ALDS Game One Thread: Red Sox @ Angels


Six games into the 2009 postseason, the Angels and Red Sox will finally start their series tonight. John Lackey (11-8, 3.83) and Jon Lester (15-8, 3.41) are your starters, and you can check out KLaw’s series preview here if you’re an Insider. Like all the others, this game will be on TBS. First pitch is set for 9:37pm ET. Feel free to chat about the game here if you want.


  1. Dela G says:

    over under for angels’ steals this series i would set at 12.5

    i’ll take the under at 12

  2. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Is the announcer with the gray hair the same dude who broadcasts Orioles games?

  3. Drew says:

    This is one of those series that I have a hard time watching, I want neither team to win…

  4. Riddering says:

    Tonight, TBS has swapped V-Mart behind the plate for Bon Jovi.

    How long before either team notices the difference?

  5. Don says:

    The Red Sox run??? Other than Ellsbury, who exactly runs well on the Red Sox?

  6. Dela G says:

    by the way, i am playing nba 2k10 and this is the best basketball game ever made

    playing this while watching october baseball is excellente

  7. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Abreu having a Gold Glove pretty much tells what a joke the people who vote for these things are.

  8. Will says:

    I’m just gonna say it, I think Buck Martinez is the best color analyst in baseball broadcasting. Really, this crew is eminently watchable.

  9. Manhattan Matt says:

    Why do Red Sox fans get their own play by play guy from NESN on these games? Seems to me if TBS really wants Don Orsillo he should not be allowed to do Red Sox games. Not that I miss Michael Kay, but we get the horrendous Chip Caray and Boston fans get their own guy. Doesn’t seem right.

    • Don says:

      Wouldnt mind Orsillo if “The Wonderdog” was in there with him.

    • JMK aka The Overshare says:

      Orsillo is actually a decent announcer.

    • ZacheryStripes says:

      Why do Red Sox fans get their own play by play guy from NESN on these games?

      Easy, they get whatever the hell they want. Don’t you know Matt, the roid sux don’t have to follow the rules and everybody else better get used to it!!! BwHaHahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!

      / Selig & his merry Umpires’d

  10. The Evil Empire says:

    Rooting for the sox because i want to beat them in the ALCS. Simple.

    • JMK aka The Overshare says:

      Plus, if the Angels win, the fans in California wouldn’t know if they should riot and destroy LA or Anaheim or all of Orange County. It just doesn’t feel right.

      • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:


        i dont want the cross country flight until the dodgers.

      • ZacheryStripes says:

        George Lopez having a Late Night show…. just doesn’t feel right!!!

        Jon Bon Jovi having to shill their music for a crappy TBS promo… really doesn’t feel right!!!!!

        Chip Carey having a broadcastng job…….. JUST DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dela G says:

    good start for lackey

  12. MikeD says:

    Ummm, why the Angels? Because they were the only team to offer him money.

    My guess is Abreu is on the Mets next year.

  13. Dela G says:

    man abreu is such a pest at the plate

  14. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Uhh no…the Red Sox have a pretty shitty defensive outfield.

  15. Mike Axisa says:

    Bobby should run here.

  16. Dela G says:

    damn vlad, that would be a sure steal for bobby

  17. Dela G says:

    WOW mike lowell got to that??


  18. Brazilian Yankee says:

    What a play by Lowell.

  19. Mike Axisa says:

    Since when did Mike Lowell get his range back?

  20. TheLastClown says:

    I’m not a big fan of the Adenhart narrative.

    Especially not a fan of the commercials featuring it.

  21. MikeD says:

    No disrespect to the memory of Nick Adenhart, but this is just TBS capitalizing on the misfortune. Just shut up.

    • Drew says:

      Dude, they have nothing to gain by mentioning him.

      His picture is painted on the outfield fence, would you rather they ignored it?

      • MikeD says:

        That wasn’t “a mention,” that was the beginning of what will no doubt be a never-ending theme that will be brought up every game, and will build the further the Angels go. I don’t believe TBS cares about the memory of Adenhart, they care about capitalizing on emotion.

        Call me jaded.

        • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:



        • Pasqua says:

          Do you mean that you think they’re exploiting his death?

          I don’t know. I’m not a fan of the schmaltzy, “every team needs a story” approach to the playoffs, but that was a pretty intense and upsetting event. I don’t begrudge the Angels for keeping Adenhart in the forefront, so I guess I can’t blame TBS for running with it.

          • JadedMike (a.k.a. MikeD) says:

            I certainly don’t begrudge the Angels at all and think it’s great they are dedicating the season to him in such a visible way. They are the ones who truly feel the pain. TBS should acknowledge it, but I fear they are going to make it their running theme.

            • Mike Axisa says:

              That’s exactly what happened to Lester and his cancer. We heard about it so damn much, that it lost all meaning. No one cares, he’s just “that pitcher who had cancer.”

  22. Accent Shallow says:

    I hope this series goes five games, which each game going deep into extras.

  23. Dela G says:

    where was the interference anyways?

    i didnt see it in the replay

    • MikeD says:

      If you saw the replay you still wouldn’t have seen the interference, because there wasn’t any. Bad call by the ump that fortunately didn’t lead to anything more than Lackey throwing a few more pitches.

  24. ansky says:

    I’d rather face the Angels b/c I dont want to hear loser Red Sox fans use the “at least we lost to the WS Champs” excuse.

    • A.D. says:

      Either the Sox lose to Angels who lose to the Yanks, or Sox beat Angels lose to Yanks. Either one is just fine

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

      I’d rather face the Angels b/c I dont want to hear loser Red Sox fans use the “at least we lost to the WS Champs” excuse.


      • ansky says:

        I meant once we beat the Sox, then the Dodgers to win WS…Sox fans can say well we lost to the champs. Sorry, I have a co-worker that does that. Pulled the same shit wit the Giants SB win over the Patsies. He said “well at least we lost to the champs”

  25. Dela G says:

    boy lester is working like a dog

  26. Dela G says:

    man if i’m lester i go kill that home plate umpire

  27. Jersey says:

    Gameday says Fester hit 98 three times in that AB.

  28. Dela G says:

    vlad guerrero choked like mary carey…

    wow i knew he would swing at that garbage

    • ZacheryStripes says:

      Yeah, but people actually would pay to see Vlad choke, while Mary needs to pay me to see her choke anything down.

  29. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Vlad is not clutch like A-Rod.

  30. The Evil Empire says:

    Wait wait wait wait X 2

    Pete Abe, yes Pete Abe from LoHud, is saying

    “It’ll be interesting to see where this will leave Chamberlain come 2010. The pitcher Red Sox fans love to hate may be no better than a set-up man after all.”

    This is a joke, wasn’t he the one rambling all year long about Joba as a starter is better than a Joba out the pen?


  31. pat says:


  32. ansky says:

    Man, CB Buckner has needed Lasik for years. Thanks for making Jester throw more pitches.

  33. Jaded Mike (a.k.a. MikeD) says:

    I need to pick someone to root for here, and every time I settle on one team, I start rooting for the other. I think I want the Sox to win since I want to beat them in the ALCS and the Angels have given us trouble, yet it’s in my blood to always root against the Sox!

  34. Salty Buggah says:

    Lester = Beast

  35. dygg says:

    Sorry if I’m repeating, I just got in. Is it just me or are the Angels swinging at everything? I keep hearing about how Abreu taught them patience, but I don’t see it.

  36. I didn’t realize Abreu stepped in the bucket so much. Damn.

  37. Salty Buggah says:

    Damn, Angels and their bunting.

  38. Salty Buggah says:

    Abreu = Walk-Machine

  39. BigBlueAL says:

    Is the weather really lookin bad for tomorrow’s game???? I really hope not because I already missed Game 1 and I made sure I didnt have a game to ump tomorrow night to be able to watch Game 2 but if it gets pushed back to Saturday I am screwed cause Im working all day Saturday and the game would be during the afternoon.

  40. A.D. says:

    Anyone see the stat they showed before that Pujols and Abreu are the only guys with 100+ RBI each of the past 7 years….missing A-Rod there

  41. danny says:

    woop woop!

  42. Mike Axisa says:

    And boom goes the dynamite.

  43. I have never liked Torii Hunter at all. I’m a fan right now.

  44. Salty Buggah says:

    Haha, I totally called that HR to my friend, who is unfortunately a Sux fan.

  45. Jersey says:

    Torii Hunter, killing rallies like always. Prick.

  46. Mike Axisa says:

    Good thing Scioscia had Figgins and his .395 OBP give away that out.

  47. Salty Buggah says:

    Only Vladdy can hit a pop-up on a pitch heading towards his feet.

  48. danny says:

    lester is such a great story, i want to like him, but then i remember he plays for the sux haha

    • JMK aka The Overshare says:

      You can certainly still like him. He seems like a very likable guy. I’d prefer that the Yankees beat him, but I can’t say that I dislike him. I wish him well. He’s not exactly Youk, V-Tek or Papsmear.

    • Tank the Frank says:

      Yeah, Lester is totally likable. He’s a great story no matter what team he plays for and he’s a HELL of a pitcher. He’s a real class act…in no way like many of his teammates.

  49. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Alex Gonzales is trollin’ with that catch!

  50. Jaded Mike (a.k.a. MikeD) says:

    Who is this other announcer? I don’t like him. I actually want to hear the Red Sox announcer. Something is wrong.

  51. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    I like Buck but sometimes it sounds like he’s been drinking during the game.

  52. The Evil Empire says:

    Yes I am.
    IF Joba can have more velocity on his fastball and IF he can be more dominant out of the pen, then that’s where i want him.
    Sure you can say that using him as a starter will give you more innings out of the man, but would you prefer 5 below average innings, or 2 outstanding ones? IF you picked the first option then consider this:
    There are tons of pitchers the Yankees can sign to get a moderately good outing from, why waste Joba as a starter? Oh the irony.
    BTW if Joba can prove that he can be a consistent, and good starter, I might change my mind, until then, send him to the pen.
    & No, I do not prefer Hughes in the pen for 2010.

    • whozat says:

      “Sure you can say that using him as a starter will give you more innings out of the man, but would you prefer 5 below average innings, or 2 outstanding ones? ”

      False dichotomy for the win!

    • whozat says:

      “BTW if Joba can prove that he can be a consistent, and good starter, I might change my mind, until then, send him to the pen.”

      How, pray tell, would he prove that he can be a consistent and good starter IF HE’S IN THE PEN??

      • Jersey says:


      • The Evil Empire says:

        Although he belongs in the pen, he will not be there. The yankee brass has stated many times that they’d transition Joba into a starter, therefore he will get another shot as a starter. Simple.

        • pat says:


          • The Evil Empire says:

            EHH!? UHHH! RETARDS?

            What Joba has done as a starter can be done by guys like Gadin, in fact Gaudin has out pitched joba.

            Joba’s stuff is not the same when he’s only pitching an inning or two of relief. It’s much better.

            That’s why he belongs in the Pen.

            You want something objective, then look at his ERA as a starter and as a reliever.

            • whozat says:

              Hey, I have this burrito for you. You just have to microwave it. I’m gonna take off while you do that, though.

            • pat says:

              Yeah but EVERY pitcher would be better out of the bullpen. That is not a logical argument.

            • Salty Buggah says:

              Jeez, Im not even going to jump in. I have an essay to finish (only done 1/3 of it though) by 11 (1 ET)

            • What Joba has done as a starter can be done by guys like Gadin, in fact Gaudin has out pitched joba.

              Yep, you’re right there. However, I’d say it’s unlikely that Gaudin outpitches Joba in the future. The great thing about Chamberlain is that he just turned 24 less than a month ago. He’s got a long way to go.

              Joba’s stuff is not the same when he’s only pitching an inning or two of relief. It’s much better.

              The same could be said of a lot of people. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that CC Sabathia would be unhittable if he were a closer.

              Also, stuff does not equal value. I’d rather have a guy throwing 92-94 for 180-200 innings than a guy throwing 98-100 for 70-80 innings at the most.

              You want something objective, then look at his ERA as a starter and as a reliever.

              Here’s a few reasons why his ERA as an RP is lower:
              1. Doesn’t have to cycle the lineup.
              2. Throws fewer innings, therefore faces fewer batters, therefore has fewer chances to give up runs.
              3. Can throw “max effort” with little regard for tiring.

          • JMK aka The Overshare says:

            Relax, Pat. Take this flute of champagne I have brought you and don’t mind the quaaludes. You’ll feel better. Promise.

        • whozat says:

          By “transition Joba into a starter,” do you mean “return him to the role he has played for all but about 40 innings in his life”?

          Just checking.

          2006: 7-2, 4.76 ERA, 81.1IP, 5.4 innings per start, 1.65 WHIP, K:BB < 2
          2007: 4-0, 4.57 ERA, 63.0IP, 5.1 innings per start, 1.46 WHIP, K:BB < 2

          Should that guy have been given a chance to start?

    • JGS says:

      reply fail

    • Tank the Frank says:

      “There are tons of pitchers the Yankees can sign to get a moderately good outing from, why waste Joba as a starter? Oh the irony.”

      No, there aren’t. Perhaps the most valuable commodity in baseball is young, cheap, power arms under team control. It is absolutely crucial that the Yankees give Joba every chance to develop as a starting pitcher; just as every other young pitcher on other teams not named the Yankees get time to develop. Nothing is being “wasted” by having him in the rotation.

      “BTW if Joba can prove that he can be a consistent, and good starter, I might change my mind, until then, send him to the pen.”

      That doesn’t make sense. How can he prove he can be a good starter if he’s in the bullpen? I think any patient fan who believes in the Yankees plans will want to see him improve next season, and possibly in 2011. If it doesn’t happen after that, only then would I think it would be prudent to think about making a permanent move to the bullpen.

      Every other team – and their fans – have patience with young starters and allow them to develop. Give me one young starter over the past few years that has come up and dominated…and I’ll give you three that have struggled mightily. Joba, and Hughes for that matter, deserve the same patience. The Yankees have done a good job IMO in that respect by balancing winning now and winning in the future.

  53. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    The wheels on the bus are falling off, falling off, falling off. The wheels on the bus are falling off…all the way to LA/Anaheim/wherever it is they are.

  54. Mike Axisa says:

    The Red Sox hitters are looking rather shitty at the plate. Looks like they’re squeezing sap out of the bat. Everyone but V-Mart.

  55. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Plavix Dad’s daughter is fine. I bet her knees aren’t even sharp. SO WANT.

  56. whozat says:

    Guys, this Red Sox defense really is stellar.

  57. Joey says:

    Kick that douche out! But noooooo it’s the redsox, so everybody can yell as much as they want

    • whozat says:

      Honestly…when the call is THAT wrong…

    • JMK aka The Overshare says:

      I dunno, man. That call was EGREGIOUS. If that had happened to the Yankees, we’d all be at that ump’s house with pitchforks and torches.

      • whozat says:

        Wait…should I not be here right now? Was…was that wrong?

        Seriously, this torch is really hot, and I’m worried I’ll burn myself…should I leave?

        • JMK aka The Overshare says:

          I usually bring birthday candles as my torch. If anything goes wrong, at least you seem festive. Then again, my pending sex charge suggests this was also a poor idea…awkward…

  58. JGS says:

    wow, another awful call from Bucknor

  59. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Umpire to Francona: Did anyone ever tell you, you look like a penis with that little hat on?

    • Tank the Frank says:

      I LOVE that line from League of Their Own!

    • Mario Speedwagon says:

      I actually met that guy! The Umpire Tom Hanks says that to. He lives near Umass Amherst in Sunderland. He writes plays and stuff now I guess. I also partied with younger Pete from Pete and Pete at Umass before…and he really doesn’t like being called “Pete” haha

  60. Nikhil R. says:

    Wow another terrible call. I;m surprised Francona actually went back to the dugout without getting ejected.

  61. Jersey says:

    Well, that’s one way to avoid a DP.

  62. Mike Axisa says:

    MLB should be embarrassed by this umpiring tonight. This is completely unacceptable, especially in postseason play.

  63. BigBlueAL says:

    If CB Buckner is a MLB umpire than so should I. It is embarrassing to miss calls like that at 1B. I wont give HP umpires much shit because I know how hard it is to ump the plate with kids who throw in the mid to high 80′s so I can understand how with some of these pitchers who throw straight gas and have nasty curve balls how they can miss some pitches but missing blatant calls like that on the bases really is pathetic.

  64. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Tacoboy just bettered his UZR to -3.1459 with that play alone!

    • whozat says:

      That’s the thing…without any context about where the ball really was, I have no idea if that was an awesome play, or if he took a bad route and his speed allowed him to make a spectacular catch on a ball he should have gotten to easily.

      Probably not, but my point is that it’s hard to tell just on TV whether a guy has great range, or just makes plays that should be easy look spectacular.

      • JMK aka The Overshare says:

        I really hope sometime in the near future we have reliable, less subjective defensive metrics. As you mentioned, it’s hard to tell whether that was a really great play or he boofed on it and salvaged the play.

        • whozat says:

          Well, as I understand it, the underlying data for UZR is not based on watching on TV, but I’m not sure.

        • Evan says:

          Something akin to what you’re speaking about should be ready in the near future (if it isn’t already being used by FO’s) in which they track players through a GPS-type system.

          • JMK aka The Overshare says:

            I heard they use the speed of the ball off the bat and the amount of space the defender can reach. Could be wrong, though.

            • Evan says:

              Well, UZR takes into account how hard the ball was hit, the zone in which the ball lands, what type of ball it is (groundball, line drive, flyball), and the direction then runs how often balls with those paramters turn into outs. plus/minus and PMR do something similar, I think.

              What I was referring to was instead of that you would have a system actually measuring stuff like the speed and spin of the ball off the bat, the distance a defender covers, and velocity of the the ball thrown from the defender to better gauge how good a player’s defense is. This would be a little different from the zone based ratings.

  65. adeel says:

    I am in New Oreans for work related stuff. Anyone out there know a good place (preferably yankee-biased) I can catch the game tommorrow?

    • Tank the Frank says:

      I don’t think there are any bars in NOLA.

      • Mister Delaware says:

        No shit? I’m flying in Monday for work.

        (Don’t know any sports bars. Jackson City Brewing has better beer than most places there and a big screen behind the bar.)

        • adeel says:

          that sounds nice. Really I just want a place where people are going to actually watch the entire game together.

          • Jaded Mike (a.k.a. MikeD) says:

            That’ll be tough to find if you’re outside of NY. New Orleans is not a baseball town, and even those who are watching are probably anti-Yankee fans. Best chance would be to find a bunch of other NYers who are in town on business.

            • adeel says:

              I think that’s whats going to end up happening…. I hoped there would be Pettite thing here (kind of like ching ming wang in taiwan)… but I guess not…

              • JMK aka The Overshare says:

                He’s from Texas. I know Louisiana is like a blend of Texas and France, but I’m not sure Pettite is the glue.

                • adeel says:

                  your right…. i dunno why i thought he was louisianna….. I think I remember in the offseason they were trying to sign him and were meeting with him in new orleans

      • adeel says:

        I’d rather watch the game in my room and go out afterwards than try to enjoy a game in a random bar w/o sound and with people that are more interested in getting drunk than watching the game.

        The game starts at 5:00pm new orleans time.

      • Tank the Frank says:

        I was trying to make a joke. Didn’t work.

        Like…there are no bars in New Orleans…it’s not really a party town.

        I suck.

        • adeel says:

          it did work

          its not really a party town if your Rush Limbaugh

          that’s your opinion.

          • ZacheryStripes says:

            Good luck to Rush and Checketts with the St Louis Blues. Seriously, i hope they do well. It’s not like they are in the Rangers conference or anything.

    • JMK aka The Overshare says:

      I’d find one above sea level.

    • pat says:

      Don’t go to Bourbon street unless you wanna get wild and shit and pay out the ass. My favorite bar is on the corner of Magazine and Napoleon called Miss Mae’s. Yeah it’s kinda a dive BUT it will have the game on, has 1 dollar mixed drinks and is open 24/7. Place is the shit. New Orleans in general is teh awesome.

      • adeel says:

        Miss Mae’s… I will try to remember it.

        Bourbon street is a cross between Vegas and a frat party. It is pricey though.

        • Mister Delaware says:

          If you do find a legit sports bar somewhere near the French Quarter would you mind just shooting me a quick email (same name I use here @gmail.com)? I’m there 3 of the next 5 weeks and hope to spend a lot of nights watching baseball.

  66. ZacheryStripes says:


  67. Victor Martinez and Torii Hunter with a tender moment there, huh.

  68. Mike Axisa says:

    Ramon Ramirez could close for 29 other teams, plus all of the ones in Japan.

    What a failure.

  69. Big Game Ramon is really showing Dirty Chimichanga-like poise here.

  70. Tank the Frank says:

    About to see another implosion from the best bullpen in baseball. This guy could close in the NL, you know.

  71. whozat says:

    Wait, I thought if the catcher and the pitcher had to talk, it meant that the catcher should be benched for the nearest Molina?

  72. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Is this gun right? I don’t remember Saito throwing 95.

  73. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Ball beat Hunter to the bag therefore he was out. Don’t need no tag.

  74. Salty Buggah says:

    Juan you suck balls big time

  75. Mike Axisa says:

    A comedy of errors…

  76. Salty Buggah says:

    Haha, Bay sucks

  77. Jaded Mike (a.k.a. MikeD) says:

    Fortunately, the Angels have a lights-out closer they can call on in Brian Fuentes…oh shit!

  78. whozat says:

    Wait, how many passed balls and wild pitches have we seen on the catchers tonight?

  79. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Did he just say the Red Sox defense has been good this year?

  80. Jaded Mike (a.k.a. MikeD) says:

    Big Papi strikes out. Perfect ending.

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