Open Thread: Scott Boras listens to me

Wrapping up the AzFL
Could Miranda be the full-time DH in 2010?

Here’s the latest from MLBTR:

Ken Rosenthal’s latest entry in the offseason blog at FOX Sports says that he believes Scott Boras will likely use Bobby Abreu‘s two-year, $19MM contract as a baseline for fellow 36-year-old outfielder Johnny Damon.

Here’s me from two-and-a-half weeks ago:

Yesterday afternoon, word got out that Bobby Abreu had agreed to a contract extension with the Angels, signing on for two more years in Anaheim. After having to wait until damn near Spring Training to find a job last year, Abreu jumped all over the $19M the Halos offered him. The deal even includes a vesting option for 2012 worth $9M, when Abreu will be 38. I mentioned this yesterday, but in two years I’m sure we’ll be hearing about ways the Angels can prevent that option from vesting.

Anyway, the entire reason I brought this up is because it indirectly affects the Yankees. Now we have a blueprint for what a new contract for Johnny Damon might look like, something we didn’t have before.

I am so smart. I am so smart. S-M-R-T. I mean S-M-A-R-T.

As you can tell, it’s a slow night, so use this as your open thread: The Knicks already lost today, so the Eagles and Bears are your only sports action of the night. Talk about whatever you want, just be cool.

Wrapping up the AzFL
Could Miranda be the full-time DH in 2010?
  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    Does anyone know how to put a DVD on your itunes? Is it possible?

    • TheLastClown

      You have to rip the source files, and then compress them into iTunes-compatible video files, but it can be done.

    • TheLastClown

      Are you on a Mac or PC?

      • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

        I’m a Mac.

      • Dela G

        macbook pro ftw!

    • Jose

      Try HandBrake:
      They have a lot of guides, like this one: that could help you.

      Disclaimer: I’m assuming that this is either a DVD containing your own personal videos, or if it is a commercial DVD you are putting it in iTunes under Fair Use laws. Otherwise, it would not be legal to do what you are describing.

      • ROBTEN

        Just an FYI (or point of discussion)–even under “fair use” laws, making a personal copy of a DVD is technically illegal because the software that enables you to do so has been declared illegal. While under “fair use” laws you might be “allowed” to do it (for now, the RIAA and MPAA would like for this and almost all “fair use” laws to be rescinded as well), you technically can’t because the software is illegal under the DMCA.

        From a recent court decision on the issue:

        “So while it may well be fair use for an individual consumer to store a backup copy of a personally owned DVD on that individual’s computer, a federal law has nonetheless made it illegal to manufacture or traffic in a device or tool that permits a consumer to make such copies,” Patel said. She added, “fair use can never be an affirmative defense to the act of gaining unauthorized access” — a simple way of saying it was illegal to hack into the encryption to make a copy.

        For a really concerning issue, look at the highlights of the international copyright treaty currently being debated in secret:

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    80,000 words and counting, bitches!

    • TheLastClown

      Do you prefer ‘novel-ess’, or ‘novel-atrix’?

      • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

        Novelptimist Prime?

        • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster)

          Optimovelist Primus?

          • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

            I like it!

          • The Artist

            Wow, that’s a mouthful.

            • pat

              That’s what she said!

  • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

    I would let ole Johnny walk before I gave him 2 years at 19 Milli. I said a few cuss words at my phone when I saw that the Angels gave Bobby that deal as I knew it was a baseline for Johnny.

    I would rather wait out the market and get somebody for a cheaper one year deal. If they were younger as well that would be a bonus. I just do not like all the roster inflexibility especially at catcher and our corner infield spots.

    Those deals for Alex and Tex will really handicap this team in the years to come. I guess the flip side is maybe we should sign Johnny and whoever else we can to try to win now because we got a lot of money on the books for 6 or 7 years from now tied up in geezers (possibly adding Jeter and Mo to that list).

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster)

      You consider Tex a geezer? He’s 29, going to turn 30 early in the season (can’t remember if he turns 30 in March, April, or May, but early).

      • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

        I do not think Tex is a geezer now, but he will be late in the contract. I would as a rule not give ANYBODY over a 5 year deal. I am sure by doing that you would miss out on some top tier talent as well. But I think the Yanks were desperate to get that WS ring and knew from a business standpoint they could justify those deals.

        I was just stating my opinion, not saying what they did will not work for the Yanks as a business.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

          FWIW, Tex will turn 36 during the first week of the FINAL year of that deal.

          A 36 year old first baseman is far from a “geezer”, IMO. He assuredly won’t be as spry and slick with the glove in 2016 when he’s 36, but he’ll still likely be super-productive offensively.

          • Evil Empire

            Especially someone like Teixeira. Without any actual statistical knowledge to back me (just common sense and knowing what the back of his baseball card looks like), I’m going to go ahead and say that guy projects as someone whose peak has a steady plateau and a slow decline.

    • TheLastClown

      Johnny’s ‘value’ per FanGraphs:

      2008: $16.4 WAR: 3.6
      2009: $13.6 WAR: 3.0

      Everyone expects him to decline, but how much? He could still be worth it @ 2/19

      • TheLastClown

        This wasn’t meant to be a reply, but it’s just as well I guess.

      • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

        I am not big on the whole WAR setup.

        “Everyone expects him to decline, but how much? He could still be worth it @ 2/19”


        He could be, but I would just prefer to go year to year if at all possible due to the other geezers with big $ long term deals on this team. If Alex was signed to a 3 year deal, Posada was in his walk year, Jeter was not up for a big deal soon, Tex signed till he is older, I would not worry much about Johnny on a two year deal. I would still try for one but would not cry if I had to do two years. I still think they have a good shot finding that two year deal elsewhere and perhaps a 3 year deal from some hard up team.
        Only takes one sucker.

        • TheLastClown

          If Alex was signed to a 3 year deal, Posada was in his walk year, Jeter was not up for a big deal soon, Tex signed till he is older, I would not worry much about Johnny on a two year deal. I would still try for one but would not cry if I had to do two years.

          None of that is relevant. Johnny on a 2/19 deal would be shaving appx. $7M off the payroll for next year, so you’re getting a discount based on what is supposedly an inevitable decline.

          If he’s getting paid less, and producing a bit less, he’s still worth it, for those years, on that deal. Throw in the fact that he wants to be a Yankee, and I think it’s a good move.

          Why don’t you like WAR? Is there some part of the metric you disagree with, or are you just averse to advanced metrics in general?

          • Evil Empire

            I agree with you, TLC, but just to clarify, I think Johnny on a $2/19 deal would take $3.5M off of payroll for NEXT year.

            JD’s 2009 salary: $13M
            Assumed 2010 salary: $9.5

            • TheLastClown


              I meant over the next two years, not next year.


          • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

            “If he’s getting paid less, and producing a bit less, he’s still worth it, for those years, on that deal. Throw in the fact that he wants to be a Yankee, and I think it’s a good move.”

            If he is producing less we have a problem. We are not Milwaukee. The money is not the issue as much as the flexibility. The point is we need as close to a guarantee of production (when people say that they mean offense) and not horrible glove work. If you sign the man to a one year if it does not work out you can move on much more quickly. The Yankees have proven they will not release a guy who should get released due to him having years and big $ on his deal (Pavano, Giamibi, etc).

            The whole wants to be a Yankee is BS. Johnny wanted to be a Red Sox, and guess what for a lil more money he bounced to a team he said he would not play for.
            That was well within his rights, but spare me the whole wants to be a Yankee routine. How much is that worth in WAR dollars?

            “Why don’t you like WAR? Is there some part of the metric you disagree with, or are you just averse to advanced metrics in general?”

            First off I dispute the whole “advanced metrics” term from jump street. I live in the real world, not pretend monopoly land. I have no problem with there being a made up system to guesstimate what $ amount of production a guy is giving you. That is a good idea to use as a baseline but with any system there will be huge flaws and sillyness involved. Does WAR take into account how many people came to the park to see said player play? Or how much the YES ratings went up due to the guy? Does it take into account the year that was just played or the years into the future you are signing the player for? There are too many variables for this to be very practical in use of the business of baseball. I would assume any GM worth their salt knows about how much value a player of Johnnys stature is worth.

            • ROBTEN

              The point is that fangraphs has done a fairly effective job in connecting WAR with the general rate at which teams paid for wins over the past several seasons. Does this mean that it works absolutely in every case? No, but then no statistics claim to do this. The point is that it gives you a baseline for comparison and a general determination of a player’s value relative to others, as well as an expectation of what teams might pay in the future relative to what has been paid in the past.

              I know that you are against the “advanced metrics” of “monopoly land,” but for others that are interested, this gives a good overview of fangraphs’ methodology:


            • TheLastClown

              …dances off into pretend Monopoly land.

  • ledavidisrael

    Or Ken Rosenthal listens to you!
    Scott Boras is the father of all knowledge so even if you make a valid point it is strictly derivative of Scotts other work…

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster)

      Scott’s only the father of all knowledge because Swisher permits him to be.

  • Evil Empire

    I’d be cool with JD on a 2/19 deal. If he wants a vesting option for the 3rd year, it would have to be for like, 1150 PAs over the first two years or something like that.

    I’d be going on the assumption that Damon DHs after the 1st year and hopefully Carl Crawford is patrolling left field in 2011.

  • Drew

    I just made the mistake of reading the comments on mlbtr regarding this post.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

    Wanna know something sad?

    Somewhere out there, there exists ye olde Mets/Jets/Islanders/Nets fan.

    The only team of his that’s won a game this month are the Islanders, who are the worst of the three hockey teams in the area.

    • The Artist

      Yeah, there was a joke going around that the Yanks have more wins in the month of November than the Jets, Giants, Knicks and Nets combined.

      Not sure if it’s still true after today, but you get the point.

      • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

        It was true till the Knicks beat the Nets yesterday.

        And I started it. No, really.

        • The Artist

          Really? You lil’ jokester you!

        • Jose

          Maybe someone got the same exact idea at the same exact time. A sort of Leibniz and Newton situation.

        • andrew

          Hahah, it was in Sports Illustratred Rebecca!! don’t try pullin that move on me.

          • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

            I tweeted it before the WSJ or SI had it.

            • andrew

              Lies!! damn lies!

  • Salty Buggah

    Life without college is great so far

  • The Artist

    The Yankees, meanwhile, appear willing to part with Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain in the hunt for Roy Halladay, though they’d like to hang on to Austin Jackson.

    I don’t believe it for one second. Would they offer them to drive up the price? Sure. Would they actually make the deal? Very unlikely. Too much working against it.

    • Evil Empire

      I think it depends on what other offers are out there for Doc, and what else the Yankees would have to give up. I have no pulse on what it would take to get Doc, but hypothetically, if you could trade Joba + two B prosects for Doc, with an extension window, wouldn’t you do it?

      I think I’d make that deal. Fucking go for it and have Phil Hughes mentored by the most ridiculous rotation in baseball.

      • The Artist

        I think the Yanks (and Sox) will be involved, but both will know that it’s not happening. This is one of the most popular players in Jays history, they cant trade him in the division and have him coming back there 2-3 times a year.

        He’ll wind up with the Dodgers (Billingsley/Kemp+) or maybe Philly (Happ/Brown+) before they’d ever consider dealing him within the division. The Yanks would have to overpay badly, which doesn’t make sense.

        • Evil Empire

          Yeah there’s no way I’d be willing to put up a package that could beat anything with Kemp … and that would be a dumb move for the Dodgers, he’s already a beast.

          Anyway, I could see those deals not being offered for Doc is the thing. And if they’re not, something with Joba or Hughes might be worth offering. Of course Boston could probably trump either of those offerings with a Bucky-centered trade.

          • The Artist

            I think the Dodgers are down on Billingsley for not pitching in the playoffs (which is stupid) and there have always been rumblings about Kemp being an issue of some sort. I could see both being dealt.

            BTW-You do know that Joba and Hughes are both younger than Bucholtz and have more MLB experience, right?

            • Evil Empire

              I do, but I just seem to get the impression that teams value Bucholtz more. Maybe I’m crazy. I myself like both Joba and Hughes more but…I’m a Yankee homer. I think CC should have gotten the Cy, Girardi is manager of the year, and Jeter is going to get robbed by Mauer … I can’t be trusted.

              Trading Kemp would be an unforgivable sin. I think he’s going to be a franchise cornerstone. Billingsley has a lot of upside but I think I’d be willing to put him up as a big piece for Halladay.

              • Tommy

                Dodgers aren’t trading away Kemp for Doc or anyone. If they’re rumored to be involved in conversations, Kemp’s name doesn’t come up.

                Everybody: “B-U-C-C-H-O-L-Z”

                2 Cs, no Ts.

                • Sweet Dick Willie

                  Actually, it’s B-U-C-H-H-O-L-Z. Two H’s, not two C’s.

      • TheLastClown

        Eh. I still think you’ve got to have the long-term mentality, like Cash had re: the Johan non-trade.

        Sure Doc, CC, AJ, Andy, Hughes would be a sick rotation, but you’re awfully committed to the top three guys.

        I say keep an eye on Lee for next offseason, and King Felix the following one. Doing this you can see if you have the gems of arms that we could have in Joba & Hughes, together at the bottom of that rotation.

        If Joba & Hughes pitch like we know they can, then we’ll have one of the top rotations in MLB anyways, without Halladay. This leaves the team open to pursue big-ticket guys if they want in the upcoming years, while hanging on to our homegrowns.

        Plus, your ‘B’ prospects are going to be people like Z-Mac & Nova, who have plenty of potential themselves. Cost-effective potential.

        I know people act like the Yanks have unlimited funds, but they don’t, so they are going to make decisions based on their projected budgets. Why trade a cost-controlled young potential very good starter for a big money/years commitment to a great starter, when you could have the best of both worlds after just one more season?

        This worked with an eye toward CC. Plus, we already have a champion team, not like 2008 where we had to miss the playoffs. This team will contend without Halladay, and will be able to massively upgrade should they choose next offseason & beyond. I’m rambling now.

        • Evil Empire

          Naw that wasn’t a ramble, I’m half with you. But I think with the way the team is currently made – with a shitload of high paid guys in their 30s that will inevitably start declining – there is extra value to having a MUST WIN NOW philosophy. That is not to say we completely leverage the future, but I do think its important to find a balance. If you can keep Hughes, Kennedy, Montero, and AJax but still snag Roy Halladay for the rest of his good years (even if they aren’t peak), that would better fit how this team is built.

          I say you go for King Felix in 2011 no matter what. If he is a free agent, you go after him and that is a decision independent of anything else. Almost never is there an opportunity to sign someone like that.

          • Camilo Gerardo – your inception? fuck perception, go with what makes sense

            Go for Felix, and keep the system intact and i think we can have the best of both worlds… maybe with a little outfield help this year?

            • Evil Empire

              There’s really nothing wrong with keeping everything in tact also as much as I’ve been setting up pro-Doc debates. You already have a proven, championship caliber top 2 in CC and AJ. I think its safe enough to be confident that assuming Pettitte is back, him plus Joba/Hughes will form up a quality 3/4/5 in some order and we can feel good about our 2010 chances as anyone else. I’m always for going for the kill though, and adding Halladay helps our odds in 2010 (and probably at least 2011) without sacrificing the future, so that’s where I’m coming from.

              I would be in favor of signing Matt Holliday to a deal if the team wanted to go that route instead of a big pitching acquisition. I’d also be down for a John Lackey signing in lieu of trading for Doc if it “only” took a year 5 year commitment.

              I would be absolutely fine signing Damon to that 2/$19M deal + Mike Cameron to a one year deal – juggle JD between LF and DH and MC between CF and LF. Then go after Carl Crawford in 2011 for the longterm LF solution.

              • TheLastClown

                adding Halladay helps our odds in 2010 (and probably at least 2011) without sacrificing the future, so that’s where I’m coming from.

                Except that it does sacrifice the future to trade Joba/Hughes + whatever else it would take to land Doc.

                That’s exactly what you’re doing. Sacrificing the future.

                You’ve got to see if they can stick in the rotation, that’s the whole through=line of the incessant Joba/Hughes bullpen starter blah blahing. The whole point is that they need to be given the chance to be Yankee starters.

                They presumably won’t be working with innings limits in 2010, so you’ve got to give them a go. Halladay will cost at least one of them.

                If they both perform as serviceable 4/5 starters I’ll be appeased. Obviously I want better than this, but realistically, in 2010, that’s what I consider adequate. They’ll show flashes of brilliance and then some youthful blundering, averaging out to an average performance.

                In that middle ground scenario, you can keep them both & replace Andy with Cliff Lee next year, when a CC/Lee/AJ/Joba/Hughes rotation would be arguably better than Doc/CC/AJ/Hughes/???

                And the year after is King Felix of course.

                • Evil Empire

                  Its all in the pursuit of getting going for the next championship in 2010 and then in 2011. When I said you’re not leveraging the future, its because you’d still have a batch of players like Joba or Hughes/Montero/Jackson plus most of your other names. You’re not making selling the farm to get him, basically – the major league team will continue to get a substantial influx of homegrown talent in lieu of making a deal for Halladay.

                  The idea I’m throwing around might not even be possible because other teams will offer more, and I wouldn’t want to throw in anything else worth noting. Getting Lackey now might be the best option, and then passing on the next year’s FA batch (besides Carl Crawford, perhaps) and gear up for Felixpalooza.

                  We need to ride the core of CC/AJ/A-Rod/Jeter/Mo/Tex while we’ve got these guys near peak.

                • TheLastClown

                  First off, doing absolutely nothing but signing Damon to that 2/19, Matsui on a similar deal, and resigning Andy will set us up to ‘ride the core’ in 2010.

                  This team won the WS this year,

                  If you’re going to add anyone, try to do something cheaply, high risk high reward, like perhaps Sheets or Harden. They will come cheaply compared to Doc.

                  Aside: I’d just love to throw enough money at Harden to turn him into the 8th inning guy.

                  Back to Halladay:
                  The idea I’m throwing around might not even be possible

                  And that’s more my point. To get Doc you would have to give up enough to at least say you’ve leveraged some of the future assets. This team does not need Doc, so they shouldn’t give up a package that is actually worth Doc. So they won’t get Doc.

                  Next year’s free agent class also includes Crawford, Lee, & Adam Dunn.

                • Evil Empire

                  Yeah it is important that to note that I’m basing my entire Halladay arguement on what I perceive the reasonable Yankee offering for him should be. Its what I would put on the plate if I were the GM, take it or leave it. Nonetheless, I am very suspicious about what the market is for Roy Halladay. Don’t forget that he has a $15M+ salary in 2010 and that’s somewhat of a wasted cost for the Blue Jays, and its not something all teams can absorb. The Dodgers are going through Divorcegate and the Phillies already made their trade with Lee. Boston needs a package for Miggy or A-Gon, not pitching. It is possible that a package of Joba + 2Bs gets the job done. If that’s the case, would you do it? That’s my question, because I think that still leaves us with plenty of prospects of our own to take advantage of. It shouldn’t stop us from King Felix either. This brings me back to maximizing our chances to win in 2010 and 2011 and still giving us options in the future. But going for John Lackey over Roy Halladay might be the best option, he might be the happy medium.

                  I’m all for Sheets and/or Harden (more so Harden), and also Kelvim Escobar as TSJC pointed out to me a day ago. I want to see the Yankees continue to make a big push for it all in 2010 though, that’s the bottom line. We need to keep our foot on the collective throat of major league baseball.

                • TheLastClown

                  It is possible that a package of Joba + 2Bs gets the job done. If that’s the case, would you do it? That’s my question

                  And my answer is no.

                  John Lackey shouldn’t even be considered an option. He’s going to cost too much, and will be a disappointment IMO.

                  I prefer Sheets to Harden. Harden is a 5 inning guy, Sheets 7. Both have injury concerns, but Sheets’ are less prohibitive. Of course that’s going to make him more costly than Harden.

            • Brien Jackson

              Except you can’t really do that. Sooner or later the guys in the minors run out of options, and you can’t just send them to the minors anymore.

        • Brien Jackson

          “The Johan non-trade.”

          Sigh. Do we really have to keep going back to this?

          Look, I have no idea what the Yankees will do on the trade market, but the Santana non-trade does not mean they’re averse to trading for big players. It means they’re not willing to give up prime prospects and/or be fleeced by the other side when they feel like there is likely to be a suitable substitute on the free agent market soon.

          • TheLastClown

            Don’t sigh. It’s an applicable situation.

            Should they trade a young gun plus other valuable pieces for Doc Halladay?

            Cash made a wise choice re: Johan, and got the job done with CC.

            I think Doc will come at more of a price than he’s worth. Relatively speaking of course.

            We have a championship caliber club right now…that’s my whole point.

    • Jose

      I would not part with Chamberlain or Hughes for Halladay at this point. They valued them highly before, and now they have both proven they can be successful in the majors and have great potential to do even better.

      • Teix is the Man

        Agreed. However I also make Montero untouchable as well.

    • Will

      I love how that article only mentions montero in passing by stating that he is “better offensively than defensively”. How about “is one of the best hitting prospects in the minors, and has a bat comparable to miguel cabrera’s when cabrera was his age”

  • The Artist

    Come fly with me, let’s float down to Peru.

    Once I get you up there. . . .

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Why anyone would NOT use Frank’s version of that song is beyond me.

  • Evil Empire

    CHONE predicts Melky to have a .776 OPS (.284/.349/.427) . I’d sign up for that.

    • JGS

      Ronnie Belliard with a bit less pop and bit more on-base ability. I’ll take it

    • Jose

      2009 Projection: .280/.345/.402
      2009 Actual: .274/.336/.416

      They were only .005 off from his actual OPS in last year’s projection.

    • Drew

      Don’t be shocked if the Melkman develops some power over his year 25-26-27 seasons. Dude ain’t even close to his prime, that’s why I get mad when people dog him.

      • Evil Empire

        I agree Drew. This year is HUGE for Melky, as he starts to near the peak performance levels for the average player. 2010 should be where we really see what we have on our hands.

        Its not unthinkable for him to OPS .800, and we all know how fucking awesome that would be.

  • radnom

    Could this be the end of the

    “Get ripped in four weeks!!” ads??

    • JMK aka The Overshare

      Maybe on Google but probably not on RAB. Thanks for the link, it was informative.

      • radnom

        For what it is worth, google runs the ad networks used on a large percentage of sites.

        I’m not sure about RAB though.

    • The Artist

      Those, the colon cleansers, the Learn to speak Spanish tapes, Avacor Hair growth system, Pills to help you lose weight, Lists to increase your sales in business, etc, etc, etc.

      Basically every ad you’ve heard on the radio for you entire life will be banned.

      • Tom Zig

        I’ve always wondered how those things work, i guess they just don’t work.

  • MikeD

    I don’t see Damon signing until after Holliday inks with some team, since both are controlled by Boras. He’ll try to increase Damon’s price by marketing him as a “cheaper” option to the losing teams that participated in the Holliday sweepstakes.

    • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

      I see a good chance of this happening as well. Even if he goes first it will be to a team who is not in on Holliday. Am I the only one who is not really impressed with Holliday?

      • ROBTEN

        Holliday is a difficult player to read. Is he a very good player or an exceptional one?

        Looking at his splits, during his time with the Rockies he was an exceptional player at home and a very good one on the road.

        While every player tends to play better at home, Holliday’s splits have been dramatic. Look, for instance, at Teixeira’s splits. While better at home, the splits for home/away are generally similar.

        At the same time, Holliday’s splits have been getting better and, according to fangraphs, he has generally been worth about $19-20 million dollars over his career (and $25+ over the past four years).

        So, there are two problems. One, is he worth what an exceptional player will get ($20+ million), given that for half the time he has appeared to be a very good player? Two, what are the contract years that he is looking for?

        If he were looking for a “very good” player contract–the type I expect Crawford to get–then you’d have to consider it. If he’s looking for an “exceptional” player contract–the type given to Teixeira–then I think you’d have to walk away.

  • Matt :: Section 105

    Anyone watch the Knick game? I know a lot of Giant fans are also Yankee fans, but as a Jet fan, I watched the whole game, and dam the Knicks looked good.

    Granted they lost, put they were entertaining and put up a fight.

    • Zack

      I caught the 4th quarter and OT. KG had a horrible game shooting though, and seemed to be limping towards the end a little. I could live with less Chris Duhon dribbling for 15-20 seconds a possession in OT though. But for all the crap the Knicks get, they pushed Celtics to OT and lost on the last shot.

      And every team needs to just play 5 feet off of Rondo, he cant make a jumper. And if he drives send him to the line. He’s 25%(1) at FT this season, 62.5% for his career.

  • nolan

    I have a question… if the yankees have a surplus of young starting pitchers (joba, hughes, kennedy, mcallister, nova) at least 2 of which who very well could become legit # 1 starters.. why would we trade any of them away for Halladay? Halladay is incredible and I would love to have him on the Yanks…but one injury and he’s done. Why trade away an organizational strength (pitching) to fill something that may already be a strength (pitching). Joba and Hughes could very well be the best #4 and #5 starting pitchers in MLB next year. If they struggle we have other options.
    On the other hand we have a real need to improve our defense in LF and replace a 120 OPS+. The Yanks don’t have anybody in the organization who can fill that hole and there is someone (Holliday) who we can have for dollars only. Signing Holliday won’t block any prospects..because we dont have any power hitting left field prospects…AND the yanks wont be giving up any of the talent they have been working so hard to stockpile.
    In addition there are guy who are free agents we could sign (sheets, harden) who could be AS GOOD (or at least close to) as Halladay if they can stay healthy. Why not just sign Holliday and Sheets and give our 5 young starters a chance to become great?
    What am I not seeing?

    • Drew

      Halladay is incredible and I would love to have him on the Yanks…but one injury and he’s done
      Isn’t that true with any pitcher? I mean, I don’t think that should prevent you from acquiring a guy that has a proven track record of health.

      Whether you want to trade away a young starter or not, more than likely, none of them will pitch like Doc.

      As for Sheets and Harden, those aren’t guys you sign and expect to pitch a full season. If they are healthy, could they pitch nearly as well as Doc? Possibly, but the chances of that happening are extremely slim imo.

      • nolan’re right. That’s always the problem with pitchers – which I think is just one more reason to keep your surplus of talent rather than trading away some of it and hoping Halladay remains healthy at age 33-37.

        • Matt ACTY/BBD


    • Evil Empire

      Doc Halladay is a dependable and proven high quality commodity in baseball, and he, being the pitcher that he is, is young enough at age 32 to still be confident in his performance for the next 3+ years.

      Those 5 young Yankee pitchers you listed, are all quality players for sure … either contributing value at the major league level or primed to be able to. Still, they’re all unproven and all in all the more volatile pitching commodity.

      So I propose that it is worth ONE of the top tier upside pitchers (Joba/Hughes) + two B prospects (that would include IPK/ZMac/Nova, Romine, but not AJax) for a deal to land Halladay so long as there is the window to sign him to an extension so its more than a 1 year rental. Your rotation is solidified substantially and you still have enough depth in your system to take care of the 5th rotation spot and back up the top 5.

      You can’t expect all of your prospects to pan out. If they did, you wouldn’t have room for all of them anyway with Sabathia and Burnett already locked in long term, not to mention the possibility of snagging one of Felix Hernandez or Josh Johnson in 2011. Making trades to acquire high caliber talent like Halladay via your own organizational depth is an important part of making a winning team every year, and you wouldn’t be selling the farm to do it. You’d still have many big time homegrown players in your pocket.

      If someone can beat out a Joba/ZMac/Romine (or whatever) trade for Halladay, then good luck to ’em, at least we drove up the price.

      • Drew

        My thoughts exactly. The only way I consider letting Joba/Phil go is if Halladay comes on a 3 or 4 year extension. I’m not interested in a one year rental.

        • Reggie C.

          I’m not one of the crowd that believes Joba’s future 10 years would match or surpass Halladay’s next 5 years.

          If Halladay is amenable to signing a 4 year extension, and not a day longer (i’ve given up hope that he signs a 3 year deal … he’s too good), then I can bear the thought of Joba Chamberlain sticking it to his old team twice a year.

          Halladay has thrown at least 31 starts and 220 innings the past 4 seasons. The mileage hasn’t slowed him down too much. There’s been an uptick in hits per 9, but obviously, not much.

          Its a tough friggin call. Halladay for 4. I’m in.

  • Tom Zig

    there is a show about Wyatt Earp on the History Channel right now…awesome

    • Matt ACTY/BBD

      I’ve been digging that WWII in HD thing lately.

      • Tom Zig

        ive been wanting to watch that, but i havent been around when its on. how’s it been?

        • Matt ACTY/BBD

          Pretty cool–restored battle footage and what not. Lot’s of different input form lot’s of different people–soldiers, sailors, pilots, a nurse, and two correspondents.

          • Jack

            soldiers, sailors, pilots, a nurse, and two correspondents.

            Oddly enough, pat also watched a video with all of those people in it tonight. His had a happier ending, though.

  • Matt ACTY/BBD

    Lol Cutler.

  • TheChuckKnoblog

    I enjoyed the Simpsons quote.

  • TheLastClown
    • Evil Empire

      Maybe if Andy doesn’t sign. If he does, I’d rather let the kids take those last two spots than Jon Garland. Jon Garland is dependable enough for 200 innings (good) and a FIP of 4.50 or above (not that good). I’d just as soon see Joba try to post those numbers or hopefully better.

      While a Jon Garland move provides really nice depth, I’d only be interested if I could get him for a 1 year / $3.5Mish deal and stuff him into the bullpen and basically treat him like an innings sponge for when one of the top 5 gets rocked, he’s not worth much more to the Yankees. Chad Gaudin could legitimately be ahead of him in the depth chart. He’ll probably get more attractive offers.

      • TheLastClown

        I guess ’nuff said wasn’t accurate.
        Ummm…’nuff said.Jon Garland? No, get Jon Garland away from my team. Why aren’t we ‘looking at’ Jon Garland? Because he SUCKS. God awful. He has no place on this or any Yankee team. Give me anything before Jon Garland.

        ‘Nuff said.

  • tampayankee

    Why does everybody want this over the hill left fielder in the declining part of his career when Carl Crawford can be had for $10 mil and a case of beer? Wouldn’t it be better spent on doing a trade for Holliday? The Yankees need to get younger in the outfield not older.

    • pat

      Carl Crawford can be had for $10 mil and a case of beer?


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