Meet (most of) RAB at Yankee Stadium today

Bombers draw first new stadium blood
San Fran likes Nady

We couldn’t let the opening weekend at the new Yankee Stadium go by without heading up to the Bronx to check out the new digs. While Joe is out of town this weekend, Mike and I are heading up to Yankee Stadium this afternoon to scope out the scene. While we’ll be wandering the halls before the game, we’d like to invite any RAB reader who’s coming to the stadium today to find us once the game starts. We’ll be sitting all the way up in the Grandstand in section 420B. We’re in row 5, seats 8 and 9. Come find us.

Bombers draw first new stadium blood
San Fran likes Nady
  • DCR

    Does anyone know if this game will be available on MLB.TV for free as well?

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona


  • donttradecano

    Can you guys clarify the beer prices since youll be there? Neil Best says they are $8.50.

    • Joe R

      If I remember correctly I believe theres like one location in the food concorse where they’re liek 6 bucks. Couldnt tell you where exactly tho.

      • donttradecano

        for the same size? whats the point of doing that?

  • John Duci

    Im going to the game today and if i have time maybe ill stop by lol

  • Senor A. Boy

    So who’s going to update the site all day??

  • Bronx Baseball Daily

    I’ll be there too. Maybe I’ll make my way over to you guys. My Dad is coming with me though and he doesn’t like new people so we’ll see.

  • pat

    I’m in 427. Numerically that sounds close to 420B, but who knows.

    • MurrayPresent

      Let us know how those seats are. I’ve got a bunch of tickets to various games in the Grandstand and I’d like to know how the viewing is.

      Does anyone know what time the Stadium opens on Opening Day?

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

        Our seats are in 424 and the view is pretty good. I think it’s similar to sitting in the upper-third of the old Tier Section 14 (between home and third, closer to third). You’re definitely further back from the field than you were in the old Stadium, but it’s pretty decent. I don’t know what it’s like when you get further out into the outfield in the Grandstand, though, I imagine you’d notice the increased distance from the field a bit more out there.

        As far as when the Stadium opens, I’m pretty sure it always opens about 3 hours prior to first-pitch.

    • Joe R

      I believe the even numbers are right field and the odd are left

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

        Not anymore. That’s how it was in the old Stadium, but in the new Stadium the numbers start low in right field and go up in order, consecutively, all the way around until they get to the highest numbers in left field.

  • CJ

    if you guys get a chance can you take a look at the stadium from the last row in your section? i have a plan in 420a near the top and some of the pictures i’ve seen make it look like your watching the game through a tunnel with the frieze hanging low. Enjoy the game guys!!

  • Jake

    I went to the first game last night. As a Yankee fan the new stadium is like heaven. You guys are going to love it. I Sat in 414.

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  • patp

    you guys must have moved seats……

  • Andrew Fletcher

    Ha, I was in 420A, but only sat there for a couple of innings.