Yanks drop an ugly one to ChiSox


In a few ways, the Yankees and White Sox played similar games last night. Both had starters who pitched poorly. Both racked up a ton of hits, including two doubles and a homer each. Both drew five walks. Yet one number separated them: hitting with runners in scoring position, and especially with two outs. The Yankees were just 2 for 10 with runners in scoring position, and the White Sox were 6 for 13. The Sox also drove in four runs with two outs, while the Yankees drove in none. Those were the differences in the 10-5 loss.

Last night we saw the worst of Sergio Mitre. It was bound to happen. We know Mitre isn’t a world beater. Clunkers are expected from time to time. To borrow a term, he’s Ponsnerian. Thankfully this year it’s only one rotation spot. It still stings, though, especially on nights like this. Despite the 2 for 10 with RISP mark, the Yanks did put up five runs. You’d like to see them win those games.

Thing started off so well, too. The Yanks put up three runs for Mitre in the first, taking advantage of fill-in starter D.J. Carrasco. Mitre then proceeded to record the first two outs of the first seemingly with ease. The wheels then came off, and it was a shaky ride the rest of the way. Mitre limited the damage to just one in the first, though he left the bases loaded. He wouldn’t be so lucky in the second.

The inning started off with a walk, never a good sign for a pitcher like Mitre. After another play in which the Yankees pitcher slipped on the infield grass, the White Sox had the bases loaded with none out. That netted them three runs, a sac fly and a two-run single. The Sox capped their scoring off Mitre on a Carlos Quentin homer to lead off the third. Mitre did induce three straight ground outs to follow, but even that was not enough to salvage his night. Joe Girardi had seen enough.

David Robertson, Alfredo Aceves, and Mark Melancon all pitched in relief and faced varying degrees of highs and lows. Robertson pitched a quick scoreless fourth, but got into trouble by allowing the first three batters of the fifth reach, the last on an RBI double. He figured it out, though, getting the next three in order. Aceves pitched a 1-2-3 sixth, but like Robertson got into trouble in his second inning of work. Both walked the leadoff batter.

Mark Melancon didn’t experience those lows. He came in and got Gordon Beckham to finish off the seventh for Aceves, and then handily finished off the Sox in the eighth. Prior to Tuesday night, Melancon hadn’t pitched since July 10. In his two recent appearances he’s pitched 3.2 innings and has allowed just two hits. They haven’t been particularly high-leverage situations, but considering his potential perhaps it’s time to start moving him up in the pecking order. It’s worth a try, at least.

On the offensive side, the only runs the Yanks scored after the first came on an Eric Hinske two-run homer, his fourth as a Yankee. The whole offense didn’t do poorly — they did rack up 12 hits, after all, and had at least one baserunner in all nine innings. It all comes back to their hitting with runners in scoring position. And the pitching. It always comes down to those two.

The Yanks will send their best two at the Sox in an attempt to salvage a split. A.J. Burnett vs. John Danks. Both have been pitching well lately, and we should get a bit better matchup than we did last night.

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  1. Pastafarian says:

    Why have we lost every game Eric Hinske has played in, he’s a curse I tell you!!!

  2. Dela G says:

    we will win tomorrow

  3. To borrow a term, he’s Ponsnerian.

    I give because I love.

  4. yankeegirl49 says:

    Stop the spending and win or lose with class, Yankees hater wins.

  5. V says:

    Man, nice Phillies debut for Cliff Lee. 9 IP, 1 ER. He had a single and double.

  6. jim p says:

    Anyone know the RISP numbers since the All Star Break? It seems to me that it’s been pretty poor, though we managed enough runs to win a lot. (Thanks Pitchers.)

  7. Salty Buggah says:

    It’s OK, we’ll have stretches like this over a season. I just hope AJ acts as a stopper tomorrow and helps start a new streak for us.

    • Mr. Sparkle says:

      It’s only OK when it’s not consistently against teams in contention. Throw out the Twins and the latest series against Tampa, where if not for an amazing start by Joba, they drop 2 of 3, and this team doesn’t look like they can beat any potential post-season opponents…especially on the road.

      Yes, I know the sweep of the Tigers, but they barely squeaked by in those games. The bottom line is the offense isn’t getting it done in bellweather games against potential playoff teams.

      • Salty Buggah says:

        Yet we still have the best record in the AL. The BoSox aren’t so good either against those teams, if you don’t count the games against us. Also, they aren’t so good on the road either (worse than us). We’ve struggled against some good teams but we were unlucky and everything happened at an inopportune time.

      • Chris says:

        So basically, if you don’t count any of the games the Yankees win against contenders then their record sucks?

        The Yankees are 26-23 against teams in the AL that currently have winning record. That includes the 0-8 against the Red Sox.

      • Riddering says:

        …where if not for an amazing start by Joba, they drop 2 of 3…

        That’s the most hilarious thing I have read in a while. Joba’s amazing start =/= dropped pop-up. When a team’s pitcher delivers a gem, the team (gasp!) deserves the win.

  8. acb says:

    pretty sure there hitting below 230 with risp for the season so yeah

  9. stuart says:

    i was informed the yanks are 15th in baseball with a 262 or so BA with RISP…

    there BA with RISP has been a season long issue. hard to complain about the best offense in the game but 2nd or 3rd avg overall but 15th with RISP why????

  10. Frank says:

    Nice summary of the game although you really downplayed Aceves’ ineffectiveness. His location was awful; that’s now 2 bad appearances in a row for him. Hopefully, he’s not hurt and is just going through a slump because if he and Bruney are both ineffective, coupled with no 5th starter to speak of, this team is in trouble.

    • Mr. Sparkle says:

      Especially if Hughes is forced back into the rotation because Mitre has to go and they couldn’t make a deal for another arm. Oh, wait, I forgot they still have Kei Igawa as a fallback.

      • Salty Buggah says:

        We still have all of August to get a starter like Duke. Cashman made a good decision for not overpaying for a arm, especially one like Washburn who would struggle with the Yanks as his tRA is 5.00 and tRA* is 5.34.

      • Frank says:

        That’s just scary.

      • Charlie says:

        stop with the kei igawa shit, whether you’re serious or not. he’s not even close to an option. the yanks would go to hughes, aceves once he gets back on track, romulo sanchez, or even nova before they even thought about igawa.

    • Chris says:

      He was (maybe still is) hurt. I think the injury coupled with the fact that last night was only his second appearance in 10 days can explain his ineffectiveness.

  11. Charlie says:

    “clunkers are expected from time to time” and then “to borrow a term, he’s ponsnerian”. I’m a little confused. are you saying this is a bump in the road for mitre or that he’s as bad as sidney ponson? I’d definitely go with the latter, hopefully mitre will be booted out of the rotation soon.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      He’s saying that Mitre will be servicable but will also struggle a lot from time to time like how Ponson/Rasner did. I also hope that he has to leave the rotation when we hopefully can get Duke. I don’t know how long that may be or if that even happens so I will hope he isn’t pulled our of the rotation by then. That would mean he sucked so bad, like 11 ER in 1 inning bad, that he had to be taken out of the rotation and the Yanks had to throw other shit at the wall. I hope he settles down and gives us a quality start next time.

      • xkevin1x says:

        Why would Duke get through waivers? He is not owed a large chunk of money, he would get claimed before he gets to the Yankees.

        • trueblue says:

          exactly… We are going to be picking through the garbage bin that includes Arroyo, Meche, Garland,Doug Davis, etc… This is why you don’t wait.

  12. Tank the Frank says:

    It was bound to happen. We know Mitre isn’t a world beater. Clunkers are expected from time to time.

    From time to time? Which one of his starts hasn’t been a clunker? Hitters are now hitting .400 against him, he has a WHIP of 2, and he doesn’t strike anyone out so he can’t miss bats either.

    No one cared before because the Yankees won his first two starts. But I sure hope the Yankees have a better plan to get another starter into this rotation. Their best option happens to be sitting out in the bullpen staring them in the face.

    • Charlie says:


      • Charlie says:

        we can’t expect anything better from mitre. he just sucks. he hasn’t even had any good starts in reality, this one just really exposed how bad he is. i wouldn’t even call it a clunker, cause this is what the yankees signed up for when they chose him in the rotation over hughes

        • Angelo says:

          Do you really want Hughes in the rotation right now? With Aceves’s recent pitching slump ( i hope thats what it is) and Bruney still not effective, removing Hughes from the bullpen would be an awful move. Long term, Hughes will start but not this year. The Yankees still have a decent starting rotation, but Mitre has to go sooner or later. Hopefully the Yankees can acquire another starter like Duke.

  13. Salty Buggah says:

    For all of those fans on the ledge (that are still alive): Even after the last two losses, Yankees are on pace for 97 wins.

  14. panic button says:


    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      Yeah, well except for the fact that Moose said at the Old Timers game that it’s not happening.

      But hey, never let facts get in the way of your fantasy.

  15. JeffG says:

    I really can’t get over how bad of a move it was not to pick up a better starter than Mitre. This guy is not only going to limit our chances every fifth day but he’s going to murder the bullpen as well. This is ugly. He’s going to drag down the team.

    Maybe Cash was lax because Mitre hadn’t lost yet. Or perhaps Cash is tied because Hal & co don’t want to spend any more money. But Mitre was lucky to win those two starts. I don’t think we want him facing good opponents. I just can’t believe it. We have a 200 million dollar team and won’t spend anything to fix a broken part. Its like having a Ferrari and not putting oil in the engine.

    Make jokes about the ledge, but I have a bad feeling about where we are going now if nothing changes. I don’t think I’m being reactionary to one bad start either. This is a huge weakness that I thought was gong to be fixed at the trade deadline… now I see it snowballing.

    • Pasqua says:

      I would agree with you. I’m not one of those “get ‘em all” type fans, either. I generally trust the philosophy espoused by Cashman, but I think he missed something here. I truly believe (and have written here before) that the waiver wire magic that everyone expects will not materialize. If anything, you will acquire an overpaid underperformer, instead of just an underperformer. Cash needed to make a move before the deadline and didn’t. In my opinion, it was a mistake.

  16. Jake H says:

    It was a bad game. I didn’t like how Joe used Ace last night. I say this because he had a shoulder problem and I think they should have only had him throw 1 inning.

    • JeffG says:

      Agree. Why push his arm if he is working through shoulder problems? Answer: the pen was short and we didn’t factor in Mitre leaving as early as he did. That is something they should have done.

      Shelly Duncan instead of another pitcher – mistake. Going forward the team needs to realize that on Mitre. We saw what happened with Wang getting blasted early in the season. Mitre is a weak Wang. Plan ahead.

  17. JobaWockeeZ says:

    LOL at the people jumping off a cliff!

  18. Pete c. says:

    If Cashman didn’t get a starter because Halenstein didn’t want to pick up the remaining $600,000 on someones contract, no matter how mediocre. What makes you think they get anyone expensive who’ll get through waivers. That is if I understand the process correctly.
    The thing is, last nights problem of not picking up risp wasn’t the teams biggest problem, I think, simply stated, the team has no 5th starter, with Andy Pettitte as Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde for #4; I’ve read some here state good away, bad home. Bringing it back to the trade deadline Cashman screwed up by not picking somebody competant up, now everyone gets to wait on pins and needles to see if Sergio Mitre can try to be “servicable” every 5 days.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      That is if I understand the process correctly.

      Which may not be the case. How do you (or any of us, for that matter) know what KC was asking for Bannister?

      Generally, if it’s a salary dump, the acquiring team gives up very little in terms of prospects, but picks up the entire salary.

      What if KC was asking for a decent prospect AND wanted Cashman to pick up the entire salary?

      Despite what one would think by reading these comments, Cashman knows more about what’s good for the Yankees and how to run the organization than all the commenters put together.

      • Pete c. says:

        The way I read the story yesterday Hal Steinbrenner wanted KC to pick up the salary. Maybe I mis- interperated the story. But if I didn’t, you didn’t read mine very carefully.

  19. Big Mike says:

    so, mitre is the second coming of kei igawa and joba will not make it through the season because of an innings limit.

    is cashman blind? how on earth can he not acquire AT LEAST one starter, preferably two. i would have settled for arroyo over mitre.

    i hope he is trying to work some magic because this could get very ugly.

    going to be tough to make the playoffs when in september the rotation will be cc, aj and pettitte.

    • scared fan says:

      assuming none of those guys get injured…

      aj – history of injuries
      pettitte – already having back issues this year

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      is cashman blind?

      Worse. He was an unemployed sanitation worker, but Hal felt sorry for him and gave him a job.

      i would have settled for arroyo over mitre.

      Which is exactly why you’re not the GM.

      As discussed in last nights game thread, Arroyo has $17 mil left on his contract. Add in the luxury tax and it’s over $23 mil. Mitre has about $600k left on his.

      While Arroyo is MARGINALLY better than Mitre, only and idiot would take him under the monetary circumstances.

  20. Tony says:

    I’m not even approaching panic mode. I just know that Sergio Mitre has no business starting games.

  21. scared fan says:


  22. Russell NY says:

    At this point I would take Kei Igawa over Mitre.

  23. dc1874 says:

    Mitres next start should be at the old Yankee stadium..pitching against the crane operators during there lunch break..

  24. Reggie C. says:

    Cashman now has the challenge of finding a pitching upgrade over Mitre via the waiver wire. A move acquiring Duchsherer or even Tim Hudson could’ve given this team options down the stretch. Hopefully, somebody half way decent hits the wire.

  25. bonestock94 says:

    It seems like the Yankees are trying to suck with RISP like they did the past few years, and it usually happens whenever they lose. I don’t get it, this team is way too good to be middle of the pack in that respect. I blame Cano lol.

  26. scared fan says:

    Billiona of dollars wasted on this, spend the money on the infra structure and new schools. Stop buying pennants, build a farm system,

  27. Little Bill says:

    I don’t think the 5th starter is worth going into great panic. I do think if they’re going to move Joba to the bullpen next month that they’ll need to move Hughes to the rotation. Once Wang went down in early July, I led the charge to begin stretching out Hughes so that he can return to the rotation. If they’re going to move Joba to the pen, they need to move Hughes back to the rotation immediately.

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