Sammy Sosa, nearly a Yankee in 2000, on list of 104


According to The Times’ sources, Sammy Sosa is on the 2003 list of 104 failed drug tests. Michael S. Schmidt relies upon “lawyers with knowledge of the drug-testing results from that year” to unveil another name from the infamous and supposedly anonymous list. As Yankee fans may recall, Sports Illustrated’s Selena Roberts exposed Alex Rodriguez as the first of the list’s 104 tests to be identified. It really is just a matter of time before the other 102 names get out.

The Yankees nearly traded for Sosa in 2000. They offered up Jackson Melian, Jake Westbrook, Ricky Ledee and either Alfonso Soriano or D’Angelo Jimenez, but the Cubs wanted Alex Graman too. The Yanks thought the five-player price too steep and landed themselves David Justice instead. I’d say that worked out well for them.

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  1. Jake H says:


  2. Jeremy says:

    Not exactly the shocking revelation that ARod was, but sad nonetheless.

    That list is probably a who’s who of great 1990s players.

  3. JohnnyC says:

    Whatever happened to Alex Graman?

  4. JohnnyC says:

    Of course, there are no Red Sox on that list. Honest to George Mitchell there ain’t.

  5. Manimal says:

    Shortly after hearing this news, Selena Roberts promptly announced her new book “Sammy”

  6. I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

    I was never a Sosa fan, and Justice really did the job for the Yanks, so I am in no way disappointed that the Yanks didn’t swing the deal for Sosa.

    But it’s interesting to look at the list and see how tough it is for prospects to actually amount to anything. For a deal for a guy who finished with more than 600 HRs to fall through for Alex Graman is pretty funny. And, of the six Yankee prospects, only one turned out to be All-Star quality (and he might not have even been part of the trade), one had a solid MLB career, and the rest were fringe or never-made-it guys.

    It’s something to think about when the trade deadline comes around, since I tend to lean towards the “keep the prospects” direction.

  7. Sucks for The Honorable Special Ambassador Sosa.

  8. I DIDNT DO IT! says:

    Sammy…Yous got some splainin to do….

  9. Charlie says:

    At this point I just assume that the majority of good players during the roid era used. By the way, A-rod’s still only hitting 230. Mike A, in a chat about a month ago you told me to ask you about A-rod’s average in a month. Now we’re here, so whadda ya think?

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      Although A-Rod’s line drive rate is down (which probably explains the dip in average), his power is still there, and his walk rate is up. Numbers are from fangraphs:

      2009: 18.1% BB, 17.2% K, 14.9% LD, .270 ISO
      Career: 11.2% BB, 20.8% K, 17.9% LD, .272 ISO

      Considering A-Rod’s probably not 100% healthy and working his way back, I’d be surprised if his LD% doesn’t get back to around normal levels by the end of the year.

    • John says:

      Still only .207 BABIP (Career .325) and he’s in a slump so his LD% has dropped 3% fr0m his career average of 17.9% to 14.9% but he’s still really unlucky. His BB/SO ratio is pretty good at 27/21 so I’m not worried. He said he feels like he’s just finishing Spring Training so I think he’ll get it together soon.

      A .280 avg. with a high OPS would be fine.

    • ARod, OBP, 2009: .386
      ARod, SLG, 2009: .500
      ARod, OPS+, 2009: 132

    • Observer283 says:

      Dude, seriously, BA is so 20th Century. His OPS is nearly .900. That’s means a heck of a lot more than his BA. If BA was the end all be all, Christian Guzman would have a lot more money.

  10. younguns says:

    Anyone wanna throw out some names of juiced players from the 1990s & this decade who might actually get elected into the Hall of Fame?

    Anyone think Ricky Henderson might have been “augmented” during his long career?

  11. At this point, I wish they’d just rip off the band-aid and release the entire list during the next offseason. I’m not saying this out of spite or schadenfraude, I honestly don’t care about this stuff. But let’s face facts – at this point, those other names WILL be leaked to the media eventually. I don’t want to have to sit through the outing of 102 more players from that list, one by one. Enough with this shit already. Just release the names, implement a heavy-hitting testing/punishment policy so the media can stop whining, and let’s all get on with our lives.

  12. Jesse Richards says:

    I agree with the Honorable Congressman. Rather than go through this whenever someone approaches a milestone or it’s a slow news week, just release the list have a mass apology and move on. That’s Tele-catharsis Kyle. Oh, Eric Gagne and Nomar Garciaparra.

  13. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    I hope whatever lawyer failed to listen to a court order, gets his/her name put on a list too. The Barred from the Bar List.

  14. Slu says:

    Not that it matters, but wasn’t Justice linked to PEDs as well?

    I am tired of all this as well. Not sure why I am even commenting.

  15. Fred says:

    The leaker should go to jail.

  16. Joba-to-the-pen says:

    Didn’t Hank Aaron hit he’s most homeruns in he’s carrer 47 at age 39 in the 70′s?

  17. vinny-b says:

    “They offered up Jackson Melian, Jake Westbrook, Ricky Ledee and either Alfonso Soriano or D’Angelo Jimenez, but the Cubs wanted Alex Graman too”

    wasn’t it Brandon Claussen?

  18. vinny-b says:

    no. Didn’t see it.

    I only remember at the time, Peter Gammons saying “Brandon Claussen will not hold up this trade”. And predicting Sammy Sosa would be a Yankee.


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