Yanks acquire Jerry Hairston Jr.


Yep, that’s the word from Joel Sherman. He’s a righty and plays many positions. Could they turn Shelley around?

Just as some background on Hairston, he’s a 33-year-old utility man, mostly corner OFs, SS, and 3B. Had an excellent season in Cincinnati last year, but ended up overexposed this season and his numbers tumbled. He’d go along well with Ransom as a guy who can play multiple positions.

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  1. Mike Pop says:


    • That was my exact reaction to Axisa.

    • Bryan says:

      So the Red Sox get Victor Martinez without having to give up Clay Bucholz and all the Yankees can do is get Jerry Hairston, Jr? I hope this doesn’t mean they are gonna go try to pick up Bronson Arroyo in a waiver deal later. Good point made on ESPN.com. I believe it was by Rob Neyer that possibly they are stretching out Phil Hughes. I mean why else would he have come back out for the 9th last night when he came in during the 7th?

      • andrew says:

        Because he had only thrown 24 pitches and he’s their best reliever besides Mo and they didn’t want Mo to pitch in a tie game.

  2. Rich M. says:

    Goodbye Ransom?

  3. JeffG says:

    Well hopefully this will at least put the Cody Ransom days behind us?

  4. Tony says:

    Shelley AND Ransom can gtfo.

  5. Manimal says:

    This would presumably put Pena back in the infield in Scranton, right?

  6. Chili Davis says:

    Good move assuming it means Ransom’s gone.

  7. John Duci says:


  8. V says:

    So, over under at 7 days until Yankees’ fans hate him and want him DFA’ed?

  9. E-ROC says:

    Cool. It spells the end of Cody Ransom.

  10. mryankee says:

    This is it? this is all we did? this sucks

  11. Escobar says:

    Dear Brian Cashman,


  12. mryankee says:

    well I hope this is not it because we need a pitcher not some has been loser

    • Chili Davis says:

      If they don’t get a pitcher today, they’ll get one next month. No need to panic if nothing happens yet.

    • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

      A really good utility guy who is an upgrade and will make our bench better? Yeah, we can’t have that.

      Hairston has played six positions this year, and his numbers are better than Ransom’s in every respect. It’s a good pickup.

  13. Hova says:

    Um, can this guy pitch when Joba reaches his innings limit?

  14. mryankee says:

    No need to panic who you going to get in August and by then we could be 10 games back-I mean that because if Joba is in the pen then who is our 3-4-5 starter-Cashman should know this and make something major happen now-

  15. scared says:

    Mitre will get rocked tonight… there will be panic.

  16. mryankee says:

    Yeah I agree Mitre will be down 4-0 by the 3rd inning-I hope Cash makes the move on Halladay

    • Tank the Frank says:

      People need to forget about Halladay. It’s not happening. I’d much rather see Cash kick the tires on Bannister or Duchscherer. We need rotation depth if (er, when) Mitre can’t hack it and those guys have upside.

      If Duch can return remotely to form during the next two months I would have no problem seeing him take the mound as our 4th starter in the playoffs.

      • Bo says:

        People havent figured out Cashman MO yet which is comical.

        He doesnt do these trades. He doesnt trade prospects especially ones he thinks can become stars or even everyday players.

      • Slu says:

        Duch is no guarantee coming off the injury and is Bannister really an upgrade over Mitre? They both stink. I am all for an upgrade, but making a move just to make a move seems counter productive to me.

  17. Mike says:

    Nice to see that the Red Sox stole Casey Kotchman from the Braves for LaRoche

    • Bo says:

      I give you my poo for your poo.

    • Tank the Frank says:

      Kotchman’s been somewhat of a bust. But he’s still >>> LaRoche. Much more upside. As a Yankees fan, sometimes it seems like teams are trying to help the Sox. I know…I know…

      • Chili Davis says:

        I agree. Don’t see why Atlanta would have made this trade.

      • Hova says:

        Why would you say that? Because they get VMart for nothing? Or because George Mitchell wanted to go after the Yankees and left the Roid Sox alone?

        I cannot wait until August 6th. Let them bring everyone down to NYC. Bring Martinez, Fat Papi, Bucholz, Bard and whoever else they want to bring. This Yankee team is much different from the last time they met. Joba is on fire, Hughes is a killer, and Burnett has been pitching like an ace lately.

        Its gonna be neck stomping time. The AL East will be ours after that weekend.

        • Tank the Frank says:

          Honestly, the Red Sox are the big winners so far at the trade deadline. I understand everything about Cliff Lee, but based on what the Sox needed, what they got, and what they gave up…it’s nothing less than an absolute steal. Period.

        • chickychicky says:

          Yeah, Hughes looked awesome last night. And Chamberlain has been lights out against the Sox this year.

          8-0? Not an accident. Careful what you wish for . . .

          Roid Sox, that’s AWESOME. Did you think of that all by yourself? And didn’t Hairston admit to PEDs . . .

          • jsbrendog says:



            • Whitey14 says:

              Crap, here we go again…..

              Any views expressed by chickychicky are not representative of Red Sox Nation, New England Sports Network, The Boston Red Sox or Major League Baseball and should not be mis-interpreted as such.

              • Johnny says:

                clearly true.

                he said nothing of a desire to make love with livestock and beat women. Also there was no mention of his unwavering support for Al Qaeda or his utter disdain for puppies and jesus.

          • Johnny says:

            hey the publish the division standings every morning in the paper.

            why don’t you go take a look at those?

            also hughes has given up one run in 25 innings, and that was last night, and Joba struck out 12 red sox last time he faced them.

        • Johnny says:

          neck stomping time. I like that.

          I cant wait for thursday. I WANT BLOOD!!!

          2 man enter 1 man leave, 2 man enter 1 man leave.

  18. Will (the other one) says:

    Any idea who’s headed the other way?

    • Hova says:

      Well, they probably wanted Joba, Montero and ZMac. But Cashman talked them down off the ledge with a lesser package.

  19. bebop says:

    Hairston instead of Ransom seems more like it.

  20. Chili Davis says:


  21. Jim Cavanaugh says:

    That’s what im talking about !

    Off to get my Jerry Hairston Jr. jersey in time for the next homestand.

  22. Just had a semi-stroke…..Mayo reported it was A-Jax at first…..

  23. YankeeScribe says:

    Great pickup for the bench

  24. V says:

    This just in: the Yankees are sending Austin Jackson to the Reds for Hairston, Montero to the Royals for Bannister, and Joba+Hughes to the Red Sox for Penny.

  25. Greg C says:

    After watching this guy suck for the Orioles all those years and his PED connection ( they didn’t help- I don’t understand why some guys are blacklisted and others get a pass, though), I’m surprised he’s still around. Not bad for a utility guy though.

  26. BigBlueAL says:

    Jayson Stark saying Halladay to the Angels most likely.

  27. jsbrendog says:

    so 4 pm..thats it right?

  28. Rob in CT says:

    So the Sox get VMart for Masterson+ and they turn LaRoche into Kotchman (WT Braves?). Damnit.

  29. Ray says:

    Kotchman is horrible though, OPS is non existent for a 1b.

    • Pasqua says:

      So is Varitek now the backup? Or does Papi sit and let Martinez DH? I can’t imagine they want Martinez at 1B.

      So sad that I’m asking about the Red Sox plans on a Yankee blog. I just so much want to talk about maneuvers and Hairston ain’t that exciting to talk about.

      • Mike bk says:

        v-mart takes 2 days a week from tek, 2 at 1st and 2 and dh probably. tek 5 behind the plate, 5 for big roid at dh, youk gets 5 at 1st 2 at 3rd, lowell 5 at 3rd not that complicated.

    • Rob in CT says:

      LaRoche wasn’t any good either, for a 1B. These are backup 1Bs. I was under the impression that Kotchman > LaRoche. Maybe I’m wrong… can’t get Fangraphs to load right now and I have to run anyway. That’s minor in the end. The biggie is V-Mart, which irritates me but isn’t as bad as A.Gonzalez or Halladay would’ve been.

  30. WesternYankeeFan says:

    V-Mart in 2009:

    April — .386/.446/.636
    May — .321/.413/.468
    June — .240/.322/.480
    July — .175/.280/.250

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  32. Rick in Boston says:

    Why is everyone overreacting and acting like the season’s over and the Yankees have no chance? Boston added a piece that is awful defensively at two positions (V-Mart), whose production at those two spots is not as good as what the Yankees have there. Kotchman is good defensively, but he’s not a stud hitter – he’s still living off of what he was as a prospect.

    Yes, Cashman didn’t upgrade the pitching staff yet. YET being the key word. There are still waivers, and a lot of guys are going to get through. Why didn’t he make moves? The guys that we all talk about on here were one of two things: 1) too expensive or 2) not good enough, in Cashman’s eyes, to be a New York Yankee; and I’d trust him a lot more than any of you guys (no offense). Hairston gets rid of Ransom, probably, and isn’t that what all of you guys have wanted all year anyways? He’s an upgrade as the 25th man on the roster. That’s all he is. That’s all Ransom is. This year, the 1-9 hitters for the Yankees are better than what the Sox are trotting out there, even after the trades.

    Relax. Step off the ledges.

    • WesternYankeeFan says:

      For sure. V-Mart’s offensive numbers have been in a freefall since he fouled a pitch into his leg. Kotchman’s an able first baseman, but he’s not about to reinvent the AL East.

    • Mr. Max says:


    • scared says:

      So the guys available now aren’t good enough, but guys who go through the waiver wire will be?

      • WesternYankeeFan says:

        Who was available right now that fit our needs? Jarrod Washburn’s first half was a pipe dream compared to what his second half will be. He was getting extraordinarily lucky on his BABIP while playing with an incredible defense behind him. Halladay cost too much. Bannister’s been lights out against bad teams and mediocre against good ones. Who does that leave?

        • scared says:

          That’s whats troubling – there’s very little out there. So where does Cashman go if one of our guys go down? Kei Igawa? Yikes.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      Well said

  33. Tony says:



  34. BigBlueAL says:

    Now Buster Olney saying Halladay to the Angels not happening.

  35. Salty Buggah says:

    You would think being in 1st place in the AL wouldn’t cause so much panic? A lot of overreactions.

  36. UNION YES. says:

    so we gave up chase weems?

  37. iYankees says:

    Yes, Chase Weems was dealt for Hairston.

  38. BigBlueAL says:

    Jake Peavy traded to White Sox again, this time he is supposed to approve the trade.

  39. E-ROC says:

    The White Sox traded for Jake Peavy for minor leaguers. WOW!

  40. Tony says:


    Say what you want about Ken Williams, but he has balls.

  41. Januz says:

    I honestly have no idea what Cashman and company are thinking of. Jerry Hairston jr is not going to help them win the division, let alone the Series, they needed a pitcher. PERHAPS IT IS MONEY. I never would have believed they went cheap, but after spending very little money on IFA’s, and so far not getting many players from the draft signed, maybe their finances are in worse shape than people realize. We will get an idea comes August 18, when we see which draft picks are signed.

    • Januz, I love you, dude, but calm down.

      We didn’t make any trades because we didn’t like any of the prospect costs involved.

      And none of this has anything to do with the draft pick signings or the IFA market.

      • Januz says:

        What is frightening is the likes of the MARLINS were more proactive then the Yankees were. I certainly would not have favored trading Montero (Let alone Joba or Hughes) for Washburn. But I am really interested to see what the motivation for not making trades were. If we see guys like Lyons, Aplin, Cotham and Meade heading to school then we will know that money was a prime motivation.

  42. UNION YES. says:

    clayton richard is traded, who are the yanks facing tonight then?

  43. V says:

    The sun isn’t yellow. It’s chicken.

  44. Yeah. Ok. says:

    Really panic? You think Yankee fans are over reacting due to the fact we are in 1st place? We have been in that spot for 2 weeks, only 2.5 games up. The Joba rules will kick in, Mitre is our 5th starter, Hughes isnt stretched out, Wang is on the DL. I wasnt asking for Doc Halladay but some starter depth might have been smart considering. One injury to anyone on the staff and it will be the typical cashman scrap heap waiver deal.

  45. Cokie says:

    Do the yanks face Peavy in next 3 games?

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  47. Chase Weems says:

    Thank you everyone for your support. Hairston can be a good addition. Maybe the Yankee version of Dave Roberts. I am going to improve and hopefully get up to the big leagues soon. I am going to do my best to have the Yankees regret this trade. They will regret this trade.

    • Jim says:

      Good luck Chase!

    • Tony says:

      “To the fans and everybody in the Yankee Universe, I’m sorry. I’m extremely sorry. We were hoping for an undefeated season. That was my goal. Something Charleston has never done here. That, and not getting traded for a washed up utility man.

      I promise you one thing: A lot of good will come out of this. You will never see any player in the entire country play as hard as I will play the rest of the season. You will never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of the season. You will never see a team play harder than we will the rest of the season. God bless.”

      — Chase Weems

  48. Jim says:

    Okay, so here’s what happens:

    Chase Weems starts off with the Reds Advanced A-Ball team and mysteriously hits .331 with 3 HR’s and 18 RBI’s to finish out the season.

    Weems goes 3-7 with a HR and 2 RBI in spring training with the big-club next season.

    At AA next season, Weems hits .282 with 12 HR’s and 81 RBI’s, and gets raving reviews for what he does behind the plate defensively.

    Weems spends time at AAA in 2010, hitting .271 with 3 HR’s and 22 RBI’s before being called up due to an injury to the Reds catchers. He spends the rest of the year platooning at catcher, hitting .258 with 2 HR’s and 31 RBI’s.

    Then, the next three years:

    2011: (.273, 9 HR, 68 RBI)
    2012: (.281, 13 HR, 80 RBI)
    2013: (.305, 15 HR, 101 RBI) *FIRST ALL-STAR SEASON*

    Weems goes on to be a career .300 hitter with 182 career HR’s. There you go.

  49. Jim says:

    He will, however, be best known for his defensive capability.

  50. jsbrendog says:

    so are there any scrap heap/rehab free agent pichers out there for depth?

    • E-ROC says:

      Mark Mulder?

    • No, but most of the names we’ve been talking about all month will probably still be available during August:

      Interestingly, though, what may change during April is the Mariners are now sellers, and the Brewers and Astros may drop out and sell too. So, guys like Braden Looper, Mike Cameron, and my boy Jose Valverde may be back in play in a week or so. Particularly since they all have nice hefty price tags.

      • jsbrendog says:

        the duke gets claimed no doubt cause he is a pending free agent and cant have that much left on his deal, bannister will be claimed cause he is owed 600000 and then is arb eligible right? or is he still on a team renewal basis? whichever, he gets claimed too.

        pavano? youre better than that. garland, davis, arroyo? 3 people youve lampooned others for suggesting?

        this seems like you’re just trying to talk yourself off the ledge

      • Billy says:


  51. barry says:

    This move makes the carl pavano signing look great.

  52. Mike bk says:

    DJ Carrasco is starting tonight for Chicago.

    With the yanks needing to make a 25 and 40 man roster move for Shelley do they have to waive him to send him back down when Hairston shows up this weekend?

  53. Drew says:

    It’s funny how people hate on Ransom, cry for Cash to get rid of him, then cash gets what is most likely his replacement and seemingly no one is happy.

  54. bobmac says:

    Chase Weems we hardly knew ye.

  55. Tony says:

    Alphabet down for S-Dunc. I haven’t seen any mention of Pabe’s theory on Hughes… that he’s being surreptitiously stretched out right now.

  56. Billy says:

    some people had the same negative reaction when the yanks got hinske. dude hits a homerun every game he plays. i think hairston is a good upgrade over ranson defensively and offensively

  57. Billy says:

    im starting to think that the hughes could be stretched out. he could start in the playoffs, and joba will go to the pen. i would rather have hughes start a playoff game than the garbage that will be available in august. hughes was lights out in the 07 ALDS.

  58. nycornerstone says:

    i had hope of a deal with the reds for johny gomes not hairston

    • Billy says:

      we already have johnny gomes. his name is shelley duncan.

    • Yeah, but Hairston can also play 2B/3B/SS, allowing us to dump Ransom when Gardner comes back.

      I agree that Gomes is a better bat than Hairston, but Hairston probably helps the team more than Gomes does, all things considered. Gomes just duplicates Hinske.

    • Mr. Sparkle says:

      I had hope the Yanks might actually try to get a real pitcher. Instead, we’re going to get typical Girardi crap dealing with Mitre every 5th day because he liked him in Florida. I think we’ve seen enough to know even another team’s #3 would have been a step up…but please, PLEASE…NO ARROYO!

  59. James says:

    Remember how much people hated Hinske? How many home runs does he have in under 20 at bats?

  60. Billy says:

    i saw some jerry hairston top plays and im impressed with him defensively at short

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