2009 Draft: Pirates taking Sanchez


Keith Law is reporting that the Pirates have reached (an illegal) predraft deal with Boston College catcher Tony Sanchez. The Yanks were connected to Sanchez last month. This is quite a reach with the fourth overall pick, so I’m guessing they’re saving money to land higher profile players that drop later, or will spend the money elsewhere (international market, etc). They did just save a nice chunk of change thanks to the Nate McLouth deal.

KLaw’s also got an update on how the top 15 will likely shake out.

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  1. V says:

    Wow – SJ44 hinted at Lohud that there were discussions last night with an unnamed team.

    Why is a deal ‘illegal’? I assume it’s just not legally binding, no?

  2. A.D. says:

    Ohhh the Pirates, so basically they went with the opposite of last year, going with the illegal agreement pre-draft, instead of after the signing period.

  3. Charlie says:

    whatever, the pirates have an awful organization. I really hope the yanks don’t take a catcher, we’ve got plenty of them.

  4. leokitty says:

    That’s crazier than the Jason Castro pick by the Astros I think.

    • V says:

      I like Sanchez better than Castro. He’ll be a solid, gold glove potential catcher with league average to above average offense. Not an impact player, per se, but the type of player a lot of teams need and don’t have.

      • leokitty says:

        I’d guess they’re saving all their money for Miguel Sano. Even if they’re putting the bulk of their money into Latin America, I don’t know how much they’ll have left over after him.

        We shall see! This year’s draft + international market is very strange so it will be fun to watch everything unfold (provided the Yankees fare pretty well, of course).

  5. Charlie says:

    slade heathcott seems like a cross between ajax and gardner, only stronger. And i pray the yanks don’t take brett jackson, seems pretty unimpressive. Are there any good pitchers we have a good chance of poppin in the first round?

  6. We might need one of you fine fellows with the awesome embedding skills to embed that epic facepalm Naked Gun Frank Drebin clip to fully sum-up the utter facepalm-iness of this Pirates blunder. I don’t think the Carl Pavano facepalm is graphic enough. We’ve got to go straight to ludicrous speed.

  7. James K says:

    Taking Sanchez that early would be a bit of a reach, but bear in mind they’re starting to see some of their young talent come to fruition. Trading McClouth was a good decision in my humble opinion. Sure, they could have gotten more, but depth is something they need. McClouth isn’t a piece that makes them a true contender anyway.

    Also, they might just get Miguel Angel Sano out of the D.R. and that won’t come cheap. Allocating money toward that isn’t a terrible idea. Over the past 20 years they’ve been an embarrassment but they might actually be developing a decent team. Way too early to tell, though.

    I’m rambling now.

    • Reggie C. says:

      We assume the Pirates keep separate budgets for the MLB draft and International signing period. That might not be the case with this team. I kinda feel bad for their fan base.

  8. Heh, at first, I was like, “The utterly talent-bereft Natinals take a CLOSER with the TENTH PICK?!?!?!??! MULTIPLE INTERROBANGS?!?!?!?!??!?!”…

    But then I remembered that they’re about to get royally f#$%ed on the Strasburg negotiations, and thus, they probably can’t afford to go heavy with the tenth pick, so Storen makes some sense. Kinda.

    Still, though, I’d have to think there’s gotta be some other guys who would sign for slot rather than the ultimate reach of a closer at #10. That’s like drafting a kicker in the first round.

  9. CountryClub says:

    Did you see that Law also said that there are over 90 players who said they wont sign unless they get 1st round money? That has to be good for the large market teams in later rounds.

  10. Mike Axisa says:

    I’m not going to lie, I hope the Padres cut the Bucs off and draft Sanchez at #3. For comedic purposes only, of course.

  11. CB says:

    You can knock the pirates for this pick but it really speaks to the problems and unintended consequences created by a system in which you can’t trade draft picks.

    The problem isn’t that the pirates picked Sanchez – most people feel he’s a first round talent. The issue is picking him at #4. From the pirates perspective they’re stuck. They can’t trade down lower in the first round to pick him up where he would be a better value pick.

    Every year in the NFL teams decide the risk of a high first round pick isn’t worth it due to the ridiculous rookie salary cap given the available talent/needs. They trade out of that slot to a lower one. That’s how the jets got Sanchez.

    This year the pirates felt something similar. No player they could take at 4 was worth the estimated financial risk for them given their resources. But the Pirates can’t trade down in the draft to where Sanchez would be a value pick.

    • Every year in the NFL teams decide the risk of a high first round pick isn’t worth it due to the ridiculous rookie salary cap given the available talent/needs. They trade out of that slot to a lower one. That’s how the jets got Sanchez.

      Well, that, plus the fact that the Cleveland Browns are run by idiots who don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

    • Mister Delaware says:

      Asking for them to, for once, be forward thinking and invest money into a top prospect rather than an Eric Hinske would be too much, right?

    • A.D. says:

      Every year in the NFL teams decide the risk of a high first round pick isn’t worth it due to the ridiculous rookie salary cap given the available talent/needs. They trade out of that slot to a lower one. That’s how the jets got Sanchez.

      That’s not really it. In the NFL teams draft way more on need than in the MLB given that the player should be a starter for them that year. Teams trade down partly for bonus demands, but mainly for value. If the player you want is a later round pick, and you have an early round pick, then pick up some extra picks and get the player you want where the rest of the field is valuing him.

      Thats why the Heyward-Bey pick gets ripped, not because he’s a bad player or a bad fit for the Raiders, but because if they wanted Heyward-Bey, trade down to the middle of the first and try and pick up and extra 2nd or 3rd rounder.

  12. Doug says:

    At what time should the Yanks be picking, + or – 30 secs ;-)

  13. kSturnz says:

    Jets are awful.

  14. Peter says:

    They’ll pay the price for the non pick of Wieters for years

  15. Januz says:

    If this BA list is anything close to reality the Yankees should be in an excellent position: 1. Nationals: San Diego State righthander Stephen Strasburg.
    2. Mariners: North Carolina first baseman Dustin Ackley.
    3. Padres: Georgia HS outfielder Donavan Tate.
    4. Pirates: Boston College catcher Tony Sanchez.
    5. Orioles: California HS righthander Matt Hobgood.
    6. Giants: Georgia HS righthander Zack Wheeler.
    7. Braves: Vanderbilt lefthander Mike Minor.
    8. Reds: North Carolina righhander Alex White.

    10. Nationals: Stanford righthander Drew Storen.

    At No. 9, Tigers are deciding whether to spend big (California HS lefthander Tyler Matzek, Missouri HS righty Jacob Turner), smaller (Texas HS righty Shelby Miller) or a little smaller (Arizona State RHP Mike Leake).
    That would almost guarantee that some combination of Green, Crow, Gibson, Turner, and Purke will be available at 29.

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