Yanks officially announce playoff roster


The Yankees have unveiled their roster for the ALDS. Let’s take a look. We’ll discuss afterward.

Starting Pitchers
CC Sabathia – LHP
A.J. Burnett – RHP
Andy Pettitte – LHP

Relief Pitchers
Mariano Rivera – RHP
Phil Hughes – RHP
David Robertson – RHP
Damaso Marte – LHP
Phil Coke – LHP
Alfredo Aceves – RHP
Joba Chamberlain – RHP
Chad Gaudin – RHP

Jorge Posada
Jose Molina
Francisco Cervelli

Mark Teixeira
Robinson Cano
Derek Jeter
Alex Rodriguez
Jerry Hairston, Jr.
Eric Hinske

Johnny Damon
Nick Swisher
Melky Cabrera
Brett Gardner

Designated Hitter
Hideki Matsui

* * *

It’s interesting to see how Joe Girardi‘s game plan shakes down through roster construction. The Yanks have opted to take eight relievers despite having three starting pitchers who can go deep into games. With Damaso Marte and Phil Coke on the team, Girardi can match up well against the Twins lefties. Still, I’d rather see Phil Hughes facing Joe Mauer or Jason Kubel with the game on the line in, say, the 7th inning.

With Jose Molina set to catch A.J. Burnett’s start in Game 2 (and potentially Game 5), the Yankees are carrying Francisco Cervelli too. I’m a bit intrigued by that decision because Hideki Matsui will DH when Molina catches. The Yanks can then remove Molina for Posada without wasting the DH spot. What Cervelli allows them to do, though, is pinch run for Posada with Brett Gardner if the need arises. Freddy Guzman, by the way, did not make the cut.

I’d be pretty surprised to see Chad Gaudin get into any of these ALDS games, and I wonder what Joba’s role will be. Anyway, 6:07 p.m. can’t come soon enough. And while we wait, don’t forget to check out Joe’s ALDS position-by-position breakdown.

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  1. I’m going to try to pretend like I like this.

    I don’t.

  2. Doug says:

    hey joe, you’re missing swisher on the front page

  3. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    Why is everything in bold? Just my computer acting really really weird, or a blog issue?

    • Mario Speedwagon says:

      No it’s everybody. It’s good to switch it up every once in a while though.

      Wonder what happens when I do this though…Bold

      Ehh, nothing. Tried to “bold” the already bolded font. It resulted in the inevitable. lol

  4. Andy says:

    Three catchers? I’d have taken Frankie and not Molina, and then been able to take Guzman for speed or even Shelley for power against lefties. But the whole Molina must catch Burnett thing kills that idea…

  5. Doug says:

    so officially gaudin and cervelli instead of pena and guzman…hmmm

  6. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    From good friend CB from lohud, I agree with everything he says in this post:

    October 7th, 2009 at 10:05 am
    “Rob Neyer has a good take on the Posada Benching:

    “Essentially, Girardi has to get inside Burnett’s head. And if he thinks that Burnett might give up even a quarter of a run more with Posada catching, then Molina’s the better choice. Because as well as Posada hits and as poorly as Molina hits, the difference between them within a particular game is so small, it defies measurement.”

    Neyer is off on this one.

    For every plate appearance, Posada generates 0.1 runs more than Molina does. 0.1 runs more.

    That is an enormous difference.

    For every 4 at pats Posada generates 0.4 runs more than Molina.

    So in order for this move to make sense, you’d have to be very confident that Molina will shave off close to half a run off burnett’s runs allowed for a game.

    And there’s no solid evidence that how Burnett pitches is correlates to who is catching him.

    Burnett very well could go out and throw a shut out in game 2 or 3. That wouldn’t be a surprise and I really hope that happens. But he could go out and give up 5-6 runs. That wouldn’t be a surprise. Who is catching him makes no difference.

    What we do know with much more confidence is that with Molina getting 3-4 at bats instead of Posada the yanks will be in a relative hole of -0.3 to -0.4 runs.

    That is a huge loss. So even if molina did shave off a quarter run from Burnett’s runs allowed as Neyer is saying (which there is no evidence to support) the yankees would still be worse off.

    People are underestimating how enormous the gap at the plate is between these two players. Neyer is doing the same.

    • Mario Speedwagon says:

      Girardi was a catcher so perhaps he knows some things we don’t know. Who knows? Either way, if we can produce enough runs with 7 guys with an OPS over .850 was it? We should scratch out head. And we’ll have either Posada or Matsui as one of the best pinch hitters in the game if needed.

      The Red Sox basically need to make a similar decision with Varitek and Youkilis, Lowell, and Martinez. Somebody has to sit…and everybody thinks Varitek is God’s gift to game-calling…

      It’s hard to determine. The numbers don’t lie…and if we go by the past…we’ve had offense before…we just never had the pitching…so if we need to switch it up to make a coin-flip style decision? So be it.

      • CT Yankee says:

        The Red Sox will bench Varitek without the drama we have hear. The red sox are not stupid

      • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

        If the Red Sox are smart, they will not play Varitek. It only helps us if they do, I don’t care how good the pitcher does.

        Honestly, this is a borderline fireable offense in my eyes if this decision significantly comes back to bite the Yankees somehow.

        • Mario Speedwagon says:

          Girardi doesn’t have that much power. I’m sure management behind the scenes helped make this decision with him. Torre would have been able to make the decision himself, but I don’t think Girardi is at that stage yet…for these types of moves anyway.

          • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:


            • whozat says:

              Bullshit. Girardi absolutely has the authority to decide who’s catching one of his pitchers. This isn’t player acquisition. What evidence do you have that Cashman, or anyone else, is making this call?

              • Mario Speedwagon says:

                What evidence do you have that it’s solely Girardi making the decisions himself?

                • whozat says:

                  I’m not the one making the outlandish claim that the GM is forcing roster selection decisions on his manager. Cashman isn’t Billy Beane (who is rumored to do that kind of stuff).

                  At no point this season have we seen evidence that Cashman is dictating Girardi’s moves on the field. What makes you think it’s happening now?

                • Mario Speedwagon says:

                  The Steinbrenner’s and Cashman determined the fate of Joba Chamberlain in the rotation didn’t they? Perhaps Girardi agreed but even if he didn’t, he would have no choice but to follow suit. Mananagement does these kinds of things all of the time…it’s not uncommon. Why do you think that “Torre has full control now” saying was going around before? Because he didn’t have it at first. (http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/.....id=3069115)
                  If you read near the bottom, talks about giving Torre “unprecedented authority.”

                • ev says:

                  I tend to agree with you on this statement that management is probably not making this call about Molina catching AJ. However, I do recall reading something in the beginning of the season about Cashman and the front office nudging Girardi about swapping Jeter and Damon in the batting order.

                • whozat says:

                  Joba-as-a-starter is a part of a long-term organizational strategy thing, building from within and having patience with young talent.

                  This is completely different, and it’s also a post-George and post-Tampa-Mafia time. The Boss meddled in the clubhouse. We have no evidence that Cash does the same, beyond saying shit like “Joba Chamberlain is going to be given every chance to stick as a starter.”

                • Mario Speedwagon says:

                  All I was saying is that they have an influence and certain decisions are not Girardi’s to make alone. He doesn’t sit at his desk and think by himself as to what decisions to make. A big decision like this one is discussed with several people…upper management included. So Joe Torre needed 11 straight post season appearances and 4 championships to get “unprecedented authority” but all Joe Girardi needed to do was apply for the job. lol. I mean whatever you want to think I guess…I have a different opinion.

        • thurdonpaul says:

          i feel the same way, about this being a borderline fireable move if it doesnt work, the more i think about molina starting, the dumber i think it is

      • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

        Also from our good friend CB:

        If AJ starts game 2 at home then they will be taking Posada’s bat out of the line up at a game played in new yankee stadium.

        That is mind numbing.

        Posada has been a beast at yankee stadium this year. An utter beast. The idea of removing a left handed power bat from the line up at new yankee stadium and replacing it with Molina’s is just hard to believe.

    • Chris says:

      Considering that Molina will probably only bat once (maybe twice), the 0.2 run difference between the two is negligible.

    • Edwantsacracker says:

      If Burnett is going that badly early, he should be taken out of the game. They have a tremendous Bullpen. Joba should be able to go 3 innings no sweat, Hughes should be able to go 2, Mo should be available for 1+.

      As soon as Burnett isn’t in the game Posada should pinch hit for him.

    • Mrs. Peterson-Kekich says:

      From “The Book” website:

      Opponents’ OPS vs. Burnett with Jorge catching: .775
      With Molina: .658

      Sample size caveat, but that’s a big difference.

      Plus, little chance of Molina getting more than 3 PA’s if it matters.

      Good call by Girardi.

    • andrew says:

      So even if molina did shave off a quarter run from Burnett’s runs allowed as Neyer is saying (which there is no evidence to support) the yankees would still be worse off.

      That’s just not true. There has been plenty of evidence tossed around here the last few days supporting that Molina would decrease AJ’s runs against.

  7. Meh. I don’t love three catchers on the postseason roster, but I’m also pretty glad Guzman isn’t there. He was just inviting Girardi to do something silly.

    No matter who’s on the bench, I’m incredibly confident in this team.

    • The Lodge says:

      Yeah but the three catchers makes the most sense if you accept the grim reality of the AJ-JoMo situation. At least when AJ gets lifted, you can bring in Jorge to catch the bullpen (and actually hit the ball).

  8. phil O'neill says:

    Gaudin has been pitching extremely well

    • Doug says:

      but other than in a blowout when’s he going to pitch?

      • toad says:

        In an extra inning game, hardly unlikely.

        Also, if a starter is rocky you can’t afford to wait long to get him out, so you may need a lot of innings out the bullpen in a game.

        The decision about the final spots on the roster has to come down to deciding what kinds of problems are most likely to arise. Are you going to need extra PR’s, a deeper pen, or what?

        To some degree, it’s guesswork. You can make a lot of cases, but I don’t think having a guy who might come in in the 3rd inning and give you 4-5 innings to get back in the game is such a terrible idea.

  9. phil O'neill says:

    so you would have taken bruney ove him?

    • Doug says:

      nope, would have taken pena or probably guzman. don’t think there’s a need for 11 pitchers in a 5-game series where you’re going with 3 starters.

      • This. Go with more position players over pitchers in a five game series.

        • Moshe Mandel says:

          Eh, I disagree. In theory, it makes sense, but with this lineup, I have no inclination to do a lot of substituting. I’d prefer to have as many solid arms as possible, because in the playoffs you always want to “overmanage” and create the best matchups in big spots.

          • In the playoffs, you don’t want to overmanage. Just the opposite in fact. If the game is on the line in the 7th inning, Phil Hughes. If the game is on the line in the 8th, Mariano Rivera. Anything else is detrimental overmanaging, especially with the added off-days.

            • CT Yankee says:

              Try telling that to LaRussa

            • Moshe Mandel says:

              It depends what you mean by overmanage. Yes, if Hughes and Mo, are available, you go to them. But when we are talking about guys like Robertson and Aceves, it makes sense to take advantage of splits and the like and use your LOOGY’s.

          • Doug says:

            you don’t need 7 guys in the pen in a 5-game series with days off in between every game.

  10. phil O'neill says:

    i like that gaudin msses bats and can come in and get a strikeout

    • Doug says:

      but when is he coming in. not in any high leveraged situation with guys like aceves/robertson/the two lefties/hughes/mo ahead of him.

      only value is in a blowout to save the rest of the pen or deep in extra innings.

  11. pat says:

    The funny thing is Coke BLOWS against Mauer.

  12. Jamal G. says:

    Cervelli was most likely added as insurance for when Posada pinch-hits for Molina.

  13. westcoastyanks says:

    Not sure I understand the need for Aceves, Gaudin and Chamberlain. One is your standard “long man” (Aceves) who comes into the game in the 5th or 6th if needed, before the Robertson / Hughes / Rivera parade begins. One is your emergency starter in case one of the big 3 implodes in the 2nd or 3rd or can give you a few innings if a game goes into extras. (Joba or Gaudin). But isn’t having both Joba and Gaudin overkill, especially with all the off days making it so that only Game 4 will be played without a day off prior?

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a second pinch runner (Guzman) who you can use to pinch run for Molina in the middle innings of a Burnett start (on the off chance he gets on base) and still have Gardner available for the late innings? The way this sets up, Hairston is the second pinch runner, which seems to me like a bigger practical issue than potentially having the need for a third RHP to come out of the bullpen in the middle innings. Heck, if you are going to go with Molina catching Burnett and have three catchers on the roster, you might as well go all the way and make sure you have all the necessary roster pieces in place in order to take advantage of it.

    • Mario Speedwagon says:

      Not if you look past the 7-0 record against the Twins and realize that a whole bunch of the wins were close games and 2 or more of which (at Home) were even walk offs.

      You don’t want too much pitching…but you don’t want to over-play your hand either. I think they have the right amount of pitchers and position players right now…the argument just continues on which of each were the right choices to make.

    • MatyRuggz says:

      I agree regarding the nonsense of needing Aceves/Joba/Gaudin all in the pen. Even if you argue that Aceves becomes more of a mid-to-later inning short man in the playoffs, you can still use Joba in the Aceves-like long man situation, which makes Gaudin redundant.

      Actually, 8 relievers in a short series with multiple off days is redundant. You could argue that extra position players are also useless, and the yanks will probably only use the top 20-22 players on their roster during the entire series. That’s why I’d argue that Guzman would have been a better choice for the roster instead of an extra reliever. Best case scenario: He sits on the bench collecting dusts for 3-5 games and the Yanks advance. But, he’s always there in the off-chance that a Posada or Matsui is on second in the 8th or 9th inning representing the tying or go-ahead run and you need someone who is guranteed to score on a single. I’d rather Guzman collect dust on the bench than a redundant player like Gaudin.

  14. Mister Delaware says:

    I assume Joba is there to either get a mid-innings K in a bad situation (2nd and 3rd, 1 out, something like that where a K is necessary) and/or backs up a bad start that isn’t out of hand while Gaudin is there strictly to save the pen in extras. Make sense?

    • Honestly, no, it doesn’t. If it’s the sixth inning, I want Robertson to come in. If it’s the seventh, Hughes. If it’s the eighth, Mariano. Nothing Joba has done makes me believe the Yanks should stop going to what has worked this year just because he’s available in the pen.

      • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

        Then why is Joba here?

        • As I’ve written over the last few weeks, if the decision were in my hands, I probably wouldn’t have Joba around. Maybe it’s a vote of confidence from Yankee management. Maybe Girardi would actually roll the dice and pitch him in the 7th. I just don’t like the idea of screwing around with what worked for 103 wins just because Joba was a shut-down reliever two years ago.

        • Doug says:

          for his sweet disposition?

      • Mister Delaware says:

        Yeah, you’re right, that’s a D-Rob spot. Sooo … Chamberlain is there (1) to keep a semi-close game close from the 3rd on if Burnett/Pettitte bombs and (2) because he’s Joba and Joba is supposed to be on the roster.

        (What happens in the event of a rainout? Like if the Friday game gets washed away, would we move that to Saturday and keep everything else as is? Because then the logic could be Joba over Burnett on 3 days rest which makes a bit more sense. I’m reaching, of course.)

        • Do you think the Yanks would go to Joba over Aceves in a 3rd inning relief situation? That’s been Ace’s specialty all season, and I wouldn’t mess with that either.

          As for your rain-out scenario, I think that’s probably right. The Yanks could use Joba if they don’t think Burnett could go, but I’d hate to see Joba starting Game 5 of the ALDS.

          • Mister Delaware says:

            In certain instances, sure. If Pettitte flops, we’re down 4-0 in the 3rd and he’s getting lifted, I’d rather use Joba for 3+ and see if we can close the gap rather than burn Aceves in a long stint or have everyone throw an inning. I imagine Aceves going 50+ means atleast one day, possibly two, before he’s ready again and finish-by-committee just gives hitters free looks against relievers they may face in high leverage situations later.

            (This is with Gaudin serving as nothing but an extra innings emergency guy. Like the 40th pitcher in the All-Star game.)

        • Mike bk says:

          i think joba is only there so he doesnt mentally fold his tent. i am on record if we get to the alcs as wanting gaudin to start over joba, with ace backing up to get us thru 6 where k-rob and company can take over.

          im not a bruney fan but you have to believe by taking both joba and gaudin over him he is done for the year unless there is an injury.

  15. Riddering says:

    I’m surprised that neither Pena nor Guzman are included but it doesn’t worry me.

    So, yeah. I’ve added so much to this topic.

  16. Joe D. says:

    When each and every game goes 20+ innings, you’ll see that the Yankees made the right choice by going all LaRussa on us. Ahem.

  17. If Joe really wants to carry three catchers because of the AJ-Molina thing (which is still unnecessary, but whatevs) than Gaudin should be left off the roster for Guzman.

    We don’t need three catchers, but if we absolutely must have the third catcher, he should come at the expense of the 6th RHP in the pen, not at the expense of the 2nd pinchrunner/2nd OF LIDR.

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      As we were just saying, why is Joba even on the roster? He’s virtually useless. Get rid of him for Cervelli if you need him, frankly I trust Gaudin more right now.

      • Doug says:

        to massage joba’s ego, that’s why

      • Chris says:

        Joba should be on the roster because of the weather forecast calling for some showers on Friday. If that game gets pushed back, then there would be a need for 4 starters (or someone to start on short rest).

        • thurdonpaul says:

          ssshhhhhh, no rain, no rain, no rain, im going to fridays game and if it gets pushed to saturday i might not be able to go

    • Doug says:

      what he said

    • A.D. says:

      I agree Gaudin & Joba are unnecessary

    • AndrewYF says:

      I agree with this. Having both Joba and Gaudin is redundant. Aceves, really, can perform that role as well, but my guess is that he’s right behind Hughes on the bullpen depth chart.

      Would much rather have pinch-running flexibility off the bench. Although not running for Matsui could pay off by not needlessly taking him out of the lineup.

      • Mario Speedwagon says:

        Who’s right behind Hughes on the depth chart? Aceves? Joba? Neither of them should be. Robertson should be right behind Hughes on the depth chart. Joba hasn’t pitched in relief in a long time…and as shown earlier on here…his “first inning” numbers haven’t been great. The combination doesn’t really spell “success” lol

  18. BC says:

    I see alot of complaining about Joba & Gaudin which we all know it is unnecessary for this 5 game set, but I see no complaints about Eric Hinske! I know he’s hit a few homers for us this year, and he is our best pinch hitting option off the bench but who is he pinch hitting for? Melky? Molina? Cervelli? I’d rather see Melky hit, Molina can get pinch hit for by Posada, and Cervelli should never see the field, but if he does it wouldn’t make too much of a difference because he should be the last option off the bench. I’d much rather see a pinch runner on the roster, where we could actually improve ourselves in a late inning situation. For the record Hinske is batting .310 as a pinch hitter this year (collective PIT & NYY), he’s batting .200 in the Bronx as a pinch hitter. Great decision for the ALDS…An extra 1b, 3b, or bad fielding RF/LF is just what we needed on our roster…

    • Let’s pretend its the 7th inning, and the Yankees need a run. Matsui singles, and the Yanks get the small-ball bug. Brett Gardner pinch runs and eventually ties the game. The DH spot comes up in the 9th, but Brett Gardner is the DH. So you pinch hit Hinske for Gardner. I’d say that’s a good use of Hinske.

    • Hinske serves the following two purposes:

      1) Pinch hits for Melky against righty pitchers (and then gets lifted for Gardner or Hairston)
      2) Replaces Matsui at DH when he get pinch-run for by Gardner

    • Or, Gardner pinch runs for Posada in a tight spot and Molina goes in to catch. Later in the game, the Yanks need someone to pinch hit for Molina (which is probably the entire reason for putting Cervelli on the roster).

  19. Klemy says:

    The only way this makes sense to me is if we plan on playing extra innings every game. Would’ve preferred another position player, but realistically, we should win regardless. That’s pretty much what most people are saying.

  20. TheZack says:

    There really is no reason to get fired up about the last few roster spots. It the playoffs come down to the Yankees really needed Guzman, then lets be honest, they’ve already lost. There is absolutely no, zero, zilch, chance that Guzman or Guadin will play a major determining role in deciding the Yankees fate in this playoff series. If there somehow is (impossible), Girardi should be immediately fired on the spot.

    Face it, the Yankees are going to win or lose based on their starting offense, their 3 starters, and their top 5 bullpen guys.

    You can lambaste the Molina decision all you want, because that very may well have a real impact on the series (which is just so horrifying to really contemplate), but I say again, if Guadin or Guzman or Cervelli play anything close to any kind of role in this series, the Yankees have already lost anyway.

    • That’s not remotely true.

      There’s a huge gap between “We really benefited from Guzman’s play there” to “We need Guzman to make this play or we lose this series”.

      • TheZack says:

        I don’t see your point. If the Yankees are in position B, they have massively underperformed and are probably screwed. I don’t see any scenario where position A would make a difference. Again, you are talking about the last guy off the bench who can only do one thing, already made redundant by someone else better at it. A guy behind Gardner, Hairston, and Hinske. In fact, that one thing he might be able to contribute, speed, offers the prospect of Girardi overmanaging and giving in to his obsession with speed, possibly removing a valuable bat.

        Thus, if Guzman were to have played anything close to a role in this series, the Yanks would probably be screwing up.

        • whozat says:

          Or, they started Gardner to provide better D in CF and a comparable bat to Melky’s. Now, that’s basically off the table.

  21. mryankee says:

    Pretty solid roster-Any chance Morneau makes an appearance? I am very upset with starting Molina-I like AJ and all but he does not have the cache to be asking for personal catchers. I can understand Glavine asking fo eddie perez but when your era is north of 4-you should be happy you get Posada.

    • Morneau, the guy with a stress fracture in his back who’s out for the season? Not a chance.

      • mryankee says:

        I did not know if he could pull a Gibson like return. And being out for the seasondoes not mean Gardenhire could have put him on the roster if Morneau was doing better. Anyway though I guess he wont be there

  22. ansky says:

    Cant understand why everyone’s getting so worked up about Molina catching 2 out 5 games….there is no way this series should even to go to 5 games!

    • Doug says:

      but if it does go to a game 5, you’ll be happy seeing molina behind the plate?

    • mryankee says:

      Ok so in say the bottom of the sixth two on and two out and the game is tied. Would yo rather have Molina coming up or Posada? Or a hitter that actually belongs in the major leagues? Because Molina might be the worst hitter in baseball.

      • Chris says:

        You do know that you’re allowed to substitute a hitter in that situation, right? So no matter who starts the game, Posada is going to bat there.

        • ansky says:

          You can always pinch hit…plus if AJ goes 7IP and 1 or 2 ERs you’re telling me you wouldnt take that? Do you think Molina will keep the Yanks from scoring 1 or 2 runs of the freakin Twins??? Come on man. If the game comes down to Molina’s bat we’re more trouble than you know.

  23. CG says:

    I agree with TheZack. Plus Guzman has been begging to be picked off.

    I was running the scenario in my head. Guzman comes in at a crucial point to pinch run and gets picked off.

    I for one am glad he didn’t make the roster.

    • Doug says:

      or the more likely scenario that he comes in a crucial point and steals a base

      • CG says:

        With the ammount of times he was almost picked off in his brief appearances, I would guess the former was more likely than the latter.

        Let’s not overestimate Mr. Guzman. Those visions of a Yankee Dave Roberts aren’t justified.

        Now Gardner . . . that’s a different story.

      • Just the few times I’ve seen him running, he gets way too big a lead and doesn’t get great jumps. He’s fast but his base running skills seem to be “meh.”

  24. mryankee says:

    I meant Maddux asking for eddie perez

  25. mryankee says:

    Looks like the boys at ESPN have had a change of heart-mostly all are picking the Yanks to win it all. Peter Gammons even picked the Angels to beat the SOX. All aboard the bandwagon

  26. Mike Pop says:

    6:07 can’t come soon enough, indeed!

    And, I’ll. be. there!

  27. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    My cousin was in NY on a business trip when the Yankees were playing the Mets in game five of the Subway Series…somehow the guy he was working with got incredible seats and asked if he could come along and he got to see the clinching game of the WS at Shea. Bastard.

  28. ansky says:

    Hopefully Selig remembers how much ratings suck w/o the Yanks in the ALCS, and greases the umps!

  29. bob says:

    one thing going into the playoffs is Posada’s attitude. He showed me he thinks it’s about him…He plays very good when going good and obviously he allows one little thing like not blocking a ball or candy -butting it on a tag out to show his weaknesses…All the other guys have shown me they get along and i don’t want to see Posada thinking he’s bigger then the team is…after that we’ll be fine…

  30. (I’m coming back to this conversation way late, but after I left earlier I thought about the catching situation more and I think I have a decent take on why carrying Cervelli on the ALDS roster is the right decision. So, if anyone still cares, here goes nothing.)

    Under normal circumstances, in the playoffs, your backup catcher is your emergency catcher. The second catcher is your emergency catcher because he’s only going to play if Jorge Posada suffers an injury. That’s the only reason the second catcher is a necessary addition to the roster. So, if Jorge Posada is going to be the starting catcher in every game, Jose Molina is not really your “backup” catcher so much as he’s really your “emergency” catcher.

    Now, leaving aside the question of whether we like the decision to have Molina start games with Burnett and just acknowledging that this is the current state of affairs… In those games that Molina starts, he is almost assuredly not going to play 9 innings. Unless there’s a crazy blowout, Molina will be lifted so that Posada can hit, and then take over at catcher, as soon as Burnett is lifted from the game. So, when this situation, which is almost a certainty, arises, you have Molina out of the game, Posada in the game, and you have NO backup/emergency catcher, by design. If Posada gets hurt, you have Jerry Hairston, who has never caught a pitch in MLB, as your catcher. This is why you need Cervelli on the roster. For one and maybe two games in the ALDS, without Cervelli on the roster, you’d be leaving your team, by design, vulnerable to a situation in which they don’t have a backup catcher to come in to the game in case of emergency. That is, frankly, unacceptable. A roster constructed with such an obvious and dangerous deficiency, for the sake of carrying Freddy Guzman (FREDDY GUZMAN!) on the roster as a pinch-runner, would be the absolute height of folly.

    Taking this a step further… Since Posada probably wouldn’t even enter a game started by Molina that’s a crazy blowout, you’re looking at a scenario in which any game started by Molina in which Posada takes over for Molina is going to be a game the Yankees are either leading or trailing by a reasonably surmountable margin, or even a tie. So the only games in which Cervelli even becomes an option are going to be relatively close games. If you don’t carry Cervelli you are, again, by design, deciding to risk having no catchers available in a close game… You’re willing to risk what is most likely to be a relatively close playoff game on the catching ability of Jerry Hairston. Totally unacceptable.

    Once the decision was made to start Molina with Burnett, Cervelli became a necessity on the roster. I don’t like it, I wish the Yankees never got into a situation in which they felt compelled to give postseason starts to Jose Molina. Now, if you want to argue that they should carry one less pitcher and carry Guzman in that pitcher’s stead, that’s a different conversation. But once they put themselves in this position and made the decision to start Molina and to carry 11 pitchers, the addition of Cervelli to the roster was a foregone conclusion.

  31. shawn says:

    happy they didnt take bruny

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