Once again, it’s CC in Game Four

Rosenthal: Maybe starting Gaudin isn't such a bad idea
World Series Game Three: Yankees @ Phillies

No surprise here, but Joe Girardi officially announced the CC Sabathia will get the ball in Game Four against Joe Blanton tomorrow night. All of the beat writers tweeted it simultaneously, but Jack Curry’s popped up in Echofon first, so he gets credit. Clearly, it’s the right move.

Rosenthal: Maybe starting Gaudin isn't such a bad idea
World Series Game Three: Yankees @ Phillies
  • Alex S

    no surprise here

  • TheLastClown

    Clearly. Rosenthal can take his Gaudin-starting hobgoblinnery elsewhere.

  • Greg G.

    So, it seems pretty likely, then, that AJ and AP will start on short rest as well, no?

  • http://fmylife.com JobaJr

    2/3 in Philly baby. I’m calling it.

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster)


  • http://www.stonerh1@aol.com Bob Stone

    I’m glad it’s confirmed. Manuel is going to regret his decision to start Blanton.

  • Jake K.

    Right move for sure. Now all Girardi needs to do is not start Matsui in the outfield.

    • Mike bk

      he already stated that he is not starting him there. he didnt state he wont play him there though.

      • whozat

        He’s totally going to start Hairston in the OF in one of these games, though. I mean, he’s righty and he can do so many little things to help you win.

        • Zack

          If Swisher goes 0-8 the next two games yes, if he actually hits then no he wont

          • whozat

            Hairston ALREADY got a start in this series. Against a righty, despite not having the platoon advantage, with Molina in the lineup.

            Why won’t Girardi do that again?

            • steve (different one)

              he said *if Swisher hits*, it won’t happen again.

              what is there to argue in that statement?

              you are implying that Girardi benched Swisher even though he was hitting, which isn’t true. Swisher was benched b/c he’s been absolutely dreadful at the plate since the playoffs started.

        • http://dinosaursneverexisted.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/melky.jpg Drew

          If Swisher manages to have some decent AB’s he will get all the starts.

  • Free Mike Vick

    seriously….if Girardi didn’t start CC tomorrow he should have been fired on the spot.

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster)

      Okay, let’s not exaggerate.

  • JFH

    let’s hope rain tonight doesn’t mess everything up.

    • Tom Zig

      i think the rain could serve to help us…no?

      • steve (different one)

        depends when it comes. before the end of game 4, it’s a disaster. after game 4, it helps.

      • Craig

        I think it helps the Phillies more because then Lee can go in game 4 on normal rest and then they could use him in game 7.

      • JFH

        i am not sure. i think if it does, then the blanton start could go to lee. correct?

      • whozat

        If it comes before game 4, it’s bad. Then CC can’t go in game 7 unless there’s ANOTHER rainout.

  • steve (different one)

    Swish back in the lineup.

  • yogi

    Starting CC in game 4 vs. the flop known as Blanton goes without thought. Tonight, Pettitte will outpitch Hamels who is playing lame but will pitch a crafty game; more like he was last year but without the unflappable attitude. He rattles which means the Yanks have to make him rattle, which means hits and walks by the entire lineup without fail. Good AB’s will beat the Hamels guy easily. He’s cracked now and just may break. Rollins has a big mouth as does Manuel. Neither of them are convincing to anyone, including themselves. They know they are in for a whupping like they haven’t felt for a long time. Welcome the 2009 NEW YORK YANKEES to Philly baby, with a few base hits and then, punch a few out. In this warm weather I fully expect at least 4 homers from our guys. Tex is right there to make pitchers throw good strikes for Alex to abuse. He is due to hit a few bullets tonight that take the Phillies to a new level of fear. I like the YANKEES chances of sweeping the next 3 straight from this chillyphilly team with too many holes.

    • steve (different one)

      i like your attitude.

  • http://www.baseballinfographics.com Shiraldi’s Eyes

    HUGE game for Pettitte. Check out this graphic of Andy’s postseason track record vs. that of Hamels.


    • ShuutoHeat

      dude, you make some nice stat graphs

  • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster)

    I think tonight is a huge game. If we lose tonight, I think we’re in trouble, not only because we’ll be down two-one, but also because, with this pitching matchup, there’s no reason we should be down two-one.

    • gargoyle

      I fail to see why so many think this matchup favors the Yankees to any great extent.

      Tomorrow night is the big game. They have to win tomorrow.

  • chris decarlo

    I can’t wait to play against Blanton tonight. We should be into their bullpen early. His career against The Yanks goes as follows. 0-3, 22 innings pitched, 20 runs, 22 hits, 5 HR’s, 12 BB, 10 SO’s with a very respectable 8.18 ERA. Should be a good night.Let’s Go Yankees!!!!!!!!