Fangraphs on the Yanks’ farm system

Spring Training Game Thread: The Captain Returns
Ajax buries Sawx with 8th inning salami

Marc Hulet of Fangraphs has been profiling the farm systems of all thirty clubs over the last few weeks, and finally made his way to the Yanks’ system today. He breaks the system down by level, talking about what the key players did last year and what we can expect out of them this year. It’s a quick read, but it gives you a great overview of the team’s top minor league prospect. Make sure you check it out.

Spring Training Game Thread: The Captain Returns
Ajax buries Sawx with 8th inning salami
  • Miles Roche

    Wow. Great find, Mike.
    I’ll definitely be following the Minors with more vigor than ever before. . .

  • Miles Roche

    Man, I’m telling you, Tampa will be exciting to watch every freaking day of the season!!!

    Perhaps the Minor League Team of the Year???

  • Miles Roche

    Mike, in which order would you set the Tampa rotation, 1 thru 5?

    • Mike A.

      Without knowing the members for sure, I’d go:

      1. Betances
      2. McAllister
      3. Bleich
      4. Jairo
      5. DeLaRosa

      I’m assuming they’ll keep McAllister out of the col weather to start the year.

      • Bill

        I’d be surprised if McAllister wasn’t in Trenton to start the year. I see the logic of keeping one of your better arms out of the cold to start the year, but in McAllister’s case I don’t think they’ll do that simply because he dominated in Tampa last year and has shown no signs of injury or any specific need to keep him out of the cold.

        Plus when looking at the organizational depth charts Trenton is the least crowded whereas the A ball rotations probably have the most guys vying for spots.

        My guess is that one of Lance Pendleton, Noel Castillo, or Adam Olbrychowski takes McAllister’s spot in your rotation. Also I think that spot will be kept warm for Alan Horne to rehab for at least a little bit in Tampa.

        With Brackman apparently in Charleston I think they may have the best rotation in our system with:
        1. Brackman
        2. Vizcaino
        3. Banuelos
        4. Mitchell
        5. Marshall

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        Of those 5, would you say WLDR has the least chance to stick in the rotation and, thus, may end up being the quickest to the majors as a lefty out of the pen?

  • Drew

    I like Mcallister, the fact that he pitches to contact may just be a result of not having his secondary pitches perfected. Once he gets that control and or movement his K numbers could go up thus lowering the contact rate. Hopefully he’ll come into his own over then next few years… after all he’s only 21.

    On a google search for Zach Mcallister you should be happy to know that RAB was the first result.

    • Steven

      How does Google determine who is first? Cause my site is first with Jeremy Bleich and I’m curious as to why.

      • Drew

        My guess is, hits on the page that contains the query subject. I know sites that generate a lot of revenue can actually pay to have their page as a high result on google.

  • steve (different one)

    speaking of the farm system, did anyone mention Tabata’s crazy wife in the open thread? WTF?