Add it up.

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  27. Sam says:

    How sad that this one stupid team is going to destroy baseball. Do you really think it will be fun to watch this joke that should win very year play a 5 to 6 team schedule by the time the other teams go out off business. Yeah it will be so much fun playing a Chicago, LA and maybe another two east coast teams while all other teams fade due to lack of salary cap and revenue sharing. Thank goodness for football. Yankees suck for no other reason than destroying baseball and that new stadium is as big a joke as Houston’s theme park.

  28. Yankees Suck says:

    the yankees just cheat.
    they cheat all other teams out of good players by offering them uncomparable amounts of money.
    they cheat by making their field small so that they can hit home runs
    and they cheat their fans for charging them almost 40 bucks just to park.
    why do you even watch the yankees.
    all they do is ruin baseball.

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