2009 Draft: Yanks connected to Sanchez

Assessing Wang's 2009 future
Heyman: Yanks can't add payroll (for now)

Via ESPN’s Draft Blog, the Yankees have been connected to Boston College backstop Tony Sanchez in recent days. Sanchez is the top college catcher in the draft and is hitting .354-.456-.641 with 14 homers for the Eagles this season. MLB.com’s scouting report notes that he has a good swing, power potential and ability to stay behind the plate long term. Here’s a clip of his swing, and another of him blocking a ball in the dirt. Keith Law rated him the 35th best prospect in the draft. Sanchez wouldn’t be a bad pick at #29, and if the Yanks choose to go conservative since they won’t receive another compensation pick if they don’t sign their first rounder again, Sanchez is exactly the kind of player they could go for. Given that catchers are often overdrafted because of the scarcity of the position, and the fact that college hitters are overvalued in general, I bet someone pops Sanchez before he gets to the Yanks.

Assessing Wang's 2009 future
Heyman: Yanks can't add payroll (for now)
  • http://www.puristbleedspinstripes.com Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    SJ44 over on LoHud would love this.

    Sanchez is his nephew.

  • V

    I’d be perfectly happy with Sanchez or Purke. Luckily, the Red Sox can only take ONE of the two. Hopefully no one else grabs either.

  • Accent Shallow

    How much stock should be placed in reports like this?

    I’d imagine the Yankees would be linked to plenty of potential first rounders.

    • Zack

      It’s just like the NFL. Teams have ‘sources’ real ‘information’ about a certain player hoping another team picks them and lets a guy fall to them, or release negative info hoping other teams pass on the player. Personally, I dont pay attention to any who is going where until the draft actually takes place.

  • rbizzler

    This report smacks of smokescreen as the Sox are also reportedly interested in Sanchez and have more of an immediate need for a fast-moving catcher and pick directly ahead of the Yanks.

    Although SJ44 may crap himself if the Yanks draft his nephew.

  • Dom

    I don’t like that pick at all if they get Sanchez. We need an outfielder or a shortstop, or even a young lefty stud like Purke.

    • http://www.teamnerdrage.com leokitty

      You don’t draft for need in MLB.

    • V


      This ain’t the NFL. You don’t draft for this year’s needs, or next year’s needs, or the MLB club’s needs in 3 years.

      You draft the best available player. If, in 5 years, Montero, Romine, Higashioka, and Sanchez (if they draft him) (and let’s be real – while Montero definitely projects as an MLB bat, the odds of all 4 being MLB quality starting catchers is extremely slim) are all MLB, starting catcher caliber catchers….

      You make some trades!

      Look at Texas – they have Saltalamacchia, Teagarden, and Max Ramirez. All three are still in that AAA->AAAA->MLB transition phase (the bats aren’t quite top quality yet), I fully expect one to be traded by the All Star Break in 2010.

  • V

    And, while I like Purke’s upside, he’s a High School pitcher. Rarely do those guys make the majors before 5 years are out (Hughes and Porcello = exceptions).

    I’d be perfectly fine with Purke or Sanchez.

  • Mike

    If we can get a talent like Purke it’s an excellent draft.

    • Mike

      he has kershaw written all over him and how much would we love to have a lefty with that kind of potential in our system.

    • V

      Ditto last year about Cole.

      Sucks that we didn’t get him, but Purke would be a solid consolation prize.

  • Januz

    I honestly do not see Sanchez or Bailey as the choice. They have lots of catching prospects and they are supposed to sign Gary Sanchez. If I was going to make a prediction I will say look for a Boras client particulary if Tate drops (Although I see the Royals who have drafted Boras clients 3 years in a row, going after him).

    • Accent Shallow

      Nitpicking MLB draft picks always seems futile to me, since these players are so far from being finished products.

      Clearly the big exception would be passing on a more talented player for monetary reasons (such as the Pirates drafting guys with ceilings of back-end starters)

    • Reggie C.

      Good point on mentioning the upcoming Gary Sanchez signing. Sanchez is supposedly the best Dominican hitter who’ll sign on International market for what’s likely a price tag greater than $2 million.

      However, at 16/17 years of age, its still far from certain that Sanchez stays at catcher. He’s apparently athletic enough to move to the OF. Who knows…

      Tony Sanchez would be a safe pick. That’s why i don’t think it’ll happen. I won’t let myself think that Purke would actually drop to #29, so I’m still going to hold out hope that a high ceiling, local kid like Mike Trout could be available.

  • Drew

    The video of him on mlb.com looks pretty good. Seems to have a nice arm and flat swing.
    Mike, when you draft a 21 year old as opposed to an 18 yr old, do you tend to advance them to the next level at a faster pace? Or is it the exact same slow process?

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