Scouting Austin Romine & DJ Mitchell

Planning an ejection to fire up the team
Game 72: Off The Schnide

Adam Guttridge took a trip down to Tampa for THT, taking a look at two of the Yankees’ better prospects: Austin Romine & DJ Mitchell. Guttridge notes that Romine is “well-composed at the plate” but a “mixed picture” on defense. Mitchell was sitting high-80’s with the sinker, had good control of his slider, and flashed a promising changeup. Check it out, it’s a nice quick read. (h/t dan)

Planning an ejection to fire up the team
Game 72: Off The Schnide
  • yanke1313

    I’m a little upset that Mitchell sits high 80’s. I thought that he was a 90-92 guy with great sink.

    • dan

      He’s only been pitching for a few years

    • whozat

      Was this the stadium gun? This guy’s own gun? The consensus of all the scouts?

      I can’t imagine that a college righty with an 88MPH sinker would have a ceiling as high as a #3.

  • Dave

    I know this is extremely off topic, but RIP Michael Jackson.

    • yanke1313

      Sad, also Farrah Fawcett.

  • Ivan

    R.I.P Michael Jackson.

    Im just stun right now. We all grew up watching this man.

    • Henry

      A pedo is dead. We should rejoice.

  • MattB

    When Romine was drafted, wasn’t the book on him that he was very good defensively and average offensively? Guttridge’s comments seem to be antithetical to that, but in line with what’s been showing up in DotF this year. So what’s the real story with Romine?

  • Henry

    High 80’s isn’t a pro prospect.

  • Accent Shallow

    Saw this a couple days ago, definitely some interesting stuff.

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