2009 Draft: BA’s Mock Draft v3.0


Baseball America posted version three of their Mock Draft yesterday. It’s subscriber only, but I can tell you that they have the Yankees taking HP Matt Purke. They had the Yanks taking Texas prepster Slade Heathcott in version two, and Cal centerfielder Brett Jackson in version one.  If you’re keeping score of all the mock drafts at home, that’s two for Purke, two for Heathcott, two for Jackson, and one for Lipscomb LHP Rex Brothers.

Jim Callis again echoed the Yanks’ interest in Heathcott and Jackson in the MDv3.0 piece, but added two more names to the mix: Notre Dame centerfielder AJ Pollock and California prep catcher Max Stassi. Pollock is a very good pure hitter from the right side but doesn’t really do anything else well (scouting report, video), while Stassi is a solid all-around backstop with tremendous makeup and competitive drive (scouting report, video). Of the realistic possiblities, Purke is still the best.

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  • Accent Shallow

    My least favorite part about the draft is the amount of time it takes to evaluate one. I demand instant gratification!

    For example, the Yankees 2008 draft looks bad now, but who knows how it’ll look 3 months from now (if a 2008 draftee tears up the short season leagues), 1 year from now (if someone is progressing nicely in A ball), or 6 years from now (if someone from that draft class is a major contributor to the Yankees, or is packaged in a trade for a big piece)

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tADvb3yyhwM Slugger27

      i still hold out hope for david adams… he was 2008 right?

    • Januz

      I agree 100% with you about judging drafts. Even a draft “mistake” like CJ Henry helped bring the Yankees Bobby Abreu. As for the 2008 draft, it does not look good, but there are several possibilities of success including: Marshall, Lassiter, Mitchell & Turley. Another aspect of the draft is this: After the Arod opt out and the Yankees anger at Scott Boras over it. The fact that Brian Cashman’s PUBLIC statement that they did not find Boras at fault over the Cole mess, may have mended the relationship, and helped with Mark Teixeira’s signing (The fact that Tex stayed at Boras’s when he played for the Angels, shows their relationship is more than just client/agent). If that is the case, I will gladly trade Cole for Teixeira.
      I actually think there will be a lot of opportunities for the Yankees to grab “Major signability case” players, because of the poor economy, and teams reluctance to spend. The player I am looking at them drafting and signing is Renfroe, because there seems to be a genuine interest on both ends (The Yankees having him in at Tampa last week, in a year when the did LESS of the Lassiter-type wooing of potential draft picks, is an example of this).

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tADvb3yyhwM Slugger27

        i agree with ur overall point of judging drafts… but i cant bring myself to think we got tex because we have a good relationship with boras

        agents do a lot of work, and they certainly factor in (esp with boras)… but at the end of the day its the player making the choice

        arod wanted to be a yankee, and tex wanted to be a yankee… when they received lucrative deals, it became a no-brainer

  • Doug

    “Of the realistic possiblities, Purke is still the best.”

    and jackson is the biggest reach, correct?

  • Doug

    klaw has stassi as his #1 catcher. wouldn’t he make a good pick if purke’s gone?

    • Januz

      I just do not think catcher will be the way they will go. They have Higashioka, Weemes, Romine & Montero in the farm system and look like they have Gary Sanchez locked up. Nor do I see a Anders-type first baseman (7 more years of Teixeira). I am looking at an outfielder or left handed pitcher, because they have depth issues there. Except if Green falls, they could reach and grab him.

      • kSturnz

        We play in the AL and Anders is a Senior…

      • Doug

        but isn’t the rule of thumb to take the best player available regardless of position

        • http://www.retire21.org Mike R. – Retire 21

          That is the rule, but if you have equally talented players on the board at the time then you take position into consideration.

          • Doug

            of course, but if it’s say stassi vs. jackson, you take the former

      • Mike

        I dont buy that thinking there is probably no more valuable trade chip for a position player than a catcher. i mean look at the rangers they have 4 quality catchers.

  • zs190

    Really all those guys sound pretty good except Brett Jackson, I would be happy with Stassi, Purke, or Heathcott. Pollock seems a bit low ceiling, a line-drive gap hitter with good stroke and potentially a good defender in CF witih good approach at plate and good speed as well, it’s not a bad package, but seems a bit conservative.

    • Doug

      yeah, he’s a high-probability, low-ceiling guy

  • Jake H

    I want Purke so badly. A high ceiling LHP would be awesome.

  • Jake H

    Over at Minor league ball (http://www.minorleagueball.com/) they are doing their mock draft today at noon

  • sic

    damn that purke is thiiiiin!