The economy, the new Stadium and the 161st St. businesses

Offense letting down Yanks, too
Game 67: No A-Rod and no DH

When the new Yankee Stadium opened, two aspects of it had an immediate economic impact on the surrounding neighborhood. First, the stadium’s smaller capacity meant that fewer fans, and thus fewer shoppers, would be hanging around the area surrounding the stadium. Second, the move across the street and subsequent reworking of subway entrance patterns would shift foot traffic from meanderings along the commercial strip on River Ave. to a funnel to the new stadium. Meanwhile, with the economy doing poorly and stadium ticket prices up, the Yankees, while still leading the league in home attendance, are averaging 9000 fewer fans per game this year than last.

Today, WNYC’s Elaine Rivera interviewed some of the 161st St. merchants. As expected, they aren’t, for the most part, doing as well as they had been in the past. Some resent the new stadium with its improved amenities and more attractive dining options. Others feel that they’ll be fine once the economy picks up. Others are concerned about the impact of new zoning laws. It’s an interesting story about the impact a new stadium can have on a neighborhood fans often overlook on the way to and from the games.

Offense letting down Yanks, too
Game 67: No A-Rod and no DH
  • Ian

    I can see a loss of regulars who did not get the chance to renew their partial plans. As a former Sunday plan holder who was downgraded to a weekday plan, it has certainly changed my game pattern.

    Expect a lot of 1st year ticket holders to not renew their plans in 2010, since there is that surplus on StubHub created by allowing partial plan holders to upgrade to the full season BEFORE letting them keep their partial plans…

  • Mike HC

    I think there is a bit of a silent majority thing going on here. Fans that are middle class and not diehard fans have really been staying away from the stadium. It is too expensive to get a good seat, and they don’t want to sit in shitty seats just for the privilege to see a game live. These are also the type of fans who would consume in the areas right around the stadium. The rich types are kinda above that all and don’t want to be bothered with the peons. The poorer types don’t have enough disposable income to blow any of it on stuff around the stadium. I believe the Yanks have kinda lost the casual, middle of the road fan that would go to the game, buy some memorabilia and eat around the area.

    Another factor is that the stadium has so many added amenities, from memorabilia, to team gear, to food, that it became way more enticing for fans to just spend as much time as possible in the stadium, rather than outside. (These are all obviously broad assumptions but I am just throwing my two cents in there)

    • Jeremy

      I agree completely, especially about the peons. I can’t stand them.

  • Raf

    the business in Stan’s has not looked like it has decreased in all the games I’ve gone to this year. Yankee Tavern definitely has been emptier this year, they also raised their beer prices which kinda stinks. it pretty much costs the same to eat in the Stadium.

    • donttradecano

      It costing as much outside as inside isnt going to help business. Isnt what attracted people there was that it was a cheaper alternative to the stadium?

  • dan

    My dad was offered a great deal a couple years ago to buy a Dunkin Donuts (he’s a franchisee) near the stadium, but backed out because he didn’t know how the new stadium would affect business.

  • NJY

    bullshit.. stans has been packed 9 out of 10 games i have been to before and after the game.. went after a W on a tues and couldnt move