Yanks, Pads complete Gaudin trade


Two weeks after shipping Chad Gaudin to the Bronx, the Padres decided to take $100,000 back in return. It was originally reported that the Pads would receive a player to be named later, but apparently they had until Sept. 1st to decide between cash or a player. So that’s a loose end tied up.

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  1. Interesting. I wonder who is on the list of players if they took the money over all of them. It’s not exactly a lot of cash.

  2. Tony says:

    Damn the Yankees are so POOR now.

  3. Brian! Get me the 100 grand I keep in the executive mens room! Yes, the ones I wipe my ass with, those!

  4. The Artist says:

    No h/t for “Yankee Von Homerdinger”, huh?

    *pumps fist*

  5. Landon Alger says:

    thank God it’s not Ivan Nova

  6. wilcymoore says:

    !!!? … $100,000 for a major league pitcher? Decent one, at least. No player in return?? That’s all?!?

  7. The Artist says:

    Looks like we control Gaudin for another 2 years as well.


  8. The Artist says:

    Of the guys the Yanks have made trades for, I hope they keep most of them. I love Hairston’s versatility, I love Hinske’s pop off the bench and versatility at 3B/1B/OF, Gaudin can start or work out of the pen. All nice additions that I hope the re-sign.

  9. Russell NY says:

    I just saw a fan that looked like a cross between Peter Abraham and Jason Varitek at the Eagles game.

  10. Mike bk says:

    speaking of Arb eligible players it is disgusting that nady has been out the whole year and is still almost a type A

  11. Accent Shallow says:

    Great deal.

    I’d much rather do this than fret over the Yankees losing their 25th best prospect.

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