Fan Confidence Poll: April 27th, 2009


Record Last Week: 2-3 (30 RS, 35 RA)
Season Record: 9-9 (100 RS, 122 RA), 4 GB
Opponents This Week: @ Detroit (3 games), vs. Anaheim (4 games)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  1. A.D. says:

    Even though the Angles aren’t playing that well & hurting I still never like it when the Yanks have to face them.

  2. jsbrendog says:

    i am extremely excited for melancon. so that put me from 8 to aomsehwere around an 8.2. but with bruney, someone who has shown dominant flashes the past two years also showing he is somehow COMPLETL unable to remain healthy as well as the i jury bug hitting again. For the future of the franchise it seems that we ahve no OF depth to step in other than ajax, damon is banged up, melky and brett are melky and brett and ourn 3rd strong 3b is awful and texeira isnt hitting or making routine plays at first ( a gg 1b should have had that berroa throw on the hop)

    lets just say if cc can pitch like cc, hughes comes up big, and burnett can get 6 outs without giving p a 6 run lead then ill be a lot more confident.

    • A.D. says:

      Bit harsh on Tex, he didn’t pick one ball, he’s made a ton of great defensive plays.

      • Joe R says:

        Agree. For all of the plays he’s made already I think it makes up for a that one, even tho he still shouldve had it.

      • Nady Nation says:

        Seriously. Yes, Tex definitely should’ve snagged that ball, but I don’t see how you call that a “routine” play. It still was not a good throw, whether he should’ve picked it or not.

  3. Joe R says:

    I’m not really sure how A-Rod is the answer to our problems. Yes he adds another great bat and solid D at the corner but our issues are in pitching and RISP. He’ll help somewhat with the RISP I’d like to imagine but I’m pretty sure he cant help the pitchers much. Unless of course he was working on his slider while in Colorado/getting tips from Swish on how to throw a changeup-fastball, aka the changeball.

  4. Matt ACTY says:

    7. The CF blackhole is getting to me, as is the pen’s tendency towards the gopher ball. I do, however, have confidence that the bullpen can right itself more quickly than the CF hole will. Seeing Melancon last night got me very excited, though.

  5. Joe R says:

    I still give an 8, but theres only a couple more days left where I can say, im not worried, it’s only April.

    • Matt ACTY says:

      I probably still could’ve gone eight as well, but I’m feeling pessimistic this week, mostly ’cause I have three papers due (my last three papers as an undergrad) this week. CC is due to break out of his April slump just like he did last year and when he does…woo!

  6. A.D. says:

    Hopefully the Sox series just acts as a kick in the pants to the team; the fact Melancon is now on the 40 man & in the majors, I think it has.

  7. Jamal G. says:

    I’m still a 7. If there was such a thing as “being swept favorably”, then the Yankees were this weekend. Honestly, how many times are Mariano Rivera and A.J. Burnett going to blow a two-out, two-run, ninth-inning lead and a 6-0 lead, respectively? It’s just not going to happen very many times. I think it’s a bit magnified because of the opponent, and the fact that it happened in consecutive games. But again, those two are not going to shit the bed like they did this weekend.

    Being swept this weekend was unfortunate, but not all that damaging either (and I’m not just pointing to the date).

    • Matt ACTY says:

      But again, those two are not going to shit the bed like they did this weekend.

      What happened on Saturday is something that happens to every team probably once a year. I think the Yankees got theirs out of the way early and that should be the end of it. I’ll be very surprised if a Yankee starter gives away a six run lead any other time this season (unless it’s Phil Hughes, he’s a bust).

    • “I’m still a 7. If there was such a thing as “being swept favorably”, then the Yankees were this weekend. Honestly, how many times are Mariano Rivera and A.J. Burnett going to blow a two-out, two-run, ninth-inning lead and a 6-0 lead, respectively?”

      I agree. Those games sucked, but they’re more flukey than anything else. The frustration factor from this series is definitely much higher than the reality of how bad this series was for the team.

  8. Mike Pop says:

    Going with 8. Yea, they have been hard to watch lately but this team is way to talented for this to keep happening. Can only go up once Alex comes back and Wang not dying out there every 5th day. Like I said last night, 8-2 over the next 10 games.

  9. Jamal G. says:

    Oh, and I think this no-glove, all-veteran experiment needs to end at third base. Also, give Melky Cabrera the majority of the starts going forward. Brett Gardner offers more as a bench player than Melky, and honestly, the latter is just outplaying his competitor right now.

    This is the lineup I want to see henceforth:

    Jeter (SS; R)
    Damon (LF; L)
    Teixeira (1B; S)
    Cano (2B; L)
    Posada (C; S)
    *Swisher (RF; S)
    **Matsui (DH; L)
    Melky (CF; S)
    Pena (3B; S)

    *I want the powerful Swisher hitting behind Posada because of the latter’s “speed” on the basepaths. Swisher is more likely to deliver the XBH than Matsui would if the lineup were Swisher-Posada-Matsui.

    **Damn, what a difference a week makes for Godzilla, huh?

    • Matt ACTY says:

      I still want Cano below Jorge and Swish. I think Cano’s power could be maximized with three high on-base guys in front of him. I’d go:

      CF–just keep playing the hot hand

      • jeremy says:

        I like Cano in the 5 hole, but I would be happy with this lineup as well. The key to me is that Girardi runs the same lineup out there everyday, regardless of hot/cold streaks, lefty/righty starters. It’s been musical chairs for two years now, and even the latter part of Torre’s tenure. Baseball players like routine. Most players don’t know what number in the order they bat, unless they get dropped after a bad game, usually they just know that: “I’m up after Jorge.”

    • A.D. says:

      Agree with the CF comment, essentially both players aren’t hitting regularly, they’re both solid defensively, Melky is out-hitting Brett so far, and Brett has more value coming of the bench to pinch run than Melk does.

  10. YankMan says:

    This Yankee team has no back up infielders on the roster worth a damn or in the minors and the bullpen is suspect. It just shows that even when you spend a ton of cash it does not mean that you have a complete team. Bad job by Cashman. Yeah he can sign the stars but he has not shown that he can build a strong bench or a solid bullpen.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Strong bench? We had one before injury maynne. He’s done a fine job with the bullpen, that is what you do. He’s picked up Bruney and Veras who were huge last year for the Yanks. That is how you build a bullpen, but because they’ve had a bad start because they have had to throw waaaayyy too many innings you say they suck.

    • Matt ACTY says:

      I’m going to say this again: the Yankees have BENCH PLAYERS on their bench. What do you expect out of the bench? The only reason Berroa and Ransom are getting time is because of an injury. After this month, neither one of them will be getting very many ABs. They’re one month fill ins and have played as such.

      • Nady Nation says:

        Also, if Cashman didn’t go out and get Swisher this offseason, our everyday OF right now would feature both Melky AND Gardner. Regardless of who was starting betweeen Swisher and Nady, the player that ended up on the bench could arguably be the top 4th OF in baseball. Yet Cashman has built a weak bench? Alright.

          • DCR says:

            I voted a 6. My reasoning is that I believe the Yankees will eventually start clicking but at the same time they can’t afford Rodriguez to aggravate his hip or have another bat go down for an extended period of time.

            Just as I said prior to the season, the bullpen is not very good after Bruney. The only thing wrong with my statement was that Marte would be good. He too has sucked. Its really early but it would still be nice to see some good signs out of this group of relievers.

  11. YankMan says:

    The bullpen sucks outside of Mo and Bruney “before he got hurt”. I really hope this Malancon kid is the real deal.

  12. Reggie C. says:

    Its no longer a 7. I’m going with 6.

    The Yanks just got stiff-armed off field in humiliating fashion. Bruney’s sore arm is going to hurt this team. Marte’s been terrible; something I didn’t expect at this point in the season. Arod isn’t going to be back this week, though i hope Cash gets him into a minor league game or two immediately. Gardner is scuffling and i think in serious danger to lose his spot to Melky. Teixeira is displaying fine warning track power, and simply hasn’t complemented Cano’s power hitting.

  13. Mike Pop says:

    Oh man, 11 votes for no confidence?

    People just do it to be dicks I guess.

  14. Hey, guys, long time no see. What did I miss? Nothing? Excellent, then, sweet.

    Confidence Level = 10

  15. Steve S says:

    One thing I’m a little annoyed with Cashman. he failed to bring a legitimate long man with the team out of spring training, like an Aceves or Tomko. He did the same thing a couple of years ago and I just dont get it. April is exactly the time of year when you do need one. April is when you dont know how effective or how long starters can go and you want to get your short inning guys into some kind of rhythm. All of these guys are short relievers, arguably Coke can be the long man, but he hasnt been used like one. Not to say its had a huge impact on wins/losses directly, but indirectly it cant be great mentally for this bullpen to get drilled like this. Short/late inning relievers are for the most part creatures of habit and head cases that need to be coddled. I could have dealt with the blow outs if its one guy who goes out there and takes one for the team, but instead it turns into two or three guys getting stretched out and paying for it. Plus the offense has been performing great considering Arods gone and Texeira hasnt lit up the world. They could be staying in these games if you had someone out there who could hold it down for three or four innings.

    • andrew says:

      Maybe I’m mistaken, but I was under the impression that it was Girardi’s decision not to bring a long-man. I didn’t think Cashman, although he may be involved, gets the ultimate say on day to day player/team needs in terms of playing time. I could be wrong though.

      • Steve S says:

        I guess you are right, but I did think it was one of those mutual decisions and I would think Cashman has say in whose on the 25 man roster, Girardi is the guy who chooses who is going to play of those 25. At least that is the way I thought the non-Torre/GM relationship works. But either way then blame Girardi or blame both but its poor planning.

  16. CT Yankee says:

    Downgrade to a 7 this week. Friday and Saturday bugged me and I have no confidence in Girardi.

  17. Ray in Cheshire says:

    Anybody who is not at least a bit concerned about two things with the Yankees is deluding themselves. The middle relief is, except for Bruney, as complete disaster. Secondly, the lack of timely hitting by the Yanks seems to have carried over from last year. In no way am I packing this year in. I still think they have the talent. I am concerned though.

    • Confused Axl says:

      Everything you said is 100% on the money.

      • Hey Ray in Cheshire: A snarky word to the wise… if you ever make a comment and it’s followed by the response

        Confused Axl says:
        Everything you said is 100% on the money.

        … then it’s time to reevaluate your life, because certifiably crazy people agreeing with you wholeheartedly is never a good thing.

        • Confused Axl says:

          Ray, and by crazy he means “extremely knowledgeable and rational people”…

          • Right…

            “Extremely knowledgeable and rational people” don’t constantly toggle between “happy” and “angry” and “not so angry” and “frustrated” and “confused” at the drop of a dime. They don’t wildly overreact to everything.

            Knowledge and rationality should give you the calm assurance of perspective and the experience that things are rarely as good or as bad as they may seem at first blush. You don’t strike me as having knowledge or rationality, you strike me as having the wild gesticulations of the primitive man trying to comprehend how God could allow the moon to eat the sun.

            • Confused Axl says:

              So after a few years of the same kinds of things happening to the team…that’s too small of a sample size for you? It has to bigger than that? 3 years+ of underperforming, constant injuries, inconsistency in hitting and pitching…that’s not good enough yet? Or were you excluding all of the other years because they were a a different season and everything we see here that we’ve seen over and over in the past is just merely coincidence?

  18. Confused Axl says:

    I’m another one who thinks “chemistry” is overrated and a made up excuse for certain success…but I do believe in having fun…and this team looks like it’s the walking dead out there. They look like they’re exhausted…stressed out…and lack the confidence they used to have perspire from their pores…

    I’m a strong believer in that this “anything less than a championship is a failure” thing is creating too much pressure and expectations to a team of human beings. Why else would these players we sign be so successful elsewhere and have a hard time adapting or performing when they get over to our team. Why else would our Triple A team win the Championship and start out undefeated…but struggle to adapt when they get up to the Yankees while the younger guys on other teams don’t seem to be nearly as slow or inconsistent when they come up sometimes.

    It’s most certainly the stress and expectations bestowed by upper management. The Yankees stunk for quite some time in the early 90′s so when they started winning…it was because they were having fun and had no expectations. Only after they started losing was this slogan used…and we’ve been losing more and more each year ever since.

  19. blee says:

    to put it in perspective, if this were the NFL, and the Giants were 1-1 after 2 weeks, winning the first game close, the getting a bad loss to say the Cowboys or Eagles..

    If at this point someone said the season was over, or Coughlin should be fired.. it would be ridiculous.. Oh yea.. Eli Manning has been out for the first 2 weeks (Or i dunno, Jacobs..)

    Give some time.. much more time.

  20. Slu says:

    I went with 7. I think if CC can step up and be the CC we all know he can be, and if Hughes can be at least a league average pitcher, the weakness in the pen won’t be so glaring.

    I really think CMW is the reason for the rough start. Besides getting shelled each time out, he also killed the bullpen each time out.

    And given the automatic outs Gardner and Ranson/Berroa have been thus far, and the injury to Nady, I think the offense has done rather well. Once A-Rod is back and Gardner is benched, it should be even better.

    So I have hope, but a couple of things needs to fall into place.

  21. Confused Axl says:

    Depends on what we’re having “confidence” for actually. Do I have confidence that we’re going to win the World Series after this weeks performance (after all, they are based on the week)…Absolutely not. Not in a million years. Am I confident that this team underachieves? You betcha. I’d put a nice 10 spot there. Am I confident that this team can’t hit when it seems to count? You betcha, there’s another 10. Am I confident that this team is on the right track going forward? No way Jose Canseco. Put a big fat 0 on that one. But it all depends…

  22. Confused Axl says:

    I have taken the liberty…based on logic and reasoning…to name myself “Poster of the Week”. It’s an honor and the way things look on here…there should be more to come very easily…
    I just want to thank you all for believing in me and Mo bless you.

  23. Chris says:

    It amazes me how The people who run this site are so in love with a-rod. Our only hope???!!! What are these guys smoking? Of course A-Rod will help offensively but saying that he is our only hope when we have the worst E.R.A in baseball is ludicrous.

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