Yanks to start, end 2010 in Boston


While the Yankees still have 17 games left to play this season, Major League Baseball has released the master schedule for 2010. Already, the news wires are abuzz with Yankee news as the Bombers begin and end their 2010 campaign in Boston. As the AP reports, it is just the fifth time in 50 years that the two clubs bookend the season in a rivalry face-off.

I have to question the wisdom of an Opening Day match-up between the two archrivals. While the game is currently set for Monday, April 5, ESPN is making noises of a switch. The Worldwide Leader wants their ratings bonanza for Opening Night, and the network could force a move of that game to Sunday night. At 8 p.m. on April 4, 2009, it was 44 degrees outside in Boston. Furthermore, from a business perspective, Opening Day doesn’t need the extra boost of a Yankees/Red Sox series, and burning a three-game set early on means reduced ratings in May or June.

After Boston, the Yanks head to Tampa for three games before hosting the Angels in the home opener on April 13. For the first month, the Yanks play just seven games in the Bronx and 15 on the road. With a West Coast swing to Anaheim and Oakland, it will be a tough month indeed.

In May, the Yanks again journey up to Boston for a weekend series in Fenway (May 7-9), and then Boston returns the favor with a two-game set on May 17 and 18. They play the Mets at Citi Field from May 21-23 before making their first trip to the new outdoor stadium in Minnesota on May 25. By then, it should be warm enough to play baseball without a roof in Minneapolis.

In June, Interleague Play again dominates. The Yanks play the Astros, Phillies and Mets at home while journeying to Arizona and Los Angeles. Joe Torre’s first trip to the new Yankee Stadium, if it doesn’t arrive next month, won’t come in 2010, but that June 25-27 series will make his first regular season games against his old team. The Sox meanwhile play the Rockies and Giants on the road. I’d rather play the Astros and D-backs.

In July, the Yanks suffer through their third West Coast swing of the season and second in the span of three weeks. Before the All Star Break, they play Oakland and Seattle. As a reward, though, the team gets a fourth day off for the All Star Break.

The dog days of August are highlighted by a four-game set with the Red Sox from August 6-9. The Yanks play 16 home games that month and another 16 in September. Considering how the Yanks have played this summer at home, I’ll take that benefit during a potential stretch drive. The Yankees end their home schedule with a weekend series against the Red Sox (Sept. 24-26) before a road trip to Toronto and Boston. There will be no mid-September cross-country journeys in 2010, and the Yanks wrap up the West Coast part of the season before the All Star Break. Sounds good to me.

Click here for the full 2010 preliminary schedule. The link opens in a new window. In the non-baseball realm, The Times reports that Yankee Stadium will host an NCAA bowl game in 2010. The Yankee Bowl would pit the 7th place Big 12 team against either the 3rd or 4th place Big East team.

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  1. Mike Axisa says:

    That April schedule is pretty brutal.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Its odd how they play 6 of 8 games against the Angels in April.

    • Let's Talk About Tex Baby says:

      I don’t mind it. The Yankees play badly in April anyway so might as well get those tough trips out of the way

    • JGS says:

      yea, but until after the break when the Yankees went on a tear I was really worried about that trip to LA next week. Next year, there will be no such trip looming. get the Angels out of the way quickly

      considering who they are playing and how they tend to start off years, if they finish that month over .500, look out

  2. Rob J. says:

    Another idiotic decision by the geniuses who run baseball. Yeah, yeah, I know some are gonna say it’s done randomly, but even if that’s the case switch it. Why waste a series the first 3 games?
    Plus, did anyone else hear that pompous jerk Fatcesa sitting on the radio, almost making it seem like he’s trying to turn away listeners, by breaking down the schedules of the Met’s and Yanks for next year. Utterly ridiculous!!!

  3. Free Mike Vick says:

    i don’t like the schedule at all…and looking at the red sox…their schedule is easier.

    but the red sox also have some brutal stretches…like 29 games in 30 days from July into August. 10 of those games on a west coast trip with no days off.

    • I don’t think the Sox’s schedule is really easier. Outside of Interleague Play, the schedules are mostly similar, and the Yanks have two easier Interleague opponents in Arizona and Houston than the Red Sox have in the Giants and Rockies. The Red Sox also play the Phillies six times while the Yanks draw the Mets in those six games.

  4. AndrewYF says:

    This schedule looks to be the same kind the Yankees had this year. A tough stretch to start out, then relative easy street.

    Of course, the September push will most likely be made more interesting given that the Yankees have 6 games against the Sox near the end of the season, so nothing will be truly clinched or lost until then.

  5. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    “The Yankee Bowl”. Nothing like an Iowa State/Louisville matchup. Should be exciting.

  6. Rick in Boston says:

    Looking at last year’s college football standings, that bowl game would have been Kansas vs. either West Virginia or Rutgers; not a bad game either way. Definitely would have sold out the approximately 47,000 seats that the MSM is reporting the Stadium will have for football.

  7. Frank says:

    I find it odd they play the Phillies at home again after hosting them this year.

  8. Ed says:

    I like the fact that from September 3rd onwards, they only have 3 games that aren’t against AL East teams. I always liked it better when they’re playing their direct competition at the end.

  9. CanoFTW says:

    If we’re going to end up winning the AL East this year, why are we starting and ending our season in Boston? Shouldn’t we get at least one of those series at NYS?

  10. CanoFTW says:

    Wow that’s a pretty brutal April for the Yankees. First four series against Boston, Tampa, Anaheim, and Texas – then a west coast road trip that includes Anaheim again.

    • “Wow that’s a pretty brutal awesome April for the Yankees. First four series against Boston, Tampa, Anaheim, and Texas – then a west coast road trip that includes Anaheim again. Awesome that we get to put our boot in these scrubs throats right away and build an insurmountable lead from the beginnning, and break the league’s will by June.

  11. Bo says:

    Great job by the marketing people at MLB. Real great move releasing the 2010 schedule in the middle of Sept. Wouldnt Nov 15 be a little better?? Cant they learn anything from the NFL?

  12. The Yankee Bowl would pit the 7th place Big 12 team against either the 3rd or 4th place Big East team.

    Can’t we just call it “These Teams are So Bad that this Game Will be Unintentionally Entertaining” Bowl?

  13. Now that we’ve got the YankeeBowl wrapped up, there’s only one thing left to do:

    Tyson-Secretariat I.

  14. Sweet Lou says:

    Somebody better let those sons of bitches in Houston know that we’re coming after them…

  15. Little Bill says:

    They need to scrap interleague play and play more games within the league. Interleague play was a horrible invention and it sucks even more now. Matchups like Yankees-Dodgers will attract a big crowd, but there are a lot more games that people don’t care about at all.

  16. Kiersten says:

    That’s dumb to start and end in Boston. Wouldn’t it make more sense for one series to be in NY and one in Boston?
    And NL West interleague series are lame.

  17. steve s says:

    The Yanks will just have to have their WS ring ceremony in Fenway on Opening Day 2010. I’m sure Henry will make sure they don’t open in Bos again for awhile after that!

    • Makavelli says:

      They won’t have their World Series celebration until they go back to New York in front of their own fans. Accepting World Series rings in front of fans that hate you more than any other…isn’t exactly a “celebration” after all now is it lol

      • You gotta admit, though, it would be fucking AWESOME.

        Red Sox PA Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please wait patiently while your archrivals present themselves with the title jewelry that you so desperately wanted but did not get, right in front of your faces. This should only take a half-hour or so.

        • Mattingly's Love Child says:

          That would be one of the best things ever!

          The team could just lineup in front of the dugout and Hank can pass out League Championship rings. Then the Yankees could spit on them and smash them into the Fenway clay.

        • jsbrendog says:

          i think i just…jizzed… pants

      • steve s says:

        On the contrary I couldn’t think of a better place to do it or a more deserving audience to watch it. The ultimate public diss!

  18. Makavelli says:

    Why do the Red Sox get to finish 4 seasons in a row in at home in Boston and the Yankees finish 3 out of the past 4 seasons on the road?? Including the final season of the historical landmark known as Yankee Stadium…

    What’s going on here????

    • I don’t see why this is a big deal. The Yankees play 81 games at home; the Red Sox play 81 games at home. You’re arguing more for symbolism than for anything else really.

      • Makavelli says:

        When playing softball or wiffleball…why argue about “home-field advantage” or getting “last ups”…because, by your statistics, you play the same amount of innings anyways so it doesn’t matter one bit…right?

        • This response to that statement does not make sense, Makavelli.

          • Makavelli says:

            His reasoning for why it doesn’t matter was because “The Yankees play 81 games at home; the Red Sox play 81 games at home.” So it doesn’t matter. I brought up something else in which people like “last ups” in…even though both teams play the same amount of innings.

            If things are going down the wire…and the Red Sox have a big road trip while the Yankees have a homestand…I like that a lot. Regardless of them having the same amount of home games no matter what…that’s all. Them going into a long road trip…then into ANOTHER one, so to speak, if they’re the wild card team…making it even longer at the end…that’s a lot better to me anyway.

            • “I brought up something else in which people like ‘last ups’ in…even though both teams play the same amount of innings.”

              But each team still gets “last ups” the same number of times.

              “If things are going down the wire…and the Red Sox have a big road trip while the Yankees have a homestand…I like that a lot. Regardless of them having the same amount of home games no matter what…that’s all.”

              Of course, if the race is close, we’d prefer to have more home games remaining than our divisional opponent. But, assuming the Sox have more home games remaining later in the season than the Yankees, the Yankees should be ahead in the race already at that point in time, right? If they’re not, then they haven’t done their job. At the end of the season, every team plays the same number of games as a home team and as a road team, with relatively very slight variations in how many of those home games are players in any given month of the season. Every team travels the same distance to get to the finish line.

              • Makavelli says:

                Presumably you may be right…but then you can take into play the factors of each of the players…having all those home games in April where Sabathia, Teixeira, etc. are all trying to get into a groove…or Derek Jeter or whoever else MAY have better career numbers? As opposed to the month before where they may not? I’m not saying this is the case with the Yankees but it could be a factor…

                • Yeah, and it could be a factor if it’s cold, or hot, or humid, or raining, or if CC Sabathia had too big a breakfast and feels nauseous, or Jonathan Papelbon forgot to take the dildo out of his mouth before emerging from the bullpen… Point being, there are an unlimited number of factors that go into this stuff. They each play the same number of games at home and on the road. For all we know, the Yankees will be up by 10 games already before that last series in 2010 and the home-field advantage will mean absolutely nothing to the Sox, in which case they’ll be left wishing that series had been scheduled earlier in the season, right? They each travel the same distance to get to the finish line, once you start looking for every possible variable that may affect games over a year from now you’re just going too far.

        • But that’s not what’s happening here. The Yankees and the Red Sox will play the same number of innings at home and on the road next year.

        • That doesn’t make sense. You’re talking about home field advantage as the game is played, and I’m talking about equity in the number of games played. Apples to oranges, my friend.

          • Makavelli says:

            “Last ups” as the game is played is very similar to “Last ups” as the season is ending. I don’t see THAT big of a difference…

            • No. It’s not. It’s very different in fact.

              “Last ups” in a game gives the home team one last chance to escape losing or to win the game. “Last ups” in the season just balances out the schedule. It may favor the home team if the home team plays well at home, but at that point in the season, the schedule will be unbalanced. The Yankees will have played 81 games at home and 78 on the road while the Sox will have played 78 at home and 81 on the road. It evens the games out whereas “last ups” is a homefield advantage.

              I guess you could say that last ups “evens out” the a 9-inning game, but it’s a tenuous analogy.

              • “The Yankees will have played 81 games at home and 78 on the road while the Sox will have played 78 at home and 81 on the road. It evens the games out whereas “last ups” is a homefield advantage.”

                Right… The Yanks will already have experienced an advantage before that last series begins, that series just evens things back out.

                • Makavelli says:

                  Yes, but having a lead knowing that you’re finishing in the comforts of your own home while the person behind you is finishing on the road is more soothing than having a lead and having to play the remainder of the games on the road while the team behind you finishes at home (especially a team like the Red Sox who were specifically tailored to play at home)

                • Ok, but how about this… To me, the most important thing is having the lead in the race, right? I’m pretty sure we all agree on that point. Now, under which schedule are the Yankees most likely to have the lead going into the final couple of weeks, or even the final series, or the season?

                  All things being equal, the schedule in which the Yankees play more home games before the very end of the season, as opposed to the schedule in which the Yanks finish the season at home, is more likely to yield the result of the Yankees being ahead in the playoff race, correct?

                  Is that schedule, then, such a terrible thing? I’m not saying it’s better or worse, I’m just saying… There’s arguments both ways. In the end, each team plays the same number of games at home and on the road.

              • ARX says:

                All things being equal, I’d still rather finish out the year with a nice cushy 6 game homestand than to be criss-crossing the country…but w/e, beat them and it doesnt matter where. Now, if it reaches some silly point where the Yanks have to hit the road to finish the season like, say, 9 out of 10 years, with everyone else having a more even split, then I’d wonder how ‘random’ it all is. But 3 out of 4 aint shit.

            • Look… Of course, if you’re involved in a playoff race, you’d prefer to play games in your own stadium as opposed to on the road. Of course that’s an advantage. But it’s not the same as, for example, having home field advantage for a playoff series. In that situation, one team will necessarily play more innings as the home team than the other team, so the team with the advantage is granted the last game at home since it has earned that advantage. During the regular season, someone has to play at home at the end and someone has to play on the road. No schedule is perfectly equitable to every team, that’s impossible.

              • Makavelli says:

                That’s all I was trying to say. Ben was shouting at me like I had 9 heads. I didn’t mean to make it sound like a travesty but I mean why not flip them around once in a while? They already did this. In 2005, they started against one another at Yankee Stadium (I was there) and finished against each other at Fenway Park. If all of this absolutely doesn’t matter…they wouldn’t start or end with these teams facing each other so much…

                But ultimately…it’s not THAT big of a deal…but it is better to finish at home I believe.

                • Ok… I’m saying this to help, clearly I don’t think you’re being crazy in this conversation or anything… But Ben, and others, reacted to your comments and responded to them because your initial comment seemed a little too outraged (outraged isn’t a good word but I can’t think of another one right now… it just seemed a little too upset for the level of importance subject matter), and then you responded to the initial response by kind of misrepresenting the response. And, again, please don’t get mad, I’m just trying to explain… But when you respond that way it tends to be pretty annoying to the people with whom you’re conversing. Nobody acted like this was that big of a deal – in fact, the response to your arguments was along the lines of ‘well both teams play at home the same number of times, so it’s not a big deal.’

                  And dude, nobody shouted at you or got upset. It would be impossible for you to point to a comment in this conversation where someone got upset and yelled or whatever at you. That didn’t happen.

                • Makavelli says:

                  I know. And I appreciate this response. Again, I live near and are friends with many Sox fans…and they already texted me about this…I block it out and play it off to them like you guys react on here but then I need some place to scream into the pillow sometimes lol. And no, I’m not saying anybody is my therapist…just venting…even though I truly don’t believe that this is that big of a deal. But thanks again for that response. Very professional.

                • Just tell them that they’ll wish they had that home-field advantage earlier in the season since by the time those games take place the Sox won’t be able to catch the Yankees anyways, so the home-field advantage in that series is a waste. The Yanks will use their home-field advantage to build their lead while the Sox won’t get to use those until the race is over anyway. Sorry, Boston.

                • “while the Sox won’t get to use those theirs…”


                • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

                  forget the baseball players, make the business case…how come the BRS get to have opening day at home and closing day at home?

                  At least the Yanks will still have games left after the regular season ends, but still. there should be some equity amongst rivals (if not all teams) in terms of those big draw games/weekends…i’m not smart enough to look up the trailing 10 years, but i’m hoping we’re 5/5 with other teams (as it should be).

                • But hold on… Your getting this totally backwards. The Yankees don’t want the Sox to come to the Bronx during “big draw games/weekends,” because the Yankees will sell-out those games whether it’s opening weekend or the end of July. It’s similar to how teams don’t want the Yankees to visit them for opening day, since they would sell more tickets for a Yankees season in the middle of the season than they would for just about anyone else and they’d sell-out opening day, anyway.

                  Under this schedule, the business case is stronger for the Yankees in 2010 than it is for the Red Sox. They waste what would be high-attendance days no matter who the opponent on Yankees games, likely bringing down their overall attendance figures slightly. The Yankees get the bigger Boston attendance in the middle of the season and still get the attendance bump from the “no matter who you’re playing” high attendance days.

                • Your You’re getting this…”


                  “… because the Yankees will sell-out those Red Sox games…”


                • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

                  i was going to go into secondary markets for tickets and blah blah blah, but you’re compelling case AND self-edititation pushed me the edge over!

                  i can’t compete with that, so i’m going to go get a coke.

                  one thing i know we can all agree on, and it doesnt get said enough around here, because you guys stay too classy:

                  fuck the red sox.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

      It’s hurting the Yanks this year, that’s for sure. Seriously though, it gives the Yankees stadium staff plenty of time to put up all the bunting for playoff baseball.

  19. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Let’s hope they don’t start out that slow again.

  20. Chris says:

    I’m glad the Yankees play in Boston to start and end the season. I can’t think of two less important series than the first (because there are still 159 games to go) and last (because the race has already been decided).

    • That.

      That final series in Boston will be a total blast. A three game, utterly moot, re-coronation in enemy territory as we give spot-starts to Z-Mac and Ivan Nova for shits and giggles since we’ve already got a 13.5 game lead in the East. We’ll all drive up to Fenway and mob the stadium and mock the few pathetic beaneaters who came out just because they still have season tickets and couldn’t foist them off on anyone. We’ll have the run of the place.

      I predict numerous public urinations. We can all bring up bowls of Manhattan Clam Chowder and “accidentally” spill it all over Fenway. We’ll sing Frank Sinatra songs all night long.

  21. ARX says:

    Not a bad sched. Not great, but nothing WTF worthy imho. But I am curious:
    Why are we playing the Dodgers in LA? IIRC, we were in LA last time we played them, shouldnt they rotate and have them come here? And I always thought (obviously incorrectly) that interleague was division vs division (other than our yearly 6 vs the Mets), odd mish-mash there, PHI/HOU/LA/AZ.

  22. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    New York at Tampa, Saturday July 31st. My Birthday. Awesome. Hopefully they have a cool summer concert series event planned like Gerardo or Color Me Badd.

  23. I wanted to put my 21st birthday (April 6) on the big video board. Now it looks like they’ll be on the road until the 14th.

  24. Bryan V says:

    To those up in arms over the schedule…


    We’re going to have to play the Sox. We’re going to have to play the Rays. We’re going to have to play the Angels. And believe it or not…we’re going to have to play each of those teams on their own turf a few times.

    Who cares if it’s at the beginning, end, or middle of the season? My motto…

    Just Win!

  25. AJ's Chin music ensemble says:


    Yanks have finished off the season in Boston now in 2005, 2007 and 2010…WTF??? When do we get the Sox at home to end the season???

  26. AJ's Chin music ensemble says:

    wait you know what…they will be meaningless games as we will have already clinched the division by then…or we will keep tham at home through the fall (out of Wild Card) with a win on the final day in bean town

  27. The Lodge says:

    That Sched isn’t too bad. At least the dreaded Tampa-Seattle trip isn’t there. The only sucky getaway they have is a Sunday game with the Mets (which is obviously going to to be the late ESPN nine hour game) and then playing the DBags in AZ the next day.

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

      oh no, $man already addressed that one…he’s going to have the ‘Real’ yanks (not to be confused with Real Yankee(tm)) play the first three innings, and then sub ALL (but the starting pitcher) of them out for the SWB yanks. Some reporter asked about logistics, positions and the 40 man, but $man’s retort was ‘so we have to play two pitchers, and maybe a man down in one innings. its the Mets–what’s your point?’

  28. [...] Major League Baseball released its preliminary schedule for 2010, and at the time, we had some fun dissecting the Yanks’ slate of 162. With the quirks of the scheduling came our requisite complaints: too many early games against [...]

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