2009 Draft: Yankees sign 16th rounder Bryan Mitchell


Via Jim Callis, the Yankees have signed 16th rounder Bryan Mitchell to an $800,000 bonus. It’s the third largest bonus given out by the Yankees so far this year (that I know of). Callis says the North Carolina high schooler “throws a lively 90-91 mph fastball and a hard slider.”

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  • Jake H

    Nice pick.

  • JSquared

    I Like This signing a lot. He’s very good.

    High School

    8-1, 63 innings, 38 walks, 96 strikeouts, .119 BAA, 1.67 ERA 3 CG

    5-2, 45.1 innings, 18 walks, 87 strikeouts, .113 BAA, 0.62 ERA, 5 CG

    • Dale

      HS stats? Ugh

      • Drew

        Would you prefer little league?

    • northern

      northern guilford beat him

      • Lester


  • Drew

    I guess that’s “life changing money.” Good for him. Look forward to following him for years to come.

    • Drew

      “I would say that Bryan would be in the mix to come in and start [at UNC]. He just has good stuff – a good live fastball with movement and he’s got a killer curveball that really sets him apart from other pitchers in his ability to throw that good curve consistently for strikes. It is a pretty hard 12-6 curve; it is a real curve, you see a lot of guys that throw a right to left soft curve. This thing breaks knees. It is as good a curve as you will see.”

      Physically his size and arm strength really set him apart – not too many guys at this level can throw the ball 92-93 miles per hour.

  • Jake H

    I am liking this pick because I think HS guys have higher ceilings.

  • Sam

    I notice that Stoneburner hasn’t been officially announced yet. How sure are we that that’s a done deal?

    • daneptizl

      They might just be waiting on the physical.

    • Mike bk

      i asked that earlier but Axisa said that BA confirmed it.

      • Sam

        Just checked, didn’t see it. The only time I saw it confirmed was on but that was linking here which was linking Nomaas which linked some random newspaper. Haven’t seen it anywhere concrete. Once I see a bonus figure or the guy playing in games, I believe it.

        • Mike bk

          the update i saw on nomaas last night said he spoke to damon and was told it was close but not done which was why i asked this morning in the first place.

      • Jose

        I couldn’t find anything about him signing on BA. By most accounts they have agreed to the framework, but he hasn’t been signed until the results of his physical are available.

        • Sam

          Gotcha. Thanks for the help!

          • Sam

            Actually, I just looked at BA’s list of draftees and Stoneburner’s name was bolded, which means he has signed.

            • Jose

              Don’t take that as gospel quite yet. They don’t have Talerico in bold even though he has signed. Really you have to wait until midnight then we can begin to sort out who has in fact signed.

  • daneptizl

    Mike, if you were to rank the top 7 signability guys by talents, how would it go?

  • jeff

    talerico signed

    • Pablo Zevallos


      • Mike bk

        pete abe…UPDATE ON DRAFT SIGNINGS: 6:28 p.m.: The Yankees have agreed to terms with 16th round pick Bryan Mitchell ($800,000) according to Baseball America. I’ve also been told they have come to an agreement with 21st round pick Joe Talerico of New Jersey,

      • jeff

        its on NoMaas quick update thing and yanks lohud site

        • Mike bk

          there is no mention on nomaas of a deal with talerico.

          • Dale

            I wonder if Interested Reader Abraham is checking nomaas

  • Mike bk

    now lets get thompson and deluca done.

  • Reggie C.

    The money Mitchell received might just be it for this year’s signability class. dont know anything about this unc recruit but Opp must like him as much as Cotham.

    • Mike bk

      well he must like him more since he coughed up another 125K which is what Mariel Checo got to sign, medchill too i believe.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      I heard that DameOpp just had a nice dinner with a nice red wine and went to bed early. So no need to check about anymore signings, the Yankees are out of money.

      • Drew

        haha ietc

  • Accent Shallow

    Looking forward to seeing all these kids in 2010.

  • Accent Shallow

    Actually, the Yankees’ draft was heavy on LHP, but the only LHP to sign so far are Sam Elam, Gavin Brooks, and Shaeffer Hall.

    Aren’t they going to have to do better than that if they’re going to improve the LHP system depth?

    • Johan Iz My Brohan

      I hope Sam Elam turns things around, his stats are ugly right now.

      • Charlie

        his face is ugly right now, too

      • Accent Shallow

        He’s certainly got plenty of time.

        I’m willing to bet someone who’s sucking it up in the minors now (Chris Smith, Brackman, Elam, or someone with a lower profile) will be a major part of the 2012 or 2013 team.

        /stating the obvious

  • Januz

    I would not be shocked to see Thompson signed (They liked him enough to have him meet the team in Anaheim). The funny thing is, that if Thompson and DeLuca are signed, the entire Yankee Draft signings will have almost occured as predicted: Bruno, Aplin, McKenzie & Stiles were too hard to sign. And they signed everyone they could hope to sign (Except substituting DeLuca and Chico for Lyons).

    • Stryker

      apparently the yankees are out of money and the budget has been reached. i’m kind of disappointed – i would have hoped that at least thompson had been signed as well but it seems murphy and heathcott broke the bank. i guess it’s not a terrible thing – i’d rather have 13 of our 14 top picks than signing all of the signability guys they took in the later rounds.

    • Jon G

      Pete Abe says Yanks signed DeLuca:

      • Doug

        yeah, that news was nice to wake up to this morning

  • Jacob

    Im pretty sure Bryan doesnt throw a slider.. Hes like 92-94 on the gun and his curve is ridiculous.

  • Grace

    Mitchell is amazing, he went to my high school…. I’m not a big fan of the yanks but he’s a good pick

  • Bryan Mitchell

    I found out about this kid because he has the same name! Not only that but the same birthday 04/19 of couarse I was born in ’77 and he was born in ’91! Ready to see him pitch!