Wang to start in Extended Spring Training

Matt Murton: Depth replenisher
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Via Pete Caldera, Chien-Ming Wang will make his next start down in Tampa in Extended Spring Training. Assuming he starts on regular rest, he’ll make his EST appearance on Thursday, and that will be used to determine if he’ll make his next scheduled start for the big league team. That start would come next Tuesday in Detroit, and Phil Hughes lines up perfectly should Wang not be able to go.

Update (5:34pm): Kat O’Brien has more. Wang will throw 100 pitches in front of pitching coordinator Nardi Contreras and farm director Mark Newman on Thursday. Wang has totalled 73, 61 and 52 pitches in his three starts this year, so stretching him out to 100 is important.

Matt Murton: Depth replenisher
Quick Stadium hits: RAB on NBC
  • andrew

    Hopefully he turns all this around this week so he doesn’t miss much… he’s a valuable innings eater who used to give us a shot to win every time out there. I hope he returns back to form

  • A.D.

    Sounds like a good plan going forward, wouldn’t be suprised to get 2 starts down in Tampa, and thus 1 spot start for Hughes.

  • jsbrendog

    come on wang. just turn it around.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      “come on wang. just turn it around straighten it out.”


  • LiveFromNewYork

    Here’s wishing CMW the best. He was once our one dependable pitcher in a shaky lineup and he’s a nice, humble guy who cares for his family.

    I remember when he was pitching a possible no hitter and the guys wouldn’t sit near him between innings and he couldn’t figure out why! I remember reading about it the next day…he thought they were mad at him!

    I actually want him to turn it around for himself more than for us.

  • Matt

    I think regardless of the EST start, he’ll pitch one more game with the Yanks before they turn it over to Hughes. If he pitches decent against Detroit–in the Ponson/Rasner of ’08 vein–I think he’ll get another shot. If that start is another Tampa or Cleveland, then welcome back, Phil.

    • radnom

      I disagree. I think the extended Spring Training start will determine whether or not he starts in Detroit.

      Furthermore, I think its less about results and more about the quality of the pitches.

  • Lanny

    He’ll be making “rehab” starts right after this like he should. To get his confidence back and to show he fixed it. I don’t think they want to see another blood bath til he rights himself a few times.

  • cult of basebaal

    PeteAbe thinks that Cashman is setting things up for a DL stint if the Tampa start doesn’t go well, by stating things to reports like, “Wang’s velocity is a great concern”, etc, etc …

  • Kelly

    Who is Wang going to be pitching againest Thursday?