Freddy Sez Yanks have no tickets for him


Fred Schuman, the 83-year-old Yankee fan better know as Freddy Sez, has long been an icon of Yankee Stadium. For as long as I can remember, Freddy has traipsed through Yankee Stadium with his handmade signs and worn pot and spoon, stirring up the crowd to cheer on the Yanks. Through the thick and thin, Freddy, the recent subject of a short documentary, has been there.

So as I found myself next to Mike on Sunday in the Grandstand at New Yankee Stadium, I wondered aloud where Freddy was at the new stadium. The new home isn’t nearly as conducive to walking around as the old one. Freddy can simply walk up the steps to each section and walk back down. No longer can he walk around a concourse in the seating bowl because those concourses aren’t there.

Around the fourth inning or so, I heard the familiar clang of Freddy’s pan and knew that all was right in Yankee fandom if Freddy was there. It appears, though, that Freddy has had to beg and cajole his way into the stadium. According to The Post’s Jeremy Olshan, Freddy hasn’t had an easy go of it getting into the stadium.

According to Olshan, Freddy had long received free tickets from Modell’s, his sponsor, but hasn’t been able to secure similar tickets for the new digs. With the higher ticket prices, he generally can’t afford it. Plus, he says, he doesn’t need a seat. After finding himself out of the stadium on Friday, Freddy spoke to the press. “The Yankees say I am a part of the stadium. What part am I, the toilet bowl?” Schuman said. “But the fans have come through. They gave me $40, and even $100 tickets.”

The Yankees told Olshan that Freddy’s denial into the new stadium was a result of “miscommunication,” and the lifelong Yankee fan seemed to be back in the stadium by Sunday. I’ve never really grasped the relationship between the Yanks and Freddy. That he had a separate sponsor than the Yanks always struck me as odd, but hopefully, all’s well that ends well. Here’s to hoping Freddy’s back in the stadium for good.

The online magazine No Mas recently profiled Freddy on video. You can check it out here, and I’ve embedded the video after the jump. It’s a first-person narrative video of Freddy making the trek up to the stadium. Good stuff.

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  1. JeffG says:

    I was thinking the same thing… I couldn’t hear the clanking all weekend.
    They better get this guy a seat. Yanks should take it upon themselves to provide one.

  2. Yankeegirl49 says:

    He was there on Sat as well…I hope the Yanks do the right thing and make sure he is at EVERY game. In fact, they should give him one of the unsold empty seats.

  3. monkeypants says:

    I have to be honest–I know I’m in the minority, but I never found the pot clanging all that enjoyable or inspiring, nor did I look forward to his appearance in my sections. Lifelong fan or not, it is not clear to me why he should be allowed simply to stroll into the stadium for free.

    Now, if the Yankees decide that he is a fixture worth keeping, then yes, they should provide him with a seat.

    • Double-J says:

      Two choices:

      Freddy Sez or Dandy.

      I’m taking Freddy each and every time…

    • steve (different one) says:

      yes, i am equally charming. where are my free tickets?

      just kidding, i am glad this worked out for him, but i don’t get the potshot he takes at the team. sounds like this was Modell’s fault.

      also, if he doesn’t “need a seat”, he can buy the $5 obstructed view seats, no?

      • Yankeegirl49 says:

        I guess he could have at one point, but they are all gone by now. Besides the fact, that if his monthly income is $750 as the article states, I doubt he could even spend for a season package of those seats.

        I don’t think he should just be “allowed” to stroll into the stadium for free, however given his age and how much the fans like him and expect to be there, it would be a nice gesture by the Yanks.

        • I don’t think he should just be “allowed” to stroll into the stadium for free, however given his age and how much the fans like him and expect to be there, it would be a nice gesture by the Yanks.

          Here’s a compromise I think works for everyone:

          He’s allowed to attend the games at the stadium (with no seat, standing room only) for free for the rest of his life.

          In return, he has to donate his knees to Hideki Matsui. They’re probably in better shape than Hideki’s.

      • Double-J says:

        Apparently, you really do gotta go to Mo’s. Hmm.

      • also, if he doesn’t “need a seat”, he can buy the $5 obstructed view seats, no?

        What the hell happened to those “standing room only” tickets the team said they’d be selling? Wouldn’t that be totally okay for Freddy Sez?

        Sidenote: for anyone who’s been to a regular season game yet, if you by an obstructed view bleacher seat, can you not simply move over in the bleacher section further away from the wall? How much security is in the bleachers, do they crack down on this stuff?

        Because, since these games aren’t selling out yet, I’d imagine you’d be able to by an obstructed view seat in Bleachers Section 201 and just slide over to an open seat in Bleachers Section 204… no?

    • LiveFromNewYork says:

      It actually makes me crazy even on TV. I’m not happy he doesn’t have a seat but I’d give him most of my tickets if he’d stop with the banging.

  4. Axl says:

    Where in the Grandstand were you on Sunday? I was there too…and there was Freddy with pan in hand…

    The best is the “If you’re worried if I’m going to bite, don’t be I have no teeth” photo in his flyer he handed to us…

    If they work out deals with the bleacher creatures you would think they’d work something out with a 83 year old icon at the old stadium…

  5. Goosemania says:

    I was there on Friday and so was freddy… in section 110 I was able to clang his pot and grab a picture. Hes the man.

  6. George from Jersey says:

    I saw Freddy on Saturday.

    Also, I was in obstructed view bleachers for Saturday. Couldn’t see the homer(s) to RF. By the end of the 2nd inning we decided to walk the stadium rather than stay seated (bleachers were very full actually. moving over was not really an option).

    I’ll say this though. Why would you bother sitting with the obstructed view, when you can walk the concourse and have an amazing view. We spent the last 4 innings on the concourse at the 1st base bag and thought it was great. Not much of a crowd at that spot of the concourse, but the concourse right behind the catcher was packed.

  7. Axl says:

    Do you think Freddy can play DH or pinch hit for Cody Ransom? Probably just as arbitrary at this point…that way he’ll get to be here everyday too

  8. miketotheg says:

    I love that guy.

    this year we don’t have bob shepard and that makes me sad.

    freddy was tried and true, even watching the games on TV you can hear his rally clangs!!! I hope they can keep the tradition alive, its not like it disrupts the whole shopping mall motif!

    • Steve says:

      Yeah, what is a nice touch though, when you scan your ticket at one of those ticket machines, it has a recording of Sheppard’s “Welcome to Yankee Stadium” play.. it’s a nice little touch

  9. Ben Ross says:

    Shame on both the Mets and Yankees for pricing their fans out of seats. It is no longer a home field advantage when ppl who can afford the games don’t pay attention to the game and don’t know what is going on. If you are going to the game to eat at the restaurants etc, do us all a favor and go to Manhattan – you will be able to get a better steak etc. I heard a stupid woman on WFAN, Adam Shine’s show talking about how she was reading a book at Citi Field. WHY GO TO THE BALL GAME? STAY HOME AND LEAVE THE TICKETS TO FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just my 2 cents.


  10. [...] the new stadium opened, Freddy at first had a tough time getting in, but the Yankees eventually found tickets for him. He hadn’t been as loud a presence at the [...]

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