Wang, Ransom hit the DL


We’ve got a couple of roster moves late tonight via the postgame. Chien-Ming Wang has been placed on the DL following an appointment with the team’s rehab specialist in Tampa, and has been replaced on the roster with David Robertson. Cody Ransom pulled his quad in the later innings of tonight’s game and has also been placed on the DL, but no word on his replacement yet. I’m guessing they’ll end up DFAing someone (coughHumbertoSanchezcough) so they can add Angel Berroa to the 40-man and have another infielder available.

Brian Bruney is also on the shelf, having been sent back to New York to have his elbow checked out tomorrow morning. That sucks.

Update (12:33am): The official word on Wang is “weakness in his hips,” which will require just physical rehabilitation. Phil Hughes is the far too obvious candidate to replace him in the rotation, and me thinks he’ll make at least four starts in Wang’s place.

Ransom has some sort of tear in his quad and that could be kinda serious, so he may end up missing a good chunk of time. Bruney wasn’t worried about his elbow and didn’t want to see a doctor, but the team ordered him too. There’s a chance he’ll be back with the team in time for tomorrow’s game.

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  1. Thomas A. Anderson says:

    I can already hear the chorus of Joba to the ‘pen.

    Gag me with a spoon. ugh.

  2. Joey H says:

    Damn. When it rains, it pours.

    • Evan says:

      Okay so we lose Ransom who is 8 for 48 and has an OPS of .502 and Wang who has an ERA of 34.50. These are not two people who have been helping the cause. We get to see Berroa who is smoking it in AAA (He can go 9 for 50 with 1 HR and be better than Cody Ransom) and Phil Hughes (who can be what he was last year for us and still be better than Wang right now). I don’t think this is the end of the world. Plus the Bruney thing is a good sign that he thinks nothing is wrong. If we lose Bruney then there is cause for concern. Wang, Ransom…these things don’t concern me right now.

  3. BigBlueAL says:

    I still dont like carrying 13 pitchers, hope that if Bruney does unfortunately hit the DL they call up another position player.

    I assume Hughes gets called up for Jackson on Tuesday.

  4. Mike Pop says:

    Eh, I always liked Humberto but he can’t stay healthy I guess. Too bad we can’t make a deal with him involved or others on the 40 man to clear spots. But, we aren’t in a fairy tale here.

  5. Brooklyn Ed says:

    DFAing Sanchez does make sense, he’s injuried and no one would want him.

  6. A.D. says:

    Humberto could probably just be a 60 day DL candidate.

  7. Blackdragon905 says:

    What’s the chances Melancon gets called up?

  8. Jamal G. says:

    Why not 60-day DL Cody Ransom? That way you can swap his 40-man spot with Angel Berrora, and when ARod comes back in roughly the same time Cody would be eligible to return from a 15-day DL stint, you can DFA Berrora. I think that’s better than just throwing away the potential of Humberto Sanchez.

    This all depends on the severity of Hansom Randsom’s injury, obviously, but without knowing all the information, that seems like a plausible option, no?

  9. Evan says:

    Can we DFA Ransom and let him fall off the 40 man. He will likely get thru waivers and we can just keep him.

  10. -McCarthy- says:

    Robertson is on his way up for Wang.

    My guess is Berroa will be up for Ransom.

    Bruney will get an MRI tomorrow and they will see what is up. If he needs to go on the DL. My guess Hughes is next. If he is alright then my guess is either Jackson or Robertson get sent back down??

    This sucks. That was really painful to watch. We just handed it to them.

    • A.D. says:

      With Bruney its 3 scenarios:

      Really nothing major, he can pitch right away, rejoins team.

      Minor injury, 15 day DL, Claggett up.

      Something major, 60 day DL, Melancon up.

  11. daneptizl says:

    Any chances Russo comes up?

  12. Joey H says:

    Well, what would it cost us prospect wise to acquire Farnsworth?

    Chill folks. All is good in the world. We clear the spot for Hughes on Tuesday and get rid of that bum Ransom now. However the Bruney issue hurts but lets not count our eggs before they hatch.

  13. Zak says:

    Welcome to the Bronx, Mark Melancon.

  14. Joey H says:

    I quote from Tito Francona ” his balls are all over the place”

  15. BigBlueAL says:

    Boy Burnett’s starts always follow some kind of crisis huh???? 1st start followed losing first 2 games, 2nd start followed blowout in Tampa, 3rd start followed 22-4 embarrassment vs the Indians. Now he faces Beckett following heartbreaking loss vs Red Sox, a depleted bullpen and a rash of injuries.

  16. Brooklyn Ed says:

    damn, does Cash go to every game?

  17. A.D. says:

    Also Christian Garcia could be 60 day DL.

  18. daneptizl says:

    Cash is chill. Just chewing on the Minty Fresh gum.

  19. A.D. says:

    Hips for Wang…interesting.

  20. Jamal G. says:

    Cashman says it’s Wang’s hips that are screwed. Physical therapy is all that’s needed, however.

  21. BigBlueAL says:

    Whats Cash saying about Bruney????

    • Joey H says:

      Infielder up tomorrow. Robertson up. Bruney is unknown. He can either be back tomorrow or .. lets not say. And CWM is working on those hips with a therapist, Just to strengthen them.

    • Brooklyn Ed says:

      he said, Bruney didnt wanna go back to NY. Cash made him go back, if he’s okay..he comes back.

    • A.D. says:

      Hes had some discomfort with elbow, Bruney wasn’t worried and didn’t want to return to NY to go to the doc. He will be checked out tomorrow, and they will go from there.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Nada, just that all necessary tests will be done.

  22. Brooklyn Ed says:

    Cash: an infielder and Robertson will be up tomorrow. didnt said which infielder.

  23. BigBlueAL says:

    Assuming Berroa is called up, does he become the everyday 3b????

    • Joey H says:

      For 7 days. Till that guy.. oh whats his face comes back.

    • Brooklyn Ed says:

      sadly. yes. Pena should be playing everyday but it does make sense for having Pena as a defensive replacement for Berrora late in the game.

      • Evan says:

        I don’t see why everyone is down on Berroa. He can’t be any worse than Ransom. So worst case scenario this is a lateral move and not an upgrade and we deal with another Ransom-esque player for 10 more days…

  24. What the hell? Are the Hips the ‘in’ injury or something? All the cool kids are doing it?

  25. BigBlueAL says:

    Hasnt Bruney had TJ surgery already??? Or no???

  26. BigBlueAL says:

    Shouldnt the Yankees just call-up Tomko already???? With Joba and assuming Hughes in the rotation now and the lack of innings being pitched by the starters, just call-up a long reliever already.

  27. Brooklyn Ed says:

    from Pete Abe:

    The Yankees will get an infielder here tomorrow and will need to make a 40-man move to do so. Brian Cashman said he needed to talk to Dave Miley, the Scranton manager. One would think Angel Berroa gets the call.

    I would be shocked if its either Duncan or Russo gets the call over Berrora.

  28. Joey H says:

    Now this emphasizes the importance of strong starts from CC. He has stunk it up 3 times already. Time for him to be SEE SEE.

  29. stuart says:

    why is a bullpen depleted??Coke threw 11 pitches, ABeledajo about 20, etc.

    It is not against the law to pitch 2 innings over 2 days, there arm will not fall off….

  30. daneptizl says:

    The time is almost here for the real season to start with A-Rod at 3B, CC’s post 1st-4-starts-syndrome, and Hughes in for Wang. And Rancid(?) on the DL.

  31. B.George says:

    Roberton is going to strike out the side tomorrow and get sent down right after the game.

  32. A.D. says:

    I hope that is the legit reason for Wang’s troubles, and not a bs reason to DL him.

    • B.George says:

      he has a “hips” problems when there was no sign of him having “hips” problems while a rod is rehabing in Tampa with the hip specialist helping a rod rehab……little convienent no?

  33. Drew says:

    Cash said “I have to pull a rabbit out of a hat.” I wonder if he has something in the works or if he was just referring to maneuvering the 40.

  34. tim randle says:

    where can i go learn about the requirements of the 40 man and options?

  35. josh says:

    by june: melancon and austin jackson will be on this team.

  36. dkidd says:

    useless yet interesting fact: yanks are now 81-81 in extra inning games versus the sox

  37. Drew says:

    I guess we’ll know soon if Berroa gets the call and who is dropped from the 40 man. I’m intrigued by the thought of bringing up Duncan though. I mean, he’s already ruined his “prospect” value. If this is one of his patented hot streaks, why not bring him up while he’s hot, watch him play 3rd and take it from there? After all, Al will be back soon and Cody will probably be ready to go in a few weeks to return as our super utility guy.

    • Evan says:

      Do you want Ransom back as your super utility guy? He has gotten every day at-bats and just been terrible. Go with Pena or Berroa if he keeps hitting the ball. Ransom has no business being on this team even when he is 100% healthy. He is just not a great baseball player. I hate to see people go down with injuries, but this will work out well for us. Maybe Berroa gets a couple of hits today. Everyone will be saying “Why wasn’t Berroa up here last week!!!!!BLAAHHH” or something like that.

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