Report: Angels on the verge of landing Kazmir

By’s Lyle Spencer is reporting that the Angels are on the verge of acquiring Scott Kazmir for two minor leaguers. Pitcher Alexander Torres and third baseman Matthew Sweeney would head to Tampa. Kazmir is under contract through the 2011 season. He’ll make $8 million next and $12 million in 2011, and the Angels will hold a $13.5 million option or a $2 million buyout for the 2012 season. Reportedly, Kazmir will work out of the pen for the Angels.

This trade confuses me. The Rays are just three games out in the Wild Card and are under no impression to throw in the towel or make this trade now. Perhaps, they are wary of Kazmir’s elbow. Jon Heyman claims it’s about the money. No matter what, though, the October picture could be radically altered by this acquisition. The Angels have long had the Yanks’ number, and this move gives them another left-handed weapon for their pitching staff.

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  1. Dela G says:

    Mo, please dont let this happen


    Dela G

  2. jsbrendog says:

    trade for him yourself cash! make it happen!11!111!1!!

  3. Senor A. Boy says:

    Also, doesn’t this make our chances of acquiring Carl Crawford after this year much tougher?

    • Doug says:

      think it might be easier. basically admitting here they can’t compete short-term

      • Yet, according to the BP Playoff Odds, they’re not out of it yet. I’m sure Tampa’s SABR-minded front office is well aware of that fact. Something else must be going on here.

        • Jim Lane says:

          I’m listening to Mad Dog radio and the guest host has been talking about how Kazmir’s work ethic to get back on the field this year was less than stellar. I don’t know how he knows this or if he is credible, but it could be some sort of reasoning. They are taking an opportunity to get rid of a player they don’t want.

      • Jordan says:

        Which is ridiculous. They’re not WS champs this year, but they’re right up in competition again next year.

  4. JM says:

    He has a 5.92 ERA, although he DOES have ace-like potential.

  5. Zack says:

    what’s the word on the prospects? legit guys?

  6. Free Mike Vick says:

    i’m actually surprised it took this long…

  7. Yankee1010 says:

    This seems crazy. Are the Rays going to plug Sonnanstine or Davis into the rotation?

    They’re not getting a whole lot back in return. Is this a pure salary dump? Why not wait until the offseason when there would likely be a much better market? Why not hold onto Kazmir and make a run at the Wild Card this year? He has seemed to turn it around lately.

  8. Mattingly's Love Child says:

    Why did no one make a claim on him? If I’m the Orioles and I need pitching like whoa, I definitely take the chance here. Or if I’m the Twins, needing pitching due to crazy injuries, I drop a claim.

    • Eh, Cano made it through waivers, and in terms of talent, ability, and affordability, he’s definitely >>>>>>>>> Kazmir.

      I think there’s really just not a lot of teams that can take on money. If you’re the Orioles, sure, you need him, but you probably can’t afford him, and he may be money down the drain since you’re not going to be good until his contract is up anyway.

      • Zack says:

        Exactly. By the time the O’s are going to be a 85+ win team Kazmir is going to need a new contract. Teams usually trade off 11m pitchers when they suck, not add them

  9. ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops says:

    Kazmir isn’t that good, otherwise Tampa wouldn’t have gotten him for Victor “Wild Thing” Zambrano.

  10. Jordan says:

    Will Carroll reporting Kazmir to work out of pen for Angels…

  11. Tampa Yankee says:

    Per Heyman:

    The Los Angeles Angels are closing in on a deal for Tampa Bay Rays lefthander Scott Kazmir, has confirmed. first reported news of the impending trade. The Rays reportedly will get two prospects from the Angels, pitcher Alexander Torres and third baseman Matthew Sweeney.

    The Rays want to save the money on Kazmir’s contract and could replace him in the rotation with prospect Wade Davis or Andy Sonnanstine.

    Kazmir is 8-7 this season with a 5.92 ERA in 20 starts. He’s on the books for $12 million.


  12. jsbrendog says:

    damn being in the same division as them. we could use him.

    he is def >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>mitre/gaudin/penny

    and would be a serviceable 5th nxt yr or something

  13. Mike HC says:

    This is not good news. Not good news at all.

  14. Zack says:

    ’3:43pm: Marc Topkin reports that Kazmir remains in the Rays clubhouse. He hasn’t been told anything about a trade and actually thought the writers who asked him about it were kidding.’

    wow that sucks

  15. GG says:

    3:43pm (MLBTR time aka central time): Marc Topkin reports that Kazmir remains in the Rays clubhouse. He hasn’t been told anything about a trade and actually thought the writers who asked him about it were kidding.

    Maybe it’s not that close

  16. Quikksand says:

    Just chalk up another reason why I don’t wanna see the Angels in the playoffs.

  17. Jake H says:

    Jorge Arangure of ESPN says that the deal is done.

  18. Jim Lane says:

    CC > Lackey
    Burnett > Santana
    Pettitte > Kazmir

    I’ll take my chances regardless of whether Kazmir is traded or not.

    • Zack says:

      Santana isnt their #2. Weaver would be starting game 2, but hes been horrible in July/August after a great start

      • Jim Lane says:

        Good call. I’ll still take my chances.

      • Jim Lane says:

        Although Santana is coming around after a horrible 1st half. Essentially his spring training was the 1st half of the year. He could be dangerous come playoff time.

        • Zack says:

          Although he did shut out TB, his last 3 starts were against Bal, Tor, Oak. Tor has an average offense, Bal lower, and Oak is just horrible. So I still want to see more

    • ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops says:

      Correct. The only team that scares me is Detroit because there pitching could really kill you in a short series.

  19. jsbrendog says:

    i ain’t scurred.

    i hope we face the angels cause we will sweep them.

    not only will we sweep them but it will give me a reason to say


    one last time.

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

      i think yo ure rubbing of fon me…quit it! thats nasty! go rub it on something else…

  20. Rey22 says:

    Well… dropped the link..

  21. Jordan says:

    Brent Gambill reports via twitter “Got word the Rays Scott Kazmir trade to the Angels report is inaccurate. No deal is imminent.”

  22. Doug says:

    Done deal: Angels acquired LHP Scott Kazmir from the Rays for 3B Matt Sweeney and P Alex Torres.

  23. Jordan says:

    Now Joel Sherman reporting deal is done and Kazmir is indeed an Angel.

  24. Jordan says:

    I’m assuming Brent Gambill is not Sherman’s unnamed source.

  25. will says:

    I’d seriously consider making a deal, provided that we only have to give up marginal prospects…

    2010 Rotation


    That’s pretty awesome!!!

  26. Reggie C. says:

    i guess this means the Rays have freed up money to extend Crawford at leas another season. thats what i glean anyways…

    If its gone thru indeed, Angels just got better.

    btw. KAZMIR > coke

    • Goldmember says:

      Yeah but he is owed way more than Coke is owed over the next couple of years.

      Zito might be >>>>> than Coke/Mitre/Gaudin, that doesn’t mean he’s a good pickup.

  27. Dillon says:

    How does Kazmir clear waivers? Why didn’t we get him?

  28. Tony says:

    Kazmir has been bad this season. They aren’t really losing anything this year (based on what he has contributed) and the money can be used elsewhere in the future.

  29. j says:

    damn nice move by the angels…

  30. Jordan says:

    Now reports out of Tampa say deal is getting done. Just a matter of time.

  31. Accent Shallow says:

    This is completely appropriate. He kills the Yankees, the Angels kill the Yankees. Perhaps this will serve as a reverse jinx?

  32. Henry says:

    Why do I have a feeling that if the Yankees wouldve tried y
    to trade for him, we wouldve had to have given up someone like Ajax or mcallister at the least. And for victor Martinez we wouldve had to have given up Jesus? Whether or not Tampa is in our division or not.

  33. Jordan says:

    I submitted this tip in the tip box to the right about 15 min ago. I’m sure one of the guys will get it up soon for discussion.

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