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Yankees Baseball Rookies

As the Yanks left Seattle to head down to Southern California, the gang from Gotham City joined them. As part of the annual rookie hazing, the veterans dressed up the rookies and a few new staff members as characters from the live-action TV version of Batman. Above, left to right, Anthony Flynn, the video coordinator, drew the Robin shorts, Mark Melancon is the Dark Knight, the massage therapist Lew Potter is the Penguin, Ramiro Peña donned the Catwoman outfit and Michael Dunn plays the Riddler. Mark Feinsand spoke with the veterans about the ritual, and Zell’s Pinstripe Blog has a collection of photos from the clubhouse.

Photo by Ted S. Warren/Associated Press

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  1. The Artist says:

    Sorry, but Melnacon is just way too happy to be dressed up like a cartoon character.

  2. Since when do we start rookie hazing massage therapists and video coordinators?

    (P.S. Massage Therapist + Video Coordinator = there’s a Derek Jeter joke in there somewhere, I’m sure of it.)

  3. Bob Stone says:

    I think there’s Hideki Matsui joke in therewith that combination. All you need to add is Tera Patrick.

  4. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    “Sure, the Yankees rookies may have done the Wizard of Oz theme before – but they didn’t do it with Junichi Tazawa’s beautiful flowing Dorothy locks. Advantage: Red Sox.”;300.jpg

    Anyway, Bard looks a little too happy to be wearing that…

    and Dustin Pedroia is holding his baby if anyone is interested.

    videos included.

  5. That picture tells me one important thing: These Yankees have horrible clubhouse chemistry. Good thing Cashman’s style is on the way out.

  6. JRVJ says:

    I would have thought Frankie Cervelli would be part of this year’s hazing.

  7. Salty Buggah says:

    Whoa, they were dressed like pimps one year? Awesome

  8. Riddering says:

    Thank Montero that the Yanks decided to go with Adam West’s Batman rather than Frank Miller’s.

  9. Kiko Jones says:

    Does anyone ever refuse/resist the hazing? I mean, there’s no way in hell I would go for that nonsense.

    Then again, I’m here posting instead of being on the Yankees, so…

    • Colombo says:

      It’s all part of being a rookie. Everyone does it, and the theme changes every year. Saying there’s no way in hell you’d do it isn’t considering the nature of the clubhouse and being on the team.

      Also, just try to tell CC, AJ, Swish and Tex that you think it’s nonsense. They’ll sick Jorge and Shelley on you…

  10. Jim says:

    Does anyone else find this undignified and below the Yankees? Come on, can you imagine Joe DiMaggio dressing up as a cartoon character? Also – why is there always someone forced to cross-dress? I swear there is some homoerotic undercurrent that runs through all of profesional sports. Maybe they should focus on winning a couple of more games so they can lock up the division and best record in the AL.

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