A nice day for a parade

Buster Olney thinks Andy Pettitte is a good fit for the 2010 Yankees
Knowing when to be a gracious runner-up

Tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m., the Yankees and New York City will celebrate the team’s long-awaited 27th World Series championship. The parade and subsequent ceremony will be a two-hour affair, starting at 11 a.m. at Broadway and Battery Place. The team will ride through the Canyon of Heroes to City Hall where Mayor Michael Bloomberg will award the Yankees keys to the city.

While fans can line the streets of Broadway for a chance to see the Yanks, the City is opening up the City Hall plaza to a limited number of fans. Beginning at 2 p.m. today, New Yorkers can register here for a chance to win tickets to the ceremony. (Ed. Note: Apparently, NYC.gov is having some problems with the registration form, and everyone is getting a note telling them their form has already been uploaded. We’ll update this when the problems are fixed.)

As the Yankees look forward to their moment in the sun, the City will be enjoying its 178th Ticker Tape parade. The most recent walk up the Canyon of Heroes came in February 2008 shortly after Giants ensured that the Patriots did not go 19-0. For Yankee fans, who haven’t had a parade in nine years, this one will feel good. “I can’t wait,” Mariano Rivera said. “It’s satisfaction. The city of New York deserves it.”

For RAB readers looking to meet up tomorrow, we’ll organize something in the comments and put it on site later tonight. The floor is open to suggestions. For those of you stuck at work tomorrow morning, the parade will be streamed live for free via MLB.com.

Buster Olney thinks Andy Pettitte is a good fit for the 2010 Yankees
Knowing when to be a gracious runner-up
  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

    Meet up, watch the parade, check out City Hall if we get tickets, then we go shoot some guns after steaks and blowjobs.

    • Tom Zig

      why not shoot guns while eating steak and getting blow jobs?

      • TheLastClown

        New meaning to the term ‘accidental discharge.’

        • ShuutoHeat

          The above 3 comments are full of win.

  • http://newstadiuminsider.com Ross

    I’m getting to the parade between 7 and 8 AM. Got shut out of the main parade route in 2000 – never happening again.

  • Brooklyn Ed

    how about meeting somewhere near Beakman st? to confirm, create a RAB sign?

    • Brooklyn Ed

      is anyone else getting “parade form already completed”?

      • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

        Yep. Looks like NYC.gov is overloaded right now.

      • Joe R

        Clear your history and cookies. Should work after.

  • http://theyankeeuniverse.com Moshe Mandel

    Why don’t you all come down here to Boston, and we will parade in front of Fenway singing New York, New York while wearing Yankee gear?




    • Rick in Boston

      Let’s do it.

    • Randy A.

      I’m in…how far away from Ithaca, NY is Boston?

      • A.D.

        6 Hours.

    • Zooboy

      Add firearms, steaks, and bjs and I’m in, too!

      • Rick in Boston

        How about a giant sign right by Fenway saying that MA has really easy gun laws? That work?

  • Raf

    ugh i hate you guys that can make it tomorrow. im gonna sit in my office across the Hudson sighing while it goes on.

  • nf

    Is this lottery thing a goddamn joke? I’ve gotten a bullshit error every goddamn time I’ve tried to enter.

    Fitting, I guess given the people running it.

  • Brooklyn Ed

    Got the form completed. woohoo!!

  • http://www.puristbleedspinstripes.com Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    Meet after the parade? Anything before would be really hard for me. To get to the parade at, like 8, and be able to see anything I’d have to get up at like six, and my body doesn’t like that very much.

    • Bob Stone

      I strongly second that thought

  • pat

    We should all make large posters, if only there was a suitable material for such an endeavor….

  • the artist formerly known as (sic)

    Who’s done this before?

    What is a good time to get to the parade in order to assure optimal viewage?

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals

      you’re already late :(

  • claybeez

    For those with experience, some questions:

    1. What time should you arrive?
    2. What are the best spots, if any, to watch it from?
    3. Is there an onstage ceremony, of any sort, outside for the fans?
    4. Do the players address the fans? If so, when and where?

    • Joe R

      Ive never been (plan on going tmrw) but I know they end with Girardi/yankees getting the key to the city at City Hall Plaza. The raffle is for tickets to watch the ceremony. At City Hall Park there will be screens to watch the ceremony.

  • TheLastClown

    Man, it’s times like this I regret having moved to the Left Coast. I’ll be at the parade in harlequin-spirit with you all.

    I was out for most of the game last night, so I didn’t get in on the love-fest action last night. I’m taking my turn.

    This is my little parade, so it’s on topic.

    Mike/Joe/Ben, thank you thank you thank you! Since the Santana non-trade I’ve been checking your site nearly every day, and turning on every Yankees fan I think can handle it onto this site.

    You guys have opened my eyes to sabermetrics, and as I’ve never been very statistically-inclined, it’s changed the way I think about other things besides baseball. I’m actually going back to school for math & so forth to supplement my entertainment life, and I’m going to give some of the credit for my newfound interest to none other than you three good RABbis. *secular RABbis of course*

    I think I told one of you about running into Yankees fans @ Angel Stadium during the last season series & having conversations about Aroldis Chapman that were obviously spurred by your articles, only to have the conversation morph into a live RAB appreciation “thread.”

    You guys are worldwide amongst Yankee fans, please keep up the good work.

    Also, TSJC, Optimist Prime, Congressman Mondesi, MATT ACTY, Overshare, Riddering, Mike Pop, Jamal G, etc, etc, etc, etc you people are the balls. Maybe I’ll run into one or more of you next year at a game.

    But really, without you guys, I don’t think I’d have enjoyed this season 1/10th as much. I’ve been a die-hard Yankee fan since ’94, but I didn’t really understand the game ’til ’96 *I was 11, and never played sports, I was a song & dance mini-man* in a family of lifelong Yankees fans. But fans of the ‘I understand all I care to understand about baseball and that’s it’ stripe. The Francesa listening, ESPN watching, regurgitating pundits’ half-baked opinions stripe. Not bad people, but leaves much to be desired so far as engaging discourse is concerned. You guys changed all that for me.

    Ok, gushy gushy, mushy mushy, freeze your brain just like a slushy.


    • http://www.puristbleedspinstripes.com Rebecca-Optimist Prime

      +42, +27 and everything.

      • TheLastClown

        Don’t you mean +28?

        • Bob Stone

          +28, 29, 30 . . .

  • Yankeegirl49

    I am getting there around 6, which is when I got there the last few times. I usually stay downtown, closer to the beginning than to the end, its seems to be easier to get a spot up close to the street.

    There are no real “best spots”..the parade goes up broadway and the closer you are to the street, the better your view.

    The ceremony is at City Hall and the public is being offered tickets thru the govt site that is down or by calling 311..where I have been on hold for 25 minutes right now. Its not a guarantee, its a random drawing and only 500 pairs are being given out.

    The players may speak at City Hall, but again, unless you have tickets, you arent getting anywhere near there. They will show it on a big screen that can bee seen from the park.

    I am meeting up with friends by the bull at the foot of Broadway, by the Customs House..at 6am.

  • Tank Foster

    Speaking of “parading” things, when are we going to get the thread where we parade out everyone’s assinine posts for the season?

    • pat

      I think Joe has been working on it all day. It’s gonna be a doozy.

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      Tonight. Open thread.

      • A.D.


      • http://www.puristbleedspinstripes.com Rebecca-Optimist Prime

        CANNOT WAIT.

      • Salty Buggah

        Waiting anxiously for that. It’s gonna be great

  • Count Zero

    I will be there somewhere with a couple of buddies…coming down from CT and trying to get to the route around 8am.

  • NF

    Ok, someone help me out.

    I enter the CAPTCHA. Tells me I’m wrong. I am clearly not. Do it again, BAD REFERRER – ACCESS DENIED


    • Count Zero

      If you get an error and go back to the form page, you have to reload it and get a new CAPTCHA because the old one won’t work the second time you submit the page.

      Site is just overloaded…

  • Alex S

    this should help.

    I’ll probably be closer to the start of the parade

  • Salty Buggah

    “The parade will be streamed live for free via MLB.com.”

    YES!!! Great to hear I can watch it.

  • http://twitter.com/hopjake Jake H

    Do you think the parade might take a turn to KC if so I’m there!

  • Brooklyn Ed

    the NYC site seems to be working now.

  • Kered Retej

    Warning: Off-Topic

    Maybe I just can’t enjoy something without complaining a little bit, but is there any way they could come up with a fuglier championship cap? Seriously, I think that trucker look went out about 8 years ago. Also, WhiskeyTango with Queen before Frank?

    OK, back to the debauchery…

    • blazini

      I like the hat, picked one up today. It’s solid fabric all the way around, not mesh in the back like a trucker hat. It’s just a different color on the back panels

      • Kered Retej

        I understand that it is fabric all the way around, but would it really have been that awful to have the same navy color all over the cap, rather than having it look like it came out of the Blue Jays’ reject pile?

        • blazini

          Haha, I guess they just try to switch it up every year. Remember that they have this designed before the winner is determined, so it has to be somewhat neutral (or at least look decent with either of the WS participants logos on it). At least it’s not as bad as the 1994 Stanley Cup hat for the Rangers. That was just wrong.


  • jsbrendog

    prob cant make the parade because of work but someone make an oaktag sign for me with a bullseye in the O of world and champions AND the zeroes in 2009. twill please my dear heart.

    and i don’t usually read RAB after work so I have something to do the next day but I cannot miss this open thread because I would wager that I had to have said something (more than likely many things) that are stupid and assinine.

    (but i also did say to everyone who doubted marte that he was the man, so i got that going for me)

    so is there going to be an official rab meetup one night at like a bar or something? why not rent out a party room somewhere and do an open bar thing for all rabbers. now that would be the balls. couldn’t be more than 30-40 a person if we can get 20+ ppl, which I am sure we can. just spitballin…

  • Don

    Parade should be fun. But the website is a joke. What do u expect with these government clowns running it?

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  • aj

    What train takes you closest to Battery Park/ Broadway, the 1,2,3?

  • Quikksand

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a year! What a season! All I can say is, repeat in ’10!