More than a smattering of empty seats

Berroa pushes Scranton Yanks to 9-0
Yanks, Nady still unsure of prognosis


The expensive seats during Friday’s thriller as seen as from above. (Photo by leokitty. Click any images to enlarge.)

On Opening Day, the Yankees blamed the sponsored tickets for the underwhelming and under-capacity crowd of 48,271. What then is there excuse for yesterday’s dud of an attendance figure?

In only the second game of the season, the Yankees drew just 45,101, over 7000 fans under capacity, and people are starting to notice. “We saw that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that at Yankee Stadium,” Jensen Lewis said of the empty seats after the game.

A few RAB readers were in attendance at the game, and they were pretty surprised by the empty seats. For more pictures and thoughts about the empty seats, click through.


An entire section of the Legends Suites remained empty throughout the game. (Photo by A.M. Skollar)


More empty seats in the Field Level seats. (Photo by leokitty.)

According to AP reports from the game, these Legends Suites usually sell for between $500 and $2625. Reporters at the game estimated that around half of those seats remained empty for the 1 p.m. start of the game. Behind that — in the field seats that go for $375 per game or $325 as part of a package — seemingly half of the seats remained empty as well.

Meanwhile, those of us watching the game at home are continually struck by the Legends Suite seats. They look like executive desk chairs or Business Class airline seats and less like a ballpark. The fans sitting in them often look like they don’t know what’s happening, and one fan was golf-clapping during Derek Jeter’s home run. The people most noticeable and TV — those sitting closest to the field — are somehow transcending a baseball game.

The Yankees aren’t paying much attention to the fans and the reportedly quieter stadium. “I don’t really worry about that,” Joe Girardi said. “It is Friday afternoon, a 1 o’clock game. People do work.”

Derek Jeter too felt that the smaller crowd was more into the game today. “When we do something,” he said, referring to the crowd’s applause. “If we give them something to cheer about.”

Yankee Stadium is still new. It’s got a lot of nooks and crazy, a Great Hall, some fancy food, and a lot of areas to explore. Right now, the Yankees are banking on the distractions as the cause of this seemingly muted fan outpouring. The empty seats are another matter, but this year, at least, the team is hamstrung by the high prices.

For now, we’ll give the Yanks the benefit of the doubt, but as Leokitty asked at The Girl Who Loved Andy Pettitte, “What if they made a field level, and nobody sat there?

Berroa pushes Scranton Yanks to 9-0
Yanks, Nady still unsure of prognosis
  • Ed

    I was in section 405 today. Right field upper deck, all the way at the end. That section and the sections close to it were half empty. It wasn’t just the expensive seats that were empty.

    Stadium felt really quiet from up there. The crowd noise felt more like background noise. Wasn’t loud enough to really make you feel like part of the crowd.

    • leokitty

      Did you notice that during Take Me Out to the Ballgame it seemed like more people yelled at “home team” than “Yankees”? That was weird to both me and my new Friday+ plan neighbors (Section 424/423).

      • Brian24

        FWIW, I’ve always yelled out “home team,” because I think it’s kinda dorky to insert your own team’s name into the song. That’s just a matter of taste, but I guess I’m not the only one.

        • Back to Glory

          Thats because you are a dork Brian. Your at a yankee game bro, not part of the choir….

  • leokitty

    I liked my view from the grandstand today, but I think with the decks pulled out like they are now there is no way to make up for lower levels being empty in terms of crowd presence. We used to be right on top of the field, and now you have to squint to see the full upper deck.

    The empty seats were really obvious because they were all in the lower level infield. The day game excuse only goes so far. People who were in the terrace/grandstand work too and we got to the second game at Yankee Stadium. Not as exciting as the first, I know, but it’s still a new shiny thing where you can go look important by having killer seats.

    • andrew

      The only excuse that I could imagine is that a large majority of those fans were inside sitting in the restaurant, taking advantage of the great free food they get for their $600 seats. But even with that being said, the empty seats were far more than the amount of people in the restaurant.

  • A.D.

    The expensive seats were quite empty, should be interesting on Saturday if its the same.

    • DJ

      I was at saturday’s game and there were whole sections of empty seats or so it seemed. All levels of outside first and third looked pretty full while in between the bases there were plenty of empty seats and like I said before whole sections

  • A.D.

    Yankee Stadium is still new. It’s got a lot of nooks and crazy, a Great Hall, some fancy food, and a lot of areas to explore.

    100% true, a lot more people milling around than at their seats.

  • Drew
  • Brian

    The Yankees should just cut the damn ticket prices and get butts in the seats. So what if you have to refund some $$ to season ticket holders? I’d rather have a stadium at capacity with people providing atmosphere and buying stuff at the concessions than a below-capacity embarrassment.

    • Bryan

      here! here!

      • El Generalissimo

        Well its all about balancing now. Because if they refund more then they get back, they are losing money. In addition, who says if they cut the price of $2500 seats to even $1500 there would be takers. Then you are refunding $1000 per seat PER GAME.

        Not much business sense in that. The economy is really driving the seats down, its not the prices so much, its that no matter what they are priced at there are still only a small percentage who can afford them now.

        • Doug

          “Because if they refund more then they get back, they are losing money.”

          don’t want to be rude, but “so what”?

          in the economy we’re in right now, they overpriced the tickets. they were priced before the economy tanked and were never adjusted accordingly.

        • YankeeJosh

          Bingo! You hit the nail on the head. It may be more profitable now for the Yankees to have half the $2500 seats empty than to reduce them and sell out at say $500 apiece.

          And as for how it looks? The economy is falling apart. There are empty seats at every Stadium (Maybe sans Fenway and Wrigley). CitiField couldn’t even sell out.

          The other thing is that I suspect those expensive seats will sell for big games. Think they’ll still be empty for the Red Sox and Mets games? For the playoffs should the Yanks get there?

          Fact is, that for the time being having the empt seats there is probably the better option for the Yankees now than cutting prices.

    • Chris G

      I am surprised that they don’t sell them “discounted” after lineups or the first pitch.

      It allows them to keep the money from season ticket holders and still make money off the seats.

  • AJ

    Also, look at the seats that were empty. These seats routinely go for between $350 -$2,500 dollars. Now, I don’t know about some RAB readers, but I’m a poor college kid who doesn’t have a pot to piss in. Would I love to sit there? Hell yeah. But those seats are expensive for 95% of the fan base. I think they’re going to continue to be empty for the season. Maybe not like today, but they certainly won’t be filled night after night.

  • Tony

    Everything but the $$$$$$$ field level seats between the bases were packed when the game started. People started leaving/exploring as it wore on. The “adventurers” bother me, but I think it’ll correct itself as the novelty wears off.

    • LosingOurHeads

      I was there for both games and I “explored” during the games which I normally do not. I rarely leave my seat during a game. A lot of others did the same. In fact the people near me (grandstand) were there for one inning and then left to go down and stand in back of the disabled seats (it’s now open so you can stand right there for an unobstructed view of the field) for the rest of the game.

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  • Mearl

    I was in section 203…. Bleacher Creatures! We were filled but we couldn’t help but point out the empty seats every time a foul ball landed in a whole section of them.

  • Thomas A. Anderson

    Yankees preach pure capitalism, and sometimes it backfires on ya. It’s supply and demand. The demand isn’t gonna be there for $2,500 seats every game, so the supply runneth over.

    People can complain about the cost of tickets and such, but this is what is going to get the Yankees’ attention. Hit them in the wallet and they will have to lower the price to something that can match the lowered demand.

    FOX is broadcasting the Indians game today. How would the New York Yankees like to have their new billion dollar toy shown to a nation-wide audience with a quarter of the field level seats empty because people can’t afford them? How about if a lot of those seats are still unsold for the Sunday Night ESPN Yankee-Red Sox game in a couple of weeks?

    Now that would be embarrassing.

  • Jeff

    I certainly don’t have $350-$2500 to throw away on a single seat for a single game. I love my Yankees and want to see more games, but not at those prices. I really don’t think they took the economy into account. Those top tier seats were probably the ones being bought by companies as part of corporate packages, in the past it was ok for them to spend money frivolously on over-priced seats, but now its looked down upon. I also thought I heard on WFAN that a lot of companies cannot give away these tickets to clients anymore due to new company regulations or laws that went into effect, also might be a stipulation about the value of gifts that can be accepted. Honestly if it came down to a company buying a whole bunch of tickets to games or retaining some employees for them avoid unemployment I’d rather they keep the people employed.

    For the base price of $350 I could see 29 Trenton Thunder games, or pay $650 for an entire season package. That’s where I got to see Cano rehabbing a hamstring in 2006, photo here ( and after a different game Phil Hughes pitched I got to see Reggie Jackson exiting the Pressbox. Certain things are more appealing about the Yankee’s minor league games, the price, you’re a lot closer to the game, there’s something about seeing the prospects up close, and you never really know who you might see there.

    I believe tickets for the Scranton Yankees top out at $14 a piece. So if you’re not rich enough to see more than one game at the House That Jeter Built like me try some games at the AA Trenton team or the AAA Scranton team to get a taste of the Yankees.

  • Clemson Rob

    I went to the game yesterday as well and have a few comments on my impressions of the fans/ stadium.

    1. First and foremost the game was awesome and the field looked beautiful. I definitely think the stadium will be a hitters park as the post (with the picture of overlapping Yankee Stadiums showed).

    2. Outside of the field area, the rest of the stadium caters to advertising and sales. The outside area (Great Hall/ Yankees Store) reminded my family of a mall and one of us called it a “mallpark”. You didn’t really feel like you were in a baseball stadium outside of the great smelling food.

    3. When Mo came out for the 9th the sound system was not as loud to blast Enter Sandman, nor were the fans. (I was in the bleachers section 237). Some have mentioned that the sound system needs to be louder and I would agree.

    4. I too have plenty of pictures of the empty sections. Pretty ridiculous that some of the best seats are empty. It would be smart for the Yankees especially in terms of public relations to do something like selling those at a discount to groups like NYC firemen or policemen.

    5. The fanbase that reads this webpage are not the same fanbase I saw at the game. It seems like the fans in attendance were there for social status, wanting to be there not to cheer but to be seen. The stadium caters to this crowd. No one needs a freakin $15 prime rib sandwich with not a lot of meat on it, just give me a damn hot dog. In addition, in the health conscious world we live in EVERYTHING has the caloric value on it. You’re at a baseball game, don’t expect to lose weight unless it’s cheering loud in hot weather.

    All in all I thought the stadium looked great but when it comes down to it, just play baseball and go Yankees.

    • Yankeegirl49

      I agree with just about all of your points. As for the sound system, when I was at the exhibitions vs the Cubs a lot of people complained the sound system was too loud, so I guess they are playing around with it trying to find a happy medium.

      I hate that they put calories on everything, I thank Mayor Bloomburg for that as he was instrumental in getting that law passed.

    • LosingOurHeads

      In the grandstand it is plenty loud. I can’t speak for any other area.

      I would pay $350 for a ticket to the All Star game but short of that, no. I would never pay more than that. And I don’t care, honestly, if I was a millionaire.

      You don’t get to be a millionaire by being willing to shell out thousands for a baseball game seat. I would hope that there are a very select group of people who would be that ostentatious and that they probably aren’t Yankee fans or fans that would show up every game. People who are that in-your-face about their wealth are most likely out accumulating more of it than sitting at baseball games.

      • El Generalissimo

        DId you really just stereotype all millionaires… because your comments simply arent true.

        • LosingOurHeads

          Oh sorry for stereotyping millionaires. They’re such a misunderstood bunch.

          • andrew

            It’s that kind of generalizing attitude that will lose you all respect around here.

  • FanSince48

    I was visiting my DD in Kansas City – we saw all three games. Her season tickets are in the third row behind the Royals dugout. The single game price for that seat is $42.00. Can The City be THAT more expensive in which to live?
    Guess so….

  • robert skollar

    I was there yesterday…and I must say I am concerned about our “home field advantage”

    The empty seats in the field level, surrounding the batter and the action is embarrassing. It totally takes away from the intimidation factor and the pumping up of our players. I have never seen that at Yankee Stadium , even during the “lean years” when the outfield seats were empty.

    AND in addition top that…the crowd was DEAD!

    I don’t know if it’s the new stadium and everyone is watching everything BUT the game???
    Or if these aren’t the real fans yet??
    Or the empty seat factor??

    But it was like being at a golf tournament!!

    Even at the most dramatic parts of the game..nuthin!!

    My son and I tried to get the crowd going in our section (right next to the block of empty seats you pictured) and people looked at us as if we were crazy.

    The only time there was any reaction was on the Home Runs…it was like this people had never been to a baseball game before…certainly not a Yankee game!!

    It took away from my enjoyment of the game…and I’m sure the players feel that lack of emotion.

    I’m hoping that this is just because everyone is getting used to the new ballpark.

    But with the empty seats (looks like Fla. Marlins) and the dead crowd…it sure doesn’t feel like home.

    • LosingOurHeads

      I think the “this is OUR house” isn’t quite there yet because of the newness of it. But I agree we need to fill those seats. Give season ticket holders a rebate for those who have already bought and slash the prices.

    • Jonathan

      a little off topic but i HATE when other fans try and get the crowd to stand up and cheer or something

      I dont need you to tell me when to get excited

      • robert skollar

        I hear what you’re saying…
        And I usually never do that…

        But i don’t know if you were there yesterday.
        the crowd was silent.

        I was searching for some real fans…

  • Matt

    This especially chaps my ass, because my Dad’s season tickets were in that area (old section 81), and we got forced to move.

  • Steve S

    To be honest the crowd has been dead for the most part the last couple of years. I havent been yet so I cant say its not as bad as other are saying. But the fans that have been going the last couple of years seem to be much more reactionary, as opposed to the fans five or six years ago, who seem to be much more proactive. Its the cost of rooting for a team like this, that is so successful that practically prints money. They created a beautiful baseball stadium that will attract a lot of non-baseball people.

    As for the empty seats, it was Friday afternoon and I realize it is spring break for some, its hard these days to jump out of work or take a day off to watch a ball game, I dont think that can be said enough. Its a very different world out there, especially in NYC, then it was a year ago at the same time.

  • Oscar

    Empty seats on field level are going to be a serious problem all year unless the Yankees change their pricing structure soon.

    Today is one of the first nice days this spring, and it’s the third game at the new stadium. But if you go on, you can basically pick any seat you want in any of the premium areas: in any of the Legends sections (from $525 through $2625), the silly $300/$350 seats in the back of the field level they’ve been desperately trying to sell, and the “Delta Sky 360” seating (for $375-800). But all of the affordable sections (~$100/ticket or below) are sold out.

    The Yankees’ essential problem with these premium tickets is that they were designed as full season tickets or in some cases packages, and they didn’t sell because of a combination of the economy and the Yankees’ greed. These tickets are just not going to sell on ticketmaster — who’s going to drop $500/ticket on a whim for a single regular season baseball game? And if the Yankees can’t sell them out for the third game of the year, a Saturday afternoon game with perfect weather, how are they going to sell them on Tuesday night against Oakland?

    At the very least the Yankees should consider giving these tickets away to charities, schools, etc. It’s going to be a continuing embarassment otherwise.

    • YankeeJosh

      I tried to get 2 tickets via Ticket to a Friday night game in June and could only get expensive seats $300 a ticket or so. I was able to find a scattered single at $90. I went to Stubhub and was able to get two Grandstand Seats for less than tht.

      In this economy, old Yankee Stadium would be better for crowds because there are more upper deck, (cheaper) seats.

      Only thing I could see the Yankees doing now is comping those seats to charity. It could be good PR and would get some fans in the Stadium.

  • Doug

    seeing pictures like these is truly embarrassing. prices should be cut to get fannies in the seats, but you know that will never happen. that would be admitting defeat.

  • mike

    I sat next to the visitors dougout on opening day 2 rows off the field– and i was torn between going to my seat and enjoying the splendor of the accomodations.
    the food was like you were at a wedding ( lamb, fresh lobster, chocolate-covered strawberries etc) all covered in the price of the ticket. I even had them deliver a penne bolognese to my seat later in the game. You felt like a Roman Senator, and it was impossible to ignore all these unique things as the game was going on.
    The folks usually in those seats would go to dinner and rush to the game – now they can get to the game, relax and eat inside, and stroll to their seats during the game without pressure/stress. Those seats will never be packed-full because they Yanks have made the things in the Legends Suites very enticing.
    If i were there on business for the game, there would be no doubt I would be inside for some of the game, watching it on their 200 TV’s for an inning or two while we closed a deal, then made our way back to the seats.
    Trust me – as someone who has been going to games for nearly 20 years, and who has taken pilgrimages across the country for most other stadiums – the stadium is something to behold.
    I think once the novelty of most of these things wears off it will undoubtedly “look” more full – but with all of the things inside, it might be hard to drag people outside

  • josh

    i have been a huge yankee fan for my entire life. like many of you it was something that was part of my family, me and my dad and before that his father. i love yankees baseball as much as anyone. the big payrools are a bit annoying but they never really bothered me. when the yanks started winning in the 90’s the payroll was big (relatively) but nothing like it has been since they started winning. Still, it did not bother me because they make money and put it back into the team ( and therefore we, the fans, have more to enjoy) not to mention the luxury tax. it actually seems more fair and just to me that they spend the money rather than keep it in the brass’ pockets,ie. min. twins.
    but watching the game yesterday actually made me feel a bit embarassed. no doubt there were empty seats at citifield last night too but it didnt seem quite as many and in the end we are the yankees not the mets. i expect to hear the arguements from met fans and red sox fans about the big bad rich yankees but that is not what i care about. i have been sticking up for my team for quite a while as they act as if their teams are somehow small market – such bullshit it doesnt bother me at all.
    luxury suites are one thing but these visible empty seats. and even knowing that these “fans” who actually are sitting in these seats pay that much and really arent who we want to see at a ball game -SUITS- pisses me off.
    i am starting to realize that the yankees care more about $$$$$ than the game, or the fans. today i am embarrased to be a yankees fan. this is the most corporate bullshit i have ever seen where it just shouldnt be. way over the top. DISGUSTING

    • Jonathan

      if the yankees cared more about money than the game we wouldnt have a 200m payroll

    • mike

      Josh – thats unfair. while Im sure some people there are not rabid fans, most of them (as always because of the necessary demographics) are a bit older and are not going to act like a bunch of 5 year-olds screaming every time something happens during a game.
      Especially if some people are there on business and dont want to look silly when they are trying to impress a client by screaming their head off.
      I was at the Stadium many mid-week nights when there were 25,ooo people there in july ( ex. i walked-up for Gooden’s no-hitter and the place was like a morgue until the 7th inning)for years, and the packed, rabid stadium we all speak of is a relatively new pheonemon.
      The only drama used to be when the Red Sox were in town and someone would jump the wall and try to kill Mike Greenwell or throw batteries at Joe Carter – they Yankees were always a “corporate” crowd, and if you wanted to scream during a game – you went with your kids to Shea.

      • robert skollar

        There’s a difference between “acting like a bunch of 5 year olds screaming”…and having the buzz and energy that Yankee Stadium has been famous for.

        Yesterday you couldn’t tell the difference between a tie game in the 8th…and a 15-0 blowout.

        It was D-E-A-D!

        Yes I know lots of “fans’ don’t want to embarrass themselves in front of clients…
        But where are the fans who are at the game to root for their team?

    • LosingOurHeads

      I think there have been missteps but I never think that the Yankees care more about money than the fans. They spend a lot on the team and do care about the fans.

      I think they overcompensated for no luxury suites etc at the old Stadium. I think they did not accurately predict the demand esp in a down economy. Adjustments will be made.

      I have always thought the Yankees care about and react to the fans and I won’t stop thinking that.

      • Yankees fan

        If they Yankees really did care about their fans they would not have closed off the main level to the smaller partial plan packages. I have had a Saturday package for the last few years and was told that I was being moved from the main level in that package to the upper deck in a mid week package because there were not enough seats available. Of course there were not. They stuck all of the partial plans in the outfield of the second deck and the upper deck. What a joke. I was told by the Yankees that I could move back to the Saturday package and the main level if I wanted to buy seats that were priced at $350.00/seat per game. Yeah, they care about their fans. What a load of crap!

  • Mike Axisa

    It’s been TWO games. Kids are still in school, it’s still cold out (yesterday was more the exception than the norm this time of year), and who knows how much money people just had to fork over for taxes. Plus it’s a recession.

    We can’t freak out over the bullpen after ten games, and we certainly can’t freak out that the Stadium is empty and they’ve priced everyone out after two games.

    • Doug

      today will be a good test, mike. beautiful 75 degree day.

    • A.D.

      And Friday afternoon is a poor choice, people do have to work, i know several people who turned down tickets to yesterday’s game because they couldn’t get out of work.

  • LosingOurHeads

    I also think that “new” money tends to buy those snazzy seats. Wall Street bankers and lawyers buy season tickets with their bonuses more than old money buys them. It’s a flashy thing to be able to do. Also entrepreneurs who want to impress clients give those seats to clients. This year it’s just not cool or feasible.

  • josh

    i agree with you guys and realize that maybe i am overreacting. i remember being at the last game of 89 and the stadium being empty. but it is different to see these seats up front empty with this team and this time of year. YANKEES BASEBALL has kind of trancended itself the last 7 or 8 years and it annoys me to see the team “sell out” with such a remorseless kind of glut. the yankees should be more expensive then everyone else but not at the cost of giant empty field level seats. it looked awful yesterday, no one can dispute that

  • mustang

    I remember when we discuss this issue over the winter and many comments were cold about the price issue. Basically saying that it’s supply and demand and that the Yankees would find someone to buy these very expensive seats so live with it.
    Well it seems like reality has smacked the Yankees in the face because of their greed. I for one I’m happy to see it maybe this will wake the Yankees up to the fact that their price are just ridiculously out of line.
    The answer to Yankees fans who have been complaining about ticket price as always been then just don’t buy them with the thinking that someone else will. Well they aren’t buying them neither is anyone else.

  • southernyankeefan

    Is it weird to see seats empty like that? yes. However i really won’t be that worried about it until later in the season. If the Yankees are in the middle of a tight pennant race and the stadium is still empty then i will worry.

  • Bob Michaels

    Senior citizens would glady fill those seats if avaiable for day games

  • nyccouple14

    I think the atmosphere at the new place has so far been a big dissapointment, more so than the attendance. The second game last year had a similar crowd.

    i think this article says it all:

  • 618B

    I have been a Friday Package holder for 12 years. This year due to the annual increase in ticket prices my son and I opted for Terrace seats in left field. No crying or complaining, I can’t afford to sit behind home plate anymore so I move to left field or I stay home.

    No offense to Mike, but he is the fan that the Yankees are now catering to; more excited about the food than the product. He also finds it offensive that people are asking him to get behind the team and cheer, people there on business not to root for the team.

    $2600 seats are not selling in April but give this team some time to win and get in the race and as always the “front-runners” will be gobbling those tickets up as a prestige item to impress customers. August and September is when we will see the groups of suits showing up, getting drunk and leaving after the 7th. BTW happened at Shea too. That’s New York money. We scoff at LA for the movie star crowd but the New York money crowd is just as bad.

    I have been told by a friend sitting in the grandstand seats that in the first few rows up there the sound system ruptures your eardrums but in the last few rows it is garbled. My terrace seats the PA was barely audible.

    I was at Fridays game. The stadium is a sight to behold. It is truly amazing, but it is not the Stadium. My major complaint about the new park is the moved the stands back off the field. There are even high end seats in front of the bleachers. Time will tell, but yesterday it seemed as though any cheering from the upper deck just got lost. Some old veteran cheering machines (Dan the “Charge” guy and Marlboro Man couldn’t get it going. Hip Hip Jorge was isolated to the sections where it originated. Home field advantage was always huge in the Park across the street, but it was much more intimate there.

    There are no World Series victories in this venue, Aura and Mystique were left across the street. We as Yankee fans and the team are responsible to start new “Traditions” My Grandfather was at opening day in 23 my son and I were there to close that park….long live the new Stadium!

    • robert skollar

      you get it

      • 431A

        The New Yankee Stadium (hereafter referred to as the “park” because it should never be mentioned in the same breath as the real Yankee Stadium) has destroyed the fan experience of us Yankee die hards. My friends and I have had a 41 game plan equivalent for the past 9 seasons. The last 3 seasons we sat in U2, directly behind home plate. No matter who they played, there always was a buzz in the crowd and, when something good was about to happen, the noise level would rise and rise.

        Being at Opening Day on thursday (and to a lesser extend on Saturday) made me sick. Not because of the food at the new park, the fact our seats are now by the left field foul pole, or because of the ridculous level of merchandising throughout the building, but because the best part of going to the old Stadium has been lost, probably forever. There is no excitement in this building, and any noise generated by the upper deck and bleachers is completely dissipated in the great expanse of the seat configuration. Hell, there wasn’t even any 2 strike clapping anymore, let alone the Hip Hip Jorge or Matsui guy I’ve become accustomed to.

        This park is beautiful, no doubt about it. But it has no heart and soul. I don’t blame the corporate suits sitting behind home plate, they are not the problem as, for the past 5-8 years, they’ve been the ones sitting there anyways. I blame the Yankees, Lon Trost, and the Steinbrenners for their poor planning and greed. Lowering ticket prices from $2,600 to $1,000 might put more people in the stands, but it will never bring back the atmosphere of the old Stadium. I, for one, am glad the Yankees have been embarrassed by their attendance figures these past few games. They deserve it.

        They often say you never appreciate what you had until its gone. Unfortunately, they were right.

        Long live the real Yankee Stadium. Screw the house that George Built

  • Jon

    If this is what we’ll be getting from now on, the Yankee Stadium atmosphere has been destroyed. The crowd participation is the whole point of being there as far as I’m concerned.
    If I want to eat great food, and watch the game with a great view, I’ll stay the hell home.

    Yankee Stadium was about watching a great ball-game and being part of a great fan-base, chanting/cheering your favorite team/player. Now, it’s a country club.

    A dead crowd on opening day????? That has NEVER happened in my lifetime. I don’t think I’ll even bother going to a game this year if this current trend keeps up. I don’t care about seeing the new stadium if it’s going to be more of a Library than a ballpark.

  • madtired

    I’m sure the message being sent will reach the Yankee offices pretty fast.. And if it takes them until next season to lower the prices, so be it. I would never pay $350/seat for a reg season game, even if that was the price to sit right behind home plate. Kinda why I never get to see and NFL games either..

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  • Cheech

    Legends are dead people. That’s why the “Legends” suites look empty. They’re not! Those are ghosts sitting there!

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  • Sad Yankee Fan

    No matter how bad things could be at times, the fans could always look forward to going to Yankee Stadium and uniting as one with people of all incomes, religions, races. It is what NYC is all about. That’s what makes it different. To think that this plan has been in the works for many years now to create a class system and put us all in our place is just flat out wrong. Does anyone feel that the Yankees have not been making unbelievable amounts of money with the old system? Why the need to drive us all into the ground? Hal, Hank, Randy, and Lon should be ashamed of abusing a great honor of owning and running the premier franchise in all of American Sports. Yes, we may have needed a new stadium from a structural standpoint, but you know they could see dollar signs in their eyes for the last few years!

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