Quick Hits: Nady, A-Rod, Jeter, Andy Phillips


A few quick notes a few hours before the Yanks and Mets square off in an overhyped Subway Series. It’s the last weekend of Interleague play.

  • Joe Girardi appeared on the FAN this afternoon to chat about the state of the Yankees. While he didn’t come out and flat-out state that Xavier Nady will not be returning this year, the Yankees are not counting on any further contributions from the X Man. Nady is off to see Dr. Lewis Yocum in California, and an announcement concerning surgery will come soon after that. Nady should be ready for Spring Training, no matter where the free agent-to-be lands this winter. Jose Tabata, by the way, is hitting .258/.333/.320 at AA. Still young for his level, Tabata has stalled out a bit in his development.
  • Also on the FAN, Girardi said that the team will not carry three catchers when Jose Molina is ready to return. Molina’s return isn’t yet on the horizon; he is still building up strength in his legs. When he gets back, Francisco Cervelli will return to AAA for regular playing time.
  • Just one week after the Yanks benched A-Rod due to fatigue in his surgically-repaired hip and promised to give him regular rest, the team appears to be backing away from that plan. A-Rod has started four straight games, and the Yankees won’t rest him against the Mets. “It’s our home city, and I think our guys enjoy the Subway Series,” Girardi said yesterday. “Alex feels good, feels like he’s got a lot of energy in his legs. He feels good, so we’ll let him keep going.” Fack Youk takes the team to task for straying from the plan less than a week into it, and without knowing more details about this decision, I’m inclined to agree with the critique.
  • Derek can now run for President. Today is Cap’n Jeter’s 35th birthday. It seems as though he made his Major League debut just yesterday when in fact it was fourteen years ago on May 29, 1995. The Yankees were in Seattle, and Jeter went 0 for 5 that day. Scott Bankhead drew the loss after allowing a lead-off home run to Rich Amaral in the bottom of the 12th inning.
  • Finally, news on an old friend: Former Yankee farmhand Andy Phillips has signed to play in Japan. Phillips, who has bounced around the league since leaving the Bronx, will earn $400,000 to play for the Hiroshima Carp.
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  1. jsbrendog says:

    wow. the front office is really bad at sticking to plans.

  2. radnom says:

    Time to bust out the “Arod Rules”.

    When Jeter retires I’m going to feel really old.

  3. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    With a tear rolling down her cheek, (at least something rolling down her cheek) Demi Delia says “Sayonara” to Andy Phillips.

  4. Glen L says:

    Congrats to Andy Phillips .. that’s probably a better situation than playing for a AAA team (assuming he’s someone who won’t mind being on the other side of the world … personally I think it’d be amazing to live in Japan for a few years, let alone get to play ball there!)

  5. Tom Zig says:

    If Nady needs TJ Surgery, but will be healthy for spring training, do we re-sign him?

    • jsbrendog says:

      not for what boras wants. but the sad thing is if we offer arb, he very well might except because if he doesnt itd basically ruin his life. who would sign a rehabbing OF who missed the last yr coming off his second tj surgery who costs a draft pick?

      now offering him arb and he accepts and we have him back at the same salary….i wouldnt mind that…or am i crazy?

    • whozat says:

      Depends on how the market develops. I don’t think they offer him arby, unless he’s a Type A.

      If the options are 5/80 for Holliday, 5/90 for Bay and 1+1/15 for Damon + 1/8 for Nady…I do the latter, I think.

      • Reggie C. says:

        Since the Yanks aren’t likely to add another +50 million contract this offseason, the best option could be to explore a trade. We can’t bet on landing someone as productive as Bay, but i think there’s a great chance of landing a younger player. I dont like Nady at all. Why risk another injury-plagued season with him?? he’s not that good to begin with.

        I’d want to keep an eye on Chris Young – D’Backs, and see how he finishes the season.

    • randym77 says:

      Peter Abraham reports that Nady torn his ulnar ligament, and will need TJ surgery. He also said TJ surgery requires a year for recovery, so he’s not going to be ready for spring training, and may miss next year as well as this year.

      • crawdaddie says:

        Another case of Abraham being wrong. A position player doesn’t need a year to recover as they’re are ML players like Guillen and Choo, who had TJ surgery and were playing regularly 6-7 months later.

    • crawdaddie says:

      Yes, he should be ready for spring training if he has the surgery in the near future.

  6. Tank the Frank says:

    The Yankees were in Seattle, and Jeter went 0 for 5 that day.


    • Don W says:

      I was at that game!

      It was my 25th B-day and my buddy and I flew up to Seattle to catch a couple of games. First game was the end of the O’s M’s series, (only thing I remember is Pinella somehow convinced the umps that a Cal Ripken HR wasn’t a HR). Then came the game I came for.
      When I heard the lineup announced I was shocked, I had not heard that Jeter had been called up. I explained to my buddy that the kid was the minor league player of the year and a future star. Being a Dodger fan he didn’t care much. After the game I stayed until they made me leave picking up ticket stubs. They’re sitting in my safety deposit box.
      After the game we waited by the player exit. Jeter walked right past me and signed a couple of cards for some kids. I couldn’t believe that the kid actually had Jeter cards for him to sign! Then Jeter got into a waiting limo. Danny Tartabull got in with his wife, apparently Danny took the rookie out to dinner to celebrate his debut.

  7. Jake H says:

    400k isn’t too bad to play a game for a living.

  8. TurnTwo says:

    I worked in the hospital where Jeter was born over the last couple months…. they have like a little shrine for him in the ER, and from what i understand, they’ve been trying to come back and visit forever, but he’s never responded to their letters.

  9. TurnTwo says:

    by the way, it is absolutely downpouring here in Passaic County. I’d imagine that might have a slight effect on the start of the game.

  10. Derek can now run for President. Today is Cap’n Jeter’s 35th birthday.

    It’s also Chad Pennington’s 33rd birthday today. Appropriately, nobody gives a shit.

  11. Rich James says:

    NY POST is reporting that X needs TJ surgery and will miss the rest of the year

  12. Lanny says:

    Why can’t Monday be considered his off day? The Yankee problem is they actually explain this crap and get into it. Was there a need to even say he’s getting an off day a week? Just do it.

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