Yanks acquire Eric Hinske


Will Carroll tweets that the Yanks have acquired Eric Hinske from the Pirates. Joel Sherman says that the Pirates will receive minor leaguers Casey Erickson and Eric Fryer. Mark Feinsand says that Hinske will be in uniform tonight.

Hinske, 31, hit .255-.373-.368 with the Bucs while playing first, third and rightfield. With a career .803 OPS against righthanded pitchers, he gives the Yanks’ bench a little bit a thump from the left side. He signed a one year, $1.5M contract with the Pirates last winter, and Sherman says the Pirates are sending over $400,000 to cover approximately half of what he’s owed the rest of the year. Since Hinske can handle the four corner spots, the team will option Ramiro Pena to Triple-A Scranton so he can get regular playing time, as well as get some reps in the outfield. Cody Ransom becomes the defacto backup middle infielder.

Erickson, 23, had a 2.25 ERA mostly as a reliever with Low-A Charleston this year. Fryer, also 23, hit .250-.333-.344 with High-A Tampa, playing mostly left field. The Yankees originally acquired him for Chase Wright back in February.

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  1. radnom says:


  2. jsbrendog says:

    o ir eally really like this one!

    Pirates: ML teams AAAA system since 1996

  3. Mike Pop says:


  4. dan says:

    WTF? Two prospects? What exactly do they plan to do with Hinske? And why the fuck do the Yankees want to become the Pirates?

  5. k says:

    Eric Fryer, Casey Erickson would be the prospects

  6. Charlie says:

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????????????? ERIC HINSKE??????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t trade prospects for a guy like that, fuck.

  7. Charlie says:

    tell me that neither of them were good prospects

  8. K.B.D. says:


    Read: this is a joke.

    • Mike Pop says:

      If Bill Bavasi was the Yankees gm, it would of been something like that.

      Thank the almighty Mo, just thank him!

  9. Brian says:

    Is it really Fryer and Erickson, or are those examples?

  10. Zach says:

    in the words of Karl Ravich, “former (team name) great, (player name)”

  11. Charlie says:

    He doesn’t seem like a true yankee. DFA him

  12. I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

    I think this move, while hardly a big deal, strengthens the bench with a Major League-proven guy who is used to playing as a reserve and can be productive (more than a guy like Ransom, anyway). His OBP is .373 this year. Not bad.

  13. Teix is the Man says:

    They should’ve thrown in Pedro Alvarez.
    I keed, I keed.

  14. leokitty says:

    Casey Erickson is uhm a solid organizational guy I guess. The Pirates probably need those.

  15. Mike Pop says:

    Oh no, they also sent the Pirates cash!

  16. Charlie says:

    So I assume he’s going right to the ML roster, who do we send down/DFA??

  17. Jamal G. says:

    More southpaw power at the new Yankees Stadium = Awesome.

    • Jamal G. says:

      More southpaw power at the new *Yankee Stadium = Awesome.

    • Jonathan says:

      I know what you mean…could you imagine what it would be like if we still had Giambi!?! He would have like 27HR right now with 5 on the road, we should see about that. I like Hinske..he plays hard…has some pop…and I think this line up would provide him with some protection.

  18. Zach says:

    I like this move better then giving up something significant for DeRosa, who would only play twice a week

    With Molina and Hinske, who’s getting sent down/DFA?

  19. BklynJT says:

    I must be bugging out, cause I swore that when i first read this post, it was regarding the Yankees acquiring some guy from the independent league for cash. Then I refresh the page and it says the Yankees acquire Eric Hinske…. Am I high? I don’t remember smoking anything.

  20. ArodMVP217 Retire 51 says:

    redsocks (their fans hate “socks”) to Rays to Yankees

  21. Mike Pop says:

    Eric Hinske takes teams to the World Series.

  22. Manimal says:

    Throw out that idea about Shelley.

  23. 21st Century Pittsburgh Pirates = 20th Century Kansas City Athletics

  24. I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

    Funny, for some reason, I had an inkling that Hinske hit the Yanks well (something the front office would remember), so I looked up the numbers against current Yanks pitchers, and they’re only slightly above his lifetime numbers:


    Anyway you slice it, we got a potentially useful bench player for nothing. We have some older guys who could use more rest (Damon and A Rod, mostly). I think this is a good deal!

  25. Jackson says:

    Well, now only one more team to go for Hinske to complete the much coveted AL East quintfecta

  26. Chip says:

    Well I think that will end Pena’s experience in the Bronx until September. Bench will probably be Hinske, Ransom, Molina, Melky for the time being

  27. Manimal says:

    BTW, per ESPN.com the yankees also sent money to the Pirates… Probably the same amount as we got back for Veras haha, What goes around comes around.

  28. Tripp says:

    I’m confused about why the Yankees need another Lefty hitter. Damon, Matsui, Gardner, Swisher, Melky, Posada, Tex, Cano…all bat from the left side.

    I thought that with Nady not coming back then adding a RH hitter would be more important for the bench. (shelley)


    • Zach says:

      Swish, Posada, Melky, Tex are switch hitters

      Damon, Matsui, Cano, Gardner are the only pure lefties and Damon, Matsui, Cano all hit lefties so it doesnt matter

    • CP3 says:

      Dude tex melk swisher posada are switch hitters

    • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

      For one, Hinske >>>> Duncan (proven major leaguer v. a guy who has failed in the big leagues in two different seasons).

      Also, the Yanks have so many switch-hitters that against lefties, they have plenty of right-handed bats.

    • whozat says:

      MLB-caliber lefty (hinske) > AAAA righty (shelley)

    • JP says:

      I think a huge key Tripp is that Hinske can play 3rd. This could be the most important part of the deal.

  29. Mike Pop says:

    If I am reading his fangraphs page right, he seems to be an average to a little better than average defensive outfielder. So, that’s a plus. Not to mention, some pop. Solid acquisition, considering they gave up nothing of real value.

  30. Matty Ice says:

    I would think Ransom would be sent down/DFA’d, no? Since Hinske can play third and Pena could fill in at both 3rd and short?

    • Mike Pop says:

      Nah, send Pena down. No reason to lose Ransom right now when you can just put Pena down in AAA.

    • Manimal says:

      Since Pena is so young, having him sent down just makes more sense, I mean he jumped from AA to the Majors, same with Cervelli. Let them chill as everyday players in Scranton until the rosters are expanded

  31. I like this move a lot.

  32. Mike Axisa says:

    Heh, you know what’s funny? The other NY team is the one that really needed a guy like Hinske.

  33. pat says:

    Cashman and Neal Huntington need to get a room.

  34. Jay says:

    DFA Tomko?

  35. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Hinske’s goatee is crying as we speak.

  36. Charlie says:

    It was mentioned earlier, but what happened to the independent league guy that the yanks acquired?? The article is gone! Did they get him or not?

  37. pat says:

    Imagine how fucking excited Hinske must be. A Pirate one minute then a yankee the next. Good for him.

  38. Paul Bernstein says:

    Why don’t they give Shelly another shot????????????

  39. Don says:

    Tired of this guy killing us where ever he goes, nice useful multi-position bench player that always help contending teams.

    Well done.

    I actually think the loss of him and Floyd has been a big difference for this Rays this year both on and off the field.

    • Tony says:

      The Rays are 1.5 games behind the Yankees despite wasting 10mil on Pat Burrell, having Pena hit .238, seeing their closer and then their closer’s backup RETIRE, and losing their #1 starter to injury. I don’t think Eric Hinske has been the determining factor in their “struggles”

      • Don says:

        Im talking about where they were last year as opposed to now.

        Percival had a 4.5 era last year and Kazmir only threw 152 innings.

        Carlos Pena also leads the league in HRs and Zobrist has emerged as a force, while Evan Longoria is having an MVP year

  40. Brooklyn Ed says:

    I knew it, Hinske would be a Yankee. maybe next season, he will join the O’s. by then, he had played every team in the AL east.

  41. Charlie says:

    I’m really gonna miss pena. Love that kid, whether he can hit or not.

    • Don says:

      I’ll truly know the Yanks are embracing getting younger/more athletic if they DFA Molina and send down Ransom, in lieu of Cervelli and Pena.

      • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

        You want to DFA one of the best backup catchers in baseball? Not a very good use of resources …

        • Don says:

          Molina looked old and slow behind the plate before he went on the DL.

          He looked his age and then some.

          • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

            Well, if your eyes say he’s slow …

            A bunch of teams would jump on him in a second to be their backup. If you are Cashman and you truly believe he’s done, you trade him, not DFA him.

            But, if you’re a really good GM, you don’t get rid of one of the best backup catchers in the league when your other option is a guy who jumped from AA to the majors, has no track record of offensive success in the minors, and has not put up better numbers than Molina’s career marks since he’s been in the majors.

            Players are assets. You send down Cervelli, you get to keep both of them. You DFA (or trade) Molina, you get to keep both. Considering that your starting catcher is 37 (38 in a month) and coming off of shoulder surgery, you need the depth even more.

            • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

              Sorry, that should be:

              You DFA (or trade) Molina, you DON’T get to keep both.

              • Don says:

                Molina had an OPS+ of 51 last year, and in a small sample size is only throwing out 24% of runners this year.

                Is there really much of a difference between him and Kevin Cash or Chris Stewart?

                • Jose Molina, career – .238/.278/.340 (62+)

                  Kevin Cash, career – .186/.248/.287 (38+)
                  Chris Stewart, career – .188/.235/.229 (23+)

                  Is there really much of a difference between him and Kevin Cash or Chris Stewart?


                • Mike Pop says:


                • JP says:

                  And the practical difference between guys with a career OPS+ of 62 and 38 is what? Next to nothing. A run or two per year?

                  Ok, maybe we can count on Jose to hit the last homerun of the first season of the new Yankee stadium, but beyond that, are we expecting much?

                  I’m not arguing to DFA Molina; I just think the criticism of Don’s point is harsh, and a bit overdone. I’d never DFA Molina because he is valuable, and Cervelli can be optioned. But Cervelli might indeed be better.

                • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

                  Thanks for the air support, tsjc.

                  Plus, let’s not forget that Cervelli is sporting a whopping .633 OPS. It’s not like we’re talking about sending down Joe Mauer.

                  Preserve the assets. Keep them both.

                • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

                  JP, the argument isn’t whether Molina is better than Cervelli.

                  The argument is that it makes no sense to DFA a backup catcher with value to make room for someone who is not apprecaibly better.

                  When you consider that Cervelli never played higher than AA, is OPSing .633, and has options left, no GM in the league — not even Minaya — would DFA Molina. It makes no sense.

                  If you send Cervelli down, you keep them both. (Necessary given Jorge’s age and post-surgical status.) If you DFA Molina, you keep one.

                  That’s the argument. Not the one you framed.

                • Don says:

                  How about we look at the most recent large sample i.e. 2008?

                  Kevin Cash – OPS+ 67
                  30% CS, WAR 0.3

                  Jose Molina – OPS+ 51
                  44% CS, WAR 0.0

                  Lets also remember Cash almost exclusively caught a knuckleballer last year. As I said, is there really much of a difference? No.

                  I’ll take Cervelli’s speed over everything else Molina brings knowing I have Cash and Stewart in AAA provided there is an injury. The off chance Cervelli beats out an IF hit, can score from 2B on a single, or tag up on a sac fly is well worth it over the course of the season.

                • And the practical difference between guys with a career OPS+ of 62 and 38 is what? Next to nothing. A run or two per year?

                  That’s like saying that there’s next to nothing between a guy with an OPS+ of 74 and an OPS+ of 100, or between an OPS+ of 100 and and OPS+ of 124.

                  24 points of OPS+ is pretty freaking big. Jose Molina is about a third less productive than the average MLB hitter. That’s bad.

                  Stewart and Cash are TWICE as bad as Molina is. That’s atrocious.

                  Molina is bad offensively. Cash and Stewart are traveshamockeries that bring shame upon their families and the Yankee organization as a whole. Every time Cash and Stewart bat, an angel loses his wings. Every time Cash and Stewart bat, Bill Dickey rolls over in his grave.

                • JP says:

                  Whatever…what argument did I frame? Let me edit, for clarity.

                  I said: “I’m not arguing to DFA Molina; I just think the criticism of Don’s point about Molina’s offensive ability is harsh, and a bit overdone. I’d never DFA Molina because he is valuable, and Cervelli can be optioned. But Cervelli might indeed be better.”

                • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

                  In a way, this is the silliest debate ever, since there isn’t one GM in the Majors — not one — that would DFA Jose Molina. Zero. Nil.

                  Why? Because it doesn’t make logical sense to anyone who understands how baseball works. Players are assets. You don’t give them a away for nothing.

                  Now, a small market team might TRADE Molina as a way of dumping salary. Fortunately, we do not root for a team that has to dump salary.

                • Don says:

                  Oh really, then why did the Angels dump Molina 2 years ago to keep Jeff Mathis around with his mind blowing OPS+ of 56?

                • JP says:

                  Tommie: You are talking about players who are going to play 40 games/year, max, and who seldom hit and get on base. In that sphere of opportunity, Molina, at career averages, is going to get a few more bases than the other players. It does not amount to much in terms of runs.

                  The difference between Cash and Molina, using your stats, means that in 100 plate appearances, Molina is on base three more times. The slugging difference means Molina gets about 6 more bases out of those times on base. If the backup catcher gets 200 PA in a season, we’re talking about 12 bases, which might account for 3 runs.

                  Correct my math or logic by all means if I’m wrong, but as I see it, it is not that big of a difference.

                  Second, I’m not sure that it’s correct that the difference between OPS+ of 62 and 38 is the same as an equivalent difference higher up on the scale. It’s academic nit-picking, but is there a direct, linear relationship between OPS+ and some objective measure of run production or win expectancy? It’s not a given that there is.

                • Don says:

                  Are the Angels a small market team?

                  Is Mathis a better catching prospect than Cervelli?

                  Mathis and Cervelli are both young defensive minded catchers that their respective teams think highly of as future backup catchers to players with more offensive skill (Napoli for the Angels, and Montero, Romine, etc).

                  If it happened once before it can happen again. Im sure the Cards wouldnt mind him backing up his younger brother, rather than Jason Larue.

                • Oh really, then why did the Angels dump Molina 2 years ago to keep Jeff Mathis around with his mind blowing OPS+ of 56?

                  Because Jeff Mathis was a young prospect and Jose Molina was not.

                • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

                  Ah, JP. Yes, I agree with you on that.

                • Don says:

                  Thanks for making my point.

                  What would you call Cervelli? An old has been/organizational filler?

                • Are the Angels a small market team?

                  No. They’re a mid-market team. They’ll spend but they have a budget. Non of this is relevant to the point you’re trying to make, though, because…

                  Is Mathis a better catching prospect than Cervelli?

                  Yes. Hells yes. By leaps and bounds. By wide gulfs and canyons. Mathis has power. Cervelli does not. The year before the Angels traded Molina to us, Mathis hit 21 homers in AAA. He’s a legit future starting catching prospect.

                  Mathis and Cervelli are both young defensive minded catchers that their respective teams think highly of as future backup catchers to players with more offensive skill (Napoli for the Angels, and Montero, Romine, etc).

                  And yet nobody would remotely rate them the same. Mathis is good enough to start. Cervelli is not.

                • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

                  Don, you are making my point for me.

                  The Angels TRADED Molina. They didn’t DFA him.

                  And while they are not a small market team, they do need to look to save money in ways that the Yanks don’t.

                  And yes, at the time of the trade, Mathis was a much more seasoned prospect than Cervelli. He had played more than 150 games at AAA, not to mention a bunch more in the Majors. Cervelli is much less developed now than Mathis was at the time, even if their ceilings are roughly equivelant.

                  And, at the time of the trade, the Angels didn’t have a 28-year-old post-surgical catcher. Going with Mathis as the backup was less risk.

                • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

                  Duh, I meant 38-year-old catcher …

                • Cervelli is much less developed now than Mathis was at the time, even if their ceilings are roughly equivelant.

                  Their ceilings were NOT roughly equivalent.

                  Jeff Mathis was a top 100 prospect in 2005. He was the 33rd OVERALL pick in the 2001 draft. Frankie Cervelli has never, EVER been thought of as a prospect on the level of Jeff Mathis. Frankie Cervelli’s ceiling was never as high as Jeff Mathis’s was (and is).

                • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

                  Sure, one-up me to make my point stronger …

                • Don says:

                  The numbers speak for themselves.

                  Jeff Mathis does have more power than Cervelli but he also hit 21 homers playing at Salt Lake City in the PCL (a known hitters league) playing in Coors like conditions.

                  Their OPS in the minors – .784 for Mathis and .755 for Cervelli while playing mostly in pitcher’s parks and pitcher’s leagues (Eastern League). I believe Cervelli is better defensively and he definitely has more speed. If hes better defensively and has more speed, i’ll take that over Mathis and his career .197 BA and .319 SLG in over 600 lifetime ABs.

                • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

                  I think the Angels GM would disagree with you.

                  If Cashman offered Reagins Cervelli for Mathis straight up, would Reagins do it? Unlikely.

                  But even if you were right, the point goes back to your claim that the Angels traded (not DFAed, by the way, traded) Molina because Mathis was waiting in the wings, and that the situation would be comparable to the Yankees dumping Molina for Cervelli. But at the time of the deal in 2007, Mathis was a far more highly rated prospect than Cervelli is now (as tsjc said, he was top 100, Cervelli isn’t close).

                  Comparing prospect status at the time of the deal/proposed deal, Cervelli is not as highly rated as Mathis. That’s what matters for this question.

                  Throw in that the Yanks have a 38-year-old post-surgery starting catcher, while the Angels had a young starting catcher, and it only adds to my point about depth, since they can send down Cervelli and keep both of them.

                  Again, no GM in the league would DFA Molina, and the only ones who would trade him now to make room for Cervelli are ones that needed to save money (which the Yanks don’t have to do).

      • Charlie says:

        i don’t really want them to do that, just saying i’m a ramiro pena fan.

  42. dave says:

    You can not send Pena down, Ransom can not play SS and is not nearly asas good as Pena defensively or lets face it offensively either. Ransom was a wasted experiment and we need a little youth on the bench.

    • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

      Ransom’s primary position in his career has always been SS.

      Plus, his UZR150 (small sample alert) was better at SS last year than at third (-9.5 v. -19.2).

      Pena has an option left, while Ransom does not. So why waste a player?

    • JP says:

      I like Pena, too, and I’m biased toward having better defensive skills from your utility guys than offense. But I gotta side with the number crunchers on this one and say it’s probably better to have Ransom’s better bat. The potential offensive hit we take with either Jeter or ARod going down is too big to ignore.

      • Also, Ransom’s not as good as Peña defensively, but he’s not exactly chopped liver himself. He’s solid, if unspectacular.

        The good news is, since Peña played already this year, he’s eligible for the postseason roster, so we can use September as a head-to-head competition for the utility spot. Whomever’s hotter gets to be the playoff UTI.

  43. matthaggs says:

    Keep Pena over Ransom, no?

    Pena can run and is much better at the middle infield spots.

    Ransom can…well Ransom can’t really do anything.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Pena can be sent down to AAA where he should go to play everyday. Ransom I believe cannot be sent down so why waste a player on the bench?

  44. Billy says:

    this is GREAT move. i was a little dissapointed we didnt sign him in the offseason. this is a winning ballplayer and we gave up nothing for him. he won with boston and played a key role in tampa’s season last year. im very excited

  45. K.B.D. says:

    Hinske always reminded me of O’Neill. I like.

  46. Mike Axisa says:

    In case you haven’t looked at it recently, the post has been updated with more info.

  47. Chris P. says:

    So we just got Hinske for two 23 year old non-prospects in single A. Why didn’t the Mets trade for him then? Looks like a botch job by Omar.

  48. Billy says:

    i wonder why the pirates still deal with us. we robbed them blind last year and they could have gotten alot more for hinske. maybe the pirates are really the yankees AAAA affiliate

    • ChrisS says:

      I don’t know about robbing them blind.

      They were a losing team that got rid of an overperforming OFer with history of injuries making $4 million and due a huge raise in arbitration, plus a 30+ LHRP making $2+ million. In return they picked up a 4-5 tool OFer that as recently as March 2008 had been a poster child for the Yankees minor league system (and despite Tabata’s attitude and injury list, he’s a 20 year old OPSing .700 in AA with a .362 OBP) plus their current 3rd and 5th starter and a fringey AAA starter just for shits and giggles.

      For what the Pirates were going do last year, they made out pretty damn good. The Yankees received 23 IP from Marte so far and 276 PAs of league average offense from Nady.

      Robbed ‘em blind, indeed.

    • AlexNYC says:

      New York Yankees – MLB (American League)
      Pittsburgh Pirates – AAAA (National League)
      Scranton Wilkes/Barre Yankees – AAA (International League)
      Trenton Thunder – AA (Eastern League)
      Tampa Yankees – High A (Florida State League)
      Charleston Riverdogs – Low A (South Atlantic League)
      Staten Island Yankees – Short Season A (NY Penn League)
      Gulf Coast League Yankees – Rookie

  49. A.D. says:

    Solid bench bolster, and gave up nothing. Not bad.

  50. Billy says:

    cash has done a great job this year. farm’s doing great, major league team lookin good, good moves without giving up prospects. this man has lead us to the promised land

  51. Stryker says:

    the pirates love getting stiffed by the yankees, don’t they? such a pathetic franchise.

    • Mike HC says:

      Hinske is not exactly the steal of the world. It is basically nothing for nothing, except for the fact that Hinske can make a small impact on a playoff team, rather than a small impact on a non playoff team.

    • tampayankee says:

      STIFFED The Yankees get stiffed by the Pirates. We gave them 3 major league pitchers we get a crippled right fielder and a crippled pitcher. Yeah Cashman really pulled one over on the Pirates. Great GM he has won 0 that is ZERO championships(and counting) as GM. He inherited the Sticks teams and has reduced them to runner ups.

      • Nady Nation says:

        I guess the years 1998-2000 were completely erased from time.

      • Nady Nation says:

        I guess the years 1998-2000 were completely erased from time.

      • pat says:

        Good rant, very original, I havn’t seen it ten billion times before. Troll on troller.

      • Mike HC says:

        I think you are being a bit harsh. What roles would Karstens and Ohlendorf have had on this years Yankee team? Definitely not starters, so they would have been two more inconsistent, inexperienced middle relief guys. The guys we gave up in this trade would not have even sniffed the majors for a couple of years. While the Yanks did not get much in return for those players, they didn’t give up much either. The trades actually seem fair to me for what each team is trying to do. The Yanks are trying to plug holes to make a playoff push every year, while giving up prospects that could never realistically crack the Yanks starting lineup.

      • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

        “We gave them 3 major league pitchers”

        Should be:

        “We gave them 2 major league pitchers and a minor league pitcher who wouldn’t have made our 25-man roster, and two of them wouldn’t have made our 40-man roster and been available in the Rule V draft. And, one of the major league pitchers and the minor league pitchers are putting up lousy numbers.”

        And “a crippled right fielder” should be “an outfielder who produced well last season after the trade.”


        • Mike HC says:

          I agree with you, and tampayankees is clearly trying to stir up a debate, but lets not act like these deals have been so great. Adding Marte and Nady last year did not propel the Yanks to the playoffs. Marte did not pitch well last year, and has barely pitched at all this year. Nady has also barely played this year. Hinske is an OK player who will be a backup. The Yanks have not given up much, but they have not gotten much either.

          • Adding Marte and Nady last year did not propel the Yanks to the playoffs.

            Nor did it prevent them from reaching the playoffs. What did prevent them from reaching the playoffs was probably the numerous injuries by other players.

            • ChrisS says:

              What will remain to be seen is what kind of OFer Tabata becomes (Ricky Ledee? Juan Rivera? Manny Ramirez?) and how that affects the Yankees in the future.

              • Yeah, except fo the last part about how it affects the Yankees in the future. Whatever Tabata does or does not become doesn’t affect us anymore, since he’s gone.

                • ChrisS says:

                  You misunderstand.

                  In the future when the Yankees need a starting Rfer and they go to their AAA team and, what? they don’t have a young OF ready to take over? Oh wait, they traded that kid with oodles of potential for a playoff push that didn’t happen and now they have to trade some prospects for another journeyman/former all-star on his last legs.

                  That’s how the trade affects the Yankees future.

                • Yes, but whether he becomes a good outfielder or a bad one doesn’t change the fact that he’s not here.

                  The only thing that matters to our future is how the outfielders we have pan out. We either need an outfielder because AJax pans out or he doesn’t.

                  Tabata’s development is moot.

                • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

                  Plus, trades are to be judged at the time they’re made. No GM has a crystal ball. The question is, at the time, based on the players involved, was it a good deal?

                  I’ve said it before, but even if Humber and Gomez go to the Hall of Fame, the Minnesota GM made one of the worst deals of all time in trading Santana. He got $.20 on the dollar.

                  The Nady/Marte for Ohlendorf/Karstens/McCutcheon/Tabata trade, at the time, was very shrewd.

                  Much of it has to do with last off-season. As it was, we had so many kids exposed to the Rule V that four of them got picked. There is no way Karstens or McCutcheon would have been on the 40-man. So, they were gone.

                  That leaves Tabata, who do to behavior and performance had his stock plummeting, and Ohlendorf, who was already on his second organization and hadn’t put it together.

                  At the time of the deal, it was super smart.

          • Double-J says:

            True, but injuries happen. No one could have foreseen Nady’s arm falling apart this year, its just something that goes on over the course of a baseball season. Had he been out in RF, even if he regressed to his typical season, it still would have been a good trade for the Yanks because Karstens was pretty much a AAAA pitcher and Ohlendorf wasn’t any great shakes.

  52. Billy says:

    our team grit meter just went up 1,000 points

  53. Mike HC says:

    Very nice move. I’m not sure why something like this was not done when we knew of A-Rod’s injury, but I guess better late than never. I thought neglecting the bench was about the only thing you could really pin on Cashman this year, and he has taken care of that as long as Hinske stays healthy.

    • Chris P. says:

      I think this move was done more because of the Nady injury than A-Rod’s, in my opinion.

      Generally speaking (though we did get Hinske for nothing) I don’t think it’s a great move to make a trade due to an injury that will sideline somebody only a month or so. Since Nady is out for the year AND a free agent next year, I think his (or Swisher’s) bat off the bench was wise to replace through trade.

      I really, REALLY like this move.

      • Mike HC says:

        Yea, you are right. I was thinking more towards A-Rod, but it is probably more for Nady. Either way, or both ways, I really like the deal.

  54. MattG says:

    I need the Yankees to come out and say that Hinske will play 3B when A-Rod rests, and then I love this move. I was on board with this in November, so naturally I love it.

    Why did Pitt sell him so cheap? There is a side to this story we don’t have.

      • Sam says:

        …to the first part of your comment. Not the second. A part to the story we don’t know? He’s Eric Hinske… I barely care about the part of the story I DO know…

    • Mike HC says:

      When did a half a year of Eric Hinske become anything of value. Pirates sold him cheap? Eric Hinske has zero value for a bad team trying to completely blow up the roster. Getting anything at all for Hinske was a good move for Pitt. It was also a good move for the Yanks though. These teams are on the opposite ends of the spectrum which make them perfect trading partners for each other.

      • Double-J says:

        Exactly, couldn’t have said it better. Pirates have no use for Hinske, so they might as well get something for him, even if its two scrub prospects.

      • MattG says:

        Except when you consider how badly a team like the Mets needed him, and they are probably not the only ones. Yes, the burgh sold cheap.

  55. tampayankee says:

    Another dumb move from the office of Cashman. Pena is a good player and nbetter than the garbage that the Pirates once again unloaded on the Yankees. 31 years old and not good enough to play on the pirates?

  56. MattG says:

    I think Pena has a real shot to stick over Ransom. Guys have come up as super-Us before, it doesn’t have to hurt their development. Mark DeRosa would actually be a pretty fair example of a guy that spent half-seasons on the major league roster, doing not much of anything.

  57. Will (the other one) says:

    From the comments on the ESPN.com article:

    mphill9623 says:
    As a Red Sox fan, this deal kind of scares me. He is the grit that I think the Yankees lack.

  58. Billy says:

    now the met fans will be bitching to francesa all day

  59. jsbrendog says:

    Since Hinske can handle the four corner spots, the team will option Ramiro Pena to Triple-A Scranton so he can get regular playing time, as well as get some reps in the outfield

    wow, if pena can learn to play the of too and have good leather at all those positions…thatscrazy.

  60. MattG says:

    From ESPN.com:

    Pittsburgh will receive right-hander Casey Erickson and outfielder Eric Fryer for the utilityman. In addition, the Pirates will give the Yankees cash.

    Yankees = Scott Tenorman
    Pirates = Eric Cartman


    • Will (the other one) says:

      Wait…so you’re saying the Yankees will get the best of the Pirates in the short term, but in the end, Pittsburgh will kill the Yanks’ parents, turn them into chili, and feed them to the unsuspecting team?

      I do NOT like this. No sir, not one bit.

      • MattG says:

        No, I’m just sticking to the part where we sell them our pubes. I think that sums it up really well.

        • Will (the other one) says:

          Oh okay. Then I’m plenty cool with that. But if it goes farther than that, game over man, game over.

    • jsbrendog says:

      so the pirates are going to make hank and hal; eat george?

  61. Bruno says:

    Per Sherman:

    The Yanks were trying to sign Hinske as a free agent in the offseason and would have had they been able to trade Nady. But once they failed to find an offer they liked for Nady, they decided not to invest in Hinske. But with Nady now out, they decided to revisit Hinske.


  62. I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

    From the Post article Mike linked to:

    “But the Yanks remain a team that believes in working opposing pitchers and Hinske sees an outstanding 4.05 pitches per plate appearance even now and averages 3.95 for his career.”

    It’s also interesting that, if you believe the article, during they off-season, they were going to sign Hinske if they traded Nady, and that they were going to bring up Shelley this week and send down Pena if the Hinske deal didn’t go through.

    So, while not a monster move, there are a lot of positives to this deal.

    On days A Rod rests, Hinske is a better offensive option than Ransom and Pena. And Hinske is much better than Shelley.

  63. Sam says:

    Hard not to like this move.

  64. A.D. says:

    Love that the Yanks got 400K on top to cover some of Hinske’s salary, not too shabby.

  65. James from Jersey says:

    Hey, if you guys have like an hour to kill at work, check out this dude I found on PeteAbe’s blog list. He’s got a good– but damn, man, LONG– post on why Girardi needs to yank (no pun) Cano from the 5th hole in the order.


    I’m going to send him an E-mail and tell him rename his post “Hey, Ho, DP Cano has got to go.”

  66. Usty says:

    I think Cashman is just trying to fulfill his 2009 goal of having an early 00′s AL ROY winner on the roster at all times this year.

  67. AJ's Chin Music Ensemble says:

    don’t like it. Hinske is another Swisher…without the pop. He has 3 hits in his last 10 games which have been against AL Central…as a BoSux he batted .204 on the season last year so I again don’t see this guy hitting in the AL East. Come on Cash…leave them Pirates players be….

    Marte + Nady + Hinske does not = Jason Bay (who has stepped into the Yankee Killer role since Manny’s exit)

    • A.D. says:

      The Red Sox gave up Manny Ramirez & 2 AAA prospects for Jason Bay. Thus the Jason Bay asking price >>>>>>>> Xavier Nady asking price.

    • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

      The Yanks gave nothing for Hinske, so the question is, when A Rod rests, do you want Hinske in the lineup or Ransom/Pena. I’ll take Hinske and his .373 OBP any day.

      And the last 10 games? Seriously? If we’re going to judge by the last 10 games, we should DFA Tex and give Gardner A Rod’s 10-year deal.

    • jsbrendog says:

      “as a BoSux he batted .204 on the season last year so I again don’t see this guy hitting in the AL East”

      /fail by you

      last year he was on the rays. and hit 20 hr. in the al east. and he has been in the al east his entire career until this yr and his career triple slash is .254\.337\.436 with an ops+ of 100 and career 106 hr (25% of which came LAST YEAR IN THE AL EAST)

      for a guy who can play 1b, 3b, lf, rf i will take that any damn day of the week as a bench player.

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      This makes no sense. What does Jason Bay have to do with anything?

      Besides, you’re doing the math all wrong.


      v(Nady+Marte) – v(Ohlendorf+Karstens+McCutcheon+Tabata) ? v(Bay) – v(???)

      We don’t know what the Pirates would have asked the Yankees for in exchange for Bay. Considering the Pirates ultimately landed the better LaRoche brother for him, I’d imagine the price would have been a ML-ready youngster with star potential (Cano, Chamberlain, Hughes, etc.).

      In which case, I’ll take Nady and Marte, thank you very much.

    • JP says:

      don’t like it. Hinske is another Swisher…without the pop. He has 3 hits in his last 10 games which have been against AL Central…as a BoSux he batted .204 on the season last year so I again don’t see this guy hitting in the AL East. Come on Cash…leave them Pirates players be….

      Marte + Nady + Hinske does not = Jason Bay (who has stepped into the Yankee Killer role since Manny’s exit)

      I absolutely love the passion of this post and the way you twist around player moves and sample results as a platform to blast Cashman and express your frustration with the team. I’m serious; in it’s own way, it’s beautiful.

      But honestly, you don’t believe it, do you? You can drive a bus through the gaps in logic…

    • leokitty says:

      Well gosh Swisher is just terrible so I agree this is the worst move ever, fire Cashman.

  68. Hawkins44 says:

    Does this mean that Cody Ranson is now the back up SS???? This lineup is much less flexible now.

    • jsbrendog says:

      how so? ransom is the backup 2b/ss and 3rd 3b and hinske is the backup 3b, 5th outfieder, and 3rd 1b

      granted if jeter or cano need a day off then ransom plays. but if anyone else on the diamond non catcher/pitcher is off then anyone can play. swisher/hinske can play 1b, hinske/ransom can play 3b. plus as a ph hinske >>>>>>>>>>pena/ransom/cervelli/molina/you name it.

      plus he does what pena/ransom dont do, and that is play of, which gives even more flexibility.

    • Ransom was already going to be the backup SS. He’s a shortstop by trade. It’s his natural position.

  69. Kingjoe793 says:

    Nooooo!!!! so they Got eric hinske ok w.e but whyyy are they gonna send down ramiro pena when he is ultimately better than cody randsom and im gonna leave another one of these comments when they do the same to fransico cervelli because he is clearly better than jose molina too.

    • Tampa Yankee says:

      See above for your answers to your questions. It would probably behoove you to read the comments in a thread before you post something that’s been discussed already like eleventy-bajillion times.

    • MikeD says:

      Both Pena and Cervelli have shown they can help the big club, but both would benefit from addditional playing time in AAA. I would agree we should keep them if we didn’t have other options, but we do.

      Neither had played above AA before their call-ups. Molina is an exceptional defensive catcher and they’re paying him $2 million this year. He’s not going anywhere (yet). The Yankees will let him play out his contract, allow Cervelli time to grow in AAA, and then have Cervelli back up Posada next year. Same thing for Pena. Playing time in AAA will make him better long term, while giving the Yankees a better bat with Hinski today.

      I like to see the kids play too, but I can give them a couple months down in AAA.

  70. Bill says:

    This is a decent trade. Now you still have 2 guys who can play 3rd on A-Rod’s off days so that he can pinch hit and not play the field. Pena needed regular ABs and regular playing time. So does Cervelli when Molina comes back. I know these two players have brought “grit” “energy” and everything else that doesn’t matter, but Hinske and Molina > Pena and Cervelli. Hinske has a .373 OBP this year.

  71. AJ says:

    Is Eric Hinske really that much better than Ramiro Peña?

  72. UNION YES. says:

    Does anyone know if Nady keeps his current type A status despite not playing and having TJ surgery?

  73. [...] deadline is already less than six weeks away. The Yankees got an early start on things last year, acquiring Eric Hinske from the Pirates on June 30th. we have a pretty good idea of where the team needs some help no that [...]

  74. [...] deadline is already less than six weeks away. The Yankees got an early start on things last year, acquiring Eric Hinske from the Pirates on June 30th. We have a pretty good idea of where the team needs some help now [...]

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