Licensee dealing Yanks-sanctioned grass


In South Jersey, a giant bluegrass field awaits the Yankees. This farm, run by Rick DeLea, is the sole supplier of the grass under the feet of the Yankees at both the new and old stadiums. With the Yanks opening up a new home in a few weeks, DeLea had to outfit the park with a new carpet. He ended up with 10 acres of the sod and reams of extra grass. Now, he has struck a deal with the Yankees to sell Yankee Sod at NYC-area Home Depot stores. The sod will cost $7.50 for a 16-inch by 4-foot square and will come with all of the anti-counterfeiting certifications that the so-called Official Grass of the New York Yankees should carry. Johnny Damon, unfortunately, was not quoted in the article.

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  • stuart

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  • A.D.

    Someone in marketing might just get promoted if this pans out. They weren’t kidding about the new stadium opening new revenue channels

  • Drew

    7.50 seems cheap, how much does sod usually cost. Any landscapers in the audience.

    • Ben K.

      A quick Google search revealed this site. Sod generally costs between 8-30 cents a square foot if you DIY. If you use a landscaper, it’s about 14-60 cents per square foot. Yankee Stadium Sod is being sold at $7.50 per five square feet. That’s a hearty Yankee Stadium mark-up right there.

    • Thomas

      Typically sod costs 8 to 30 cents per square foot according to This cost about 12 cents per square foot [$7.50/(16 ft*4 ft)], so it is very reasonable.

      • Ben K.

        Nope. Sorry. There was a typo — since corrected — in my original post. This is a 16-inch x 4-foot piece of sod. That’s five square feet at $7.50 = $1.50 per square foot.

        • Thomas

          Ok thanks.

      • Thomas

        Never mind, completely misread that is it 16 in not feet and it is a 4 foot square. Not reasonable at all as one would expect.

  • A.D.

    This is similar to how one can buy a piece of the frozen tundra of Lambeau field…at least you used to be able to.

  • Mattingly’s Love Child

    Too bad we didn’t sign Manny to help promote this product!