Book Review: The world’s essential sporting events

GCL Yanks go hitless
What price Halladay

100SportingEvents Over the years, I’ve seen my fair share of seminal sports events. I’ve seen countless Yankee/Red Sox games, a few World Series affairs, the All Star Game at Yankee Stadium and a pair of historic Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies. I’ve been to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field in 2001 that featured a late-inning Cubs comeback and a few games at Fenway as well.

Beyond baseball, I’ve been to the NBA All Star Game when the Garden hosted it in 1998. Michael Jordan scored 23 points and nabbed MVP honors. I’ve watched the marathoners jog by in the city on many a chilly November mornings. I’ve seen a few U.S. Open matches at Ashe Stadium and even a Harlem Globetrotters performance in the mid-1990s.

“That’s great, Ben,” you might be thinking, “but why are you telling us about this?” These events, you see, are all a part of a new book by Robert Tuchman called The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live. The author, a New Yorker, is a sports travel guru, and he has produced a thorough accounting of the world’s top sporting events. The book is more than just a list too. It features local details on each event: what to see, where to stay, what to say.

A fair warning though: The ticket listings feature only one ticket broker, and the travel packages for each listing all refer readings back to Tuchman’s Premiere Corporate Events company, of which he is the president. Unfortunately, while any author can use his book for promotional purposes, a more thorough tome would include local travel agents and a variety of ticket sources. It is, though, easy to overlook that short-coming, and the list more than makes up for it.

For the baseball fans among us — or, you know, all of us — Tuchman’s list is chock full of games to check out. The World Series clocks in at seven while a Yankee-Red Sox game at the Stadium is ninth on the list. The Cubs at Wrigley Field are 14, and the Hall of Fame Induction — truly a magical event — is 22. The All Star Game is 40th, and Japan’s Koshien Baseball Tournament is 44. Even Fenway Park gets a mention at 55. It isn’t that bad.

Tuchman’s Top Ten events are an interesting melange of sports. The Masters earn the top spot followed by the World Cup and the Super Bowl (but good luck with that ticket). The Summer Olympics are fourth followed by an Army vs. Navy game, the NYC Marathon, the World Series, the Winter Olympics, a Yanks/Sox game and a UNC/Duke game at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

The full list is right here on Tuchman’s website, and the author is trying to find someone who has seen 40 or more of these events live.

So, then, I ask RABers, as we wait for Sunday to dawn, what your favorite live sporting events are. Nothing beats the electric atmosphere at Yankee Stadium in October as the crisp fall air descends upon another post-season game, but those mid-summer Red Sox/Yankees contests are a close second.

To grab a copy of Tuchman’s book and to support RAB at the same time, you can buy it here. Shortcomings aside, it is as thorough a guide to the world’s sporting events as you could find.

GCL Yanks go hitless
What price Halladay
  • Dela G

    i’ve been to many a yankees game (season ticket holder from 1991-2001) , saw wells’ perfect games, and my dad got us tickets to the superbowl in houston in 2004 (damn you tom brady and janet jackson)

  • Mark

    Rangers playoff games with John Amirante singing the national anthem, gives me chills.

  • Evan

    While I attended during the split, attending the Indy 500 in 2003 was one of the best experiences in my life. The rumble of the cars into turn one for the green is spine-tingling.

    Game 7 of the ’03 ALCS would have topped that…if I actually could have gone. I had tickets to the game but couldn’t go. At least I was able to watch it.

  • Luis Polonia

    Honestly, I would rather WATCH a Yankee Stadium playoff game on TV than experience some of the other items on the list in person. The games just have such a special feel to them.

    Football-wise, it’s hard to beat the University of Tennessee. Of course, I’ve never been to Notre Dame (it’s on the to-do list, even if I’m not a big fan of the Irish). Obviously OSU-Michigan and Alabama-Auburn are bigger for a one-game setting, but UT takes the cake week in and week out.

    Most pro football stadiums don’t hold much appeal to me, but Lambeau for a playoff game in January seems like it would be special. Soldier Field would’ve made the list until they turned it into a spaceship.

  • Chicken Underwear

    “I’ve watched the marathoners jog by in the city on many a chilly November mornings.”

    We don’t jog.

  • Jim in Bingo

    Manchester United/Liverpool at Old Trafford.

    The FA Cp Final.

    Ah, see those made the list. As well as a match at the Marcana.

    But I don’t see some other great football rivalries — how bout El Super Classico (Boca Juniors vs River Plate, especially at the Bombonera), El Classico — Barca/Real (either at the Nou Camp or Bernabeu), Arsenal/Spurs (White Hart Lane), Inter/AC Milan at the San Siro and especially the Old Firm Derby — Celtic vs Rangers (Celtic Park)?

    Too many marathons etc on that list — who cares?

  • Gordon

    The Old Firm game is unbeatable. The game takes over the whole country for the week leading upto the game and after the game the fans of whichever team that wins has bragging rights until the next game.

  • DJ

    I got to see the US Open women’s semi-final and men’s quarter-final matches at Ashe from the 5th row in 2000, and it was the greatest live sporting event of my life. Second place: World Series at Yankee Stadium; third place: Yankees vs. Red Sox ALCS game; fourth place: the Palio di Siena (

  • V

    My only Yankees/Sox game at the stadium sucked – was last year before Mussina had ‘figured things out’. He gave up a couple HRs to Manny, and Ellsbury basically stole bases at his own whim.

    The All Star game last year was AWESOME. Though, the pre-game ceremonies kind of overmatched the actual game, though, lol.

  • Accent Shallow

    The only travel he references is through his company?

    Wow, how incredibly obnoxious.

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    I just finished stadium 9, will hit 10 this week, 11 and 12 next year, and just started planning 13 and 14 for ’11. Anybody else doing the Stadium Tour?

    Saw Clemmons in the minors for both comeback tours. AppState winning two Natl Championships. Fenway and YSIII, Army/Navy, hurricane-adjusted LSU home game (tailgating at six am!).

  • Colin Steele-Perkins

    Great to hear about 100 sporting events you must see live.
    Are you including the Olympics held at various world city locations?

  • michael l. goliti

    great book idea