A-Rod to get surgery, out six-to-nine weeks


After a few consultations and a weekend of pondering the future, the Yankees and A-Rod announced that the Yanks’ third baseman will undergo hip surgery on Monday to correct a torn labrum. A-Rod will be out six-to-nine weeks and will need more invasive surgery after the season is over.

Joe Lapoint has more:

The procedure will correct a torn labrum and will address some of the underlying bone irregularity in the hip, Dr. Marc Philippon said in a conference call, but Rodriguez will probably need more extensive surgery after the season.

Under the best-case scenario, that would mean that Rodriguez could return to the Yankees by early May and miss about a month of the six-month season.

The option chosen on Sunday is the middle alternative that was discussed over the weekend by Rodriguez, the team and the doctor. At first, the Yankees and Rodriguez hoped he could start the season following the draining last week of a cyst caused by a torn labrum.

But that option quickly was dismissed. The most aggressive correction would have been to undergo more extensive surgery to correct the underlying cause of the problem, but that likely would have kept Rodriguez idle for 12 to 16 weeks, Dr. Philippon said.

This hybrid option — what one source called “using a nail instead of a steel girder” to fix A-Rod’s balky hip — came to light last night. From that point on, it was all but inevitable that A-Rod and the Yanks would choose this option. It allows the Yanks to get A-Rod at or near full strength for five months of the season, and while they have big shoes to fill for April, they have the pitching to weather this storm.

In the end, the original ESPN Deportes report, pegging A-Rod’s DL stint at ten weeks, ended up being on the mark after all. Get ready for far too much of Cody Ransom.

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  1. AMS223 says:

    It looks like Arod first home game in the new stadium will either be against the angels at the end of april…or May 4th vs BOSTON!! Only arod would have a story like that

  2. AMS223 says:

    also it looks like the ESPN Deportes initial report was accurate that arod will have surgery and miss about 10 weeks.

  3. Mike Pop says:


  4. Ben K. says:

    This thread is a trainwreck of epic proportions.

  5. Mike Pop says:

    It’s official, the Yankees are a better team without A-Rod.

  6. A.D. says:

    Hopefully this hybrid actually does work, this probably just signals Ransom as 3B for a month

  7. pat says:

    Oof sorry Ben, figured the thread had gone awry and its early sunday afternoon the update would be Ok. My apologies.

  8. Bruno says:

    So Grudz’ll be in pinstripes before Friday right?

  9. Rich says:

    I think these “experts” who go on the radio or TV without ever examining Alex and offer a different opinion should STFU.

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