Trio of homers propel Yanks to come from behind win

Foreshadowing a 2009 bidding war
Stephen muthaf*%^in Strasburg

Usually when the team has to make a two and a half hour bus trip, just about all of the regulars get to stay home. That wasn’t the case today, as Mark Teixeira, Robbie Cano, Hideki Matsui and Brett Gardner headed to Fort Myers to take on the Twinkies this afternoon. Phil Hughes got the start in place of Andy Pettitte (more on that later) and was solid, tossing four and a third innings of three hit, one run ball. He walked one and didn’t strike out any, but he got by thanks to a 10-3 GB/FB rate. Hughes was taken out after reaching his pitch limit (65 pitches, 41 strikes), and afterward said that he feels strong and ready to go, although he admitted his curve wasn’t cooperating today.

Jason Johnson relieved Hughes and allowed a run in his 1.2 innings of work, while the trio of Anthony Claggett, David Robertson and Kei Igawa held the Twins scoreless over the final three frames. Igawa loaded the bases on a hit and a pair of walks with one out in the ninth, but induced a game ending double play off the bat of Denard Span.The Kei-Man is up to 12.2 scoreless innings, but is anyone have a more under-the-rader spring than Claggett? Including today, he’s allowed just six baserunners (three hits, three walks) in nine innings this spring.

Trailing 2-0 in the sixth, the Yanks got on the board when Teixeira hit his first homer of the spring off Joe Nathan, who I hear is pretty good. Todd Linden – who’s only hit this spring came way back in the first exhibition game – hit a solo homer of his own off the uber-nasty Jose Mijares in the eighth to tie the game. Frankie Cervelli put the Good Guys out in front with a sac fly later in the inning, and Austin Jackson took ex-Yankee farmhand Jason Jones deep in the ninth for an insurance run. Cano went 1-for-3 and made several plays during the five innings he spent in the field, so it looks like the shoulder thing is behind him. Brett Gardner, Jose Molina and Shelley Duncan all contributed 1-for-3 efforts in the 4-2 win, the team’s eighth consecutive.

While all that was going on, Andy Pettitte threw against a team of minor leaguers back in Tampa. He tossed 5.1 innings, allowing one run on three hits and a walk. He also pulled a CC and struck out seven, throwing 44 of his 65 pitches for strikes. Catching him was Jorge Posada, who for the first time this spring played behind the plate on the consecutive days. He caught all of Pettitte’s 65 pitches, and had to make three throws to second base. All three players were successful on their stea attempts, and two of the steals were by runners put on intentionally to test Posada. Although it would have been nice to see him throw someone out, the important thing is that he said he felt fine after the game.

Joba Chamberlain will face Rick Porcello and the Tigers tomorrow afternoon in Tampa. Too bad it won’t be televised, that’s as good a matchup as it gets.

Foreshadowing a 2009 bidding war
Stephen muthaf*%^in Strasburg
  • Mike R. – Retire 21

    Austin Jackson took ex-Yankee farmhand Jason Jones deep in the ninth for an insurance run

    Color me uninspired. Try hitting those homers earlier in the game buddy!

    • Ben K.

      You mean at the start of the game when he was sitting on the bench?

      • Mike R. – Retire 21

        That’s a technicality Ben. I expect better from you than to make excuses for this kid. If he were any good he’d be starting!

        I am clearly just kidding BTW. The uninspired comment was a dig at Mike A.

  • Ben K.

    I’d love to know what YES is going to show that is more compelling tomorrow afternoon than a Spring Training game. Are they going to convince me that Game 6 of the 1978 World Series will draw better ratings that a Joba-Porcello matchup? That I find hard to believe.

    • Mike R. – Retire 21

      I agree 100% with you. YES is lost when it comes to prospects. I often wonder why they don’t show any minor league games during the season showcasing a prospect or two. Even if it’s on delay.

    • Rich

      YES’ programing apart from Yankee games is beyond awful.

      • Tom Zig

        You mean to tell me you don’t watch YES’s Ultimate Road Trip?


    • handtius

      SNY seems to have them on all the time even WPIX is showing some. Yes needs to get their fat, wealthy asses of the couch and do something about the shitey program away from Yankees games. Spring training games are a good start. Why not show them all? Plenty will watch. I second the need for some minor league games well. I might not leave my couch for days at a time…which would actually be rather bad.

      • steve (different one)

        Yes needs to get their fat, wealthy asses of the couch and do something about the shitey program away from Yankees games.

        do they?

        that’s the beauty of having a monopoly. they don’t have to do shit.

        what are you going to do, cancel YES because of a few Spring Training games?

    • Tom Zig

      How many people outside of the people who post on this blog actually know who Rick Porcello is?

      • Ben K.

        Enough people know who Joba Chamberlain is to warrant showing that game rather than a 30-year-old game they rerun 100 times a season.

        • handtius

          Agreed…and why am i awake?

          • pat


  • dkidd

    spring training will never end

    my bracket crapped the bed today

    BSG finale was weak

    tomorrow’s another day…

  • pete

    From Mike Francesa: The Yankees should stop wasting their wins right now in spring training, and save them for when they matter.

    • Matt

      He didn’t actually say this, did he? I know he says stupid stuff but there is no way he said that without cracking up laughing. If that’s the case, I guess the ‘Stros are gonna win 100+ games, ’cause they’re sure saving their wins.

  • mark

    There is no such thing as a good spring training pitching match-up when guys are going 4 innings.

  • Joeman

    lets stop this BS…trade KI( would have to send some $$),Melky,Kennedy to Pitt for Nate McLouth & Eric Hinske..Lock McLouth into CF & use Hinske at 3rd. Gardner & Cody would be use as utility players

    • steve (different one)

      please tell me this is a parody of Francesa or something.

      maybe we could throw in Juan Miranda!!!

  • Hawkins44

    Anybody seen Posada make the throw to second this spring? Any zip on that ball? Laast time I checked he has yet to throw one runner out. I keep reading that he feels fine after the game and that’s good news, but if he can’t hold a runner at first we will have a lot of walking doubles……

  • RobC

    was Pettite pitching when the bases were stollen?

    • steve (different one)

      Abraham has a description of each throw.